Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 3

Shen Yu swears that she is definitely not intentional. She just lost her mind for a while and accidentally bite, but looking at Shen Xiao's surprised and happy look, it seems that she can be bitten out of pleasure by being bitten. This is too neurotic!

Assistant Du just paused for a while before continuing to read documents, as if he was accustomed to everything in front of him. Uncle Li quickly bent over and poured tea to everyone, trying to borrow tea to divert Shen Xiao's attention. Unexpectedly, Shen Xiao would be bitten out of interest, and picked a cherry and handed it to Shen Yu's mouth. Come on, continue. "

His fingers are slender and perfect, and the gesture of pinching the cherry is just like the hand model of the swing. It is very beautiful, but the owner of such a perfect hand is actually a neuropathy!

Shen Yu feels that her head is big. Is this asking her to continue to eat or continue to bite? Can't you make it clear? How should she cooperate? ? In the end, she chose to eat the cherries wisely.

As a result, she chose the wrong one. Shen Xiao frowned and said dissatisfiedly, "Why didn't you bite?"

Are you really waiting for her to bite? What's wrong! Shen Yu blinked her eyes and made an innocent look. She said, "Brother, I have a full stomach and want to vomit." After that, she should make a vomiting action. Of course, this is only her impromptu performance. But just after dinner, she gnawed another apple and was fed a bowl of cherries. Her stomach was indeed full to the point of exploding!

Shen Xiao subconsciously hid back, threatening his voice with a low voice: "If you dare to vomit, I will spit out what you spit out, mix some salad dressing and stuff it back in. Would you like to try it?"

Shen Yu was too scared to cover his mouth, which is too disgusting!

At this time, Shen Xiao apparently lost the interest to continue feeding her, and threw the small pot in her hand on the coffee table, disgusted: "Disappointed, get out."

Shen Yu once again saw what it means to "turn over his face faster than turning over a book!", But secretly sighed and quickly got up and left the sofa, afraid that he would slow down, and he would come up with something to toss people.

She really couldn't figure it out. The book clearly stated that the original owner was timid and inferior, and usually had little intersection with Shen Xiao. Then why Shen Xiao would like to feed her cherries, and the movement is skilled, it seems that this is not the first time to feed, this is again why? Is it just because he is a neuropathy? ? ?

After taking a shower in her room, Shen Yu realized that she hadn't taken her mobile phone. She struggled for a while before deciding to go downstairs to get it. There was no way. 

Taking light steps carefully down the stairs, Shen Yu sneaked into the living room and found out that Shen Xiao was lying on the couch, talking with Assistant Du, and he was too lazy to give her eyes.

Shen Yu took a deep breath, tipped her toes, and trot to the restaurant to get her phone.

There is a partition between the dining room and the living room. There are several plants. It seems to be two separate spaces. But when standing in the dining room, she can still hear the voice of the living room. But when she heard the name Bai Muqing, she couldn't help listening carefully.

Bai Muqing is an important supporting role in the novel. She used to be the first love of Situ Yi, but broke up for various reasons. Later, she wanted to reconcile with Situ Yi, but Situ Yi already loved the female host Yuan Yue, and Bai Muqing began to retaliate. He turned to the arms of the villain Shen Xiao, and later encouraged Shen Xiao to ruthlessly frame Situ Yi. Shen Xiao's tricks were cunning and vicious. However, Situ Yi had a male aura, and eventually defeated him, giving Shen Xiao a fatal blow.

In the final analysis, Shen Xiao will take the initiative to provoke Situ Yi, entirely because of Bai Muqing's instigation. She was a scourge, and finally Shen Xiao lost. When Situ Yi questioned Bai Muqing, she said very innocently that she would become like this It was entirely caused by Situ Yi. If he was willing to recombine at the beginning, there would be no such things behind.

All the bad things were done, and finally innocently and softly accused everyone of persecuting her, it was simply a white lotus!

So this will hear them mention Bai Muqing, Shen Yu would care so much.

The two people in the living room may not mind that someone is watching, and the voice is not small, which just makes Shen Yu listen carefully.

Assistant Du said: "Bai Muqing is well-known now, and it took a lot of effort to ask her to speak for the product."

Shen Xiao sneered and said disdainfully: "What else can't get the money right now? What about the actress? If she don't want it, you can do more!"

Assistant Du then asked again: "Is she going to meet on the weekend, is President Shen going to be there?"

Shen Xiao didn't sound interested, but he still said: "Is there a picture? I'll look at it first." That tone is like picking a cabbage in the vegetable market.

