Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 22

As a popular star, Bai Muqing attended the celebration, and there were naturally many people around her. Shen Xiao was the male companion she brought. Then Shen Xiao left , leaving her with no face

Although Bai Muqing was calm on the surface, she had already cursed Shen Xiao. If he had something to use, she would not have intersect with such a neuropathy.

She hated it. Bai Muqing can only pinch her palms while watching the show. When the party ends, she returned to her nanny's car. Her palms are blue and purple.

After calming down in the nanny car, Bai Muqing called her sister. Although the feelings of the two sisters were not very close, they did not have any points.

Waiting for the connection, Bai Muqing said: "My car is in the parking lot behind the auditorium. Come over and go home together."

Bai Muyu's voice was not emotional on the phone, "Got it."

After a while, Bai Muyu hurried over, got into the car and said Sister, and she sat with a sad face.

Bai Muyu asked the driver to drive and squinted at the person next to her. What's wrong with today? Sisters are in a worse mood? ?

She asked, "What's wrong? Being bullied?"

Bai Muyu pouted, and said angrily for a while, "Not being bullied, but people are disgusted!"

Bai Muqing said "Oh", and she didn't ask any more. She was not interested in her sister's social life. She turned back to pick up her phone and started to play entertainment news.

Bai Muyu also lowered her head to play with his mobile phone and brushed the school forum. At this meeting, another photo of Shen Yu appeared in the forum, which made her sick again.

Turning off the phone page disgustingly, Bai Muyu asked without any question: "Isn't a handsome guy following you tonight? People?"

Speaking of this, Bai Muqing got angry again, and said in a harsh tone, "That neuropathy, seeing what his sister danced in the Dunhuang dance, was so angry that he left directly. That was his sister, not his wife. Is it necessary to be so nervous? ? Sickly sick! "

"Wait, dance the Dunhuang Dance ??" Bai Muyu caught a few keywords.

Bai Muqing said: "Yeah, it seems like a solo dancer tonight."

Bai Muyu narrowed her eyes and asked in disbelief: "You said Shen Yu is your partner's sister ??"

Bai Muqing just remembered it, clapped, and said, "Oh, I have forgotten to ask you about this matter. Do you know Shen Yu?"

Bai Muyu: ...

More than just knowing, she has been bullying people, but just a little bit bullied recently.

She asked puzzled: "Shen Yu is not poor? How could her brother be your male partner?"

Bai Muqing looked at the fool's expression, "Her family is poor? Their Shen family's group, can compete with the Situ group, may still win, how can it be poor? Who are you talking about?"

Bai Muyu bit her lower lip, her face was green, and she squeezed the phone tightly with both hands, almost not breaking the phone.

Shen Yu's family is rich? ? How is it possible that she is obviously poor and sour. She usually wears clothes and shoes to sell goods on the ground, but also those few pieces, and has been repeatedly wearing it. Such a person, her family is rich? ? ? ? ?

Bai Muyu felt that the power of this information could be comparable to that of the atomic bomb!


Shen Yu was too late to change clothes and take things, she was carried out by Shen Xiao, the skirt and ribbon hung down to the ground, dragging all the way.

Leaving the auditorium from the security exit, the night wind blew, and the ribbon on Shen Yu's body flew with the wind, dancing lightly.

Shen Xiao's posture was like carrying a fairy as a spoils after the victory of the war between the gods.

Walking to his own sports car, Shen Xiao opened the door of the co-pilot, easily tucked people in, and then sat in the driver's seat to start the car.

After thinking for a while, he took off his suit jacket and threw it on Shen Yu, and then stepped on the accelerator to drive the car out.

Shen Yu rubbed his stomach hurt by his shoulders, and then put on his suit jacket obediently. The jacket still had Shen Xiao's body temperature, warm, with a refreshing breath unique to his body.

Putting on his jacket, Shen Yu whispered, "My things haven't been taken yet." The mobile wallet and clothes are still left in the background, and she didn't know if anyone will help her to put it away.

Shen Xiao turned the steering wheel, stared at her sideways, said nothing, and continued to drive.

Shen Yu was glared by his skate-like eyes, and she was honest in an instant, nestled in her seat and secretly turned to look outside the car.

The road at night was not so noisy. When all she had left was a sports car accelerating along the way, the roar of the engine arrogance started to feel very noisy, and even after listening to it for a long time, it felt quite emotional.

Shen Yu knew that Shen Xiao was angry, very angry, but she couldn't figure out what he was angry for a while? Is it because she performed on stage? But why?

Because it was impossible to guess, Shen Yu didn't dare to talk again.

The car quickly returned to the villa. Uncle Li came out and opened the door for them. When he saw one or two expressions solemn, he immediately became nervous and asked Shen Yu in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

Shen Yu had just changed her slippers and walked in two steps. She shook her head at Uncle Li, saying that she was not very clear.

Shen Xiao didn't change shoes, and was walking in. After hearing Uncle Li's question, he instantly struck the car key in his hand like a firecracker that was lit up, and rushed back to his back with anger in front of Shen Yu, he pulled off the suit jacket on her body.

Angrily said: "Look at her, just wear this kind of clothes outside !!"

