Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 19

After shouting pain for the second time, Shen Yu already knew what was going on. In fact, the original owner had dysmenorrhea, and it was still very painful, and Shen Yu had never experienced such pain before. It will take a while for such a big reaction.

Later, when she heard Shen Xiao panickingly thought she was going to die, if it was not too painful, Shen Yu would really laugh out loud.

Uncle Li is old and has experienced many things. After seeing the blood stains on the carpet, he did not panic, directing Shen Xiao: "Hurry up and take her back to the room and let her lie down on the bed."

Shen Xiao usually shouts at others, where can he let others yell at him, but this will really panic, and can't take care of these, and when he lifts Shen Yu and runs upstairs.

Uncle Li quickly found the hot water bottle, filled it with hot water, and sent it to warm her stomach.

Then, Uncle Li pushed Shen Xiao out of Shen Yu's room. "Okay, it's okay. The rest, she knows how to get it. I'll go and cook her a bowl of sugar water."

Shen Xiao felt terrified, glanced at the closed door, and asked Uncle Li, "Is she really okay?"

Uncle Li said: "Dysmenorrhea can't kill anyone, don’t worry."

Shen Xiao also said: "Really don't need to see a doctor?"

Uncle Li said: "It's really painful, she can only take painkillers, and it's useless to see a doctor."

Shen Xiao thought: dysmenorrhea can't be cured, what's the point of asking the doctor!

When the two went down the stairs together, Shen Xiao said again: "Is it too bully this time?"

Rarely, when Shen Xiao will have self-reflection, Li Shu said comfortably: "Miss is still young ,you should take care of her."

Shen Xiao thought anxiously: Why is it harder to raise than a pet? ? It used to be so lifeless and fun, but recently it's a little more fun, and it's been broken so quickly, troublesome!

After thinking about it, he said to Uncle Li: "Don't she like the dolls? Give it to her."

After listening to this, Uncle Li nodded hurriedly, thinking that Mr. finally knew that he was going to hurt someone.

In order to surprise Shen Yu, he also chose to wait for her to fall asleep at night, and sneaked in to place the doll on her bed.

As a result, Shen Yu woke up the next day and saw ten SD dolls sitting beside her when she opened her eyes. She looked at her strangely and almost scared her to death.

The menstrual pain during the menacing period really turned Shen Yu to death. She had never had menstrual pain before, but she had to experience it once a month in the future.

She doesn’t know how the original owner used to get through. Anyway, she couldn’t bear it. Not only did she take painkillers, she also took two days off with the teacher and kept it at home.

It also happened to be thinking about the performance of the quiz for two days. She thought about it and felt that there was no need to modify the script that Bai Muyu gave her, but Bai Muyu could not control how to play it on the spot. Anyway, the two did not need to rehearse together.

But the drama can’t be deliberately performed. After all, it’s a monthly quiz. When it comes to credits, teachers and students will take it seriously, so Bai Muyu dare to pull her into the team so confidently, not afraid of her deliberately framing.

Although Bai Muyu is only a sophomore, she has a popular sister who has many opportunities for acting. She is often called to act as a female partner. This is something that most people in the class can't compare. With these training opportunities, Bai Muyu's The acting skills must be more skillful than other students. She certainly thinks so too. Only then would she think of pulling Shen Yu to form a team and preparing to crush Shen Yu with acting skills.

But Bai Muyu's thoughts were perfect, and she never thought that Shen Yu was actually a traversal, and that she was an actor who played several costume dramas. Even if the acting skills are not very sophisticated, at least they will not be jerky or frightened. Compared with Bai Muyu, there may be more.

After such an analysis, Shen Yu felt very embarrassed. She was really a bit of a suspicion of bullying other girls, but this kind of naive dispute was picked up by Bai Muyu first, and she couldn't help it.

After two days of rest, followed by two days of weekends, Shen Yu was equivalent to taking a rest for four days in one breath. She didn’t see Shen Xiao in these four days. Asking Uncle Li, he also said he didn’t know if he was frightened, he went to stay elsewhere.

After four days of rest, it was the quiz. As soon as Shen Yu ’s physiology passed, the person was full of energy and felt that he was invincible.

When she arrived at the school early in the morning, my classmates had almost come. The tables and chairs were moved away, and a space was left in the middle for the exam.

Because it is just a quiz for each class, the big stage is not used, and the classroom space is completely sufficient.

Shen Yu looked around the crowd, but Bai Muyu hadn't arrived yet. Some of her buddies came first. Several people gathered together, looked at Shen Yu, and then whispered, making a few snickers.

Shen Yu didn’t take care of them. She found a place to sit down and took out the two pages of paper that Bai Muyu gave her. Although there were slight changes in it, she did not specifically mark them out. From the paper, the script remained unchanged. of.

