Traveling the villain's sister

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Chapter 1

It is still hot at the end of summer.

Shen Yu took a full day of class and walked out of school. She got on the bus, but she was a little dull and shook all the way. She almost squinted. When the station arrived, the driver reminded twice to call up her. There are little people at this station, so the driver remembered her long ago.

Shen Yu quickly thanked him and got off the bus. When leaving the cool air-conditioned bus, the hot air rushed in, Shen Yu's already dry pores on her skin were instantly wet.

Fortunately, this area is a villa area, there are green shades on the side.  She walked under the tree so she wouldn’t be sunburnt in a second.

When passing by a row of flowers, Shen Yu stopped. A bunch of lilac flowers fluttered in the wind, It was so beautiful. Shen Yu had been peeping at them for a long time. Now, while no one was around, she finally decided to reach out to them.

When a gust of wind blew, the flowers swayed more joyfully. Shen Yu looked sneakily from side to side, making sure that no one was there, so she carefully picked one ...

Before she could appreciate it carefully, a loud voice came from a distance: "Hey! girl, you can’t pick that flower !!"

Shen Yu was startled and looked back. The security guard in the far post was waving at her. She pinched the only flower, and quickly ran away.

Running away for a short distance, she gradually slowed down. She sent the flowers to nose and smelled it, and slowly walked home.

Under the setting sun, her shadow was very long.

She used to be called Shen Yu, but it was definitely not this Shen Yu. She was 27 years old. She was a little known actress who learned classical dance. Later, because of her good appearance she was chosen to play a costume drama. Because of look good, she has participated in several big plays one after another, and gradually becoming famous with a promising future.

But before she was famous, the crew's car rushed out of the fence on the way to the work place, and fell down. She didn't feel the pain at the last moment, but thought about the height of the cliff, she must be meat pie.

When she woke up again, she wore a girl named Shen Yu, who is now only 20 years old.

But these are not big problems. The most important thing is that this is actually a novel world! !

That's right, although she didn't die, she somehow became a small supporting character in a book!

But it is gratifying that at least she is still alive well.

The reason why Shen Yu knows all this is because she just read this book before traveling and read it seriously.

At that time, she took the urban romantic drama based on the novel. She acted the heroine. Because it was the first time to play a modern drama, she worried that she can’t deeply understood the characters, so she asked assistant Han Xiaobing to  buy the original book.

The bookis called 《When Do You Love Me》, the world is she is in now, all characters and story settings are exactly the same! !

Shen Yu has no opinion on the plot and character who is close to depression. She has an opinion that this character has a big villain brother named Shen Xiao!

He was entangled with the white lotus, and fighted against the actor Situ Yiming in secret, finally destined to become a tragic figure! ! !

Shen Yu wants to light wax for herself.

Shen Yu is not actually Shen Xiao ’s sister, she was picked up by Shen’s mother from the garbage.

Shen's were temperamental. After   picking up, the housekeeper uncle Li brought her up. She knew her life very early, although her family was very forgiving and had enough pocket money, she was very low self-esteem. She is rich but she had low sense of existence. She even insists on taking a bus to go school.

Such a pitiful girl has an arrogant brother who was bullied all day long. Finally involved, and ended in a miserable ending.

Shen Yu was thinking while kicking a small pebble on the road. When she walked to yard, she found a black Toyota parked at the door.

A middle-aged Toyota is standing next to the car. He has a bald, oily face, and his belly is bigger than others' pregnancy. It looks very greasy.

Shen Yu passed him and walked into the courtyard. The greasy uncle hurriedly called her, "Little girl, is this your home?"

Shen Yu looked at him alertly and asked, "what?"

The greasy uncle cracked his mouth and smiled, revealing big yellow teeth. "So, is Shen Xiao at home?"

Shen Yu frowned and walked a few more steps before saying, "Then you can go, he hasn't come back on a business trip!" Then she didn't take care of him and went into the courtyard.

She walked a long way was thirsty, she entered the house and put down her schoolbag. Then she ran to the kitchen to open the refrigerator. There were various fresh juices in the refrigerator. She chose orange juice.

She poured a glass and looked through the kitchen window while drinking. The greasy uncle was still there.

In fact, she didn't tell him the truth just now. Shen Xiao came back from a business trip today and will go home to have dinner tonight. This would be the first time she has seen Shen Xiao after time traveling.

She remembered the plot, although Shen Xiao was stern, he was quite forgiving in home. After so many days of careful consideration, she felt that she should move out and stay away from Shen Xiao in order to avoid Shen’s tragedy, so she decided to wait for Shen Xiao and find an opportunity to talk to him about her move. He must agree because he didn't care much about this younger sister.

