Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 24

After making an appointment with uncle Li at 10:30 to eat supper, Shen Yu felt relieved, forgot the unpleasantness, and lay on the bed playing with her cell phone.

Husky saw her lying on the bed and wanted to join in the excitement, so he jumped up.

Shen Yu suspected that his feet were dirty. She drived away twice, but he didn’t give up, and finally watch him jump on the bed, and the dog legs stepped on the soft bed a few times, and then found a position where he thought he was most comfortable. .

"Ergouzi, I'm so tired that you can't eat dinner, but you can bear it, we can go down to eat after ten thirty." She kindly explained to Ergouz, but Ergouzi didn't understand.

Shen Yu ignored it, opened Weibo, found Yuan Yue's Weibo, clicked attention, and then slowly turned her Weibo.

She always felt that the Yuan Yue she encountered was not the same as the Yuan Yue in her novel. At that time, she received the heroine Yuan Yue in this urban love drama. Because she played the modern drama for the first time, she not only read the script, but also carefully read the original novel, so she still knows Yuan Yue.

Yuan Yue's background is very common, but because of her longevity, she successfully entered the film school to learn performance. Later in school, because she participated in Situ Yi's movies, and knew Situ Yi.

Yuan Yue took the initiative to be with Situ Yi. She liked this man and she pursued it without any twists. Because Situ Yi was afraid of being tossed by the first relationship, he did not dare to accept it. Later, Yuan Yue found him Having had a relationship with Bai Muqing, thinking that Situ Yi still has Bai Muqing in his heart, she gave up decisively.

But after Yuan Yue let go, Situ Yi could see his heart clearly, so he began to chase Yuan Yue poorly.

When Situ Yi withdrew from the entertainment circle and began to manage the company, he signed Yuan Yue into the entertainment company of his group, and fell in love with her.

From the point of view that Yuan Yue knows the complexity of the entertainment circle, and actively pursues Situ Yi, Yuan Yue is definitely a girl with ambitions. She is not stupid.

But Shen Yu and Yuan Yue have met twice, and every time she behaves, she is very familiar, very silly and white, which is really very different from the original setting of the novel.

Shen Yu turned to Weibo. Yuan Yue's Weibo should not be taken care of by herself. She often sent out some promotional photos and some positive energy things, but there were few traces of Yuan Yue's own life.

Turning to Weibo three months ago, Shen Yu found that three months ago, Yuan Yue had a minor accident on the set, hit her head, and then sent to the hospital for treatment. Later, she also sent a photo of her hospitalization that everyone can rest assured.

Looking at Yuan Yue who smiled brightly in the photos, Shen Yu always felt a little inconsistent and awkward.

After playing for a while on the phone, Shen Yu flipped out a little plush doll and played a game with Huskies that you threw me away. As long as he have fun, the dog is not afraid of hunger.

One person and one dog mixed for more than ten o'clock, and then Shen Yu picked up her phone and sent WeChat to Uncle Li, "Uncle Li, has the devil gone upstairs?"

Uncle Li quickly replied: "He went up."

Shen Yu asked him: "There is something delicious in the kitchen. I am hungry. I want to go down and eat, and Ergouzi didn't eat it."

Uncle Li said: "I have left a lot for you, in the insulated box on the dining table."

Shen Yu uttered a voice with a smile, "Thank you Uncle Li!"

Putting down the phone, Shen Yu trot to remove the cabinet that was blocked at the door, and then opened the door lightly, protruding her head like a thief to see the situation outside.

Because she was going downstairs to pass the second floor, she was afraid to make some movement to recruit the demon king, so she didn't even wear slippers, and stepped on the floor with bare feet, ready to sneak down.

The result was almost scared to death by the Husky. As soon as the door opened, Ergouzi jumped out happily, and then hurried down the stairs, not at all low-key! ! !

Shen Yu walked to the second floor nervously and found that there was only a small wall lamp on the second floor, and Shen Xiao's door was tightly closed. She was relieved and quickly raised her toes to speed down the stairs.

The chandelier in the living room on the first floor has been turned off, leaving only a wall lamp. Because the place is large, the brightness of the wall lamp is limited, and the surrounding area looks dim.

Shen Yu didn't turn on the light again. After all, she quietly came down to steal food, but she didn't dare to be too blatant.

Darkness entered the dining room. With a little bit of light outside, she saw a warm box on the dining table, so she happily walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard to take out a porcelain bowl.

As a result, when she turned around, she saw a black figure vaguely, leaning against the counter, facing her quietly, a faint red fire light flickering on the black shadow's face, it should be lit cigarette.

Shen Yu's eyes widened sharply! ! ! ! ! !

When Black Shadow saw her find him, he said lazily, "Finally, get down?"

It was just a simple sentence, but it made Shen Yu's heart tumbling, unable to control the scream: "Ah !!!!!!!!!"

The porcelain bowl in her hand was also in extreme panic, and she fell to the ground with a missed hand.

Shadow: ...

Originally, the other party simply leaned there to smoke, but after hearing the crisp sound of the porcelain bowl, he strode forward and prepared to check the situation.

But Shen Yu would be a little panicked. Seeing him approaching, she immediately wanted to run away, but she lifted her foot and stepped on her feet, and could not help screaming again, "Ah !!! It hurts!",

She stepped on the porcelain barefoot! !

