Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 21

Shen Yu felt strange, she was slapped by Bai Muyu's arrogant personality. How could she give up, but Bai Muyu did nothing but just continued to treat her as a transparent person, which is really abnormal!

Sure enough, a bigger conspiracy was waiting for her here.

Without her own consent, she was given a performance show, and she deliberately concealed two rehearsals, causing her to miss the best time to resign.

If this is changed to the original owner, does she have to find a place to hide and cry?

But having said that, if it is the original owner, she dare not dare to slap Bai Muyu.

It was really a grievance.

In addition to being angry, Shen Yu quickly calmed down and comforted herself, but the situation was not very bad.

Before time traveled, the stage is her home. Whether it is a solo or group dance, she is the most dazzling one, so she has never been afraid to perform. It would be no problem to let her jump on stage for more than ten minutes.

It's just that she doesn't have enough self-confidence for this body yet. Although she is doing stretching exercises every day, the softness and muscle strength can't be compared with the original body for dancing, and she can't reach that level.

After finishing the speech, Shen Yu and the entertainment commissioner left the school in a hurry, but instead of going home by bus, they were going to go shopping.

Since she decided to go to the dress rehearsal and decided to show the limelight, she had to be prepared. After all, there was not much time left for her.

Before she came, the original owner set up a white and beautiful person, tossing the poor and sour look of an adult. Except for some ordinary clothes, there is really nothing that can be done. Beautiful skirts and basic cosmetics are not available at all.

Shen Yu thought she had to equip herself with a pair of contact lenses. She would definitely not be able to put it on tomorrow afternoon, but at least she had to use it on the school day, and she needed to buy some cosmetics. She was familiar with stage makeup and did not need to fake others hand.

Finally, she have to rent a suitable costume, but she still have to dance my own classical dance.

With such a plan, it is estimated that there is no way to go back tonight.

When taking the bus, Shen Yu called Uncle Li and said that she wouldn't go back to dinner tonight and surprised Uncle Li.

Except for the days when he went out to rent a house, Shen Yu never ate dinner at home.

Uncle Li was worried and asked what she was going to do. Shen Yu could only say that she wanted to go shopping, think about it, and told Uncle Li not to tell Shen Xiao, lest the neuropathy would have to be rid of the moth.

"Just buy some clothes. I'm a lot thinner now, and the clothes at home are not suitable." She said half-truly.

Although Uncle Li thinks it is a bit weird to go shopping at this time and buy clothes, he still says: "Is the money enough? Do you want me to change it for you? Since I go to buy clothes, I buy more and buy beautiful ones. You buy some clothes. "

Shen Yu smiled: "I know, Uncle Li."

Hanging up the phone, the car happened to pass a dance school. She hurriedly rang the bell and got off. There should be many shops for renting costumes in the neighborhood. She went around, found two, and finally chose a skirt.

When I tried it on, she surprised the boss, walked around her twice, and yelled: "You are so thin? Your clothes are loose and not thin at all. You are so blind. The figure, the waist is so thin, and the vest line. "

Shen Yu was embarrassed, lowered her head and smiled, and said: "The students of the nearby dance institute are all of this figure. The vest line should be very common."

The proprietress shook her head, "It's not as pretty as you are, yes, pretty, you are so white, it should look good in peach, I have a set here."

Shen Yu shook her head to stop her, "No, I want this style, the dance is this style, but your fabric is not very good, light and flirty, no sense of falling."

The proprietress said: "It is good, but the deposit is relatively high."

Shen Yu said: "It's fine, you can show me."

After that, she tried again, and finally Shen Yu chose the most expensive set. When she left, the boss told her: "This suit is really too ugly on you. Don't wear it in the future. The little girl will not dress at all. "

Shen Yu just laughed.

Just a little time in the store, this will go out, the sky is already dark, the street lights next to the road are lit up, Shen Yu carrying the bag, waiting for the bus on the bus platform, the shadow is thin and long by the light of the street light.

In the city center at night, the lights were dimmed and the paper was drunk with gold.

