Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 2

When Shen Xiao went to the house, other people followed up, and Shen Yu walked at the end, secretly looking at his slender back.

Originally, she didn't feel too real about this big villain. After all, she had never met. The book said that he was arrogant , but he was kind to his sister . So she wasn’t scared and even can discuss moving to him. The scene just happened outside, let her have a deeper understanding of Shen Xiao, this person is absolutely not easy to mess with! !

The description of the relationship between the two in the book is just a few, saying that Shen Xiao is kind to her and willing to give pocket money, but he did not explain in detail how the two get along with each other. What is the state of the home? Anyway, every time Shen Xiao appeared, he was arrogant, and he wanted to put everyone under his feet. As a villain, he is definitely the most dedicated.

Shen Yu thought, when she moved out , she would wait until he was in a good mood, but when a person like him, such as a shady man, could he be in a good mood? ?

Despite the thoughts one after another, Shen Yu still pretends to be a gentle appearance.

After entering the room, Shen Xiao quickly took off the formal jacket, and then unbuttoned a pair of cufflinks and threw it on the coffee table.He slumped on the sofa relaxedly, and a pair of long legs were uncomfortable, so they simply lifted up. On the coffee table, he shook his feet, turned to her, "Come and call me brother."

Shen Yu: ...

Uncle Li stood beside her, and when he saw her in a daze, he gently pushed her and motioned for her to pass.

So Shen Yu stepped forward and said obediently, "Brother."

Shen Xiao hummed, patting the position around him and said, "Come here, have you been upset recently? Say it to make me happy."

Shen Yu: ...

Is this human language? ? ?

Although she wanted to take off her shoes and threw the soles on his face, she took a deep breath and held back, lowering her head and walking to sit next to him.

The two were very close, and Shen Yu could smell the faint fragrance of cologne with only a slight breath, cold and refreshing.

Shen Xiao still shook his feet and looked at her, he stared at her face for a long time, then he narrowed her eyes in disgust and said, "Your pair of glasses weighs two pounds, your nose bridge is worn, And your hairstyle, fat face, should you go for a facelift? I will pay you. "

Shen Yu: ...

She suddenly understood why the original heroine was low self-esteem, and turned out to be rejected by this person all day.

Speaking of that, Shen Yu was helpless to her present body. The original heroine has high myopia and super thick lenses, but she does not want to think about how to treat her eyes. She wears a pair of old-fashioned black-framed glasses all day and covers most of her face. Maybe she felt that her face was too fat, so she chose such big glasses.

In addition to being highly myopic, the original heroine was a little fat man. Yesterday, Shen Yu specifically measured the height and weight at the entrance of the pharmacy next to the school. The height of 170 was 150 pounds! !

Shen Yu feels that it is too unreasonable for the author to set the appearance of the original heroine. How did she get into the acting class of the Film Academy with such appearance conditions? ? Are the interview teachers all myopic?

As a dancer of classical dance, Shen Yu has very strict requirements on her body, the proportion of fat muscles, the flexibility of various places, etc. Even after graduating for many years, she will keep practicing for an hour every day, just to maintain her body. 

When she first time traveled, Shen Yu was almost fainted at the first sight of her body. After calming down, she comforted herself. It doesn’t matter if she is fat, she can still be rescued. Every fat man is a potential stock. When she exercises, she will lose weight.

Now that she was rejected by Shen Xiao, she couldn't help feeling deeply depressed again.

So she protested in a low voice, "I don't want plastic surgery."

Shen Xiao sneered and said nothing more.

Uncle Li worried that if they continued to chat, Shen Yu would cry. It happened several times before.

So he asked them aloud: " Sir and Miss, dinner is ready, is it right?"

Shen Xiao nodded indifferently, "Then eat it."

Shen Yu quickly stood up and left the sofa. The overly vigorous movement made Shen Xiao raise an eyebrow. 

They were not close and had no common topic. As long as Shen Xiao didn't tease her, she would be relatively speechless and coexist peacefully. Coupled with Uncle Li's fascinating cooking skills, the short meal time was quite relaxed and harmonious.

After the meal, Shen Xiao put down the tableware and said to Uncle Li, "Wash some cherries and put them in the living room. I'll take a shower first."

