Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 11

Knowing that Shen Xiao had an appointment with Bai Muqing the next day, Shen Yu's mood was very complicated. While watching this novel at the time, Shen Yu didn't feel much about the villains. The only thing she hated was this white lotus female match.

It can be said that almost all bad events in the story were caused directly or indirectly by Bai Muqing. Shen Xiao even turned against the male leader Situ Yi under the flames of her fandom, and finally fought to death.

Knowing this, she felt repulsive and disgusted when she heard Bai Muqing's name.

If Shen Xiao really falls in love with Bai Muqing, then she will definitely have more chances to see Bai Muqing.

It's uncomfortable just thinking about it! !

Although Shen Xiao said that falling in love is very stupid, Bai Muqing is now populer, wherever she goes, she is star-studded. Shen Xiao has many occasions for socializing and taking her to attend will be very face-saving.

At first, they were not together because of love. Later, as the days grew, Shen Xiao had a strong sense of territory. Naturally, he regarded Bai Muqing as his own woman. Bai Muqing used a little means, and Shen Xiao stepped on the road of blackening step by step.

Thinking of these, Shen Yu just wanted to sigh.

After dinner that night, Shen Xiao was invited out. Without him, Shen Yu did not rush back to the house, but accompanied Uncle Li in the courtyard to cool off.

This will not officially fall into autumn, the weather is still sultry, there is a cool breeze during the night, blowing cool and comfortable.

Shen Yu stretched out, lying comfortably on a rocking chair, holding a banana fan from Uncle Li, and occasionally drove out mosquitoes with a few blows.

Uncle Li ordered a mosquito-repellent incense, and brought a plate of fruit next to Shen Yu before sitting on another rocking chair.

Huskies were nodding beside them, moving their ears occasionally, as if eavesdropping.

The nameless bugs in the yard were screaming one after another, like in a chorus, the sound was quite noisy, but it made people feel quiet outside.

Uncle Li saw that she had been silent, thinking she was still uncomfortable for the afternoon, and comforted: "Don't be too sad, sir has been like this for so many years."

Shen Yu nodded, "Are you going to be angry with Uncle Li?"

No one can stop Shen Xiao's neuropathy, even if Uncle Li is an elder, he is still stunned, and he doesn't know to respect people at all.

"I can't be angry. I have a good attitude, but sometimes I feel distressed."

Uncle Li looked up at the night sky, as if looking at the distance, as if recalling those days, saying, "You were actually very lively when you were a kid, and you turned introverted when you grew up. Mr. Shen was very clever when he was a kid. His thoughts are different from ordinary people. During the time when the old man and the old woman left, Sir took over the company and stayed in the hospital day and night until he was admitted to the hospital. "

Speaking of which, Uncle Li sighed, "I'm not good, I can't do anything to help, I can only watch and worry."

Shen Yu shook his head and said sincerely: "This is not your fault, because with Uncle Li, this family can be stable."

Because there is an inclusive elder, this place has the warmth of home.

With such a thought, Shen Yu suddenly felt a little pain in his heart. With the development of the plot, Shen Xiao's blackening, and Li's final ending, he was driven out of the villa by Bai Muqing! !

Shen Yu took a deep breath and thought depressingly, how can such a good elder, such a whole-hearted person for this family, be driven away?

However, no matter whether they leave or not, what is the difference? Anyway, the ending has been arranged.

She was entangled in her heart, so she heard Uncle Li say: "When I was eating, I heard from Mr. Mr. Tian which female star is dating? What kind of person is the other person? Sir is 29 years old, the age at which he should get married If the girl is good, I will persuade him to have a snack. "

Shen Yu was shocked and quickly said, "Don't ask!" The heart said that the woman was the one who provokes trouble. She wants to really get along with Shen Xiao. No one in this family has a good life.

So,now Shen Xiao and Bai Muqing haven't left aside, then can she stop them from meeting together? ? Can the plot and ending be changed? ?

After all, when she was reading the novel, she hadn’t traveled in. The characters inside walked the plot step by step. Now that she came in and became an unstable factor in the plot, does that mean she can actually control the plot development? ?

At the thought of this possibility, Shen Yu couldn't help but feel faster. Since she couldn't get away from the Shen family and didn't want to end in a miserable end, could she fight for herself and this family and slowly change Shen Xiao to change the ending? ? ?

Although this idea is a bit scary, it is not necessarily unfeasible! !

At this moment, she was like a traveler trekking before dawn, and when she looked up sharply, she saw a ray of light in the sky!

Waking up the next day, Shen Yu did not get up immediately, but lay in bed to think about things. Last night she blessed her soul and thought of a way to save herself, that is, to break up Shen Xiao and Bai Muqing and keep them from being together.

Although the idea is good, she wakes up a bit and feels a bit difficult when she sleeps. First of all, the coincidence of her life with Shen Xiao is limited to her home. What Shen Xiao does outside during the weekdays, she knows nothing, and second, Shen Xiao's severely neuropathic character is actually a little bit scared. If she destroy it, will Shen Xiao be angry and kill her? ? These are all possible.

So it is imperative that she has to think about more details and plan well!

Just when she was thinking wildly, Uncle Li came to knock on the door, "Miss, are you getting up?"

Shen Yu responded loudly: "Uncle Li, what's the matter?"

"Miss, breakfast is ready. I keep all the hot foods in the warmer. You will be able to eat them when you get up. I will go out now and send documents to Mr. Shen."

Shen Yu rolled off the bed in a boneless fashion, and trot to open the door. "Isn't my brother going to date today? How can I still send you documents?"

Uncle Li smiled and said: "He is still busy in the company in the morning. He may not wait until noon or afternoon to go on a date."

Shen Yu asked again: "Are you going there now?"

"Yes, sir is waiting for it."

After thinking for a while, Shen Yu whispered, "Can I go with you? I want to go out with your car for a lap this weekend."

Uncle Li was a little surprised. Shen Yu used to stay at home all day long when she was on holiday. She refused to go anywhere. Unexpectedly, she would take the initiative to ask to go out today. It seems that she has been slowly changing recently.

Uncle Li nodded comfortably and said, "Then you can clean it up and come down. I'll get you some breakfast and take it to eat on the road."

Shen Yu nodded again and again, closed the door and hurried to change clothes and wash, when she hurried downstairs, Uncle Li had started a car waiting for her in the courtyard.

The car drove all the way to Shen Xiao's company. Shen Yu was a little bit up and down. After all, she still wanted to stay away from neurosis, but from now on she had to find a way to approach him. Not able to adapt for a while.

About half an hour later, the car reached the downstairs of the company. Uncle Li asked Shen Yu to get off first. He went to find a place to park. As a result, Shen Yu went away and found that the company was noisy, like someone was making trouble, and the movement was quite big.

So she stepped forward and wanted to see the excitement. Unexpectedly, she lifted her eyes and saw Shen Xiao, carrying a group of bodyguards, and walked out the gate with great force.

He took the lead in the front, with a suit and leather shoes, his face was not angry, and a pair of long legs walked with the wind, it looked majestic and unbelievable.

Shen Yu was startled secretly, thinking: Is this situation going to fight with people? ?

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