Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 20

This slap is crisp and loud.

As if the whole world is quiet ...

Bai Muyu was suprised. She was beaten to the side. When she lifted it up again, she was dazed and shocked. She didn't even think of her anger for a time. She just covered her face angrily and asked, "Dare you dare to hit me? ? !!! "

Shen Yu waited for her sentence, withdrew her hand, raised her head, and said in a cold voice: "Yes, I am a queen, how can I allow you and other villains to make waves in front of my eyes!"

Come on, this girl is still not out in the play!

Bai Muyu covered her face and finally reacted. She was beaten, she was beaten by Shen Yu! ! !Damn it, there is no such paragraph in the script!

Immediately she stretched out her hand to fight back, but as soon as her hand stretched out, she was grabbed by Shen Yu and gestured her to see the teacher. Bai Muyu took a few deep breaths before barely suppressing the monstrous slavery.

Because her inner emotional fluctuations are so great at this time, her facial expressions are gradually distorted.

Shen Yu looked coldly at her changes, then hummed, waved her hand away, and turned away without leaving.

The show is over-

"Not bad!"

The two proctors gave applause generously.

Shen Yu came back calmly, put on his glasses and stood in front of the teacher, waiting for their comments.

Bai Muyu covered her face, although she couldn't wait to strangle Shen Yu, but she could only bear it first.

"Although the plot is very ordinary, the two of you performed well. The moment when the queen of Shen Yu waved and beat people, her emotions were in place. Although she slapped this slap for dignity, she could also foresee it. Later, the dilemma that will be faced is very good. "

"Mu Yu also surprised me this time, especially after being slapped, the expression when she got up was real and vivid. It seems that the usual practice in the crew will help your acting."

In the end, both of them got A + scores.

Later I learned that this time there were only two A + s.

As soon as he walked out of the classroom, Bai Muyu immediately turned her face and raised her hand to slap Shen Yu. Shen Yu had already prepared, grabbed her hand, and sneered: "I think you should thank me for being right, not beating me. "

"Neuropathy! You hit me and want me to thank you ??" Bai Muyu gritted his teeth.

Shen Yu said: "If it wasn't for me to slap, would you get A+ for your bad script?"

Bai Muyu said: "Well, as long as you let me call back, this account will be cleared."

Shen Yu raised her eyes and looked at her, "As long as you go to tell the teacher that your A+ scores are countless, I will let you call back."

Bai Muyu: "You !!!"

Shen Yu shook her hand away and looked up at her, with sharp eyes and sharp edges. For a time, Bai Muyu was chilled, and her arrogant flame was extinguished.

Shen Yu didn't care about her anymore, her face calm, she turned and strode away.

It was an exam in the morning, and anyone who had finished the exam could leave, and then she had to take advantage of Bai Muyu's recovery and quickly slipped away.

But just slap that, really relieved, Shen Yu walked away for a while, could not help but raised his mouth to laugh.

As soon as Shen Yu left, Bai Muyu realized that she was scared by Shen Yu and didn't dare to attack! She was so depressed that she almost exploded in place! !

But Shen Yu left, she wanted to breathe out without any object, she could only sit on the steps to continue to be depressed, thinking that next time she met Shen Yu, she must tear this little bitch off her hand!

Several buddies saw Bai Muyu's unhappy expression, thought she had failed the exam, quickly came over to comfort, and took the opportunity to count Shen Yu together.

Bai Muyu likes good face and was slapped by Shen Yu. She didn't want to tell anybody that she was so embarrassed that she could only hold her face and hold her face purple.

When several people saw her unhappy, they didn't mention Shen Yu anymore and instead talked about other topics.

One of the girls was a member of the entertainment committee in the class. When she suddenly remembered something, she said to Bai Muyu: "Oh, is that your show set? I will hand over the list of programs in our class. The school is approaching, and there are several rehearsals. "

Bai Muyu nodded and said: "As for the dance I told you last time, Lin Ling didn't participate, just seven people."

The other party nodded, "OK, I'll hand it in today."

"Wait." Bai Muyu looked at her and squinted. "I'll report another show."

Everyone heard her and looked at her curiously, "What else do you want to perform?"

Bai Muyu sneered: "It's not me, I signed up for Shen Yu, she was alone!"

The entertainment commissioner was startled, "That's not good." If this is Bai Muyu's new prank, it's too much!

