Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 18

In the luxurious and spacious office, jazz music is soothing, Shen Xiao is holding coffee, standing in front of the bright floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the scenery. Everything you can see is the urban jungle made of reinforced concrete, which makes you tired of looking at it.

He turned away from the floor-to-ceiling window, put half of his coffee back on the table, and picked up the remote control to turn off the obscure sound. This kind of pretending music style really did not suit him, and he felt his brain hurt when listening.

Press the intercom to call Assistant Du.

While waiting for someone, he bore a cigarette in his mouth boredly, sat on the office table with his ass, picked up a few darts on the table, and randomly threw them at the dart tray on the bookshelf.

He can get a high score every time.

Assistant Du has always been very fast, this will probably cause something to stumble, Shen Xiao smashed two rounds before he knocked on the door.

Shen Xiao narrowed her eyes and aimed at the bullseye, smoking a cigarette in his mouth, and asked him: "Did the American scd agent have not negotiated yet? Wasn't it the end?"

Assistant Du's eyes flashed and he coughed and said, "There is something wrong, the responsible team is trying to solve it."

Shen Xiao stopped the throwing of darts and turned to look at him, "What's the situation?"

Assistant Du said: "There are two more companies participating in the competition, and the future is not small."

Shen Xiao threw the last dart in his hand and asked, "Which two?"

Assistant Du stepped forward, took off the dart on the target, and gave it to him, before saying, "Situ Group and Li Group."

Shen Xiao took the cigarette butt into the ashtray and pressed it, playing darts, "Situ Group? Situ Yi? Why is he again, he was also robbed of a previous mark!"

Assistant Du wiped his sweat and explained: "The last one was the one we wanted to rob theis, but we didn't win."

Shen Xiao glared at him, expressing displeasure at his supplementary explanation, and asked, "What about Li?"

"Mr. Li recently had plans to hand over his career to his grandson. This time it should be the heir's success."

Shen Xiao said: "They value not the agent, but like us, the whole consortium behind the scd."

Assistant Du nodded and said: "So we can't take it lightly."

"Damn it." Shen Xiao scolded, "One or two came to snatch me to see if I would kill them!" The voice just fell, and a dart flew out in his hand, followed by A sound of "Bang" came from the bookshelf, and a certain ornamental porcelain shattered.

The dart did not throw in the bull's eye, but broke a small viewing plate on the bookshelf, showing how vigorously he threw it.

Shen Xiao also froze for a moment, and walked over to see the situation. On the log book shelf, several porcelains were placed in various sizes, and the one that had just been shattered was the smallest and thinnest.

Shen Xiao picked up the remaining half, took it in his hand and looked at it, then let go in mid-air, letting the porcelain piece hit the floor tiles, and crackled loudly.

Suddenly thinking of the time when Shen Yu's rental house was smashed, his statement about the sound of porcelain smashing on the ground, so he picked up another porcelain and took it into the air, and then let go, the porcelain quickly fell to the ground and splashed a piece of fragments. .

He couldn't help raising his eyebrows, the sound was much better than what jazz was just now.

So, continue to smash ...

Assistant Du watched him smashing the porcelain. The corner of his mouth twitched, and he couldn't help saying: "Boss, the one in your hand is already the last porcelain on the shelf." These were all made by the masters from the auction house, he smashed a few at a time, even his spectators were distressed.

Shen Xiao glanced back at the bookshelf, and it was indeed quite empty, so he put the last bottle on the desk, preparing to take it home from work to smash it to his sister.

Assistant Du quickly called for people to clean up the debris, so that the boss would not hurt himself by mistake.

Shen Xiao smashed the porcelain for a while, and finally felt much better, saying, "That Situ Yi, should I find some time to meet him?"

Whether it's the person next to him or the company's business, it is always annoying to be able to relate to this person.

Assistant Du said: "Situ Yi was an actor before. He didn't take a long time to take over the company and was a low-key person. In the past two years, he rarely came out to entertain. Many people want to know him, but they can't find a way."

Shen Xiao thought about it and took out her mobile phone to call Bai Muqing, regardless of whether the other party was filming or not. Fortunately, the phone was connected without letting him wait too long there.

Shen Xiao opened the door and said: "Last time you said that Situ Yi will attend the anniversary of your school?"

Bai Muqing was a little confused about the situation, but quickly returned: "Well, he will definitely go."

Shen Xiao said: "Well, I will accompany you to go."


Shen Yu took the script from Bai Muyu and thought about it at home. Although the script was a confrontation between a concubine and a queen, the situation was one-sided, favored concubine are arrogant. Although the queen is the emperor ’s wife, she has no right Powerless, the status is not as good as a concubine, the two sides met in the Royal Garden, and the queen was crying by a concubine.

"What kind of shit script is this!" Shen Yu threw two sheets of paper on the ground and thumped with a pillow on the sofa.

Uncle Li came over with a round and smooth red handle. When he saw this situation, he couldn't help looking sideways, "Miss, It’s my first time to see you are so angry. It's nice."

Shen Yu: ...

Suddenly angry, forgot to pretend to be a little white rabbit.

She threw her tongue out and said to Uncle Li: "I didn't do it on purpose, it was really too annoying to write that script."

