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Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 17 part1

It was no one else who came to team up with Shen Yu, it was Bai Muyu who had been confronted by her.

Use your toes to think and know that this woman is here to find fault.

Shen Yu guessed that Bai Muqing should not have mentioned her identity with her sister, nor knew the grievances between the two sisters. Otherwise, Bai Muqing would definitely prevent Bai Muyu ’s various childish behaviors. Shen Yu is still the object she wants to please.

Bai Muyu knows nothing about the above complicated relationship, so as soon as she catches the opportunity, she wants to find Shen Yu's fault.

Shen Yu feels very annoyed. There are so many people in a class, and there are a few who have no friendship with Bai Muyu, but Bai Muyu just stared at her.

Of course, she rejected Bai Muyu's team request on the spot, without having to read the script, and knew that it was definitely not a serious script!

The weather is getting colder in the autumn. Every time Shen Yu goes out, she has to put on a thin coat outside the long-sleeved shirt. The original loose clothes are worn on the body. There is no beauty at all. Many trousers can't be worn, especially those with elastic waistbands. Various signs indicate that she has really lost weight. Under the supervision of Shen Xiao and a group of dolls, under the torture of fruit salad, she has lost a whole circle and her face is much smaller.

At the previous stop, the figure of 60 kg made her quite satisfied. This weight is lighter than the standard height and weight, but it is not her ultimate goal. She has to reduce it.

There was no class on Wednesday morning, but Shen Yu still ran to the school. Seeing that the time of the quiz was approaching, her partner was still unfinished. She had to talk to the teacher about whether she could change the subject to a separate one. Acting or something.

Before going out, Shen Yu ate a lot of breakfast. Uncle Li made Cantonese-style chicken feet for breakfast today. She had eaten more while Shen Xiao hadn’t gotten up. This would have a little stomach support, and walked from the side door to the office , Suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, looked around, Shen Yu decided to find a nearby toilet to solve.

She remembered that there was a corner of the corridor on the first floor of the office building, so she trot past.

In the toilet, someone was looking at the mirror in front of the sink, and Shen Yu didn't pay attention. She hurriedly found a compartment and squatted down.

Then frowned and thought, the one just before the sink, she just glanced at random, but think carefully, that side of the face seems quite familiar.

After solving her personal affairs, she walked out of the compartment easily, preparing to wash her hands, and then froze.

The man was still there.

Shen Yu couldn't help but take a peek, and then came forward to wash her hands, the tap water was flowing down, and many small bubbles were smashed on the back of his hand.

She moved her lips and asked in a low voice, "Excuse me, are you Yuan Yue?"

The other party leaned on the sink and played with her mobile phone. When she heard her voice, she turned her head and smiled, "Hello, this is Yuan Yue."

Shen Yu's heart thumped, thinking of my God, this is the first heroine of the novel she wears in! It's a woman who Situ Yi loved to die, and a character with a halo!

Visually, Yuan Yue's height is also around 170. The person is very thin, with short hair with a little curl, a pointed face, and big eyes. When looking at people with smiles in her eyes, she looks like a very gentle person.

After seeing Shen Yu's inquiry, she was in a daze at the same place, and Yuan Yue whispered, "Do you want to sign? Or take a group photo?

So Shen Yu confusedly took a photo with others, and also got the signature by the way.

In fact, she was just a little surprised because she saw the hostess, not trying to chase the stars! Moreover, Yuan Yue's current reputation is not as high as Bai Muqing's. It will not be popular until Yuan Yue develops feelings with Situ Yi.

After signing and signing, Yuan Yue said: "From here to the school gate, is it not far away? I lost my way with the assistant and got a little lost."

Shen Yu said: "It's a bit far from the main entrance, but it's very close to the east side gate. I can take you there."

Yuan Yue's eyes were bright, "That's so thankful."

When she put on her hat and glasses, the two left the toilet together and walked towards the east door.

On the way, Yuan Yue made an appointment with the assistant in the mobile phone to meet at the east door. When they arrived, the assistant's car also stopped there. Yuan Yue said to Shen Yu a few times before she got on the car. She Is a very gentle person.

Shen Yu turned around and walked to the office building after seeing Yuan Yue's car leave. She felt strange. If she remembered correctly, it should also be Yuan Yue's alma mater. She hadn't left school for a few years. Will it be so strange to school? ? Looks like that, is it more like coming for the first time? !

Shen Yu was puzzled, so she no longer struggled. When she turned to think of her own problems, she forgot to encounter Yuan Yue.

The result of consultation with the teacher was not satisfactory. The teacher felt that she was usually too independent. She should try to communicate more with her friends instead of blindly avoiding the crowd. If she could not find anyone, the teacher would help her to ask her classmates.

Shen Yu really wants to cry, but she can't blame the teacher. The teacher is really good for her. She feels that her character is not suitable for the entertainment industry and should be changed.

Before leaving the office, the teacher asked her casually: "Are you stunned?"

Shen Yu nodded with a smile, "I have been exercising recently."

The teacher nodded happily and said, "That's right. In the acting world, you can't rely on acting alone. You still have to pay attention to appearance. At that time, the teacher looked at you and knew that it was a good seedling."

Shen Yu thought: It turns out to be the teacher, you brought in the little fat girl from the original owner!

After saying goodbye to the teacher, Shen Yu started to worry again when she walked out of the teaching building. She just promised that she would work hard to find her friends, but no one in the class was willing to talk to her. Where did she go? go with? ? I also forgot to ask the teacher, can I go to another class to borrow a classmate to act? ? ?

When Shen Yu entered the classroom when she went to school, the originally noisy classroom immediately quieted down, as if she was saying something quietly, but she didn’t hear it. Shen Yu was already accustomed to this atmosphere and ignored it, looking up and looking In the figure of Bai Muyu, this guy has not been acting with the crew recently, and they all come to class.

Bai Muyu wore a pink long-sleeved T-shirt and a white mini-skirt today, which looked young and beautiful. This would be sitting on the table to talk to the male students. Her long legs flicked, attracting the attention of many boys.

Shen Yu walked straight towards her, then stood in front of her and said, "Bai Muyu, show me your script that day."

Bai Muyu turned back in surprise and sneered: "Why, figured it out?"

Shen Yu ignored her sneer and said, "The script."

Bai Muyu raised her eyebrows, jumped off the table, returned to her seat, flipped a script from her bag, and threw it on the table. "If you have the courage, you can pick it up. Except for me, you certainly can't find someone to partner with you in the class! "

Shen Yu took her words to the ears, picked up the script and opened it.

The script is not long, it is a court play, just a small fragment, a scene of a showdown between the favored concubine and the lost queen.

Through the dialogue between the two in the play, you can see how arrogant the concubine is and how angry the queen is.

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and asked, "Are you acting as a concubine?"

Bai Muyu smiled, "Of course, you play that poor bug!"

After thinking for a while, Shen Yu nodded and said, "Yes, I will act, but I will not rehearse with you, and I will go directly to the examination room to perform."

Bai Muyu chuckled and said: "Okay, don't counsel when you are acting!"

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