Shen Yu is not very familiar with the surrounding environment, but all shopping malls are the same. As long as you have money in your pocket, you are not afraid of not being able to buy things.

The process of buying cosmetics is also very annoying. The clerk looked at her dress and thought that she was just watching and playing, and she didn’t even bother to care about her, her eyes picked up into the sky.

Shen Yu did not attack, pointing to a few of the products he used to use, without asking the price, saying: "Two for each."

Because she wanted a lot of types, she quelled the clerk at once, and then nodded her head and greeted her with a smile, which was extremely realistic.

After a round in the mall, she carried several cosmetic bags in her hand, plus her clothes from the local stall, the comparison was too strong.

After buying cosmetics, Shen Yu found an old-brand optical shop with contact lenses. The clerk promised to get the glasses on Saturday, so she was relieved.

The stage was so big that she didn't want to be blind by the time.

She had thought about wearing contact lenses before, but she kept dragging on, which was really urgent.

In addition to the contact lenses, she re-paired the pair of spectacle frames. The original frame style was too low, and she could be several years old. Now, taking this opportunity, Shen Yu changed the old frame.

The clerk watched her spend money without blinking her eyes, and enthusiastically recommended the best and latest styles to her. After wearing it, Shen Yu found that the effect was indeed good, and her face became smaller and three-dimensional.

When she walked out of the optical store, it was just opposite a clothing store, and the skirt in the window looked very beautiful.

Shen Yu hadn't planned to buy clothes, but looking at the skirt, the ghost messenger walked in.

When she came out and recovered, she had two more bags in her hand.

She spent a lot of money today, so she have to go back and keep a good account.

She didn't come out for dinner and went shopping for another night. Shen Yu was already hungry. Just when she hesitated, was she going to eat or go home.

Uncle Li called again.

He asked hurriedly there, "Miss, where are you?"

Shen Yu carried a pile of things and found a corner to stand, saying, "I am still in the mall."

Uncle Li asked her, "Which mall? I'll pick you up now."

Shen Yu said: "No, there will be a bus, or I will just take a taxi back home."

Uncle Li interrupted her and said, "Sir just came back and found that you are not at home and are losing temper."

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li said: "You send me a positioning, I will pick you up now."

Shen Yu did not refuse any more, walked out of the mall to the roadside, sent the positioning to Uncle Li, and waited on the spot.

I thought Shen Xiao didn't stipulate that she can't go out at night. Why did he lose temper?

Thinking this way, the mood can not help but ups and downs.

Fortunately, she has a good quality in her heart and a strong ability to withstand stress. Otherwise, she will be excluded from the outside world and bullied at home.

Half an hour later, Uncle Li hurriedly came, "Fortunately, there will be no traffic jam, miss, come back with me."

Shen Yu put things in the back seat, and sat in the co-pilot himself, and waited for the car to start before asking him, "Uncle Li, what's going on?Why does my brother lose his temper? ? "

Although Uncle Li is old, he can drive the car smoothly in complex road conditions.

"You didn't go back to dinner tonight, and your husband didn't come back for entertainment. At nine o'clock, Assistant Du only sent him back. I found that he drank a lot of wine and wanted to help him back to the room to rest, but he didn't want to, If you haven’t fed you yet, let me call you down, but if you ’re not at home, he loses his temper. ”At this point, Li Shu sighed and said,“ Poor Er Gouzi, he was taken out of breath. "

Shen Yu was shocked and quickly asked: "What's wrong with him?"

Uncle Li said: "He said he had to roast Hasky, and he had to roast it himself. As a result, he ran after Hasky in the yard for several laps. The dog didn't catch it, he started to lose his temper again, and then let me You must be taken back. "

Shen Yu: ...

So after tossing around, I thought she was better to bully, so let Uncle Li call her back to bully? ? What the hell!

The car quickly left the lively city center and drove all the way home.

After so long, Shen Yu has a sense of belonging to the Shen family. Although there is a neuropathy there, she will definitely go back.

The two hurried back and found that the entire villa was brightly lit, just as arrogant as its male owner.