Shen Yu quickly drank the juice. Uncle Li entered the kitchen. When he saw her, he said with a smile: "Are you hungry? The dinner is almost ready. You can eat it when Mr.Shen returns. "

Uncle Li has been a housekeeper and nanny of the Shen family for many years. He is 60 and fat. He is always happy and very hard-working, ranging from repairing household appliances to needle threading. Absolutely, since Shen Yu passed through, the amount of food has increased.

Shen Yu secretly pointed outside the lower yard and asked Uncle Li: "Who is that person?"

Uncle Li shook his head, "should be talking about business."

The two were talking, and the yard was driving another car, a luxurious and arrogant Rolls Royce.

Uncle Li hurriedly pushed her and said, "Mr.shen is back, let's wait at the door." After he finished speaking, he went out.

Shen Yu pouted, do you want to be so bullish? Why should we wait for him when he go home! But she still obediently followed uncle Li out.

Rolls-Royce slowly entered the yard. After stopping, the rear door was open. A slender man came out from the inside. When he stood upright, Shen Yu couldn't help stunning.

In the past, whether in a dance school or in the entertainment industry, Shen Yu has seen many handsome guys, but some of them have handsome faces but not good looks, and some have good faces but not good looks. But Shen Xiao, who was described by the author as a villain of the snake's disease, is a real handsome guy with a handsome face, a good figure, and very attractive! ! !

She couldn't help sighing: the standard handsome guy does not look like a neuropathy!

In the yard, Shen Xiao set off at the station, glanced past her lightly, and then propped up the roof with one hand, looked at the car at the door.

The greasy middle-aged man just stood at the door when Shen Xiao's car came in. Shen Xiao looked at him, and he quickly nodded and walked over with a smile, "Mr. Shen, I finally saw you. "

Shen Xiao's fingers knocked on the roof inadvertently, humming and said: "Mr. Lin, what's the point of finding here?"

It was already setting sun, and the orange-red light enveloped the whole sky, and also gave the people in the courtyard a layer of golden light, which looked very unreal.

President Lin never dared to stand up straight, as if he were born to be inferior. He saw him rubbing his hands and said: "Mr. Shen, you really are so forgotten. My prodigal son just lost to you a land last night. Can you see ..."

Shen Xiao frowned and immediately exaggerated his expression, saying, "Oh, this is what happened."

Looking at him, President Lin quickly said: "For you, the land is only a small lottery, but it is all the belongings of our family. Please raise your hand and withdraw your gambling contract." Always squeezed out a few drops of old tears.

Shen Xiao put her hands in her pockets, walked forward slowly, and walked around the circle of President Lin. he was distressed and said, "Withdraw your gambling contract? Then I didn't work all night?"

President Lin quickly expressed his position: "As long as not the land, if you has other requirements, I can do it all!"

After listening, Shen Xiao didn't speak anymore, but just looked at him coldly. Under the pressure of his eyes, Lin began to sweat coldly, and soon wet the entire shirt.

Then I saw Shen Xiao casually lowered his head, looked at his feet, and said, "Yo, the shoes are dirty."

A word without a head, pulling everyone's eyes to his feet, the black leather shoes looked shiny, where is it dirty? ?

Shen Yu couldn't figure out what he meant for a while, but President Lin immediately grasped and quickly knelt down on one knee, and said obsequiously, "Mr. Shen, please raise your feet highly."

Shen Xiao was instantly amused and chuckled, then raised one foot arrogantly, stepped on Lin’s shoulder, he pulled out a scarf from the pocket in front of his chest, rubbing it slowly on the shoe surface as if It is not a shoe, but a luxurious piece of art.

After he carefully wiped his shoes, he looked at it again, and then withdrew his foot with satisfaction. He threw the scarf on the ground and said, "Okay, go back. I'm in a good mood today. I  spare you." . "

President Lin was overjoyed and looked up: "Thank you, thank you very much for your generosity."

Then he said a lot of thanks again before leaving with his waist down.

Shen Yu saw this scene from beginning to end, already dumbfounded.

I saw that Shen Xiao took out a pack of cigarettes, and after taking two bites, said to the secretary around him: "Let Assistant Du collect the Lin's land as soon as possible, so that this old guy will not bother me every day.

Shen Yu: ...

Didn't you just say that you should spare him? Turned over at this turn? ?

Okay, she withdrew previous sentence. Although this man was handsome, he is an absolute neuropathy! ! !

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