Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 6

Shen Xiao lighted himself a cigarette lightly and turned around and found that Shen Yu had completely lost her mind. He smiled comfortably at her and said softly, "Don't be afraid, just treat yourself as a movie."

watch movie? ? ? How can it be? She is not as neurotic as he is! ! ! ! If it is a movie, it is definitely a disaster movie!

Shen Yu only felt her heart hurt.

The table, the chair, the lamp and the decorations were all bought by her in the home city these past few days. She likes everything very much. She has been smashed before enjoying it for several days! !

How can this be endured? ?

Her mood was like those smashed things in front of her, shattered into pieces.

All the good prospects before, now turned into invisible slaps, cracking her face.

But the initiator of this tragedy was still commenting on the object in front of him, "This vase is not good, the broken sound is not crisp enough, it will spread the goods once you hear it, and it will not exceed 20 yuan at most. The sound of antique porcelain smashing the ground is definitely the sound of nature. "After that, he narrowed his eyes intoxicatedly, as if he was aftertaste." There are two Tang Sancai in the study at home. Will you show it to you when the time comes? " "

In that tone, it was as if Tang Sancai was only ten dollars more expensive.

Shen Yu: ...

Just now she was thinking about going out. After all, this house was laid out by her hard work, and it was normal for her to smash it in less than ten minutes. After describing the broken sound of antiques, Shen Yu suffocated her temper again.

She feels that no matter how crazy she is, she must not be crazy!

Several bodyguards moved quickly. After ten minutes, the two-bedroom, one-room house had no other complete items except the four walls, which were still intact.

Shen Xiao almost finished smoking a cigarette, threw the remaining piece under his feet, crushed it with his soles, and then said to Shen Yu: "Come on, let's go."

Shen Yu raised her eyes and looked at him, depressed his fear, his expression stubborn, and asked, "Where are you going?"

Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows, "This place has been smashed like this, do you still want to live?"

So he spends so much time to bring people to smash the house, just want to take her back? ! In this case, why not stop her from moving out from the beginning? ? Yes, he only said "Understood" to Uncle Li at that time, and did not nod his head clearly.

Shen Yu suddenly understood, what he said was understood, and should be interpreted as "I know she had this kind of thought".

Then wait for her to happily run out and enjoy for a few days, and then give her the deadliest blow, let her recognize the facts in a cruel gesture.

"I ..." She looked down at her pink slippers and bit her lower lip. "I won't go back." After saying this, her heart started beating violently and her fingers were slightly uncontrolled. Shivering, Shen Yu felt more and more that these reactions were completely instinctive reactions of the original heroine's body, not hers. The original heroine should be very afraid of this brother.

Shen Xiao's eyebrows lightly locked, tilting her head in doubt, as if he couldn't believe she dared to disobey him.

"Don't go back?" He sneered and repeated, leaving the chair, squatting in front of her, and looking at her from close range.

Shen Yu's head was originally lowered. When he squatted like this, he drew their eyes very close. The deep, cold eyes seemed to come from the devil's gaze, which was very aggressive and made her unable to avoid. Just listen to him with a voice that is as cold as his eyes, saying one by one: "Then you don't want to have a place to live, like this place, you get it once, I smash it once, try it if you don't believe it."

Shen Yu: ...

Is this man a devil?

Forbearing forbearance, she still bravely said: "Why do you treat me like this!"

Although the body of the original heroine was very resistant to approaching Shen Xiao, Shen Yu felt that Shen Xiao would not cause any substantial harm to her, because she had read the original book.

Shen Xiao was stunned by her question, staring at her sharper, with an expression of "Are you looking for death? Dare to question me !!!" and said, "Just because your parents left me, unless I Agree, no one can take you away, including yourself, get it? "

Shen Yu: ...

Understand fart! ! ! ! What is left by his parents, she is not a pet gadget, nor is it part of the legacy!

Why is it his! !

Although she madly vomited in her heart, Shen Yu did not choose to refute. Through these few words of Shen Xiao, she could vaguely peep into the heart of a little neuropathy. He may think that this sister is part of the family, she should stay in it Home is part of his control.

It must not be allowed to be refuted by others, nor will it be easily changed by the accusations of others, otherwise it will not be called a neuropathy!

Seeing her stop talking, Shen Xiao stood up with satisfaction, shook her long legs, and said to her, "Go."

After recognizing Shen Xiao's thoughts, Shen Yu had a little fate in her heart, but felt unwilling. She finally escaped and survived in another way. Why did she have to encounter such a  ill man! More and more depressed, she simply leaned on the chair and refused to stand up.

Shen Xiao frowned, and suddenly found that today's Shen Yu was a bit difficult, is it because she lived outside for a week, and her courage became fat? ?

But her rare little temperament seemed to him as tickling, and it would only make him want to toss her more and more, so he winked at the bodyguard and "carried away."

Shen Yu: ...

One of the bodyguards heard the boss's order, without saying a word, strode forward to prepare to carry her.

Shen Yu retracted her body subconsciously, Shen Xiao standing next to her followed by squinting his eyes, then raised his hand to stop the bodyguard, elegantly took off his suit jacket and threw it to others, moved his arms, stepped forward, grabbed with one hand Holding her arm and holding her leg with one hand, she worked hard and easily carried the person across the shoulder.

Shen Yu only felt that she was thrown by an inertia and flew up, and then fell down due to gravity. Finally, the soft stomach pressed accurately on his shoulder, and she almost did not vomit her!

"Um ..." She felt awkward for a few seconds, only to realize she was struggling when she was going out, "Let go ... I won't go!"

However, no one ignored her.

A group of mermaids walked out of the room, and the last one came out, and carefully closed the door. From the outside, no one would think that the house was like a blasting site, and it was messy.

Although Shen Yu started to lose weight, the effect was not very obvious. The weight was not light, but Shen Xiao could easily carry her all the way. Shen Yu was forced to head down, struggling for half a day with no results in his hands and feet. She could not help but feel anxious, her nose was sour, she cried out, but let go of the idol's baggage and cried crying in his neck.

Anyway, already embarrassed, just throw it away at once!

The sudden cries startled everyone, except for Shen Xiao, who was born with a heart of iron and stone, and was never shaken by anyone. Seeing him carrying Shen Yu, who was crying, and walked firmly to the parking lot.

Shen Yu originally felt aggrieved and wanted to cry a few times to ease his emotions, but this would see his cold-blooded appearance, and he felt more energetic, so she cried louder and more energetic. Until Shen Xiao threw her into the car, she wept bitterly.

After the buttocks got into the seat, Shen Yu raised the volume again, "Wow woo woo woo woo ..."

Shen’s blood pressure suddenly increased: ...

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