Uncle Li drove the car into the garage. Shen Yu originally stood on the steps and wanted to wait for Uncle Li to go in together to help the courage. But the wind at night was so cold that she shivered and could only push the door in.

The hall was very bright and warm, and instantly made Shen Yu shake off his chill.

The probe looked inwards, and found that Shen Xiao was lying on the sofa, like he was asleep, and he had not taken off her formal clothes.

Usually cool hairstyles, this will be drooping, and some fall on the forehead, looking a little obedient.

Shen Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that this time he should have no energy to toss people. So carrying something, crept into it, fearing to wake people up.

Uncle Li came in quickly and found that Shen Xiao was sleeping on the sofa and said with a headache: "You have to send him back to the room, otherwise you will get sick when you sleep here."

Shen Yu disagrees, "You will move him up now and you will definitely wake him up, and then he will continue to be angry."

Uncle Li shook his head and said, "You forgot. Once he was drunk and let him sleep in the living room. He woke up the next day and was angry, saying that we dare to throw him in the living room."

Shen Yu: ...

So it is wrong to move, and it is not right to move. Poor she didn't eat for one night, her stomach was hungry and flat, and she had to worry about sleeping with neuropathy when she came back!

In the end, Uncle Li said: "I help him up, you can help aside."

Shen Yu had no choice but to nod. "Let's help one by one." Uncle Li is old and Shen Xiao is so tall that he can't help him alone.

In the end, the two of them worked together to get people upstairs, but fortunately Shen Xiao's room was on the second floor, so he wouldn't be too frustrated.

When Uncle Li pushed Shen Xiao's room door open, Shen Yu realized that this was the first time she stepped into Shen Xiao's room.

Imagine, Shen Xiao's room should be the kind of gray and cold simple style, but it is not.

The room is very spacious, half larger than Shen Yu ’s bedroom, but the interior decoration is very ordinary. The bookcase, table, bed, etc. all look a bit old. There is even an old-fashioned recorder on the table. There are books in the bookcase. Still There are some trophies or childhood toys.

All in all, at a glance, the whole room is full of memories.

The moment Shen Xiao was put on the bed, Shen Yu thought softly that this neuropathy that seemed to get along badly was actually a very nostalgic person.

While Shen Yu and Shushu Li were relieved, Shen Xiao, who had just laid on the bed, suddenly opened her eyes and stared at them stunned.

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li: ...

Not only did the neuropathy suddenly wake up, but he also spit out clearly and asked her: "Do you know to come back?"

Shen Yu: ...

Is this drunk or sober? ? ?

Uncle Li saw Shen Xiao woke up and said, "Sir, would you like to take a bath first? I cooked the sober soup, and I will bring it to you."

Shen Xiao sat up from the bed, crossed his legs at random, waved his hand, and begged him to get it.

Shen Yu secretly put out her tongue and whispered, "Then I will go out." After he finished speaking, he stepped off his legs and wanted to leave.

Shen Xiao sneered: "Stop."

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Xiao asked: "Where did you go tonight?"

Shen Yu answered honestly: "Shopping."

Shen Xiao said: "What did you buy?"

She has bought more tonight, should she report one by one? ? After thinking about it, Shen Yu said, "I bought a skirt."

Shen Xiao raised her eyebrows and said, "Let's take a look."

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Xiao said with a bad smile: "You dare to buy a skirt to prove that you are really thin, so wear it and show me the results."

Seeing her still for a long time, he couldn't help but urged again: "Go!"

Shen Yu ran out of his room with her legs stretched, as if running a slower pace, he could eat her.

She remembered that her things were still downstairs, so she hurried downstairs and met Uncle Li at the staircase. Uncle Li was carrying a sober soup and asked her, "What does Mr. Shen let you do?"

Shen Yu twitched and said, "He wants to see me wear a new skirt."

Uncle Li breathed a sigh of relief, "You'll be fine if you're not embarrassed."

Shen Yu said in a mixed mood: "Don't you think this requirement is a little strange?"

Uncle Li stayed, "Also ... alright, do you think he told you to grab Hasky and roast?"

