Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 5

As a qualified villain, Shen Xiao almost has the characteristics that most villains should have, arrogant, vicious, moody ... if you count carefully, you can't count ten fingers.

Even Uncle Li, who spent more than 20 years in the Shen family, could not understand him, let alone Shen Yu who had just arrived.

So the most effective way to protect yourself is to stay away from Shen Xiao.

Now this opportunity is in front of Shen Yu. She must not miss it. She will discuss it with Uncle Li now. Tomorrow she will take a day off to see the house. It is best to find a well-decorated house that can carry a bag. Uncle Li, decided to go with her tomorrow.

That night, Shen Yu had a beautiful dream. In her dream, she was a happy bird, flying freely between heaven and earth.

The next day, after eating breakfast, Uncle Li drove Shen Yu to find a house.

There are many residential communities near the Film Academy. The buildings are relatively old and look old. However, due to the good location and proximity to the school, the occupancy rate of these communities is very high.

Shen Yu means that she lives alone and rents a small apartment with one bedroom and one hall. Anyway, she usually doesn't have friends, and it saves money.

But Uncle Li totally disagreed with her opinion and felt that at least two rooms and one hall, one bedroom and one study room, "You don’t have to worry about money you."

"I have money." Shen Yu said that she checked the bank card yesterday, and the amount in the deposit was enough to make her a wealthy little lady, even if she didn't have a job for a few years after graduation, she could live very well. As mentioned in the novel, Shen Xiao is very generous in giving pocket money. Every month, he will send a fixed amount of money to Shen Yu, but the original Shen Yu feels that these are not hers, so In addition to daily necessities, she seldom uses it. She stunned a rich lady and turned her into a poor man.

Shen Yu felt that she didn't need to be afraid of using the money, but she would write down how much she used, and then wait to make money, and then save it back, it should be borrowed first!

After shopping for a morning, they looked at the two houses, one of which was well-decorated, with complete furniture and appliances, but it was not oriented well, it was shaded, and it was relatively wet. Another set, two bedrooms and one hall, full of light, a large balcony, high floors, and ventilation, Li Shu is very satisfied at first glance, but this house is only simple decoration, want to live in, but also Buy furniture supplies yourself.

At noon, Shen Yu and Uncle Li had lunch on the snack street near the school, and then discussed which one to rent.

In fact, for Shen Yu, as long as she can move out of the Shen family, the other is not a problem, whichever set is the same.

"Just like this one from the top." Uncle Li said, "In the afternoon we will go to the furniture and buy the bed and daily necessities first, and then add others, and then live alone outside, can't be too wronged yourself. "

Shen Yu nodded, knowing that the elder was really thinking about her.

After eating, the two found the landlord to pay the deposit, took the key, and went to the furniture mall to buy.

Two days later, Shen Yu brought her two suitcases into the small suite and looked at the small nest that had already begun to take shape. She was indescribably happy.

From nothing to comfort and warmth, she has arranged them. From now on, this is her warmest home. In this strange world, she really belongs to her little world.

When you are tired, you can sleep all day, when you are bored, you can read books and listen to music. When you are interested, you can hold a pajama party with only one person ...

While she was drunk in the infinitely beautiful fantasy, Uncle Li came out of the kitchen, holding a rag in his hand, and wiped it there, and told her, "Miss, I still have to go home occasionally in the future, Mr. Shen is still very good to you, and he has to be told if he is bullied outside, don’t hold it alone. "

Shen Yu: ...

Everything is perfect, except for the presence of Shen Xiao!

Shen Yu sighed, "I will, Uncle Li."

Uncle Li helped her clean the house, put things away, and was busy for a whole day before taking the twilight back. Shen Yu stood on the balcony and watched Uncle Li's car slowly leave the community. Her heart was sour. Uncle Li was the only person who treated her well in the world. From now on, they should rarely meet.

Shen Yu decided that no matter what, she still had to go back to the Shen family occasionally, because in the original owner's heart, Uncle Li was the only person she cared about closely, even if it was for the original owner, she should be filial to Uncle Li.

The day of living alone, as she imagined, was relaxed and comfortable. When there is no class, she can sleep lazily. When she cooks, she can only make foods that she likes to eat. She is not afraid of being said to be picky. When she is too lazy to cook, she can order a take-out.

