Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 4

After Shen Yu time traveled, she wasn’t lazy and went to school every day on time. At first, she was worried that some of her habitual small movements would make her aware of her abnormality, but in a few days, she had no worries about this problem at all, because the original owner's sense of presence in the class was really low, and others were too lazy to watch She glanced directly at her as a transparent person.

Shen Yu couldn't figure it out, how did the original heroine do it? Can you isolate yourself to this state of mind? Will this level of inferiority be close to depression? ? This is no longer the category that Shen Yu can understand.

Before, Shen Yu was a professional dancer. When she was in school, she had excellent grades. She was famous for a Dunhuang song. She was chosen as an actor after graduation and also very popular because of her ancient costumes. Although it is not as popular as the first-tier stars, but it is also a little flower of the third or fourth line. Anyone attending the event, regardless of whether the scene is real or fake, must be guarded to maintain order. She was also rated as the second most popular female star by otaku.

No matter whether she was a student or entering the entertainment industry, Shen Yu's attention will not be too low. She is used to this kind of attention and enjoys being concerned.

Being completely ostracized as a transparent person like this is the situation that Shen Yu has never encountered, which makes her feel a little bit different. But she will not blame the heavens and people. Since she has worn it instead of the original heroine, she should adjust her mindset and face the reality.

However, she was not prepared to make too many changes immediately. Although she became a transparent person and had no friends, she could calm down and study knowledges. No one would disturb her. It can be said that ignoring Shen Xiao, in fact, the time she traveled was her most peaceful and peaceful time.

Obviously, there are still people who can't see her tranquility. Shen Yu raises her eyes and looks at the white Muyu in front of her. The book mentions that the sister Bai's flowers are very good, the sister is popular in the entertainment circle, the sister is also tolerant, the sister's character is stubborn, and she is not like her sister. Thoughtful, so it is easy to offend people.

Now it seems that this man is really not pleased, and she shouts to be fat as soon as he comes up, what's wrong with being fat?

Although Shen Yu also a little disgusted with her body fat, but could not listen to others disgusted, there was a fire in his heart now, the look of Bai Muyu became fierce.

Bai Muyu was still complacent, and bullying this poor worm was one of her daily pleasures. As soon as she met, she would itchy and want to run up, but today Shen Yu looks a little different, it seems her eyes are not right.

Shen Yu’s eyes were always evasive, not daring to look at others before, sometimes she lowered her head to escape the eyes of others, but today, Shen Yu not only dared to look at her, that The gaze looks as if it is clang-like and powerful.

Did this person take the wrong medicine today? ?

The two men stared at each other for a few seconds, as if they were fighting silently with their eyes, but the student next to them was unknown, so he pushed Bai Muyu and said: "The teacher is coming, find a seat and tell me about your trip to Europe these days. "

So the two found a place near Shen Yu and sat down, and then whispered. The students around them also knew Bai Muyu, so they all went around and listened to her.

Shen Yu was so close that she was forced to listen, then she realized that Bai Muyu hadn't come to class these days. She went to her sister's TV series to make a guest appearance, and then played there for a few days.

After hearing this, the classmates couldn't be envious. "You're so good. You can have such a sister. Sister Mu Qing recently went on a hot search! I heard that I would endorse Shen's products."

Bai Muyu pouted and said, "I will definitely be redder than my sister in the future. I am not a domestic brand. I can't look down on it. I have to endorse foreign brands!"

Some classmates laughed at her, "Just blow it! But is this your new necklace, so beautiful."

Bai Muyu immediately got interested and said, "This is Tiffany's, pretty. My sister customized it before, but after wearing it, it didn't match her temperament, so I gave it to me."

"Wow, customized, isn't it expensive?"

Bai Muyu raised his chin and said, "It's not expensive, it's tens of thousands."

"God! It's too expensive!"

So everyone lamented her family is really good!

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows and opened the book intently to concentrate on the content. At present, for her, the most expensive and luxurious thing is professional knowledge, and everything else is virtual.

Bai Muyu talked and thought of Shen Yu, and said to her, "Hey, fat girl, have you heard of Tiffany? Do you want to borrow it from you, but you can't wear it on your thick neck." 

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone laughed suddenly, as if only the louder, the clearer the line could be.

Shen Yu took a few deep breaths to keep herself calm.

At this moment, she not only penetrated into the original owner's body, but also melted into the original owner's soul, as if she could feel all the emotions that the original owner used to have, inferiority, helplessness, and anger, and she could clearly feel the emotion from the outside vicious assault.

A child who was picked up from the trash, grew up in an indifferent environment. She also encountered such a group of classmates who like personal attacks at school and would develop an introverted personality, It is not surprising.

Having figured this out, Shen Yu can no longer stand in the field to dismiss the original mistress, but deeply feels distressed for her and feels the same, because at this moment, she is the original mistress and the original mistress is her.

Going home in the afternoon, she didn't meet Shen Xiao. After listening to Uncle Li, Shen Xiao had entertainment and would go to a private club for two days. Shen Yu couldn't help being relieved. She was afraid that if Shen Xiao was at home, she would nightmare that timetable every night.

Dinner was only eaten by her and Uncle Li. Even if there were few people, Uncle Li did not take care of it. Instead, he made a lot of exquisite food. In his view, eating is a great thing.

Uncle Li added a bowl of soup to her and said, "Is it true that you said you want to move out in the morning? Do you dare to live alone?"

Shen Yu responded cleverly: "The community next to the school, where all the students live, there is a police station, it is very safe."

Uncle Li nodded, then sighed, "If you think you'll be happier when you go out, then go."

Shen Yu raised her head in surprise and asked Uncle Li, "Did you mention this to my brother?"

"Before Mr. Shen went out in the morning, I said, you are too busy studying, and want to live near the school." Li Shu said.

Shen Yu hurriedly asked: "Is he angry? What do you say?"

Uncle Li shook his head, "Mr. Shen is not angry, he just said" got it ", and then went out."

"Got it? Does that mean yes?"

"It should be, if he disagrees, he will get angry."

Shen Yu's eyes widened in disbelief. Unexpectedly, this thing went unexpectedly smoothly. She didn't need to go to Shen Xiao with her own. ? ?

This is definitely the biggest surprise since she time traveled! !

Is it really that simple? ? That's a neurosis. He really acquiesced her away? ? Who is he going to feed cherries after? Yuck,  why did she have such a strange idea! ! !

After a while, Shen Yu was still a little uncertain, "Can I really move out?"

Uncle Li thought for a while and said, "Mr. Shen has a changeable temper. He agreed today, and he may regret it tomorrow. If you really want to move out, then move while he is away from home these two days. Is it hard to find a house? Is there any money on you, I'll give you some more? "

Shen Yu said, "I have money."

Uncle Li made a final decision, "Then you will pack things up, and I will drive you there."

The thought of being able to get rid of the Shen family and the Shen neuropathy, Shen Yu couldn't help but relax.

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