Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 15

Shen Yu feels that if Shen Xiao is not rich and capable, then the nature and neurotic character of a straight man who is even a woman can be worthy of him? Will she stand it?

If Bai Muqing wanted to use him to deal with Situ Yi, in his arrogant attitude, Bai flicked her face away in minutes, and would tolerate him to take her sister for a meeting? ?

In retrospect, Shen Yu felt happy when she saw that Bai Muqing was clearly unhappy, but suddenly understood Shen Xiao's psychology of building her happiness on others' pain.

It will not be noon, and it is not during rush hour. When the three of them came out of the company by car and arrived at a luxury street, it was still a little early. Bai Muqing proposed to go shopping nearby and then go to the French restaurant for lunch.

Although the place they are in is not the most prosperous business district in the city, it is naturally a very high place due to the gathering of many high-end brands. Many well-known foreign restaurants will also choose to open stores nearby.

In fact, before crossing, Shen Yu still prefers to eat Chinese food, and does not have a cold for those so-called Michelin-star restaurants, but she was brought today, and she did not have a position to express opinions, but just followed them obediently, but Seeing this in Shen Xiao's eyes, this act was also annoying. Every time she acted very counseling, he felt itchy and wanted to bully her.

So with a sideways look, Shen Xiao lifted Shen Yu's collar like a little chicken, and carried her to the front, grinning: "Where are you going now, you have the final say, wherever you go, we'll follow you Where to go, understand? "

Shen Yu: ...

Knowing that she was timid, he forced her like this. This brother can throw away the trash!

She looked back at Bai Muqing embarrassedly, but the other party gently encouraged her. After coming out of the company's toilet, she felt that Bai Muqing was gentle again. Did she really take her advice?

No way, she could only walk the streets full of shops with her scalp. She thought it was okay. Although it was a bit embarrassing, it was a good deal to ruin their appointment.

There are not many people shopping.  Bai Muqing did some tricks on the makeup, but it was not recognized. After walking for a while, Shen Yu didn't care, just picked a toy store and walked in.

Seeing the shop she chose, Bai Muqing walking behind her almost tripped over her high heels.

She finally squeezed out the holiday and planned well, went to the company to find Shen Xiao, together to have a romantic French meal, and then found a wonderful place to be with Shen Xiao in the afternoon. In this way, even if the two did not meet normally, Shen Xiao will also be impressed with her. The next time they meet, the relationship between the two will definitely take another step.

But the reality is that they are going to eat romantic French food, but there is a super light bulb next to them, now they also have to go to the toy store with this super light bulb? ? Where does this come from? It doesn’t mean that it's an insignificant, abandoned daughter, how come she has such a big face? ? Is the information she got wrong? ?

Shen Xiao's reaction to this was very different from Bai Muqing. He just raised his eyebrows, then crossed Bai Muqing with great interest and strode in, as if he was very interested in the shop in front of him.

In fact, strictly speaking, this is not an ordinary toy store, but a physical store of BJD dolls. There are various joint ball dolls, as well as doll accessories and clothing. The store is not large, but the goods are piled up. Dazzling, all kinds of dolls on the counter shelves give people the illusion of entering a different world.

The few SD dolls in the cupboard are the most eye-catching, from facial hairstyles to clothing, which are very delicate.

After raising her eyes to see what was in the shop, Shen Yu was also startled. She didn't look carefully when she came in. She really thought it was a toy store.

Just when she wanted to turn around and quit, she saw Shen Xiao looking at the SD doll in the cupboard with great interest. Perhaps his appearance was so good that the clerk actually crossed the two women and went straight to introduce him, which made people cry and laugh.

Shen Xiao put his hands in pockets, raised the other hand, pointed to the clothes on the SD doll's body, and tilted her head to ask casually, "Does this clothes sell?"

The clerk answered: "Yes, this one is in stock and can be customized. You can order any style you like."

Shen Xiao rubbed his chin and asked, "Can the skirt be life-size?"

Clerk: ...