The most important thing is that she no longer has to face Shen Xiao! ! !

However, the relaxed days did not allow Shen Yu to waste her physical exercise. She bought a treadmill and placed it on the balcony. She had to run on it for a long time every day, but the most painful thing for her was still stretching. In the past, she practiced dance since she was a child, so her body has always been very soft, and she has never cried because of stretching. But now, she was stretching in the house alone, practicing, and she started to shed tears. There was no way. It was too painful. The original owner should seldom exercise. The angle of her limbs can be stretched is very limited. Every time toss to sweat and tears.

Fortunately, there is a reward for paying. The fat on the waist and legs has been significantly reduced and become firm. Shen Yu was pained and happy, thinking to herself: everything is going in the good direction.

After living alone for a week, Shen Yu accidentally received a call from Uncle Li. Uncle Li's voice on the phone sounded a little nervous, "Miss, are you at home now?"

"Uncle Li, is there anything? I'm at home." Today is Saturday, and she has no plans to go out.

"Sir, he is going to find you, he should be on the way." Uncle Li said on the phone.

As soon as he heard this person Shen Xiao, Shen Yu began to feel conditioned reflexively, holding his breath and asking, "What is he doing with me?"

"I don't know, it should be temporary."

Shen Yu: ...

Hanging up the phone, Shen Yu got up from the ground and walked around the house like an ant on the hot pot. She really couldn't understand why Shen Xiao who had been ignoring her for so many days, suddenly wanted to come. Does he still want to feed cherries this time?

About half an hour later, before she could come up with a reason, her door was knocked. Shen Yu quickly ran to the door and looked outside through the cat's eyes. Sure enough, she saw Shen Xiao in a suit and leather shoes, a man-like dog. The other party seemed to guess that she was peeking through the cat's eyes, and he kept his eyes on the cat's eyes. The two are looking at each other through the cat's eyes.

Shen Yu was frightened and quickly moved her face away. For a moment, Shen Xiao's eyes seemed to turn into a sharp flying arrow, straight into her heart.

Even after taking a few deep breaths to calm down, Shen Yu opened the room door in fear and shouted, "Brother."

Shen Xiao shouldn't, just snorted, pushed open the door, crossed her into the house.

After he walked in, Shen Yu was surprised to find that there were still a few men in black standing outside the door. They were tall. They should all be his bodyguards.

Shen Yu felt afraid. Wasn't Shen Xiao so strange that he had to bring a bodyguard to meet his sister? Could it be that he came to catch her? ? ? Thinking of this possibility, Shen Yu's eyes widened instantly, but she quickly denied herself. No, he wouldn't. If he really wanted to catch her, he should have come long ago. How could he wait until now? 

Just when Shen Yu was thinking wildly, Shen Xiao had already visited her two rooms and one hall, and also commented in a good mood, "Nice, quite warm."

Shen Yu swallowed and dared to ask him, "Brother, what’s wroing?"

Shen Xiao looked back at her, teasing her eyes and laughing, "Something needs to be solved."

After that, he looked around the room again, then picked up two chairs from the dining table, walked to the door to face the room, laid himself down, patted another one, and said to her, "Come, sit Here."

Shen Yu was completely confused, and could not guess what medicine he was selling in the gourd, but he sat down obediently. She couldn't figure it out herself. Why didn't she dare to resist every time she faced Shen Xiao's order? Could it be the inertial reaction left by the original owner's body? ?

When she sat down, Shen Xiao raised  legs and said lazily, "Go ahead."

He obviously said this to the bodyguards at the door, because as soon as he finished speaking, several tall men entered the house one after another.

Then in the stunned eyes of Shen Yu, they began to smash the house! ! ! !

Whether it is furniture or electrical appliances, they are all moved and then hit the ground hard ...

The sound of broken items sounds heart-wrenching.

In a bunch of crackling, deafening sounds, Shen Xiao lightly lighted a cigarette on his own, and turned back to find that Shen Yu had been completely lost. He smiled comfortably at her and said softly, "Don’t be afraid,  You should just watch a movie. "

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