Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 3

Early the next morning, Xue Jiayue was woken up by a sudden knock on the door

After graduating from university, she lived alone. So, when she heard the knock, she rolled out of bed and walked out of her bedroom to answer the door, but to her surprise, she saw a tall and straight figure had gone ahead of her in the hall.

"Jiayue, what's the matter? Why did you beat Su Ziqiao? What happened to you and him..."

As soon as the door opened, in came Zhang Renyan's voice full of anxiety and worry.

She shut up when she saw it was Xu Yanwen who opened the door. She darted a careful glance at him, as if she worried whether he had heard anything. But the result was that she had already said something clear about Xue Jiayue and Su Ziqiao. There was short silence among three of them present.

Zhang Renyan gazed at Xu Yanwen's handsome face, moved her lips, and finally made her voice heard, "Brother Xu."

Xu Yanwen shot her a glance, nodded and let her enter the house.

"Jiayue!" Zhang Renyan called loud at the sight of Xue Jiayue standing in the hall and rushed up to her.

Xue Jiayue was still wearing pajamas, and there was a sleep line on her left face. She hadn't fully woken up until Zhang Renyan took her by the hand.

She realized she had travelled here through time onto a book entitled "A Cool President Dotes on His Wife". This Zhang Renyan standing there was the best friend of the original for five or six years.

The situation was that the original took Zhang Renyan as her true friend while Zhang Renyan coveted her husband, Xu Yanwen, and gave her bad advice from time to time.

Zhang Renyan, the original's good friend, was indeed very helpful in encouraging her to do many stupid things so that she even grieved Grandpa Xu to death.

Su Ziqiao, who tried to take Xue Jiayue to get a room last night, was introduced by Zhang Renyan. According to the original's story, Zhang Renyan had asked Su Ziqiao to take the photos of her cheating scene. Afterwards, Zhang Renyan exposed the photos at Grandpa Xu's birthday party, which directly infuriated Xu into the hospital…

Xue Jiayue looked narrowly at Zhang Renyan. As she was a good friend, the original often complained to her about Xu Yanwen, so Zhang Renyan knew clearly that the couple was not in harmony. Xu Yanwen didn't love the original and they were only husband and wife in name. 

"Why are you here so early?" asked Xue Jiayue. Of course she knew clearly her real purpose.

"I come to see you. I'm worried about you," replied Zhang Renyan. At the same time, she kept on looking at Xu Yanwen consciously as if she was afraid that he might notice something between them.

Xue Jiayue frowned. What Zhang Renyan said was easy to arouse suspicion.

Though she looked worried and anxious, what she said meant the opposite!

All of a sudden, Xue Jiayue understood why she came so early.

The story began from that KTV box last night after her time travel. She beat Su Ziqiao there. She didn't fall into their trap or spend the night with Su Ziqiao as they planned. As a result, Zhang Renyan didn't get any nude photos from her. She was unwilling to accept the defeat and came up with such a vicious plan.

She came so early deliberately for Xu Yanwen because he was still at home at this moment. In this way, he was able to pick up snatches of their conversation about Xue Jiayue and Su Ziqiao last night. In this way, even if it would not make Xu Yanwen  hate Xue Jiayue, it would make him distrust her.

What a "good friend" she was!

Xue Jiayue pulled out her hand held by Zhang Renyan, and Zhang Renyan obviously felt the change of Xue's attitude. She first glanced at Xue Jiayue and then secretly looked at Xu Yanwen's direction. Next, she purposely lowered her voice and said, "Jiayue, I have something to tell you. Shall we go to your bedroom?"

With such an air of mystery, how could Xu Yanwen, who was so clever, would not see it through?

This was really a trump card for Zhang Renyan.

Eagerly, Zhang Renyan pushed her, "Let's go, Jiayue."

Xue Jiayue figured it out. She did have something to settle with Zhang Renyan, which was not suitable to let Xu Yanwen know. So, she turned around for her bedroom .

Zhang Renyan followed. She closed the door behind her, but she left a crack there secretly.

Xue Jiayue turned around by the window and looked straight at Zhang Renyan coldly. She hated Zhang Renyan, who coveted her close friend's husband and tried every possible trick. She spoke in a tone of disgust, "If you have anything to say, say it now and then you can leave."

Zhang Janyan's heart thumped, for Xue Jiayue's voice seemed so tiresome and distant. She was worried that her plan had been discovered.

'No. Impossible!' She told herself. She had done all these in the name of caring about Xue Jiayue and Xue had been always believing in her. 

After so many years of friendship, Xue Jiayue had told her so much about Xu Yanwen and herself, and she had directed Xue Jiayue to do several follies. Xue Jiayue had not found anything wrong with her up till now, and she could never have found out what was going on in one night. So she told herself she must have thought too much.

Zhang Renyan calmed herself down after making herself sure that Xue would not see through her so quickly. Then she pretended to care about her and said, "Jiayue, I do care for you, but why did you beat Su Ziqiao? You know he truly loves you."

Xue Jiayue sneered, 'She is this honey, really very hearty!'

"Care for me? Truly loves me?" she retorted.

Zhang Renyan found that Xue Jiayue's tone was not the same as usual, and her expression also made her feel strange. She seemed to have changed to another person, making herself almost unrecognizable. So she felt nervous again and did not speak as fluently as before, "Yeah, yeah."