Um ... for such a comparison, let her wear a skirt is really a very reasonable and normal request.

Shen Yu returned to the room with the newly purchased skirt. The light blue dress looks light and thin, but it is actually very warm. The high-necked waist and A-line skirt perfectly show the soft lines of women.

At the time of purchase, she had already tried to wear it. At that time, she was really shocked by the effect of putting on her body. She did not hesitate to buy it. She didn't expect it to come in handy so quickly.

Shen Yu looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. The first time she wore such a beautiful dress, it was not for her boyfriend, but for the elder brother with neuropathy.

Think about it and feel suffocated.

In fact, the appearance of the original owner is not ugly at all, thick brows and big eyes, high nose bridge, full and ruddy lips, although not the popular net red face, but there is a British face between the eyebrows, giving her a kind of heroic neutral beauty.

Unfortunately, if a person is too low self-esteem, he always bows his head and chest, his eyes flinch, his eyebrows droop, and over time, the beautiful features will become abominable and unpleasant.

The original owner is like this.

Shen Yu changed her skirt, thought for a while, and then replaced the old glasses with the newly bought pair, and then let go of the tied hair, her long dark hair was already at the waist.

The distance from the third floor to the second floor is very short, but Shen Yu spent a lot of time, mainly feeling awkward.

The door of Shen Xiao ’s room was not closed. She glanced inwardly. Uncle Li was not there and Shen Xiao was not on the bed, but the bathroom door was closed and should be in the shower.

She hesitated a moment before slowly walking in.

Before she could stand still, the bathroom door was opened, and Shen Xiao walked out of it wearing a bathrobe.

The eyes of the two met in midair, and Shen Yu could easily see the surprise in his eyes.

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows, holding a towel in his hand, but didn't wipe his hair, but just shook his head capriciously, throwing away some drops of water from her hair tips.

He stepped forward a few steps, carefully looked at Shen Yu, and then chuckled aloud, "It seems that this month's exercise, the effect is remarkable, they are almost thin into lightning, should the gym's babydoll be put on?"

Shen Yu whispered: "I don't know."

Shen Xiao nodded, "Try next time."

After he finished speaking, he suddenly reached out his hand and removed the glasses on Shen Yu's nose. Shen Yu only felt a blur in front of his eyes, and conditioned reflexively to get his glasses back, but Shen Xiao easily grabbed his wrist.

The two were so close that they could easily hear each other's breathing sounds. Shen Yu raised his eyes but couldn't see Shen Xiao's expression clearly.

I just felt that he squeezed the hand on her wrist and suddenly tightened it, making her frown, "ache."

Shen Xiao stared at her scorchingly. After a few seconds, he released her hand and threw the glasses back to her. His tone was cold, and he said, "You can roll."

Shen Yu: ...

Sure enough, it was neuropathy, and he always turned over somehow.

However, Shen Xiao let her roll, indicating that he would not toss her again, which is also a good thing. After putting on her eyes, she trot and left in a hurry.

After a busy night, Shen Yu returned to the room to take a shower, changed to a comfortable set of home clothes, and then went downstairs again.

She was hungry all night and wanted to go to the kitchen to find something to eat. Tonight, she would have to stay up late to find music.

Uncle Li lived on the first floor and had already returned to his room to sleep. Hearing that there was movement outside, he came out and knew that Shen Yu was looking for something to eat, so he cooked her bowl of seafood noodles.

When eating noodles, Shen Yu mentioned the trophies and toys in Shen Xiao ’s room. Uncle Li sighed, “Mr. Shen really misses the old. He used to keep everything that the old gentleman and old lady gave him. They are all his previous collections. When you were a kid, he also kept paper cup dolls made by handwork class. "

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li said: "Mr. Shen was not like this before. It was only after the old man and his wife left that he became like this. Miss, don't be too afraid of him. I don't think it will hurt you if you do anything."

Shen Yu sucked the noodles and nodded, "Well, I know."

The next afternoon, there was a rehearsal. Shen Yu did not go to school in the morning, but made a dance at home temporarily, not counted as a choreographer. She just took out a song "Dunhuang Song" in her memory and danced it again. Remove difficult movements.

