Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 23

As soon as the half glass of water splashed out, Shen Yu's violent anger felt as if it had also been affected by the cold water, and completely extinguished, even without a trace of smoke.

It's like a balloon that is bursting, boom! Although the sound of the explosion sounded loud, but after the explosion, there was only a little skin residue!

A suffocating silence enveloped the entire restaurant.

Although there is only half a glass of water, the glass is shaped like a drop. The lower part is relatively large and can hold water. At once, Shen Xiao โ€™s entire face was wet with water, and his hair was also innocently involved. The combed hairstyle was wet and collapsed together, a few strands of hair were wetly attached to his full forehead, and the water droplets dripped down the hair tip, across the cheek, gathered to the chin, and then dripped to the dining table.

Shen Yu seemed to hear the sound of dripping ticks.

Uncle Li, who is a bystander, has already stiffened into a wax figure.

Shen Xiao's hands on the table gradually squeezed into fists, his eyes lifted, and the cold eyes looked attractive.

Thin lips moved, and he asked in a calm, weird tone: "Don't you eat?"

Shen Yu was queried by his scalp for a while, and moved back subconsciously.

She thought: seeing her wearing a cool skirt will be violently thunderous, but his face is calm when she splashes cold water. Has he been completely mad? ?

"Tell me again if you don't want to eat?" He said coolly, as his speech moved, two more drops of water fell on his chin.

Shen Yu's heart beat like a drum, and she took a step back while holding the water cup. Now not only her scalp is numb, but she is numb all over. Why did she just throw him water? ? Was it really her hand that spilled out? ?

The splash was all splashed, and now she couldn't get it back, she can't just stop splashing water!

Thinking this way, Shen Yu took a deep breath and said with courage: "I ... I don't eat !!!"

Shen Xiao frowned and stood up.

With a height of one mile and eight, he stood up and immediately gave others an invisible sense of oppression.

Shen Yu's defense line was already weak. When he stood in such a way, he immediately scared her, put down the cup in his hand, she turned around and ran, then ran into the living room panic.

After two seconds, Shen Xiaolen also stepped up with his long legs and chuckled up, shouting, "Stop!"

Uncle Li covered his chest and felt that he should eat a quick-acting rescue pill.

Husky had his tongue sticking out and shook his tail. When he saw the situation, he excitedly barked twice, and then flicked his tail excitedly to join the chase.

Seeing Shen Xiao chasing over, Shen Yu was even more afraid to stop and ran around the sofa.

Shen Xiao started chasing only out of instinct. When he ran to the living room, he felt a bit stupid and wanted to stop. But he felt that he couldn't catch her and was stupefied.

"Stop!" He said to Shen Yu at the other end.

Shen Yu trembled inwardly, struggling with her lips, "n!"

Shen Xiao stood still, raised his arms, and began to pull up his sleeves, as if to do a big fight.

He rolled his sleeves slowly and made a wink at the bodyguard standing beside him. The two men received his orders and immediately stepped forward to surround Shen Yu.

Shen Yu: ...

Wow, this neuropathy is too shameful, but it is actually called foreign aid! ! ! !

In the end, Shen Yu was grabbed back to the dining table like a chicken by Shen Xiao and pressed to sit on the chair.

Husky found that the happy chase ended so quickly, and felt very unpleasant, so he yelled at them and motioned to continue.

Shen Yu has already fallen into the hands of a neuropathy and can only turn back to stop Erha. "Shut up!" If you are called again, you will become a roasted dog! !

After Shen Xiao pressed her on the chair, he sat down, picked up the bowl and picked up the spoon to prepare to feed her. Because he had fed Shen Yu many times before, he was very skilled.

Obviously it was a very strange and abnormal behavior. After he did it, he seemed to have no sense of disobedience.

Shen Yu thought that she succumbed now, indicating that she had accepted Shen Xiao's arrangements, and then he would feel that his house arrest was correct.

But she was an independent person, not a toy in his cupboard, or a pet that ordered an action. How could she let him do so? Even if he is neurotic, he can't control her like this!

Thinking this way, Shen Yu's mouth closed tighter, and when he handed the spoon, she turned his head to the side and refused.

Shen Xiao: ...

He frowned and turned the spoon aside, but she turned her head again and turned to the other side.

Shen Xiao felt his head hurt instantly.

Today this little guy is really disobedient! !

Taking a deep breath, he admonished himself to be patient and not angry, so as not to scare her.

After building his heart, he patiently changed the soup spoon to one side and continued to deliver to her mouth.

Shen Yu glared, raised her hand and patted his arm arbitrarily, "I don't eat, I don't eat, if you don't let me go out, I would rather die !!"

After talking, she took advantage of Shen Xiao's stunned moment to stand up suddenly, turned around, and ran again. This time, instead of running around, she went directly to the stairs and rushed.

As a result, she ran to the top of the stairs. She gritted her teeth, turned around, and ran back. In the inexplicable eyes of everyone, she picked up the Husky, turned, and ran away.

After she ran to no shadow, Shen Xiao threw the bowl in her hand on the dining table and said, "What's wrong with her?"