Uncle Li immediately looked at Shen Yu, and then nodded to Shen Xiao: "Okay."

After Shen Xiao left, Shen Yu got up to help Uncle Li clean up the dining table. This is something she often does in the past few days, and Uncle Li is getting used to it.

Seeing her carelessly put the tableware into the dishwasher, Uncle Li washed her cherries and asked her, "This brow is so wrinkled that it can catch flies, has something to worry about? Be bullied at school?"

Shen Yu said, "It's okay."

Looking at the glamorous fresh cherries in the basin, Shen Yu was a little greedy and wanted to grab it, but when she got it, she was clapped by Uncle Li and said, "Don't move, these are all sir's, If you steal, he will be angry. "

Shen Yu: ...

Would you like to be so stingy, even eating one of cherries? ?

Uncle Li gave her an apple, "Come on this."

Shen Yu took the apple and glared, thinking that this differential treatment was also obvious! !

Shen Xiao hadn't come down, the doorbell rang, and Uncle Li handed her a small pot of cherries, and asked her to go to the living room, and he went out to open the door.

Shen Yu walked to the living room, hesitated for a while, and finally did not eat it. She is now a cowardly little white rabbit, and she has to keep it.

Uncle Li soon came in with a man, the same age as Shen Xiao, wearing a pair of half-frame glasses, gentle, and carrying a briefcase in his hand.

"Assistant Du, please sit down for a while, Mr. Shen took a shower, and he will soon come down." Li Shu said.

It turned out to be Shen Xiao ’s assistant, who seemed to be talking about business.

Shen Yu quickly ate the apple, thinking that there should be nothing to do next, and she was about to go back to the room, but was stopped by Uncle Li. "Wait again, so you don't have to come down again."

Why should I come down again? Is there anything else she needs to do?

Shen Yu was confused, and was about to ask clearly. He saw that Shen Xiao came down with a bathrobe on, and his hair was still dripping. He took a towel and wiped it, and then all the hair that fell on his forehead. After pulling back, revealing the fierce facial features, it looks very arrogant.

After seeing him, Assistant Du opened the briefcase and said, "Boss, I have prepared the agreement for the land. Please take a look first to see if there is anything to add."

Shen Xiao waved her hand and said, "You just listen to me and don't bother to read it."

After talking, he walked slowly to the sofa and sat down, then patted the position around him again, and said to Shen Yu: "Come here."

Shen Yu looked defensively and found that in front of him, she really had no fighting power at all, and it was simply weak!

Don't be angry, I'm a cute little white rabbit! !

After building her heart, she sat down next to him as if she were dead. This time the cologne smell was gone, only the refreshing shower gel scent.

After indicating that Assistant Du could start reading the document, Shen Xiao picked up the pot of cherries on the coffee table, carefully selected one, and then handed it to her mouth, ordering: "Come, open your mouth."

Shen Yu: ...

What is this neuropathy to do? ? ? Feed her cherries? ? ? ?

Seeing that she didn't respond for a long time, Shen Xiao knocked her lips impatiently with cherries, and said slightly, "Eat!"

Shen Yu felt inexplicable and a little scared, and finally opened her mouth to eat cherries obediently.

Seeing that she chewed cherries, and occasionally a drop of red juice spilled from the corner of her mouth, Shen Xiao finally showed a satisfied smile, and he saw what was fun, "True, continue."

Then, in the background of Assistant Du's reading documents, Shen Xiao smiled and fed her cherries one by one.

Shen Yu felt horrified as she ate more. Just now in the kitchen, Uncle Li refused to let her eat, saying that Shen Xiao would be angry, but after a round, the thing still entered her mouth, but the person who operated it became the neuropathy, But why? ? Is it fun to feed her cherries? Where is cool? ?

She absent-mindedly thought about a bunch of questions, but she didn't pay attention, she even bit her cherry with a finger, and the bite force was not light.

Shen Yu: ...

Assistant Du and Uncle Li: ...

Shen Xiao's eyes widened instantly, and then he said in surprise, "Ha, little thing, finally knows to bite?"

Shen Yu: ...

How does this sound like talking about a small pet? ?

Woooooooo… Mom, I want to go home, there ’s a pervert here! ! !

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