Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 7

When Shen Yu was an actor, she knew that hysterical crying was an individual effort, not only testing her lung capacity, but also testing her patience. Because crying will make you tired for a long time. If you are tired, you want to rest. The effect is definitely not good.

At this moment, it was also a test of her crying drama. She and Shen Xiao could not communicate, so she could only use the cry to confess him. Shen Xiao was like a rock in the dung pit, smelly and hard. Let her cry, unmoved.

At first, Shen Yu was not allowed to cry out of face, but after the car walked for a while, she was frustrated that she could not stop because of the face.

Just when she hesitated to take a break, Shen Xiao finally made a move.

He took out his buzzing ears first, then untied his tie, smoothed it with his fingers, and then folded it in half, slowly rolling up from the smallest end. His fingers are distinctly skeined and slender, and his tie looks like a delicate craft in his hand.

After rolling the tie, he said to Shen Yu with a smile: "If you cry again, this tie will be stuffed into your mouth, believe it or not?"

Shen Yu: ...

After this period of time, Shen Yu was convinced that he would have done so since he said so, so he closed his mouth without any hesitation, and looked at him with watery eyes across the glasses.

Shen Xiao hummed, handed the tie to her, and coaxed softly: "Good luck, the tie has given you away. When you want to cry, you put the tie in your mouth."

Shen Yu: ...

It turns out that the tie also has this function, she is really good at it! ! But she actually wanted to tie the tie around his neck, wrap it twice, and tighten it!

The car drove steadily all the way. Under the warning of the tie, the atmosphere in the car was peaceful and harmonious. When passing by somewhere, Shen Xiao asked the driver to stop by the roadside, and leaned forward to say a few words to the bodyguard of the co-pilot. The bodyguard opened the door after listening.

After a while, the bodyguard trot back and handed Shen Xiao a small box of things.

Shen Yu was still sulking this time, too lazy to look at him, but still saw the colorful packaging with the afterglow of his eyes, and did not know what it was.

When the car drove on the road again, Shen Xiao threw the box of things to her with disgust. Shen Yu was a little stunned, and took a look. She was ignorant. If you read it right, this is a box of candy for children! !

For her? Is it because she just smashed her house and cried her again, so buying a package of sugar is a compensation for smashing the house? ?

Poor she spends a week setting up the room, is it worth a box of candy? ? ?

Shen Yu would like to smash the candy back to him, who is rare?

But just thinking about it, she still held his tie in her right hand, she was afraid of this smashing, this tie would really tuck into her mouth.

The candy boxes are colorful, and the inside is also colorful. Each packet is individually packaged, and the soft, chubby candy is coated with a layer of powdered sugar, which looks delicious.

So she opened a small bag to eat, and the sweet and sour taste spread out at the tip of her tongue, which should have been cured, but she ate and felt angry.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..."

Where is this to eat candy, this is clearly the little nest she has lost! !

Shen Xiao started to get upset again:……

Fortunately, the car had already entered the villa, otherwise Shen Xiao really worried that she would strangle the cheap sister directly.

When she got off the bus, Shen Xiao said to Uncle Li at the door of the station, "Finish her in two minutes, and it makes me have a headache."

When Uncle Li saw tears in her face, Shen Yu felt very distressed. "Don't cry, Miss Li, Uncle Li will give you good food."

In fact, her previous crying was intentional, a rebellion against Shen Xiao. When she saw Uncle Li, she was really uncomfortable, really aggrieved, her eyes were red, but she did n’t cry anymore.

"Uncle Li ..."

Uncle Li patted her shoulder, sad and guilty, "I blame me." He should not support her to move out, but he has always been watching her have been cautious, he also feels distressed, thinking that finally changed, the result is still a circle Go back.

This will soon be lunch time, Li Shu quickly made a table Shen Yu usually likes to eat, comfort her.

In fact, Shen Yu couldn't eat anything, so she took a few bites, and then went upstairs tiredly to return to her room.

Uncle Li looked at her lonely back, and then looked at Shen Xiao, who was eating comfortably, and thought he would look normal. He said, "The little girl still has to be patient and coquettish, not a kitten or a puppy."

Shen Xiao threw the tableware on the table and looked up at him coldly, "I haven't counted the accounts that encouraged her to move out." He grumbled angrily and continued: "But you Just reminded me that there should be some kittens and puppies at home, all the girls like it. "

After saying this, he smiled strangely.

Uncle Li: ...

The last second still thought he was normal, but the next second he started to break the idea again!

"You go to buy this afternoon, buy a Husky" Shen Xiao ordered him.

Uncle Li knew he wouldn’t just want to please Shen Yu so easily, so he said politely: “Do you want to keep pets, or ask the lady.”

Shen Xiao patted the table and stood up, "Why, now you are not obedient?"

Uncle Li knew that he had crossed the line and lowered his head and said, "I will buy it later."

Shen Xiao nodded in satisfaction. Before turning around and leaving, he said to Uncle Li: "There is a log box on the study table. You can take her to coax her." Then she went upstairs without looking back.

Uncle Li has become accustomed to his attitude of being cold and hot, and sighs helplessly. When he has cleaned up the kitchen, he went out to buy Husky.

Shen Yu returned to the familiar room. Although she only left for a week, she felt that the room became stranger because of the change in mood.

I was just lying in bed in a daze, but after a while I fell asleep, and I slept quite a bit. I should have been crying before.

I fell asleep for two hours. When I woke up, I heard a strange sound, and came from her door. Shen Yu curiously went to the bed to open the door, and was immediately scared by a little cute under his feet. "This is what??"

Uncle Li stood aside, holding a log box in his hand, about the size of a moon cake box.

"Uncle Li, how can there be a puppy? Is this Husky? So cute?" Shen Yu squatted down and looked at the puppy.

Uncle Li said: "It was Mr. Shen who asked me to buy it for you, and this one was also given by him." Then he handed the box to her.

Shen Yu was confused, "Why did he suddenly want to buy a dog?"

Uncle Li shook his head, "I don’t know. "

Shen Yu thought that the brain circuits of neuropathy could not be guessed by ordinary people. She opened the log box again, and then froze, which was actually full of jewellery, which seemed to be many, piled up in disorder, as if spreading the goods for ten yuan and three.

Uncle Li was also a little surprised, "This is the old lady's original jewelry."

So they should all be genuine, "What did he do for me? Compensate me?"

Uncle Li looked at Husky and then at the jewelry, and nodded hesitantly, "Maybe ... yes."

Shen Yu: ...

Although life is a bit confusing, Shen Yu will not be blind. She has experienced death. Is there any more storm and terror than death? ?

So she quickly packed her mood and went to class.

There was no class that morning, and there were two sessions in the afternoon. Shen Yu hurried to school after lunch. It was a little early. When she arrived in the classroom, there were a few people sitting in twos and threes.

This guy often takes time off to film, but it is rare to be present today.

Shen Yu sat down in her place, hoping that Bai Muyu could ignore her presence.

But Bai Muyu seemed to be a natural enemy with her, and every time she saw Shen Yu, she wanted to bully her.

Seeing a few people whispering conversations there, and Bai Muyu stood up next to Shen Yu, arrogantly and angrily said, "Hey, I lost my Tiffany necklace. Did you steal?"

Shen Yu: ...

Is this excuse to bully her too casually? ? She just came in! !

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