Because she really skipped too many times in this dance, she could easily remember it no matter how long she passed.

Bai Muyu secretly signed up for her performance and concealed two rehearsals. The purpose was not really to force her on the stage, but to make her ridiculous at the last rehearsal, and then escaped to become the laughing stock of everyone. The desired result.

In their vision, it is impossible for Shen Yu to go on the real stage, either dare not go to the last dress rehearsal and directly abort the show, or go silly after going up, let the director remove it, and may be scolded a few times. sentence.

In short, they certainly can't think of it. Now Shen Yu not only dares to go on stage, she can also dance.

On Friday afternoon, the school auditorium was noisy. Because it was the last rehearsal, the director asked the actors to rehearse with makeup, so the students who were waiting for the rehearsal under the stage were all dressed in red and willow, very happy.

Several people in Bai Muyu also have dance performances. Because the program is relatively advanced, they put on costumes and put on makeup early.

Among several people, Bai Muyu's body is the best, and then put on a set of azure skirt, looks beautiful and beautiful.

Several of them leaned against the table and joked, and the boys who came and went would secretly watch her one, which made Bai Muyu's vanity the greatest satisfaction.

"Have you seen Shen Yu?" Bai Muyu lifted his braid and looked up in the crowd.

"I don't seem to see it," the girl next to me said.

Someone whispered, "should not dare to come."

Although the entertainment commissioner played with Bai Muyu, but this time, because of her connection, she always felt that Bai Muyu had done a little too much and whispered: "Yesterday Shen Yu said she would come."

Bai Muyu laughed, "She is here to resign with the director, there will be a good show, but she must be scolded to death."

Some people echoed and laughed: "If she goes up the scalp, she doesn't know what dance she will dance, it's funny to think about it."

The entertainment commissioner looked around and sighed softly, "Don't do this."

Bai Muyu looked at her and said with a sneer: "Why, will you feel sorry ?? Why did you go there? The first two rehearsals, you told the director that Shen Yu couldn't get sick."

Entertainment Committee: ...

When the lighting and sound effects of the stage were all arranged, the rehearsal officially started, the host actor came on stage one after another, Bai Muyu did not give up a few people, staring at the audience, he did not find Shen Yu's figure.

"Did she really not come?"

"Missing the last rehearsal for no reason, the program will be wiped out, she was also criticized by the school, she should not dare."

It didn't take long for Bai Muyu to play, and they didn't have time to ignore Shen Yu.

In fact, Shen Yu has been here for a while. Bai Muyu did not see her, but they did not recognize it, because Shen Yu, who had put on makeup, and Shen Yu in their impression were already completely two people.

Shen Yu, the tall, chubby, tall chested man, has disappeared. This will sit on the scene. It is Shen Yu with a good face, a slender figure, and a vigorous spirit.

Even if standing face-to-face, Bai Muyu would not dare to admit it.

Shen Yu wears pair of thin-framed glasses and waits for her turn to go on stage. The glasses must not be worn, so this will make her concentrate on the stage.

At this time Bai Muyu was performing on stage. Shen Yu looked at them. Their posture was stiff and not beautiful. Bai Muyu should not have any dance skills and many moves were not in place, but she had to stand in position C, so the overall look was very uncoordinated. .

If Shen Yu is a judge, this dance can give up to 50 points, fail!

After finishing the performance, Bai Muyu did not leave immediately, but found a seat under the stage. Obviously, he was unwilling to wait for Shen Yu to appear.

After three shows, it was Shen Yu's solo dance.

When the music sounded, Bai Muyu looked at each other a little bit, and they were all a little ignorant.

A girl exclaimed, "Does Shen Yu itself dance? It's impossible, she's so fat!"

Bai Muyu's face was ugly, but she never thought about this possibility. Shen Yu's poor and sour body and figure did not think she would dance.

However, this music sounds a bit strange. I can't hear what instruments are playing, but the rhythm of the drumming is relatively clear.