Hearing this, Shen Yu couldn’t help swallowing. From their conversation, she could finally accurately infer the progress of the current plot. It seems that this time Shen Xiao and Bai Muqing haven’t hooked up yet.

But soon, Bai Muqing is now popular in the entertainment industry. She took over the brand endorsement of Shen Xiao Group. After the two met, they quickly looked at each other and became embarrassed.

Therefore, this cooperation is a turning point in the plot.

Shen Yu thought that all these things are not related to her. The most important thing for her at present is to find a way to move out of this house. Just like Shen Xiao, a patient with severe neuropathy, staying with him again, the iron man will collapse. She is still young and her life is hard to come by. It is only right to cherish life and stay away from neuropathy.

On these days, Shen Yu has always been sleeping well, but that night, she had a nightmare night. In the dream, Shen Xiao turned into a giant monster with a snakehead, running after her, and still taking it. The tail came to her, she screamed and asked him why he was chasing her, and Shen Xiao laughed, saying that because he was neurotic.

When Shen Yu woke up the next day, she felt a terrible headache and had no energy, but still struggled to get up and stretch.

Although the original owner is a big myopia and a big fat man, in fact, the foundation is very good, 170's height, the skin is very white. As long as you can lose weight, then cure the eyes or wear contact lenses, it will definitely nice.

Shen Yu is from a dance practice background. The most unbearable thing is to gain weight. She plans to use two months to make her body as thin as she wants.

Because of this plan, she didn't want to stay in Shen's home for fear that Shen Xiao would see the clue.

After quietly exercising in the room for more than an hour, Shen Yu went to take a bath , and then went downstairs to have breakfast.

There are two lessons this morning, and she has to catch the bus earlier.

Downstairs, only Uncle Li was preparing breakfast alone. At this time, Shen Xiao should still be dreaming in bed. She immediately thought of the dream of the neuropathy last night and felt that she should have been scared out of Shen Xiao's heart.

When Uncle Li saw her go downstairs, he greeted her cheerfully, and soon brought her favorite breakfast, "eat more."

Shen Yu shook his head, " No, I'm too fat ."

Uncle Li froze for a moment, thinking that it was Shen Xiao's words last night that made her uncomfortable. Now he quickly said: "You know, the sir talked like that, he forgot to say it, you can't make yourself uncomfortable."

Shen Yu nodded, took a cup of soy milk and sipped it.

Uncle Li sat down and looked at her for a while, and asked, "I think you have always been very worried recently, what happened?"

The original owner was almost brought up by Li Shu, he will easily see that her emotions are wrong.

Shen Yu just wanted to shake her head to deny it, and immediately thought that Uncle Li had known the original hostess and Shen Xiao for so many years at the Shen family. Then, can she start with Uncle Li for the things she wants to move out?

Shen Yu seemed to see the dawn of hope and quickly made nonsense on the spot. "Recently, my homework is very heavy. I also reported to the tutoring class. It is a bit tiring to catch the bus back and forth. Uncle Li, I want to rent a house near the school. Do you think this is the case? Will my brother agree? "

"Move out?" Uncle Li was very surprised. The young lady had always been timid and had no idea. This time she thought of moving out! It seems to have grown up.

After thinking for a while, Uncle Li said to her, "Should I help you to inquire first?"

Shen Yu said excitedly: "Thank you Uncle Li !!"

Uncle Li waved his hand, "Don't thank me first, I don't know if Mr. Shen will agree."

"Thank you first." Shen Yu smiled with white teeth and didn't have to face the snake disease, which is great!

In this day's big class, Shen Yu still found a place in the corner, and her classmates didn't like her. She squeezed her out intentionally or unintentionally.

But she does not take the initiative to provoke people, does not mean that others do not provoke her.

"Yo, isn't this the fattest fat girl in our school? I haven't seen you in half a month. Why are you getting fat again?" A soft, thin voice rang beside.

Shen Yu looked up and saw a stylishly dressed girl standing beside her, looking at her eyes and writing full of disgust.

Shen Yu thought, Many people don’t speak well, but they look beautiful.

Then someone came over and patted the man's shoulder and said, "Bai Muyu, why are you always talking to her?"

Shen Yu :! ! !

This woman is actually Bai Muqing's sister, a very nasty person who often bullies the original owner! !

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tourist 2020-06-20 19:49
Okay, why are they bullying her for being fat. She has the height of 170cm with a weight of 150lbs. Her BMI would be around 23.5kg/m2. According to Asian's criteria of BMI, 18.5 to 22.9 is Normal.while 23-17 is Overweight. So strictly speaking she's not that fat.
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*correction above 23-27.5
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