After all, in their impression, Shen Yu was timid inwardly and had a sturdy figure. It was the most malicious attack to let her perform on stage alone.

Bai Muyu was still thinking about the slap that she had just thrown. Shen Yu shook it sharply, but she also threw out the new hatred and old hatred in her heart. Compared with that slap, any revenge is not too much! ! ! !

Thinking about it this way, Bai Muyu gritted her teeth and said: "Just write Shen Yu's name, and don't notify her in the first two rehearsals. You can rest assured that I will bear the consequences."

Everyone looked at each other, although they all felt that Bai Muyu was really excessive this time, but no one dared to refute it. Anyway, something really happened, and Bai Muyu was standing there, it was not their business.

The entertainment commissioner asked in a deep heart: "So ... what program do you want to report to her?"

Bai Muyu thought, sang? No way! What if she really can sing? ?

"Just dance!" She said.

Let a big guy with high myopia go on stage to dance, and think about it with a sense! ! !

Everyone: ...

Shen Yu, who went back early, naturally did not know about this big conspiracy related to her.

Shen Yu chose to slap Bai Muyu's slap. At that time, she was really relieved, but she was still a little bit afraid afterwards. After all, Bai Muyu had many people, and she wouldn't know how to revenge her in the future.

For the next two days, when she was in school, Shen Yu was fighting with 200% spirit to prevent Bai Muyu from finding opportunities to embarrass her.

It's strange that Bai Muyu didn't make any movements for two days, and didn't even bother to watch her.

By the third day, Bai Muyu was on leave to film, and he didn't even see the figure.

Although she felt strange in Shen Yu's heart, she was also quiet and happy. Anyway, she saw it.

Soon, Shen Yu's attention was attracted by other things.

Nor can it be said that it was anything else, that is, her neuropathic brother Shen Xiao.

She haven't noticed in a few days, this guy actually made the headline of the entertainment version! ! !

"Popular movie star Bai Muqing shopping with a mysterious man, holding hands all the way, suspected romance exposure ..."

Shen Yu finished reading these words while chewing on the apple, and then clicked on the photos. The shooting angle of the photos was tricky. You can see Bai Muqing's appearance in succession, but the mysterious man always had his back or side face for people to see. Unclear about his appearance.

Others may not guess who it is, but Shen Yu recognizes it at a glance.

The height, the wide shoulders, the narrow waist, and the long legs ...

Wasn’t her neuropathic brother? ? ?

After this dinner, Shen Yu would not dare to go back to the room immediately, because according to the routine, the neuropathy always had to be a demon, either feeding her fruits or instructing her to work. In fact, since her dysmenorrhea, Shen Xiao did not do much, but she still dared not act rashly. After eating, she took an apple and sat on the sofa and gnawed while playing with her mobile phone.

As a result, she swiped this hot search.

With Bai Muqing's current coffee position, romance exposure can indeed be popular.

Shen Yu raised her eyes and looked at Shen Xiao on the couch. He was sitting on the sofa relaxedly, a pair of long legs habitually resting on the coffee table, his eyes narrowed, and he was pulling out his ears with a cotton swab in one hand.

The handsome guy is so unreasonable, the pictures of the ears are like making big movies, but unfortunately it is a snake disease!

After thinking about it, Shen Yu whispered, "Brother, says online, you are in love with Bai Muqing."

Shen Xiao opened her eyes halfway and slanted her, then closed his eyes again, squeezed cotton swabs and continued to dig.

Shen Yu: ...

After a few minutes, she asked stubbornly, "Is it true?"

Shen Xiao opened his eyes and looked at her again, sneering, saying, "Why should I tell you?"

Shen Yu, "I want to know."

Shen Xiao raised her eyebrows, ignored her words, and adjusted his sitting posture to sit upright, then patted the position around him and said to Shen Yu: "Come here."

Shen Yu opened the defense mode in an instant, "what?"

Shen Xiao frowned, aggravating his tone, "Come here."

Shen Yu didn't dare to continue struggling, got up and put the leftover apple heart on the coffee table with the mobile phone, and then walked to him and sat down.

Who knew that Shen Xiao was not satisfied with her posture, and commanded again: "Lie down, put your head here."

Shen Yu: ...

Help me, this neuropath actually put her head on his thigh! ! What is this for? ? ?