As the drum sounded, the lights on the stage went out, leaving only one light in the middle of the stage. The light beam hit the center directly. A girl in classical costume was slowly standing up, raising her hands gently, slightly Twisting his waist, like a lazy fairy, just woke up from a long sleep.

After she fully unfolded her body, the drum sounds accompanied by the music, and the lights lit up, and her face and costume were fully displayed in front of everyone.

The audience can easily guess from the cool Luo skirt and ribbon on her body that this shape is from the flying sky in the Dunhuang frescoes.

There were not only actors in rehearsal, but also some students who came to join in the excitement. When they saw this look and action, they could not help but exclaim.

"It's so beautiful ~~~"

"The effect during the day is not the best. If it is at night, it should be more beautiful!"

Bai Muyu stared at the stage with a pale face, and some gritted his teeth and asked the person next to him, "Is this person Shen Yu ???"

The others shook their heads, "No ... unlike, is Shen Yu so thin? Impossible, this figure is too symmetrical!"

In fact, everyone who knows Shen Yu has a question in his mind. Who is this person? ? Why would she perform for Shen Yu? ?

Bai Muyu narrowed his eyes, stared at the stage for a while, and sneered: "Shen Yu is really good. Even if he doesn't come, he will find someone to perform for her, who gave her the gall!"

Everyone's eyes widened and they looked at Bai Muyu in surprise, "No."

Bai Muyu said: "Do you think the person on the stage is Shen Yu?"

Everyone: ...

Finally, the entertainment clerk came out and said a fair sentence, "You don't have to guess here, just wait for her to step down and ask her to confirm."

"Yes, I will know when she comes down." Someone echoed.

Bai Muyu's face was blue and her eyes were fixed on the man on the stage. The movement was light and spirited like a fairy. Is it really Shen Yu? ?

After the dance ended, the audience burst into applause, and people kept whispering around.

"Who is this guy??"

"It's great to jump too, is it professional?"

"It didn't seem to have seen her before the rehearsal."

"Her stage makeup is beautiful."

"The skirt is so beautiful, it really looks like a fairy."


Bai Muyu stood up from the chair and walked angrily towards the stage. She happened to meet Shen Yu from the steps on the side of the stage.

Shen Yu was wearing a coat, which would bring the indoor temperature to a maximum of ten degrees, and her dance skirt was too cool to be always exposed.

Hearing Bai Muyu's fierce question, Shen Yu raised her head and looked at her funny, "Who do you think I am?"

She opened her mouth, although it was a ridiculous tone, but the voice could not deceive people, it was Shen Yu they were familiar with.

Bai Muyu was like being slapped hard on the spot, with cheeks on both sides hot! I didn't know what to say for a while.

The few girls who came over behind were also so shocked that their chin almost fell to the ground. "Really Shen Yu! How did you become ...

Become ...! ! "

The three words "so beautiful" were stunned. Although this was already the case, as someone who had mocked Shen Yu's appearance, they seemed to be ineligible to say such things. They said they slapped themselves.

Bai Muyu found out that the matter was beyond her control again, she could not have imagined it, and it would eventually be such a result.

The person who was supposed to be ridiculed and rejected by others did not know when she had broken the cocoon into a butterfly and turned her into a look that she would not dare to look directly at!

Shen Yu stood calmly in front of them and generously accepted everyone's eye. Then she smiled and said to Bai Muyu: "Yes, I think I should thank you. Thank you for helping me without my knowledge. I signed up for the show and helped me avoid two rehearsals, so I didn’t have so much trouble, and it made me easily get such a good opportunity to show myself. It ’s really an honor to have such a good classmate like you. ”

After talking, they did not wait for their response, picked up their things, and turned to leave the auditorium.

Looking at her dashing back, someone asked the novel: "Thanks she said, is it serious?"

The person next to him said, "You are stupid, you can't hear anything."


But at this meeting, a few people really have a heart, this face is too fierce, and they make them a little bit self-confident!

Bai Muyu was so angry that she was speechless.

After this rehearsal, someone posted a photo on the school forum that evening to share the amazing photos in the auditorium today.

