Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 12

Shen Xiao's tyrannical dragging manner made Shen Yu discouraged. She did not go directly, but walked a few steps into the crowd again, trying to see what was inside.

The Shen Group has an independent office building. There is a small square in front of the building. Because it is close to the commercial street, the small square is usually visited by people. Today is the weekend. The flow of people is more than usual. So if something happens, the blink of an eye will be surrounded.

Shen Yu squeezed rashly forward with the disgusted eyes of the people around him, and finally saw clearly that there was a man paralyzed in the open space in the middle of the crowd. From the perspective of Shen Yu, you can only see the other person's side face, just look at the shape, it should be a little young man in twenties, wearing on famous brands, but frustrated, sitting On the ground.

It seems that this person is in trouble, she just thought that Shen Xiao took a group of people to fight in groups! !

As soon as Shen Xiao appeared, the people around him spread out automatically, allowing him to easily walk in front of the troublemaker.

The person sitting on the ground saw Shen Xiao coming out, the emotion became more and more excited, shouted with a throat: "Shen Xiao, you bastard, finally dare to get out? You don’t let me get better, I will not Make you happy, fuck you! I will let everyone know today that you are the one who killed me !!!

With scolding, the man waved his arms wildly, only to see that the light flashed in his hand, and when he looked carefully, it was actually a dagger with cold light.

The onlookers could not help whispering, "He has a knife!"

Shen Yu also saw the knife, only to feel worried for a while, although she has been bullied by Shen Xiao for a while, but seeing him in danger, she will still worry about him, after all, they are family.

She looked back anxiously and found that Uncle Li had squeezed beside her and quickly said, "Uncle Li, what should we do? Are we going now?"

Uncle Li is about the same height as her, looking on tiptoe, frowning and saying, "Don't go first, sir can solve it, we couldn't help in the past."

Shen Yu asked again: "Why don't they call the police?"

Uncle Li shook his head, "Not clear."

The two of them were in a hurry, but Shen Xiao was calm. Even when they saw each other holding a dagger, they did not frown. They just raised their hands, and several bodyguards quickly dispersed and stood in a circle. The crowd separated, but he slowly approached the man by himself.

Because of the distance, the surroundings are still noisy, and everyone can't hear the conversation between the two.

Shen Xiao held his arms, stood in front of him, and looked down at him like a king, saying, "Lin He, you dare to come here to make trouble today, it is also courageous, but do you think that I will be afraid? A knife that can't even kill a chicken ?? "

The young man named Lin He was angrily annoyed by him, pointing at Shen Xiao with a dagger and said, " Shen, do you have to kill him like this? My dad just scolded you before, you remember to hate for so long? !!! "

That was at a banquet last year, Mr. Lin scolded him as a "beast not raised by parents."

Shen Xiao tilted his head and looked at him, then lifted his trousers and squatted down, lowered his voice, and said with a smirk: "So? I did it on purpose, I have no parents."

Lin He didn't expect him to admit so generously, he was in a hurry, his eyes were splitting, and he shouted: "You... !!!"

Shen Xiao frowned, as if he couldn't bear to look at his ugliness, narrowing his eyes and saying, "What else do you do besides cursing people? Spoiling troubles? Oh yeah, you will lose cards, and you will lose all your land in one night. … Really amazing. ”

Lin He was reddened by the hatred's anger and propped his body up, but he sat on the ground for too long. He was too weak for a while and couldn't stand up. Finally he could only bluffly say: " Shen Xiao, you dare Set me up!"

Shen Xiao raised an index finger and shook at him, "You can't say that, I just gambled with you, but you hurried to play so big, can you blame me? At that time I persuaded you If you don’t have the ability to measure it, don’t try to kill yourself, but if you insist on pressing the ground, I can’t stop it. ”

Is it persuasive to play with people while thinking that people are incapable? This is clearly a radical act in disguise!

Lin He figured it out later, too late! ! He was completely into Shen Xiao's trap.

