Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 10

Shen Yu feels strange. Does Shen Xiao still have a habit of smashing houses? ? How many days have passed since the house she rented was broken, and he started to smash his own house again? ? If he goes on like this, does he still have a house to live in?

"Is there any problem with this wall?" Shen Yu asked Uncle Li curiously.

Uncle Li looked back at her and sighed: "Sir said, this wall was removed and replaced with a transparent glass wall."

Shen Yu frowned and said in a puzzled way: "Then the whole gym will not be exposed in the living room? Is there any benefit?"

Uncle Li shook his head and sighed, "I can't guess Mr. Shen's thoughts."

After Uncle Li finished, he went to work again, leaving Shen Yu crouching beside him, embracing Huskies in a daze, thinking that exposing the gym to the living room would be beautiful? But the aesthetic view of neuropathy is different from ordinary people, she can never get it.

Uncle Li moved quickly. It took only two days to transform one wall of the gym into a thick glass wall. By the way, he pressed a few small wall lamps on the other two walls. The wall lights were soft, and it opened like a filter for the gym The mirror looks very tall.

At the time of acceptance, Shen Xiao was there. He touched the clean glass wall and asked Shen Yu, "What do you think?"

Shen Yu has no doubt about him, honestly said: "Good lighting, good vision, beautiful, very good!"

Shen Xiao smiled inscrutablely, "That's good."

Shen Yu: ...

How strange it sounds, as if this wall was built specifically for her.

As a result, the next time she went to the gym to exercise, the truth finally surfaced.

When she ran for half a day on the treadmill and turned her head inadvertently, looking at the living room through the glass wall, she found that Shen Xiao was smoking, tilting legs, sitting leisurely on the sofa, and that sofa was just facing the gym, Shen Xiao's eyes are staring at her closely.

The sharpness of the eyes, if any, made her look horrified.

At first she was a little puzzled, and did not know when he was sitting there, so she thought of going out to say hello to him. As a result, as soon as she walked out the door, Shen Xiao said to Uncle Li around her, "She looks like she is running on a treadmill, Reminds me of a small animal. "

Uncle Li asked, "Like what?"

Shen Xiao replied: "Little hamster running non-stop in the cage."

Shen Yu: ...

Although she is a little thinner now, she still has 140 pounds, which is like a little hamster? No, he likened her to a pet! Really treat her as a kitten?

Seeing her coming out, Shen Xiao frowned unpleasantly, "How come out? Not stretched yet."

So he came off work early to see how she was doing fitness? "Are you looking at me?" She asked incredulously.

Shen Xiao readily admitted, "Yeah."


Shen Xiao ruffian smiled like, "It's interesting to see how you practice."

Shen Yu: ...

No wonder when she was straining that day, he stood at the door and watched with relish. It turned out to be looking at her uncomfortable appearance! ! ! So, does this person have to build his happiness on the suffering of others? The whole project is so big, just to see her grin? ?

Damn, she never comes to the gym again! !

Shen Xiao added, "Are you thinking that you won't come to the gym anymore?"

Shen Yu: ...

Not only does this man have a neuropathy, does he also have a mind reading? ? He knew what she was thinking!

Moving her lips, she avoided Shen Xiao's eyes and retorted in a low voice: "I don't want to be seen!"

Shen Xiao said, "It's a pity to do such a big project without seeing a performance." After he finished, he looked at Uncle Li and Hasky, and he quickly made a decision, "So, later When I want to see it, Uncle Li, you go for a run, and Huskies go for a stretch. "

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li: ...

Husky :? ? ? ?

This man is a devil! Uncle Li is old, he was actually asked to perform running, and Huskies, how can a dog strain? It's better to directly break its legs! ! !

Shen Xiao changed sitting posture, leaned against the back of the sofa in a relaxed manner, and said, "Since there are no opinions, then you have decided happily!"

Why is there no opinion, the opinion is big!

Shen Yu gritted his teeth and said indignantly: "Don't bully them, I will continue to exercise!" After she said angrily turned back to the gym to stretch.

Looking at her shaggy back, the smile in Shen Xiao's eyes grew stronger and stronger, as if to overflow. Uncle Li stood aside and whispered: "Miss is timid, don't always bully her, sir."

The gentleman who smiled in the last second, this second, his face sank rapidly and turned back to look at Uncle Li coldly, "When is your turn to teach me?"

Uncle Li immediately shut up and sighed helplessly in the bottom of his heart. It seems that the husband โ€™s bullying of the young lady will continue indefinitely.

Shen Yu suffocated her heart, and dared not to speak out. Finally, she could only exhale herself. When she stretched her muscles, she started to work harder than usual, and the pain became more obvious. Thinking that there was a neuropath outside enjoying her performance, she gritted her teeth to control expression, and finally she was sweating herself.

After finishing the exercise and going back to the room to take a shower, Shen Yu was paralyzed on the bed motionless. Thinking of a pervert downstairs, she did not want to go to dinner at all.

Shen Xiao really is a standard villain, threatening to intimidate people is a set, he knows her weaknesses, so he caught a standard.

She was still discussing with Uncle Li before, why Shen Xiao would buy her a husky, so small and so cute, she discovered today that buying hasky is not to make her happy, but can get more handles on her,The dog and she has been with each other for so many days, and she has already got along with her feelings. She really has no way to ignore its life and death.

Shen Yu is more and more depressed, and Shen Xiao is a conspirator. A pure-minded person like her becomes an ant in front of him and can be crushed to death by his feet at any time!

I canโ€™t escape, nor can I fight, but Shen Yu really doesnโ€™t know what to do.

Could it be that he has been squeezed by him like this all the time, and finally he will be affected by him and have a tragic ending? ?

Shen Yu rolled around anxiously on the bed, thinking that God had given her a chance to be reborn, but turned around and found that the end of the opportunity turned out to be a dead end.

Really unwilling!

Just when she was cranky, Uncle Li came to knock on her door, "Miss, dinner is ready, let's eat."

At this time, Shen Yu really didn't want to face Shen Xiao, and said sullenly: "Uncle Li, eat it first, I have no appetite."

Uncle Li paused and said: "Miss, sir said, if you don't go down to eat, Er Gouzi will not have dinner tonight."

Shen Yu: ...

When she went down, she saw that Shen Xiao was sitting at the dining table and was playing with mobile phone. When he saw her come down, he gave her a wink and asked her to sit well, and then he continued typing on the mobile phone.

Shen Xiao didn't move chopsticks, and Shen Yu didn't move, so she sat across from him, watching the dishes in a daze, until Shen Xiao put the phone down.

"Do you know Bai Muqing?" Shen Xiao raised eyes and asked her.

Shen Yu paused for two seconds before nodding, "Big Star."

Shen Xiao sneered and said to her: "You eat well and I will take a few photos of her signature tomorrow."

Shen Yu concentrated his divergent thoughts and asked him hesitantly: "Are you in love now?"

Shen Xiao raised eyebrows and said with a sneer: "Fools fall in love."

Shen Yu: ...

So did he hook up with White Lotus? ?

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