Uncle Li handed her the whole plate of red grapes, let her eat while holding it, bent over to pick up two sheets of paper, and then sat next to her to look at it. It's useless, not a concubine's opponent at all. "

Shen Yu even stuffed the two handles, chewed, chewed, and said indistinctly: "It's ... annoying!"

Uncle Li threw two sheets of paper back on the ground and said, "Good girl, let's just look at such annoying things, just throw them away."

Shen Yu: ...

Put the plate back to Uncle Li, and Shen Yu picked up the paper on the floor and said, "This is the script I want to play. I can't throw it."

Uncle Li ate a handle by himself, and said with a smile: "Miss is going to act as a concubine?"

Shen Yu pouted: "I play that little cabbage queen."

Uncle Li said: "That's too bad."

Isn't it miserable!

"This drama cannot be played like this." Shen Yu murmured, "I have to think about it."

Uncle Li said: "Yeah, why did you act like this, or change the script?"

Shen Yu's eyes lit up, yes, why did she struggle with the script that Bai Muyu gave her? She just lacked a partner before, but now that she has a partner, are you afraid of not acting?

The script is dead, people are alive, just change it!

After the idea was cleared, Shen Yu felt suddenly relaxed and even had an appetite.

So he brought over the picks in Li Shu's hands and ate them one by one, "Uncle Li, this pick is so cold!"

Uncle Li said: "I bought it yesterday and forgot to give it to you, just keep it fresh, it's fine."

Shen Yu nodded and continued to eat.

After a plate of grapes was eaten, Shen Yu felt uncomfortable in her lower abdomen. It seemed that a coldness gradually accumulated in her lower abdomen, and then she felt pain.

It has been more than a month since she passed through, and her body has not had menstruation. She guessed that the original owner ’s menstrual cycle should be relatively long, and she did not care. Is it coming today?

She have to go back to the room and have a look.

Just when she was about to get up and leave the sofa, Shen Xiao came back, stepping slowly along the way, carrying a small porcelain bottle in his hand.

Shen Yu just stepped on the ground's feet and retracted again, sitting straight and saying hello to him, "Brother, you are back."

"Why haven't you entered the gym today?" Shen Xiao asked curiously. The time he went home every day was basically the time when she was running, and she was lazy today.

Uncle Li got up and stood aside and smiled: "She is about to change clothes, you got back early today."

Shen Xiao raised his hand and glanced at the time. It was indeed that he returned early, and when he saw the porcelain bottle in his hand, he handed it to Shen Yu and said, "This is for you."

Shen Yu took the porcelain bottle blankly and asked, "What do you do?"

Such a big bottle, can you arrange flowers for her?

"Smash," he said.

"Smash?" Shen Yu's face was dumbfounded.

Shen Xiao frowned, impatiently, "Let you smash it, you smash it, now."

Shen Yu changed her counsel for a second, and no matter why it was smashed, she raised hrt hand and threw the bottle out of the carpet. With a bang, the porcelain bottle shattered.

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li: ...

Shen Xiao crossed the debris and sat down on the sofa, asking in a leisurely manner: "Is the voice crisp? Is it nice?"

Shen Yu immediately remembered the conversation in the rental house and couldn't help but tremble. "G ... good."

Shen Xiao nodded in satisfaction, "Good to hear is good porcelain, worth 1 million."

Shen Yu :! ! ! !

Damn, this porcelain bottle is actually 1 million? ? She shattered 1 million into slag without blinking? ?  She really wants to chop hands! ! ! ! ! !

Aside, Uncle Li saw her face changed and quickly said, "Don't scare Miss, sir."

Shen Xiao lifted Erlang's legs, "I didn't scare her, it was 1 million."

Shen Yu just turned her face slightly whitish just now, it would be directly green, then began to sweat coldly, and finally squat down holding his stomach, screaming, "It hurts !!!"

Shen Yu only felt a cold pain in her lower abdomen. This pain, which she had never experienced before, felt like someone was stirring a knife in her lower abdomen. The pain came suddenly and severely.

The two men next to her were startled by her sudden scream, looked at each other, Shen Xiao said: "It's just a million, don't worry about it."

Uncle Li quickly said: "Miss seems to be unwell."

Shen Yu was unable to squat, and fell directly on the carpet. Fortunately, no pieces of porcelain were splashed in this place, otherwise the buttocks would have blossomed.

"Uncle Li, my stomach hurts," she said, holding her tummy desperately with both hands and lifting a pale face.

This sudden situation made Shen Xiao a little embarrassed. He turned pale and wanted to pull her, but he didn't dare to move her. He turned to look at Uncle Li: "What's going on? Is it poisoned? What did she just eat? ? "

Uncle Li already panicked, and said with a trembling: "Just ... just a plate of iced grapes!"

"Tips?" Shen Xiao frowned and said decisively: "Go to the hospital first!"

Then he reached out to pull Shen Yu, "Get up."

Shen Yu was so weak that she shivered, and when she was torn by him, she stood up halfway, but Shen Xiao loosed her hand and she fell back again.

Just after standing halfway up, Shen Xiao's eyes were sharp and he spotted the blood stains on the white carpet. At one moment, the whole person was bad. With wide eyes, he asked Uncle Li: "She ... is she going to die? She's bleeding !!!"

Uncle Li: ...

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