She was really the first time she met such a customer, ordering adult clothes, isn’t he going to a clothing store?

The woman who was standing behind the counter was the manager of the shop. She is in her forties and has a high level of experience. Any guest has seen it.

When she heard this, she came forward calmly and asked politely, "Do you want a mother-woman dress?"

Everyone: ...

Maternity? What the hell? ? ?

Shen Xiao didn't know anything about these, but nodded expertly. "Yes, they are all the same size."

The manager smiled and said: "This can be customized, but in terms of price, it will be more expensive."

Shen Xiao didn't care, "This is not a problem, as long as you can do it, so, I'll order ten sets first."

Everyone: ...

When she heard that Shen Xiao wanted to order a dress for a doll, or a real-life model, Shen Yu had an ominous hunch. He suddenly ordered so many clothes, who was he going to wear? This kind of speculation has already accelerated her heartbeat, thinking why she just ran in just now, and felt like going into trouble again! !

Bai Muqing stepped forward and asked directly: "What do you do with these baby dresses?"

Shen Xiao didn't explain it, it was like finding a treasure, and said with a smile: "Fun."

Bai Muqing: ...

At this time, the clerk brought pen and paper and asked Shen Xiao to write down the height, weight and measurements of the other party. When he took the pen, Shen Yu quickly stepped forward and secretly watched Shen Xiao write the measurements.

Then she saw him write down carefully: height, 170CM, measurements, 85C, 65, 90.

After Shen Xiao finished writing the numbers, he returned the pen and paper to the store manager. After that, Shen Xiao went to the rest area to choose the style and deposit, and Shen Xiao showed great patience and cooperation.

Two women and one man visit the doll shop, and finally the man starts the buy-buy-buy model, which is a bit weird!

There was so much heat there, but the two women who stayed there were a little embarrassed. Bai Muqing saw at a glance that Shen Xiao was not writing her height and measurements, and wondered if he had any other women, so she looked very bad.

Shen Yu initially guessed that Shen Xiao bought these to wear for her. After all, he likes to tossing this younger sister. When he reads his height, he is really startled, but when he sees the measurements he writes behind, he is greatly relieved. She has such a big body and can't wear such a slim dress at all, so he definitely didn't buy it for her!

But she is also very curious. With such a generous Shen Xiao, who bought ten sets in one go? Looking at Bai Muqing's complexion around her, she knew that these measurements are definitely not Bai’s, and Bai Muqing is half a head shorter than her. There must be no 170.

Does Shen Xiao have other lovers? ? Not mentioned in the book! !

Thinking this way, Shen Yu deliberately asked Bai Muqing curiously: "Are you the three measurements?"

Bai Muqing glanced at her secretly and said, "It's not mine."

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and said in distress: "Who is that for? There are so many women around him ..."

Bai Muqing blacked her face instantly, "Your brother has many women ??"

Shen Yu covered his mouth innocently and blinked his eyes, "I didn't say anything !!!"

Bai Muqing: ...

Shen Xiao wanted to give those clothes to whom. Shen Yu felt strange, but because it was not her business, she would forget after two days.

Until a few days later, when she came home from school, she saw Uncle Li sorting out some gorgeous skirts, hanging it on a hanger, and hanging it on the gym wall.

In a gym full of sports equipment, these beautiful puffy princess dresses are hanging on the walls.

Shen Yu was in a daze for those beautiful skirts for a long time. When she was in the shop at that time, she just glanced in a hurry, and she didn't feel anything. Seeing the real thing today, it was still a real person. She felt really shocking and ask Uncle Li.

"Why are these skirts hanging here? Whose?"

Uncle Li smiled and said, "It's yours, Miss!"

Shen Yu: ...

What the hell, this is obviously not her size! !

"How can I wear this dress?" Unless she cut her in half with a knife!

Uncle Li continued: "Mr. said, let you start today, enter the devil-style weight loss, when can you put these skirts into it, even after completing the task, he will supervise you."

Shen Yu: ...

This ... this neuropathy is so deceiving! !

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