Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 9

After Shen Yu took the initiative to accept the body search, the others backed away. All of them just ran into Shen Yu's arrogant appearance, which would also disappear without a trace.

In fact, Shen Yu is just doing appearances. She knew that they must not dare to be searched. After seeing her entering the classroom, they temporarily decided to adjust her without having time to prepare, that is to say, they didn’t have much time to put the necklace on. It was too far away, and the necklace was tens of thousands of dollars. Bai Muyu had just basked in the classroom before. Such a valuable thing, she would definitely not let it leave her too far, so Shen Yu guessed that the necklace must still be For Bai Muyu, or for some of her friends, if they search in front of the teacher, their conspiracy will be revealed, which must be a very embarrassing thing for them.

Shen Yu wanted this effect.

It's almost time for class, more and more people enter the classroom, seeing the scene in front of them, weirdly whispered.

In the eyes of countless inquiries, among the friends of Bai Muyu, a girl stood out timidly, with tears in her eyes, and confessed to the counselor in a low voice, "Teacher, Mu Yu's necklace is here with me. Here, she said she wanted to make a joke with Shen Yu, I'm sorry! We just wanted to make a joke! "Said the girl, and her tears began to chuckle down, a pitiful and innocent look.

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows, and the facts were almost the same as her guess. The girl was hiding Bai Muyu's necklace. At first, it was hampered by friendship and loyalty. She always endured. This will be the instructor and classmates. She stood up to reveal the truth, but she spoke beautifully and sold pitifully, but gave herself a little sympathy.

After the girl stood up, Bai Muyu's face turned black, she turned back and glared at the girl, as if she was blaming her for troubles, but in the end, she did not refute the claim. This incident was so troubled by Shen Yu that she had completely exceeded her expectations. She did not admit that she was wrong, and now someone took the initiative to admit it, it could not be better.

They want to calm down, but Shen Yu does not want to be too cheap for them.

For so long, the original owner has always been treated as a tonic, and if they were bullied casually, no one had even considered the original owner’s feelings.

What happened today, to change to the original heroine, is it bullied and swallowed? At the thought of this possibility, her temper could not be suppressed. She stepped forward and said: "The joke is too big. If you are accused of stealing something, would you still think it is a joke? This is obvious. It is premeditated. "

The beaten girl shook her head again and again, her tears fell even more fiercely, "It's none of my business, it's none of my business."

Bai Muyu frowned, stepped forward, gritted his teeth and said: "Shen Yu, what do you want? "

Shen Yu looked at her and said, "You apologize to me, this thing is over." Pour dirty water on her, afterwards, she wanted to pretend that nothing happened, how could such a cheap thing.

Bai Muyu was not convinced and said, "Did you just say that I stole something? We are even!"

Shen Yu blinked and her playful movements were almost hidden under the cover of thick lenses. She said: "Everyone with a clear eye can see that I am just doing it for self-preservation. What a poor person like me, how Maybe there is an emerald platinum bracelet ?? "

Bai Muyu stared, "You !!!"

The instructor raised his hand and glanced at his watch and said, "I probably understand this matter. Mu Yu, you are at fault. You shouldn't make such a bad joke. Now apologize to Shen Yu."

Bai Muyu was obviously dissatisfied. "Teacher, she just said that I stole things. Isn't this also a malicious accusation? Why should I apologize?"

The instructor frowned and looked at her and said, "You are tne first, if you don't do it, you will have nothing."

Bai Muyu pursed his mouth, his eyes watery, as if she was wronged, but it was too late to sell miserably at this time, and the apology could not be confused.

So, in the face of all eyes, Bai Muyu was forced to apologize to someone she most disliked and looked down on, which was more uncomfortable than being cut off and beheaded.

"Shen Yu, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made such a joke with you." After this, Bai Muyu felt her face hurt fiercely, as if slapped by countless people. Although the words in the mouth are soft, the emotion of hatred in my heart only increases. She has been proud since childhood, where has been subjected to such humiliation, this account can make her remember for a lifetime!

Shen Yu nodded, begging to accept her apology, the perfunctory attitude, and Bai Muyu almost vomited blood.

After the instructor left, the sound of the surrounding speech was amplified in an instant, and everyone was noisy and discussing the matter just now.

Bai Muyu didn't leave immediately, Tie Qing stared at Shen Yu as if she would swallow her.

"I looked down on you, and actually learned to play pigs and eat tigers! Shen Yu, are you very proud now, I tell you, this is not the end!"

Shen Yu withdrew her eyes and sat back in her place again, saying, "As long as you don't mess with me, I won't mess with you." She sincerely hoped they would continue to ignore her.


Bai Muyu still wanted to say something, but was stopped by the girls behind her pulling their sleeves. "It's time for class, let's go back to our seats."

