Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 14

Regarding Bai Muqing's initiative invitation, Shen Xiao did not immediately agree, casually put a pair of long legs on the coffee table in front of the sofa, and waited for Shen Yu to cut off the last piece of tape before saying coolly, "No, I'm not interested." "

Bai Muqing didn't expect that Shen Xiao would directly refuse her invitation. Somewhat displeased in her heart, her eyebrows frowned, and she moved to the back of the sofa, supporting the back of the sofa. She bowed her head and said, "Situ Yi will also go. After that, it is also regarded as a newcomer in the business world. He is still a senior brother of the two years of his higher education. We’re friends. I can recommend you to know. "

Shen Xiao didn't seem to hear Bai Muqing's words, but lifted up the bandaged wrist, admired a few eyes carefully, nodded in satisfaction, and said to Shen Yu: "Good job, you will come and help me later."

Shen Yu: ...

It seemed like a glorious thing to change his medicine.

Bai Muqing is now popular in the entertainment industry. She has not tasted the feeling of being left out for a long time. She can't help stomping her feet and coquettishly said: "Mr. Shen ~~~"

Shen Xiao raised her eyebrows and turned back to Bai Muqing: "Who is Situ Yi? Why should I know him ??" The incomparable tone sounded unbearable.

Bai Muqing: ...

Shen Yu: ...

As the male lead of the novel, Situ Yi has an invincible male lead halo. Once a well-known movie star, even the original protagonist Shen Yu is also his little fan, and even admitted to the film school for him. But Situ Yi is not obsessed with the entertainment industry. Two years ago, he was at the peak of his acting career. He resolutely announced that he would withdraw from the entertainment industry and take over his own company. He was a serious businessman.

Even if he is no longer a star, his fame is still loud. As a person in the same business circle, Shen Xiao must heard of it. He asked so, it should be intentional, and he did not know if he was dissatisfied with Bai Muqing ’s words or dissatisfied with the male master Situ Yi.

Shen Yu felt that this unexpected encounter with Bai Muqing was not unproductive. At least let her know that Shen Xiao’s attitude towards Bai Muqing. It should not be difficult to destroy their relationship.

She secretly glanced at Bai Muqing, and for the time she came in, Bai Muqing was again treated as a transparent person by Shen Xiao. She could still keep a calm smile, and it was also powerful. It seemed that she was really down ruthlessly want to win Shen Xiao.

However, Shen Yu still felt a bit dark to see how she would make Yan Huan laugh after being beaten.

Seeing that the topic was about to be killed by Shen Xiao, Bai Muqing took a deep breath and said stiffly: "Okay, it's just an unimportant person. If you don't want to know, let's eat at noon, where are we going? Is French food good? You can also stroll around nearby. "

"Aren't you afraid of being photographed by paparazzi?" Shen Yu asked her, looking curious about the baby.

"It's okay, I'll pretend." Bai Muqing pursed her hair and smiled in a variety of ways.

Shen Xiao nodded indifferently, "Okay." 

Then he said to Shen Yu, "Small things, you go too."

That tone was not an inquiry but an order.

The two women present were stunned at the same time, weren't they going to date? What's the matter with taking my sister? ? ?

After two seconds, Shen Yu immediately moved her mind, and she was just about to doze off. Shen Xiao took the initiative to hand the pillow!

She did not immediately agree, but bowed her head in a panic. Two seconds later, she raised her head timidly again, looked at Bai Muqing, and then looked at Shen Xiao, and whispered, "No, you and sister Bai is going to date, I ... I have never been to a French restaurant. "

Shen Xiao's face was quite calm. After seeing her, she changed her face for another second, frowned, and said in disgust: "Let you go, then go, you counsel!"

Shen Yu: ...

Bai Muqing looked at the situation, and he looked really dumbfounded. "Sister doesn't want to go, why don't you ..."

Shen Xiao glanced at Bai Muqing and said, "Without your business, she has to go without going!"

Bai Muqing: ...

Shen Yu's face was pale with nervousness, but she kept vomiting: You are a neuropathy, you really like bullying the weakness!

Just helped Shen Xiao to dress up, this time still got a little smell of medicine. Before leaving, Shen Yu went to the lounge to say hello to Uncle Li, then went to the toilet to wash his hands.

Although the public toilet on the top floor is not used frequently, the decoration style is also the same as the outside, which is very luxurious. Standing in front of the sink, Shen Yu looked at herself in the mirror and found that her appearance and clothing were out of step with the surrounding environment.

A crisp sound of high heels came from the door. Soon, Bai Muqing pushed open the toilet door and walked in. She found Shen Yu looking at her through the mirror and makeup.

Shen Yu washed her hands and just stood up, listening to Bai Muqing said: "Are you really my fan?"

Shen Yu looked up at her and said frankly, "No."

Bai Muqing nodded and said with a smile: "I said, you are not excited to see me at all, it doesn't look like a fan at all, we will get more comfortable with each other." She took the lipstick and walked over to her and said, "I didn't expect to meet you today. I didn't have time to prepare for the meeting. Do you like this? I just brought it out today. It's brand new. I'll give you it." He took a watch from his hand briskly and handed it to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu glanced at the watch with diamonds and thought that Bai Muqing was really willing. This watch should have a few hundred thousand. But Shen Yu did not reach out and said, "Sister Bai, you don't need to give me something, I have a lot at home. "

Although it is not the truth, Shen Yu ’s pocket money can indeed buy a lot of watches better than this. Bai Muqing wanted to use this to buy her, and it was really the wrong way to find the wrong person. If Bai Muqing knew that she was trying to break it up her and Shen Xiao are estimated to spit up blood!

Bai Muqing took the watch and stopped there awkwardly, and then smiled and said, "It's also okay, I will go out when I'm out, and tell me what you like, I will send you."

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and said, "No, I have pocket money."

Bai Muqing: ...

The biggest skill of these brothers and sisters is to talk to death!

"You girl, it's really hard to please." Bai Muqing said jokingly.

Shen Yu blinked and said, "You don't have to please me. If you want to ask me something, you just ask."

Shen Yu is no stranger to Bai Muqing's routine. Before a male star liked her, she always sent her assistant Han Xiaobing small things, and then asked her preferences from Han Xiaobing. Han Xiaobing received other people's gifts while turning her head around her. Sell ​​the other party completely in front of you.

Bai Muqing wanted to come here to make a cliché.

What she said made Bai Muqing a little surprised. She felt that the little girl in front of her was a little different from what she saw in the office just now. The specifics are different. Be more frank and firm.

After thinking for a while, she asked: "I just want to know, what is your brother's usual interest?"

Shen Yu looked directly at her eyes and said: "His specific preferences, I don't know very well, but I know that he likes gentle and well-behaved people, and hates those who misbehave him most!"

Bai Muqing: ...

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