'Ha ha!'

Xue Jiayue sneered again and cast her another cold glance, "Zhang Renyan, my good friend, don't you remember I am a married woman?  What's your point in introducing me to a cowherd and trying to seduce me into cheating?" 

'She knows it! She knows my intention?!'

a panicked look flashed on Zhang Renyan's face, but she had deceived Xue Jiayue for so many years and she knew Xue Jiayue's character very well. She knew how to make Xue Jiayue believe her, so she quickly defended, "Didn't you tell me all these? You told me Brother Xu... You couldn't stand him any longer. So you'd like to try a top-notch man, whose penis was magnificent. Thus, I introduced Su Ziqiao to you, as you requested. So, can you blame me for it? You see I've done all these for you!"

It's such a beautiful story. All these were done for the sake of Xue Jiayue like introducing her to a cowherd, seducing her into cheating, helping her clear up her troubles and satisfying her needs... Anyway, she was her "best friend" in the world! However, Xue Jiayue blamed her for her kindness!

What a smooth tongue!

If Xue Jiayue were the original, she would have been definitely convinced, and she might even have forgiven her. But now the one facing her was different, she would never be cheated by her.

"Enough!" Xue Jiayue was very disgusted with Zhang Renyan. She was so sick that she didn't want to see her for a moment.

"Let's break up. Don't come here anymore," she declared.

"Yes?" Zhang Renyan couldn't believe her ears. Xue Jiayue had always been manipulated by her. She had never imagined that Xue Jiayue would one day ask to break up with her. It should be she who offered to break up her friendship with Xue Jiayue after achieving her goal, but not Xue Jiayue. She felt she was greatly insulted.

"You can leave now," Xue Jiayue waved her hand coldly. She even didn't try to conceal her disgust to Zhang Renyan nor was she willing to dart her another glance.

"Why? Please give me your reason!" Zhang Renyan shouted angrily.

"Do you still need any reason?" retorted Xue Jiayue. She raised her eyebrows seemingly asking 'What face do you have to ask me for a reason?'

Zhang Renyan realized that Xue Jiayue had changed and that she could not treat her as before. She could not break up with Xue Jiayue at the moment because her target had not yet been reached. She thought of Xu Yanwen, who she loved so much, so no matter how bad Xue Jiayue's attitude was toward her now, she had to bear with her before she had a chance to fight back.

Thinking about these, Zhang Renyan immediately changed her tactics and tried to move her, "Jiayue, please. We've known each other for so long, and we've always been good friends. How can you say goodbye to our everlasting friendship?"

Xue Jiayue felt funny and answered, "Just because I don't want to be cheated again by my so-called best friend. So we must break up! "

Zhang Renyan, "..."

"Please! Or shall I send someone to invite you out?" Xue Jiayue coldly showed her the door.

Zhang Renyan gritted her teeth and told herself not to panic and not to mess up. Her plan had not been realized yet, so she needed to give it another long-term planning!

"Jiayue, don't be angry. I'll leave right away." Thus Zhang Renyan showed a pity look with red eyes and wronged expressions while parting with Xue Jiayue reluctantly.

Xue Jiayue watched Zhang Renyan's parting back indifferently thinking that she at last got rid of one trouble.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Renyan stopped at the door and pleaded in a low voice, "Jiayue, when you are calm and not angry, come to me please. We are still friends!"

Oh, Jesus!

Xue Jiayue was very disgusted by what she said. She replied, "Don't worry, there will never be such a day!"

She was not a fool. If she was a friend of such a vicious woman as Zhang Renyan, she might be dying faster!

At last Zhang Renyan didn't stay and left.

Standing there, Xue Jiayue felt relieved to look at the closed door.


Zhang Renyan didn’t see Xu Yanwen in the living room. He seemed to have gone out. This morning when she just came, she found that Xu Yanwen was going out. So, she guessed he had left the house, but she wondered if he had heard of anything before he left.

But no matter how much Xu Yanwen heard, Zhang Renyan believed that what she said would definitely have an impact on him. That's enough.

Zhang Renyan left Xu's house and was just walking out of the apartment building, when a black Bentley car stopped in front of her.

The car window rolled down and Xu Yanwen's handsome face appeared in front of her.

"Brother Xu!" Zhang Renyan was excited. She knew what she said would work, otherwise why did Xu Yanwen wait for her here?

Unlike Zhang Renyan's excitement, Xu Yanwen's voice as well as his expression was cold, "Don't appear in front of Jiayue again in the future!"

Her excitement was instantly extinguished, and her eyes widened incredulously, "Do you still protect her so much?"

"Jiayue doesn't like you! So, get out, as far as possible!"

shouted Xu Yanwen. He completely defended Xue Jiayue.

Zhang Renyan was hurt. She loved him so much, but he ignored her. He obviously didn't love Xue Jiayue, but he still wanted to protect Xue Jiayue, the bitch!

Love drives people crazy. Zhang Renyan was mad. She could not be rational anymore.

She blurted out to Xu Yanwen, "Do you know what Xue Jiayue is doing behind you?"

Xu Yanwen's eyebrows twisted.

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