Uncle Li watched the accident from start to finish, and felt like a roller coaster. It was thrilling and exciting. It took him a long time to find his voice. "Little girl, maybe ... in the period of rebellion?"

Shen Xiao sneered, "Then her development is too late!"

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Xiao raised his hand and brushed his wet hair behind his head, then wiped his face, looked down at the bowl that had not been fed on the table, the corner of his mouth suddenly ticked up, and then purred, The laughter gradually sounded.

The last shot was out of control.

Uncle Li: ...

Looking at Shen Xiao, Uncle Li was deeply worried, and it was over, sir, is this crazy? ? ?

Shen Xiao didn't smile enough for a long time. He picked up the bowl of rice just now and began to eat it intently. After a few bites, he looked up at Uncle Li and warned: "Donโ€™t secretly give her meals."

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Yu hurriedly ran back to the room holding Huskies, and quickly locked the door of the room, thinking about it without worry, and pushed a small cupboard by the door over the back of the door.

Husky sat next to her, tilting her head to watch her toss.

Husky has been home for two months, because Uncle Li has been well-bred, and he is much larger than when he first came. Shen Yu ran to the third floor with it, and still a little breathless.

Although the dog's body has grown up a lot, it is still stupid, and people want to bully it when they look at it.

Shen Yu blocked the door, turned and walked to sit next to it, sighing and said, "Ergouzi, you have to thank me. In a critical moment, I also ventured back to save you, if I didn't go back and hug you, It is estimated that you will become a roasted whole dog. "

Husky must not understand, because it stood up excitedly again, circled around Shen Yu, begging her to stand up and catch up.

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Yu cross-legged, supported her cheek with one hand, sighed, "I don't know how to make trouble, can I go out tomorrow? Hey, Ergouzi, haven't we had dinner yet? Uncle Li made sweet and sour tonight , Spicy Crab, the Crab  looks fat ... "

While talking, her stomach made a cooing sound. She was angry for a day today and didn't eat much at all. This would be really hungry.

Hey ...Whatโ€™s wrong

Now she was afraid to go downstairs, not even the door, and did not know whether Shen Xiao would be mad at her.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu got up and took the phone, and then sent WeChat to Uncle Li, "Uncle Li, is the big devil angry?"

After the message was sent, after waiting for a while, Uncle Li did not reply. It was estimated that he didn't see it. She stretched out and climbed up to the bed to lie on her stomach, meditating in her heart. It's nothing to skip food all night.

Uncle Li did not deliberately not return to her WeChat, but did not dare to return. This would mean he was still in the restaurant.

Wechat sounded twice, and Uncle Li's eyelids jumped, and then pretended not to hear, and continued to eat with a bowl. In fact, he would have no appetite at this time, but he was afraid to walk away because he was there.

Shen Xiao took a bite of the dish, chewed it, and said to Uncle Li, "You WeChat sounded."

Uncle Li shook his hand, and the freshly caught ball fell back on the plate. "Oh, it's okay, don't care about it."

Shen Xiao put down her chopsticks and leaned on the back of the chair, so she said, "How do you know it's okay if you don't see it?"

Uncle Li: ...

Li Shu usually has no other good friends except for a few brand friends, but several of his brand friends are old and use old man machines. Almost no one will send him a message. The only person who can chat with him on WeChat is home. Shen Yu, so he didn't need to look at it, he knew that WeChat was sent by Shen Yu.

Uncle Li has been in the Shen family for so many years, and Shen Xiao has long known his interpersonal relationship, so this will tell him something about his WeChat, "You don't want to see it, let me help you."

Uncle Li put down the bowl and wiped his sweat with a tissue. "I ... I will see by myself."

As soon as he pulled out his phone, he was snatched away by Shen Xiao's extended arms.

Shen Xiao took someone else's cell phone, just like taking her own cell phone, opened WeChat in a few clicks, and saw Shen Yu's words at a glance.

"Uncle Li, is the Big Demon angry?"

Shen Xiao raised her eyebrows and slender fingers poked on the screen and replied: "No, he is in a good mood humming."

Shen Yu quickly replied: "Ah, ah, this neuropathy, he almost scare me to death!"

Shen Xiao frowned: "Neuropathy?"

Shen Yu: "Oh, Uncle Li, I'm sorry. I shouldn't call him a neuropathy. I will continue to call him the devil."

Shen Xiao: "Good."

Shen Yu coquettishly: "Uncle Li, I'm so hungry. Will you secretly send something up?"

Shen Xiao: "No, the big devil won't let me send it, but he will come back to the room later, you can secretly come down and eat."

Shen Yu: "I don't know when he will return to the room, he has to toss downstairs for half a day every time."

Shen Xiao: "He was mad at you just now, and he will soon go upstairs, you can come down around nine thirty."

Shen Yu: "Forget it, for safety's sake, I'll go down at ten thirty."

Uncle Li sat across from Shen Xiao and saw that he kept sending his head and kept sending messages, and didnโ€™t know what he was talking about. He was so worried that he could only say stubbornly, "Sir, can you return the phone?"

Shen Xiao looked up at him coldly and said, "I have confiscated your phone."

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