A good flying fairy, with a ribbon in her hand, jumped into the sky, like a fairy in the cloud, she would go back to the cloud.

A bunch of wailing melon-eating masses were quickly posted below the post.

"The old lady also watched it today, mother, I feel like I want to bend!"

"Hold upstairs, don't bend, don't fight with me, I have bent into a mosquito coil!"

"I've read many beautiful girls, but I don't know if there is such a fascinating school, which department?"

"Are you still asking upstairs? Look at this figure, it must be the acting department!"

"As a performance department, I'm sure I haven't seen this girl!"

"Is it only me who loves the charming vest line ??"

"Upstairs you are not alone!"

"Wait for the truth ..."

"Squeeze, wait together ..."


This post didn't take long before it was immediately popularized. Everyone talked about who the girl was, especially the recent antiquity. The girl's appearance really got to the point of cuteness of too many people.

The celebration is on Sunday, and there are activities in various departments during the day. Many alumni who have graduated for many years will come back to participate, but the really important event is the celebration party in the evening.

As a guest specially invited by the school, Bai Muqing gave a speech in the performance department in the afternoon and attended the evening party in the evening. Shen Xiao arrived early before the evening party. He mainly wanted to meet Situ Yi for a while.

Shen Yu didn't wait for her brother to go together, so she rushed to the auditorium in the afternoon to make preparations. Her show was only by herself, so it was not difficult to prepare. Changing clothes and putting on makeup, she would do nothing and watch others busy.

Since the rehearsal hit Bai Muyu's face with strength, Bai Muyu ignored her more and more. Shen Yu didn't care. She really wanted Bai Muyu to ignore her in the future.

After a while, Shen Yu took out his mobile phone to play again. This is a new mobile phone, Apple's latest model. Shen Xiao gave it to her today. At first, she didn't want it and felt no need to change it, but Shen Xiao said coldly: "There is a location on the phone, so I can find you."

Shen Yu: ...

What else can she say, she can only accept it obediently. She felt more and more that Shen Xiao really regarded her as her own, just like the trophies and toys in his room, all belonged to him.

Just when she was dazed by the phone, a girl with a cat leaned over her in front of her and asked in a low voice: "Are you Shen Yu?"

Shen Yu looked up at her and found that this person did not know herself, "I am, who are you?"

The other side was excited and said, "I am Yuan Yue's assistant. She is outside. Can you please go out?"

Shen Yu stunned, "Yuan Yue?"

Despite her doubts, she stood up and followed the little assistant and asked, "How did you recognize me?" She painted stage makeup, and Bai Muyu could hardly bear it.

The assistant smiled and said: "Yuan Yue has a program list, she knows you, let me ask, in fact, before you, I have asked several people."

Shen Yu: ...

Behind the auditorium, there is a small parking lot. Yuan Yue ’s car is over there. Last time Shen Yu saw the car to pick up Yuan Yue, so she recognized it at a glance.

Yuan Yue opened the door from the car, and then motioned her to get in.

"Miss Yuan." Shen Yu greeted. Although this was their second meeting, they were not familiar.

But Yuan Yue is familiar, "If you don't mind, you can call me Sister Yuan."

Shen Yu looked up at her and said, "Sister Yuan, are you looking for me?"

Yuan Yue said: "You are going to perform, then can you secretly bring more people into the background?"

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows, "Take you?"

Yuan Yue nodded quickly. "You see my face is easier to recognize. I thought of a way to get in without knowing ..."

Shen Yu thought about it and asked, "Is it because of Mr. Situ? He will also attend the party tonight."

Yuan Yue was startled and stared at her, "How do you know !!!"

Shen Yu was almost amused by her exaggerated reaction, thinking that the heroine wouldn’t be a stupid, so she replied: "Uh ...

I guess, before, I heard some of you and him ... rumor. "

After Yuan Yue was surprised, the expression on her face was inexhaustible, and then said, "It is indeed because of his business, but not as you think. In short, can you take me to the backstage?"

"You don't want Mr. Situ to know that you are here, do you?" Shen Yu asked her.