Uncle Li looked at Shen Yu with his hand. With a blink of an eye, he saw the small tube top with beads on Shen Yu, startled, and then hurriedly stepped forward to help her tighten the suit jacket. “Okay, don't be cold. "

Shen Yu finally knew Shen Xiao's anger and could not help but whispered: "I'm just a costume, just wear it this time."

Shen Xiao was violently thunderous, "On this occasion, the whole school has been seen!"

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li: ...

In fact, not only the whole school, but many people posted pictures of Shen Yu ’s dancing on the school forum, and some even posted on Weibo, so it should be seen by more people, but they didn’t even know.

Shen Xiao glanced at Shen Yu, and the flames in his heart jumped up again, ordering unpleasantly: "Go, change clothes now, throw away!"

Shen Yu: ...

This dress cost thousands of rents, so how could it just be thrown away? ?

But Shen Yu didn't dare to talk back to Shen Xiao at this moment, for fear of fueling the fire and making him more angry. Even if she feel wronged in her heart, she still go upstairs obediently to change clothes.

Shen Xiao paced back and forth in the same place, then unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt, and said to Uncle Li on the side, "Go cook some porridge and send it to her, so she would dance like that in the cold weather, why didn't she freeze dead!!"

After the command, he went upstairs angrily, but walked to the corner, remembered something, and then said back: "Remember to throw away her broken skirt!"

Uncle Li breathed a sigh of relief and turned quickly into the kitchen.

Hasky was already sleeping, and this was also awakened by Shen Xiao's roar, followed by Uncle Li in and out, wagging his tail constantly.

Uncle Li was teaching hasky while cooking, "Mr. Shen is at home, you have to hide. He chases you, not to play with you, but toss you!"

Hasky widened his innocent eyes and continued to wave his tail.

Uncle Li sighed: "Just be Mr. Shen is playing with you, stupid dog."

Uncle Li boiled the porridge and knocked on Shen Yu's door. Shen Yu opened the door and looked outside to make sure that there was no danger before opening the door. She asked Li Shu in a low voice, "Where is the big devil?"

Uncle Li chuckled and said, "Go back to his own room and let me give you porridge."

Shen Yu patted her chest exaggeratedly and said, "I was almost scared to death. Now the alarm has been lifted ??"

Uncle Li frowned, and said with uncertainty: "It should be, but you have to give me the skirt, I will throw it away."

Shen Yu mourned sadly, "Uncle, can this skirt have thousands of deposits, can you not throw it away?"

Uncle Li taught: "Is skirt important, or is life important? Besides, you have thrown away a million bottles, but are you afraid of throwing thousands of skirts?"

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Yu thought things would come to an end here, after all, the skirt that caused the trouble has been eliminated.

Shen Yu had a good night's sleep and got up the next day to go to school. When she went downstairs, she found two bodyguards outside the gate on the first floor.

She put her backpack in the living room, and people walked into the dining room and saw Uncle Li preparing breakfast there. They asked casually, "Uncle Li, what is the bodyguard outside for?"

Uncle Li rarely had a smile on his face, and he said in a huff: "Yes ... it's here to be the door god."

Shen Yu was confused, "Door God?"

Uncle Li nodded, opened his mouth, and didn't know what to say. He simply pushed the breakfast in front of her. "Eat something first, then talk."

Shen Yu nodded, she had class this morning, and she had no time for her to chat here, so she bowed her head and concentrated on eating.

After breakfast, she got up and said goodbye to Uncle Li, who followed her out with frowns.

Shen Yu picked up his backpack and asked, "Uncle Li, why are you so strange today?"

The two had just arrived at the door, and before waiting for Uncle Li to speak, the tall bodyguard at the door reached out to stop her, "Miss, you can't go."

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li sighed beside him.

Shen Yu said doubtfully: "I'm going to class, why can't I go?"

The bodyguard said: "Mr. ordered you not to leave the villa.

Shen Yu: ...

At first Shen Yu didn't believe it, but after a lot of tossing, she finally recognized the facts, she was put under house arrest by Shen Xiao's neuropathy! ! ! !

It's all 2019, and there are still people playing the old trick of house arrest! ! Did Shen Xiao get up today and got his head caught in the toilet door? ! ! !

But Shen Xiao was not at home. She was a weak woman and could not play two bodyguards. She could only stay at home until Shen Xiao returned from work.

This time, until the evening, she missed school for a whole day for no reason!

As soon as Shen Xiao came home, Shen Yu couldn't be afraid, so she stepped forward and asked, "Why do you shut me up! I am a person, and I am free!"

Shen Xiao took off her coat and untied her tie, busying himself, just ignoring her.

Shen Yu stomped her feet anxiously, "You should give me a reason!"

Shen Xiao looked at her coldly and said, "Because you are not good."

Shen Yu: ...

After finishing this, Shen Xiao went into the restaurant.

At this time, Uncle Li had put dinner on the table and looked at Shen Yu's anxious appearance. Uncle Li quickly made an eye on her and said, "What's the matter, let's talk after eating."

Shen Xiao also raised his eyelids to look at her and ordered: "Sit down and eat."

Listening to his tone of talking to the little pet, Shen Yu burst into an instant, "I don't eat !!!" After he roared, she grabbed the glass on the table, and with a force, she instantly poured half a glass of water to Shen Xiao's face.

Uncle Li with a terrified look: ...

Shen Xiao with a wet face: ...

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