Looking at Shen Yu, who was staring at the table in a daze, Bai Muyu stomped unwillingly and walked away with the others.

"Do you think Shen Yu is very strange today?" After returning to the seat, a girl said to Bai Muyu, "The courage looks great!" Everyone nodded, "No matter what she said before, she Do not respond with your head down. How dare she make such a big move today ?! "

Bai Muyu said fiercely: "I think she just wanted to death and waited to see." The hatred that was humiliated by the public today, she will definitely double back!

The girl who confessed voluntarily just now looks more afraid of things, and whispered: "Cats are in a hurry to go to the tree, dogs are in a hurry to jump the wall. We may be a bit too much today."

As soon as she finished speaking, she was met with blind eyes.

But in the end, this argument really made sense, it is estimated that it was really urgent, before it suddenly broke out. However, Shen Yu really shocked them all this time. Before that, Shen Yu was obviously a tolerant tormentor. Even if someone said something unpleasant, she was always silent, but today ...

In addition to Bai Muyu, other people are more or less introspective. It is okay to make fun of Shen Yu when she is fat and ugly. Today, it is a bit too much to actually injustice her, but this idea was originally proposed by Bai Muyu. They followed suit.

But now looking at Bai Muyu, she still didn't think she was wrong.

Shen Yu started her bus-driving life again. Uncle Li suggested to equip her with a car. Anyway, there were many cars at home. It was not difficult to hire a driver, but Shen Yu refused. The original hostess used to take a bus, and there was no reason why she started to enjoy private car transfers as soon as she came through. Now when I return to Shen's house, she has to deal with a neurosis all day long. It's better to keep a low profile.

After Shen Xiao smashed the house she rented that time, the next day it was like no one else, as if the nerve disease that smashed the house was not him. When he is in a good mood, he will feed her various fruits, but he still likes to feed cherries.

Back home, Uncle Li was turning the soil in the corner of the yard. He said that autumn was approaching and he could grow some vegetables by himself, leisure and health.

In these daily trivial matters, Shen Xiao will not care, maybe the neuropathy also needs family members, think of this, Shen Yu is not so afraid of him. But she will still be worried about her future. The villain did not end well. She is his family, and it is certainly not much better!

There are many new members in the family-Husky, which is much more lively. This silly dog ​​is sticky to everyone, but it is still the most sticky Shen Yu.

This time Uncle Li was turning over the soil, and it was playing with its tail aside.

Looking at its stupid appearance, Shen Yule stopped, and the depressed mood she encountered at school during the day also disappeared. It was really a pistachio. "Husky has been home for a few days and has not yet given it a name." Before Because I was too entangled in the mood, I forgot about this and only remembered it today.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Li said: "Mr. gave it a name."

Shen Yu asked curiously: "What is it called?"

Uncle Li wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "Two dogs."

Shen Yu: ...

Is it so earthy? !

Well, Ergouzi is just Ergouzi. Although the name is not good, but the dog itself is still very cute, let her play and forget the time.

After playing with the Ergouzi in the yard for a while, Shen Yu returned to the room to change the sportswear, and then went to the gym for two hours.

After finding out that she could not escape from the Shen family, Shen Yu settled down and stopped struggling fearlessly. Then she began to carefully understand the structure and function of the villa, so that she could integrate into the Shen family's life as soon as possible. So she found that beside the lobby on the first floor, there is also a small gym with all kinds of sports equipment. There are only two treadmills, which should be used by Shen Xiao.

So since that day, Shen Yu will go downstairs to exercise after school.

Today, she still ran on the treadmill for half an hour, and then started to stretch muscles. Although it still hurts, she always gritted her teeth. As long as she can survive the initial period of time, it will be easy in the future.

After doing several sets of actions, her entire face was wet, and she was ready to get up to wipe the sweat and drink some water. Then, she looked up and saw Shen Xiao leaning against the door. Simple trousers plus a white shirt, three buttons under the neckline of the shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a little chest, wild and casual.

He leaned quietly against the door, hooked the corner of his mouth, and stared at her with a smile.

Shen Yu was stared at the scalp and felt numb, thinking: How long has this person been watching at the door? Why is there no sound at all? Still laughing so treacherous, is there any bad idea? ? ! !

So she began to worry.

Fortunately, this evening, Shen Xiao didn't have any moths, and after eating, he entered the study and never came out. Shen Yu was thankful that he had escaped the disaster and was relieved, so he took the Husky and returned to the room early to rest.

However, after returning home from school the next afternoon, Shen Yu found that Uncle Li was busy commanding several construction workers in the living room!

Shen Yu was confused: "Uncle Li, what are you doing?"

Uncle Li rubbed his hands and smiled awkwardly: "Smash the wall."

Shen Yu: ...

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