Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 8

Shen Yu remembered that when she first entered the classroom, Bai Muyu gathered together to speak, her expressions and movements were normal, without any emotion of excitement and panic. When she sat in the classroom, she said that the necklace was gone, and it was specifically aimed at her.

Can these people chat well? If they want to find fault, what's the point of doing this? This is already bullying!

Shen Yu was upset and looked up at the other person and said, "Why should I steal it? Everyone saw it when I just came in."

Bai Muyu hugged her chest with both hands and lifted her chin. She looked tall. "Who are they?" She said, and then asked other people, "You saw her just coming?"

The crowd shook their heads one after another, "I don't know when she came."

Shen Yu: ...

If it was the original heroine, how would she react at this time? Let anyone swindle and bully, bear the crime, and finally be spurned by everyone? ?

It turns out that her existence is here to entertain this group of people? Even if it is bullied by Shen Xiao at home, why even be bullied by others at school? ? ! ! !

Thinking this way, Shen Yu felt that a fire in her heart was starting to burn again. As a traverser, she just wanted a quiet environment that would allow her to concentrate on her studies. Even if she was cold-spoken, maliciously isolated, mocked for her appearance, ridiculed her figure, she felt tolerable. Anyway, she was not familiar with them. Just ignore it. But now that they attack her character and self-esteem in such a malicious way, she can't sit still, and she can't continue to swallow her voice.

Rabbits will bite when they are anxious, let alone an adult.

Looking up at Bai Muyu's high-toed figure, Shen Yu also stood up. Her height was one and seven meters, which was half a head taller than Bai Muyu, plus she was fat and bulky. After she stood up straight, the aura suddenly soared, Overshadowed Bai Muyu.

"You said I stole it, what about the evidence?" Shen Yu asked, feeling that she had to clarify this issue with her today. If Bai Muyu framed her to steal things in the future, she must be bothered!

Bai Muyu sneered: "Evidence? This is your poorest, Not you or who?"

Her righteous tone immediately attracted everyone's laughter, and they were clearly watching a show. In fact, everyone knew that Bai Muyu was deliberately making trouble, but no one stood up to help Shen Yu. A poor man, Who wants to help? ?

Shen Yu glanced around and sneered: "It's inexplicable."

Her sneer made Bai Muyu stunned. Before that, Shen Yu had always been cowardly, humble, and uninteresting in her impressions. But when she looked at her so close today, she did not find the past emotions in her eyes.  Replaced by a firm and calm look.

Bai Muyu felt strange. Did Shen Yu take the wrong medicine today? How dare you hit her like this!

After she found that Shen Yu had stood up, she had to lift her chin slightly when she wanted to stare at her and said: "Less nonsense, you have to let me search."

"Search what?" Shen Yu frowned and asked.

Bai Muyu rolled her eyes, "Of course it's searching for your clothes. Since you said you didn't steal, let me search. If I can't find it, you can prove that you didn't steal it."

Shen Yu instantly understood that this was Bai Muyu's ultimate goal, framed her to steal things, and then let her search for her in public. Finally, she certainly could not find anything, but the purpose of humiliating her had been achieved.

Having figured this out, Shen Yu would naturally not sit obediently, only to see that she suddenly frowned, then lowered her head and pulled out her trouser pocket, thinking about bending over and turning over her schoolbag. Just when everyone thought she had accepted a body search, Shen Yu suddenly raised her face and said in a panic: "My emerald platinum bracelet is gone !!"

Everyone: ...

What is the emerald platinum bracelet? ? How could a poor girl have such a thing? ?

Bai Muyu said angrily: "Don't be mad, you are so poor, where is the emerald platinum bracelet?"

"A circle of small platinum rings, with three emeralds in the center, the largest one is 1 carat, with a inscription on the back, it was left to me by my mother. In this passage, Shen Yu said it was reasonable, full of confidence, as if she really had such a bracelet.

But how is it possible? ? She is so poor! She wear those clothes all the year round, as well as her shoes. She didn’t change them if she didn’t wear them badly. She never changes her hairstyle. Why does she still have a Platinum bracelet "? ? ?

And she said that she often comes to school with it? ?

Bai Muyu looked at the people next to her. The others were also dumbfounded. They were trying to remember when Shen Yu had worn such an expensive bracelet to school, but they couldn’t remember it at all, because everyone usually treated her as if she is a transparent person. Who will notice if she wears a bracelet? ?

Seeing that no one came out to speak to her, Bai Muyu said badly: "Your things are missing, It's not my business, we are now searching for my necklace!"

When she replied in this way, it was equivalent to admitting that Shen Yu had this thing, and Shen Yu climbed up the bar and said, "My bracelet is still there, but you disappeared as soon as you walked over. For fairness, I also want Search for your body ?? "

Bai Muyu's eyes widened in an instant, and her eyes almost fell out, "Shen Yu, do you want to death? You want to search me?! I need to steal your stuff ?!"

Shen Yu said: "You think I steal your things, why can't I think you steal my things?"

Bai Muyu was so anxious that she  nearly jump up, "I ..."

Shen Yu interrupted without waiting for her to finish talking: "For fairness, let's search for it together."

Bai Muyu: ...

She just wanted to humiliate Shen Yu through the excuse of a body search. She didn't expect to be counterattacked in the end. For a time, she didn't know what to say.

Fortunately, she still has foreign aid. Seeing that Bai Muyu was so angry that she couldn't speak, several of her friends said, "Shen Yu, Don't overdo it. Bai Muyu's family is so rich that she can't look down on your thing!"

"Yes ..."

Shen Yu lifted her eyes and glanced at them, thinking for a while, and said, "At the same time, two valuable things are missing. The plot is very serious. There are not necessarily only two suspects. The people present may have suspicions. You have to search together !!! "

Everyone: ...

Originally they just wanted to watch a  show, but they didn't expect that it would cause trouble to the upper body. Shen Yu is poisonous!

Without waiting for everyone to react, Shen Yu took out an old mobile phone, which was borrowed by Uncle Li. She had been smashed by Shen Xiao ’s bodyguard when he smashed the house.

As she dialed the phone, she said, "To ensure fairness, I'd better find a teacher to be a witness." As soon as she had finished speaking, the instructor's phone was connected.

Because her movements were so fast, no one else had time to stop them, and she could only listen to her reaction with the counselor.

Hanging up the phone, Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and said to them: "Okay, the teacher will come over soon, everyone wait, no one is allowed to leave the classroom!"

Bai Muyu, who stood closest to her, clenched her teeth and stomped her feet angrily, hoping to throw a bite, "Shen Yu, are you mad !!"

Shen Yu looked at her calmly and said, "Even if I am mad, I am forced by you."

Bai Muyu: ...

A Tiffany necklace, an emerald bracelet, and at the same time not seen in the classroom, the instructor's legs were soft when he received the call. When he arrived at the classroom, Shen Yu and Bai Muyu were still facing each other, just like two cockfights.

After the instructor understands the ins and outs of the matter, he is also in trouble. It sounds that both parties' opinions are unreliable. Are they really searching?

Bai Muyu would be very guilty. From the beginning, she only planned to redress Shen Yu. Unexpectedly, the other party made the matter to the mentor in three words, and now she doesn't even know how to end it.

Shen Yu stood aside, calm and calm, and said to the tutor, "Since it is not clear, then search, I will be the first."

Everyone: ...

Just now, it seems that she would rather die, would this actually let her search? What kind of routine is this? !

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