Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 13

Shen Yu's emotions still stay in the farce at the door just now, still worried about Shen Xiao's wounds, and suddenly heard the three words of Miss Bai.

Miss Bai? ?

Bai Muqing! ! !

The first supporting actress who will let Shen Yu grind her teeth just by listening to her name, is she about to meet so soon? But there is really no psychological preparation.

Yesterday, Shen Xiao said that she had an appointment with Bai Muqing, and thought that they would go to a romantic place. The result is that she was in the company. Is it office or private? !

Last night she just decided to stop Shen Xiao and Bai Muqing from developing their relationship, that is to say, she took the initiative to stand opposite Bai Muqing, and the two will always have their faces torn in the future. Thinking about this, Shen Yu is still a little scared. Although she was not afraid of things before, she would not take the initiative to pick things up, but now she has to take the initiative to challenge a powerful female mate. Just thinking about it, she feels very stressed.

The elevator goes directly to the top floor and opens the door to go out. It is a long corridor with red carpets on both sides. The decoration style on both sides is mainly gold. The atmosphere of the local tyrant bursts out of the table. What is Xiao's aesthetic?

The bodyguard took them all the way to Shen Xiao's office, and they saw that the office door was open. As soon as they approached, they heard a soft and sweet female voice saying, "Isn't it said that it's not dangerous? How did you get injured if you went there? "

Then there was Shen Xiao's familiar voice, saying carelessly: "It's just a small wound."

The other party said, "This kind of person who makes trouble is very dangerous. You shouldn't go down just now."

Shen Xiao said with a loud voice, "I must go down, otherwise how can I see their miserable situation now?"

After he finished speaking, he made a happy voice.

Everyone: ...

Shen Yu has become accustomed to his way of building happiness on the suffering of others, and is not surprised at all.

After a few steps into the office, she saw that Shen Xiao was sitting on the couch without an image, and a girl in a professional suit bent over to treat him with a wound. On the single sofa next to it, sit a fashionable young woman with exquisite makeup, no need to ask, this woman is Bai Muqing, Shen Yu has seen her on TV, not only her, even the male and female masters Situ Yi and Yuan Yue, she also searched their information carefully.

After entering the door, Shen Yu secretly looked at the people in the office, and then shouted, "Brother."

Thinking of his fierceness in the small square just now, Shen Yu would become more obedient.

When Shen Xiao saw her coming in, she waved away the little assistant next to her, and then let Shen Yu go and bandage him.

Shen Yu felt uncomfortable, and every time this man called her, she made it easy. She is his sister, not his close girl!

Uncle Li came in and looked at Bai Muqing a few times before putting the document on the desk. He turned to Shen Xiao and said, "Sir, are you ok, don't you want the doctor to check it?"

Shen Xiao said: "No, It's just a minor injury."

Uncle Li nodded and said, "Then I will wait for the lady in the break room." After that, he nodded politely to Bai Muqing and turned to go out.

The office was quiet for a few seconds, and Shen Xiao didn't remember to introduce the two women, but he saw Shen Yu's reluctant appearance, and he became more and more energetic, frowning and urging. "

Shen Yu: ...

It's not a faucet, how can it drain so fast! !

She walked beside him, looked down at the wound, the assistant had cleaned the wound just now, there would be no blood cover, she could clearly see the skin of the valgus, and Shen Yu straightened the skin Pimples, in her view, the wound is not small, he is like nothing.

With her eyes closed, she picked up the powder on the side and gently spread it on the wound. Shen Xiao’s arm shrank uncontrollably, and the powder was straight.

"Awkward." He murmured in disgust, but did not interrupt her movement. Think about it again and ask, "Isn't it happy to see the big star?"

Shen Yu pursed her lips and lowered her eyes. She looked shy and secretly used the corners of her eyes to see Bai Muqing. Before she came in, Bai Muqing spoke to Shen Xiao, her tone was intimate, and she seemed familiar, but after she came in, Bai Muqing didn't speak again, just staring at her quietly, as if evaluating a valuable commodity This makes Shen Yu feel a little uncomfortable.