Not long after Shen Yu sat down, Bai Muyu also arrived. After entering the classroom, she didn't go to speak with her buddies. She walked straight to Shen Yu and smiled: "I thought you didn't dare to come to school."

Shen Yu looked up at her, "Why not dare to come?"

Bai Muyu said: "I'm afraid that I will play with my opponent in the exam!"

Shen Yu said: "Since I have received your script, I will not be afraid."

Bai Muyu frowned and looked at her, feeling that Shen Yu was really becoming more and more different, and now she dare to talk to her without changing her face.

"Are you dead?" Bai Muyu suddenly asked her.

Shen Yu looked down. Although she was still wearing loose clothes from the original owner, the clothes and glasses could not hide the truth because she was thinner. "It's not your business."

Bai Muyu sneered, "It's really ugly to do a lot of tricks, even if you thin into lightning, you won't be beautiful."

Shen Yu smiled, "It's none of your business."

Bai Muyu bent down and whispered, "Now you can still laugh, and you should cry in a moment."

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and answered, "Then see who cries first."

Who will not talk badly, no money anyway.

This quiz is a group of two, each group is about 15 minutes, the self-selected topics, the teacher will give students a score of ten minutes of performance.

The content of each quiz is different, depending on how the teacher asks the question.

Shen Yu and Bai Muyu were the fifth group to perform. After they got the ranking, they didn't get together to play against each other like the others, but watched each script.

When the squad leader called them, the two talents walked in together.

The teacher also had the script handed in by the students. When he saw the two of them, it was quite unexpected, but since they could perform together, it proved that it was already a good match, so he didn't ask much and let them start.

The beloved concubine played by Bai Muyu has won the favor of the emperor. No one in the entire harem has the right to take control of the queen, so even the queen is a little shorter than her.

The concubine is proud and proud, except for the emperor, who is not in the eyes, walking on the road, her eyes are as if growing above his head.

For such a role, for Bai Muyu, it is simply tailor-made and starring. Without much acting skills, she can perform such a role into three points.

But Shen Yu ’s empress was not very good. She was obviously a queen of a country, but her status was not as good as a concubine. The emperor had not seen her several times throughout the year, and she lived grievously and pitifully.

In Bai Muyu's vision, the queen is a pitiful character, very suitable for Shen Yu, she should be so careful, pitiful person.

In fact, Shen Yu's performance is far from her imagination.

Because it is a piece of costume drama, wearing glasses is easy to make people play, so when the teacher asked them to start, Shen Yu took off the glasses. Although the eyes were dim, it did not affect her position.

At this time, both of them actually have performance experience, so at the moment of entering the theater, their eyes and expressions have changed.

Bai Muyu was proud, her toes were high, and Shen Yu's temper was still there, but there was a dark color in hrt eyebrows, and hrt character background was clear at a glance.

The two met in the Royal Garden, and the queen was unhappy, so she wanted to avoid the concubine and find another place. How could the concubine miss this opportunity that embarrassed the queen.

It stopped people right now.

Bai stepped forward and said with pride: "The queen came to admire the flowers? Exactly, a few days ago, the peony sent by the emperor to me was opened beautifully, and the queen came to appreciate it?"

The queen's expression was calm, but one hand clenched into a fist, trying hard to hold back, "No, you can reward yourself slowly."

The petite concubine looked up at her and said, "The queen's dress is the style of the previous year. Isn't the Ministry of Internal Affairs sending you a new one? This gang of dogs!! "

The queen glanced at her and said, "Okay, less pretentious. It’s up to you."

The concubine suddenly laughed and said, "So you still know who the power of the harem is in my hands, I will deduct your things, how can you bear me? A woman who has fallen out of favor, what to fight me?"

Although Shen Yu didn’t know how many times she had read the script, Shen Yu still couldn’t help but swear in the face of Bai Muyu ’s performance. Damn, this script must have been written by Bai Muyu, otherwise there is no queen really Is this a concubine riding on his head? ? She has not been beaten into the cold palace, even if she is not petted, she is still a queen, and her status is still there!

The script is here, the queen should start to cry tears pitifully, and then curse the concubine politely, and the scene is bleak and sad.

However, from the beginning, Shen Yu did not intend to follow Bai Muyu's script, only to see her lips tightened, and she looked at Bai Muyu's eyes with coldness like frost, rain, and snow. That was what a queen of motherhood should have. Majesty, and the resentment of a woman after being taken away from her love.

The queen walked firmly and determinedly, approaching the concubine step by step. At the moment when she stood still, she saw her eyes move, her brows tightened, and she raised her hand to fan the concubine's face.


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