Shen Xiao glanced at the dagger in his hand and said, "Why, what do you want to do with this razor? Kill me or commit suicide? Do you dare?"

Before Shen Xiao came out, Lin He had been in trouble for a while, and his emotions were already unstable. This would be hit by Shen Xiao one after another. The whole person would collapse, and the hand holding the knife began to shake violently. Shen Xiao was right, he didn't dare. He was used to growing up carefully, and he could cry for a long time if he accidentally rubbed a piece of skin. How could he stab himself with a knife? ? But what can he do? Watching his dad begging people everywhere, hitting walls everywhere, Shen Xiao was stubbornly trying to kill them, he didn't give a living, the land was taken away, the company was reported, everyone looked at them as if they had seen street mice. Not enough!

Lin He was really regretful. He was stupid enough to provoke this person. He was a devil from hell!

At this time, loud sirens sounded from the road outside the crowd, watching the lively people turn their heads quickly to see, guessing that someone should call the police.

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows, stood up, slid down the hem of her clothes, and said, "Okay, after so long, you should be thirsty, go and drink a cup of tea in the police station."

Lin He suddenly wake up and think of his purpose in this trip. He even crawled to pull Shen Xiao's trousers and said with tears: "Mr. Shen, Brother Shen, It’s my fault. whatever you want to scold and arbitrarily me. Please, please let us go of our Lin family, my dad has heart disease and can’t stand stimulation! "

The Lin He had lost the arrogance of the curse just now, just like a mourning dog, frantically pulling on his pants legs and crying.

Shen Xiao turned his head and looked at him contemptuously, and said coolly: "What's the matter with me?"

Lin He shook his lips and continued to beg for mercy, "Brother Shen, don't do that. You can let me do everything. Please let me go, please, Brother Shen!"

Shen Xiao was annoyed, frowning to make a wink for the bodyguard on the side. The bodyguard quickly stepped forward, bent down and lifted it easily, and lifted Lin He, a weak chicken.

At this time, the police just walked over the crowd towards them.

Seeing that he would lose the opportunity to negotiate face-to-face with Shen Xiao, Lin He felt angry and hated in his heart, holding it in his chest, which could explode at any time.

In the electric light flint, Lin He didn't know where his strength was, but he broke free from the bodyguard and rushed towards Shen Xiao's back, roaring with red eyes: "Shen Xiao, you die !!"

"Ah !!!!!!" The onlookers suddenly screamed out loud, exposing the atmosphere to the highest point.

Shen Xiao didn't move slowly. Hearing this roar, he turned sharply, and the sharp blade had stabbed in his face. In anxiety, he quickly raised his hand to block it, and felt a hot pain in his wrist. Fortunately, the bodyguard rushed forward in time to restrain people, Lin He was pressed to the ground, the whole person was like a rag doll with lost soul.

Shen Xiao glanced at the wound on his wrist expressionlessly, not very deep, and he ignored it. He used this hand to pull Lin He ’s shirt directly, and the dazzling blood dropped on the other party ’s white shirt, dizzy. Open into blossoming blood plums, shocking. In the end he said, "Since you want to die like that, I will fulfill you."

In a mess, the police quickly took over the scene, and Shen Xiao was too lazy to deal with them, so he called Assistant Du to let him go to the aftermath, and turned to the company himself.

Shen Yu and Uncle Li were so frightened to witness all this. They were thinking of rushing to see the situation of Shen Xiao, and they ran into the oncoming bodyguard. The bodyguard said: "Miss, there are many people in the lobby, sir let you Take the exclusive elevator upstairs and follow me. "

Shen Yu: ...

Does Shen Xiao have clairvoyance? While busy with the troublemaker, can you still find her standing in the crowd? ?

Uncle Li asked the bodyguard: "Sir, is he seriously injured?"

The bodyguard said: "It's just a small scratch, it doesn't matter."

The two were relieved and followed the bodyguard all the way into the elevator, and she heard the bodyguard say, "Miss Bai is also upstairs."

Miss Bai?

Bai Muqing? ! ! ! !

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