Yuan Yue nodded in a hurry.

Shen Yu thought about it and said, "Well, I will put on a stage makeup for you, a little thicker, maybe someone else will not recognize you."

Yuan Yue smiled and said, "This idea is good, this idea is good, then you hurry to make up for me, I found you so smart, is anyone named Shen Yu smart?"

Shen Yu frowned and looked at her strangely, saying, "Do you also have a friend named Shen Yu?"

Yuan Yue nodded and sighed with emotion: "A good friend, but I shouldn't see you in the future."

Shen Yu lowered her eyelids and said softly, "Sorry."

Yuan Yue waved her hand, "It's okay, come and help me make up."

After that, Shen Yu made a guest appearance as a star makeup artist and painted a thick stage makeup for Yuan Yue. Yuan Yue, as the heroine of the novel, looks naturally perfect, better than Bai Muqing, and looks more sunny than Bai Muqing.

This should be the legendary birth from the heart.

After that, Shen Yu successfully brought Yuan Yue into the background of the party.

Only shortly before the party began, Shen Yu lost the person.

At that time, Yuan Yue said that she wanted to go to the toilet, and Shen Yu showed her the way, thinking that she was close, but did not keep up. As a result, Yuan Yue did not return after going to the toilet.

Shen Yu didn't wait for a while, so she went to the toilet and found that the person was no longer in the toilet.

A very big person, the last toilet is gone, this is okay.

She quickly called Yuan Yue, but the phone turned off. When she wanted to go out to find someone, Yuan Yue's assistant called her and said that Yuan Yue was taken away by Situ Yi, so she didn't have to worry.

It turned out that when Yuan Yue was in the toilet, she met Situ Yi, and she had a thick makeup. She was recognized by Situ Yi at first glance, and then he robbed the girl away without saying a word.

The whole process made Shen Yu very speechless, and could not understand the plots of their protagonists.

Over there, Shen Xiao sacrificed his hue to accompany Bai Muqing to attend the party, in order to meet the ridiculous Situ Yi for a while, but he didn't even see the shadow of Situ Yi.

Bai Muqing asked with cold face: "Don't you say he will come?"

Bai Muqing was also very depressed. She clearly greeted Situ Yi before, but the man didn’t come back to the bathroom, and she couldn’t help but say: “He should have gone back in advance, I Refer you again next time? "

Shen Xiao sneered contemptuously, "Not rare."

He just got up on a whim, and even if he didn't see him, he never rushed to see someone.

And he has a way to let Situ Yi beg to see him.

In this way, Shen Xiao was in a better mood. The party had already begun for a while. They were all inexplicable performances. They were not attractive at all. He was too lazy to continue watching.

As Shen Xiao thought of leaving, suddenly a strange rhythm of music sounded on the stage, followed by a drum.

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows, sitting upright and looking at the stage seriously. He saw a dozen lights and a familiar figure immediately appeared in front of him.

After seeing clearly the clothes the man was wearing, Shen Xiao exploded directly and stood up from the seat.

Bai Muqing was taken aback by his sudden move, and quickly pulled him, and let him sit back, "What's wrong ??"

Shen Xiao gritted his teeth, and his voice was as cold as that from the millennium cold cellar, saying, "That's my sister !!"

Bai Muqing: ...

Shen Xiao sat in the position, palm squeezed into a fist, staring at the person who was dancing on the stage.

At this moment, he was burning with anger, just like a thing he had hidden for a long time. It was taken out and displayed without his consent, which made him extremely uncomfortable!

He can’t wait to put this thing away for the first time and hide it back home.

Finally, when the dance music came to a close, Shen Xiao stood up decisively and left the location, ignoring Bai Muqing, and walked backstage without looking back.

After Shen Yu finished the dance, there was an instant burst of applause and high-decibel screams from the stage. She smiled and stepped off the stage. Before she could calm her emotions, she was beaten to the shoulder next second.

Shen Yu subconsciously tried to struggle, and as a result heard the other party say in a familiar tone: "You dare to move, tonight's supper is to roast Hasky."

Shen Yu: ...

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