The other hand quickly tapped the switch on the wall, and the kitchen suddenly turned on.

Shen Yu's eyes couldn't adapt to the light for a while, and quickly covered her hand. When she raised her head, she had no time to see the tall figure of the man. Before she could react more, the whole person was hugged.

"I've never seen you so stupid!" Shen Xiao said disgustedly while holding her out.

Shen Yu's soles of pain lingered at the soles of her feet. When she thought that these were caused by the neuropathy in front of her, she felt aggrieved and furious again, and immediately cried out with a wow.

When Shen Xiao walked into the living room with her, she already had tears and a snot. "Wow woo woo woo hoo ......... my feet, ah ah ah ..."

As soon as he heard her crying, Shen Xiao felt his head hurt reflexively, glanced at her feet, and found that the blood was dripping right there, and he burst into hair instantly.

He shouted loudly into Uncle Li's room: "Uncle Li, come and see her feet!"

Shen Yu continued to work very cooperatively: "Ahhhhhhhhh ..."

Shen Xiao: "Uncle Li !!"

Uncle Li opened the door in a panic. In fact, his door was locked by Shen Xiao outside with a key. Fortunately, he had hidden a spare key. He heard the movement outside, and he was anxious and trembling with his hands. Instead, it won't open for a long time.

Turning on the lighting of the living room, he saw Shen Xiao standing in the center of the living room with an iron face, holding Shen Yu in his arms, and Shen Yu whimpered into a tearful man.

Uncle Li quickly stepped forward and asked, "What happened?"

Shen Xiao black face, said: "Look at her feet."

Uncle Li turned his head and was startled. This would cause Shen Yu's feet to still bleed! !

"Ah !!!" Uncle Li screamed, and looked over, said: "There is still a piece of porcelain on it ?! Sir, please put the young lady down, I'll get the medicine box, I have to quickly remove the porcelain, Then hemostasis, but fortunately the fragments are not big. "

After listening to Uncle Li's words, Shen Yu felt that the soles of her feet were even more painful, and she dared not go to see them. The crying gradually became sobbing.

Not only did Shen Yu dare not look, but Shen Xiao actually didn’t dare to look carefully. He had maintained that posture since he picked up Shen Yu. Uncle Li asked him to put her down, and he didn’t even hear it. Holding it tight all the time.

When Uncle Li brought the medicine box, he saw that the brothers and sisters were still in that posture, and he couldn't help but stunned, and said again: "Sir, you put the young lady down, I will treat her the wound."

Shen Xiao squeezed her lips tightly and looked at him coldly before holding Shen Yu and walking to the sofa, then he took the posture and sat down.

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Yu, who was forced to sit in his arms, twisted his waist uncomfortably, but in exchange for his anger, "Don’t move!"

Shen Yu whispered secretly, wondering if your hands would not be so tight, so that I would be breathless! ! !

Uncle Li saw that Shen Xiao insisted on using this posture, and said nothing, opened the medicine box, moved out all the things that needed to be used, and said to Shen Yu: "you bear with it, it should hurt."

Shen Yu didn't speak, but Shen Xiao said angrily: "Can you?"

Uncle Li was used to Shen Xiao's yelling and ignored him. He lifted Shen Yu's feet up and let Shen Xiao hold it. Then he picked up the disinfectant and poured it on the wound.

The soles of the feet are soft, and Shen Yu couldn't help it, shouting with a cry of hissing pain.

Shen Xiao went to stare at Uncle Li again and said uncomfortably: "Lightly."

Uncle Li: ...

Afterwards, he was in a hurry to wrap up the wound. Uncle Li was already sweating, not hot, but Shen Xiao’ words.

He didn't dare to help her, but asked a lot. She was sick and annoyed.

However, as long as Uncle Li handled the wound, Shen Xiao held her for as long as he could, and kept supporting her legs. There was no complaint. Shen Yu couldn't help but quietly peek at him.

Seeing that there was no sign of Shen Xiao continuing to be angry, Shen Yu took the opportunity to sell miserably and whispered, "I'm going to class tomorrow."

Shen Xiao frowned, and said, "What? Just stay at home."

Shen Yu was not convinced and said, "Do you want to shut me down for a lifetime?"

Shen Xiao stared at her and said disdainfully: "You want to be beautiful, I'm too lazy to support you for a lifetime, your foot can walk to school tomorrow?"

Listening to him, both Shen Yu and Uncle Li secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that such a trouble, Shen Xiao did not intend to continue to keep her in check, and it was a blessing because of misfortune.

Shen Yu said quickly: "I'm going to jump!"

Shen Xiao: ...

Uncle Li was afraid of his repentance, and quickly said to me: "I will drive the lady tomorrow."

Shen Xiao thought about it and said, "Can you move her?"

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Yu: ...

Finally, Shen Xiao snapped and said: "I will send her to tomorrow."

Shen Yu was startled, and subconsciously refused: "If you don't need it, Uncle Li will send me!"

Shen Xiao raised his eyes and glared at her, "Whether to stay at home or I will send you to choose one of the two."

Shen Yu: ...

Woo, can she choose the third one? ? !

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