Seeing that she did not respond, Shen Xiao urged again: "Hurry up."

Shen Yu then lay down stiffly, pillowed her head on his leg, and pretended to be a statue without a soul.

In fact, the heart shivered, was the neuropath finally going to get her head operated on? ?

Then she waited for a while, instead of waiting for the knife, she waited for a cotton swab.

Damn, he actually took a cotton swab and started helping her out! ! !

Shen Yu's heart refused. She seemed to have not pulled out her ears for several days. If she was pulled out of a lot of earwax, she would have no face to see anyone! ! !

Despite the mad talk in her heart, she seemed quiet and well-behaved, letting him scratch her ears with a cotton swab.

Does she dare to make trouble? What if he gets angry at the neuropath? !

Shen Xiao had a bad temper and did not seem to have much patience, but the movements on her hand were unexpectedly gentle. The soft cotton swabs rolled up in her ears, making her squint comfortably.

When Uncle Li passed the living room and saw this situation, he couldn't help but take light steps, fearing to disturb their siblings.

At this moment, Shen Xiao's cell phone suddenly rang, he looked up, ignored it, and continued to help her ears.

The phone stubbornly slammed, stopped, bent down to open the call button, and then pressed the speaker.

Bai Muqing's sweet voice came from the phone, "Mr. Shen ..."

"Well." Shen Xiao responded with low interest, patting Shen Yu's shoulder again, and motioned her to change the ear on the other side.

Shen Yu turned around obediently, but focused on the phone.

Bai Muqing said: "Is President Shen free to play at night? Let's sing."

Shen Xiao refused without thinking, "No time."

Bai Muqing smiled gently: "What are you busy with?"

Shen Xiao said: "Take my sister's ear."

Bai Muqing: ...

Shen Yu: ...

It seemed as if Shen Yu turned around to make him very uncomfortable, Shen Xiao bowed his head closer, warmly breathing gently opened her side face, making her a little uncomfortable.

"Your brothers and sisters are in a good relationship." Bai Muqing said, "Then I'm going to play. Don't forget to celebrate next Sunday."

Shen Xiao said impatiently: "I see."

Without saying goodbye to Bai Muqing, he hung up the phone directly.

Shen Yu looked up in surprise and asked him, "Are you going to attend our school celebration?"

Shen Xiao pressed her head back to his lap and said, "It's none of your business."

Shen Yu: ...

After a while, Shen Yu couldn't help but whispered, "Have you done?"

Shen Xiao snorted, "What is the hurry, is there a dump in your ears? So dirty!"

Shen Yu: ...

Shen Yu didn't really feel much about the school celebration. She only knew that there was a literary show in the auditorium that day. Bai Muyu in their class also had a dance program. However, in the eyes of professionals like her, this level of dance performance is definitely Not looking.

Now that she knows that he wants to accompany Bai Muqing to attend the celebration, she follows and finds that it is less than a week away from the celebration. Many places in the school are preparing for it.

Shen Yu, who finished school on Thursday and was ready to leave, was called by the entertainment commissioner. The other party supported us for a long time before saying: "Tomorrow afternoon is the last rehearsal time for the party. You must go to participate."

In order to show the authenticity of her speech, the entertainment commissioner showed her the complete program list.

Shen Yu was confused, and then looked down at the playbill and said, "I participate in the rehearsal, why?"

The other party said in embarrassment: "Don't you have a single dance show here? You didn't go there the first two times. If you don't go this time, you have to tell the director."

"Single dance?" Shen Yu couldn't understand her words at all, "Why don't I know this?"

The entertainment commissioner's eyes flickered, looking at the left and right, saying: "Did you not register before? The show list has been submitted for a long time, don't you know?"

she knows? ? She knows a ghost! !

Shen Yu narrowed her eyes to look at her, and looked down at the other person conscientiously, then she sneered and said, "Did Bai Muyu sign me up?"

This seems like a conspiracy! And she was the last one to know!

The other party did not answer, but the expression already explained everything.

Shen Yu was very annoyed and asked, "Can this show be cancelled?"

The girl looked up at her and hesitated: "It's a bit troublesome, but ... but I will try."

Shen Yu thought about it, clenched his fists and said, "Forget it, needless to say, I will go to rehearsal tomorrow afternoon."

At this time, it was the turn of the entertainment committee to be dumbfounded.

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