Shen Xiao touched the back of her hand and said, "Say something."

Shen Yu did not struggle, and said softly, "Hello."

Bai Muqing smiled and smiled, "This little girl is your sister?"

Shen Xiao nodded and said, "How's it, pretty good."

Sounds like boasting your own pet!

Bai Muqing stood up gracefully, stepped on red high heels, walked next to them in catwalk, and looked at Shen Yu again, saying, "It doesn't look like you."

As long as you know the Shen family, you will know that the Shen family has a adopted daughter who was picked up from outside. Bai Muqing was purposely approaching Shen Xiao from the beginning. It is impossible not to know this relationship, but this will pretend to be nothing. The appearance of knowing is really acting.

Shen Xiao played the lighter with his uninjured hand, glanced at Shen Yu, and replied with low interest: "She is my sister."

Bai Muqing soon found that he was not good at picking this topic, and he didn't continue anymore. Instead, he asked Shen Yu, "Sister, do you want to sign? You can sign a few, I am free now."

Can she say she doesn't want at all? As a result, Shen Yu raised her head and said: "Is it really possible?"

Bai Muqing was instantly pleased by what she was looking forward to and said generously: "Of course, I will sign it for you after you help your brother."

When the assistant treated Shen Xiao's wounds just now, she bowed her head and bent down. This would be replaced by Shen Yu. She was too tall and bent over tiredly, so she simply squatted her eyes just a little higher than Shen Xiao's arm.

Shen Xiao didn't know what the state of mind is. He felt uncomfortable when she looked up and talked to Bai Muqing. Regardless of half of the wound treatment, he pulled Shen Yu up and said, "Sit on the sofa!"

Shen Yu: ...

This man really said that the wind is the rain, and she was very careful to help him spray the medicine, and the atmosphere did not dare to come out. As a result, when he reached out, he let all her efforts go to nothing!

After taking a deep breath, she got up and sat down beside Shen Xiao obediently.

Shen Xiao's arm had just exerted force, and the wound began to bleed again. Shen Yu put a pillow on his leg, put his hand on the pillow, and blew gently against the wound before continuing to take medicine.

Bai Muqing watched the interaction between the brother and sister silently, and covered his mouth with a small smile. "You guys have a really good relationship. I also have a younger sister, but we can't sit down and talk and talk to each other."

Shen Xiao is very satisfied with this posture, and there is also an interest in chatting, "How old is your sister?"

Bai Muqing said: "Just after his 20th birthday, he studied acting at the Film Academy."

Shen Xiao asked Shen Yu: "You seem to be a film academy?"

Shen Yu: ...

This brother is a dude, and he doesn't even know where his sister reads.

"Uh." She responded casually.

Bai Muqing was surprised, and quickly said: "Do you know my sister? She is called Bai Muyu."

Shen Yu: ...

More than just knowing, she and Bai Muyu had been fighting each other a while ago. After thinking about it, she said, "Not familiar."

There was no point of friendship between them, and they were really unfamiliar.

Bai Muqing said: "Then find an opportunity to introduce you to know, the school will be celebrating the anniversary at the end of next month, she is busy preparing for the program, and I will also participate as an alumni."

Also introduce them to know, it will be good not to fight in the future! However, if Bai Muqing went back and mentioned her to her sister, she didn't know what moths she had to make, and it was really a narrow road!

This time Shen Yu was putting gauze on Shen Xiao. Shen Xiao didn't cooperate. He raised his arm and lowered it. She just didn't let her stick it properly and almost vomited blood.

Waiting for Bai Muqing to finish with two hearts, he asked Shen Yu: "What about you? Will there be a show by then?"

Shen Yu: ...

Isn't this a deliberate run against her? ? What a show she can perform as a 1.7-meter-strong girl? Shake your belly? ?

Bai Muqing seemed to understand her entanglement, and then interrupted: "Shen Xiao, do you want to go? I can invite you."

Shen Yu: ...

Let Shen Xiao participate in the school's anniversary? Isn't it causing trouble to her! ! !

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