Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 2

In the face of such a dominating

 man, Xue Jiayue was very glad that she had wisely washed her ghostly face, otherwise she would have to be criticized again for that reason.

Xu Yanwen looked straight at her and asked, "Why are you still here so late?"

"It's because ..." Xue Jiayue tried to search for reasonable excuses. Her brain was turning very fast. Suddenly an idea flashed into her mind that he had no reason to ask her such a  question, because he himself was here so late. Thus she raised her head and asked, "Aren't you still here so late?"

There was a slight frown of disagreement on Xu Yanwen’s face, but he replied, "It was Zhou Chenguang's birthday. We came to celebrate it for him."

"It was one of my good friends' birthday, too. We came here for celebration," answered Xue Jiayue. She quickly found her excuse, though she was diffident in her heart.

Xu Yanwen saw the expression on her face clearly. He asked, "Which friend?"

Xue Jiayue's heart thumped. The friend she just said was made up casually. Of course, she had no friend on her birthday.

She knew clearly what Xu Yanwen really thought about her at the moment. Otherwise, she would feel grateful for the original, "See how much your husband cares about you! You are hanging out at midnight. Your husband even cares which friends are together with you, because he is worried that you might be cheated.'

Naturally, Xue Jiayue knew that was not the truth at all.

"Don't you think you're meddling and annoying?" argued Xue Jiayue. She didn't know where she got such a burst of courage, probably because the original of her body had been repressed for too long and wanted to resist. Thus, she subconsciously said what she had longed to express.

Xu Yanwen replied coldly, "I am your..."

"Brother!" he went on. However, Xue Jiayue didn't want to talk to him any more. She hung her bag on her shoulder and decided to leave.

Suddenly, a big hand reached over and clasped her wrist. There was an obvious displeasure in his voice, "Where are you going?"

Xue Jiayue glanced at him, and answered shortly, "Go home."

Xu Yanwen grabbed her wrist replying, "Let's go together."

Xue Jiayue thought it funny and her lips curled up. She asked, "You don't go on with your celebration now?"

Poker-faced, Xu Yanwen replied calmly, "Too late and I'll go on business tomorrow morning."

Hearing the phrase "go on business", Xue Jiayue felt a thrill in her heart. It was such good news that Xu Yanwen would go on a business trip. In this way, she didn't have to face his expressinless appearance. She, a fake who had just travelled through time, could also think about what to do next.

However, her happiness did not last long, because she heard Xu Yanwen add, "It will be only one day in Xi City, and back in the evening."

The flame of joy that had just been lit was extinguished instantly. Xue Jiayue sighed secretly. Well, she comforted herself that a one-day business trip was also called a business trip. He had not said anything wrong, but only that she had understood it wrong.

Xu Yanwen noticed that she was depressed and gave her a strange look.

Xue Jiayue noticed his queer expression, but she remained silent. She didn't want to talk at the moment, especially to Xu Yanwen.

Xue Yanwen gave her another glance and urged, "Let's go home."

"All right," replied Xue Jiayue.  She then carried her bag, and her wrist was grabbed by Xu Yanwen. They went out together.

When they got outside, the driver parked the car in front of them. Xu Yanwen reached out to open the door and said to Xue Jiayue, "Get on the car."

Xue Jiayue took a glance at him and found that he was still expressionless. She thus gave up being polite to him and obeyed silently. 

Sitting by the left window at the back of the car, Xue Jiayue kept looking outside as if she was attracted by the scenery there.

Xu Yanwen sat on the other side of the car. He first called Zhou Chenguang apologizing that he had to leave earlier because he needed to handle the mail sent by the overseas branch.

In the meantime, Xue Jiayue sat quietly by the side, looking out of the window without even moving.

Maybe Xue Jiayue was too quiet and different from what she used to be,  Xu Yanwen gave her a few curious looks subconsciously.

Xue Jiayue kept on watching outside the window and paid no attention to Xu Yanwen. The lights on the street attracted her eyes, which gave a very pleasing night view outside there.

Their car drove smoothly all the way and soon they returned home.

For the convenience of Xu Yanwen's going to and from work every day,  the couple lived in a high-end apartment in the center of the city after their marriage. The land price there was very high. And the apartment called Ningxuan Garden was generally recognized as the most expensive apartment in Jing City.

Its garden-like design, antique pavilions, small bridges with flowing water under them, and the perfect  location of such an elegant and peaceful place in the downtown were exactly in line with the name Ningxuan Garden.

Xue Yiayue followed Xu Yanwen to enter the house.

Suddenly, Xu Yanwen's cell phone rang. He took it out and had a look at it. He then quickly walked into the study to answer the phone.

Seeing Xu Yanwen walking away quickly in such a hurry, Xue Jiayue pouted, thinking that he didn't dare to answer the phone in front of her. She guessed it was from a secret lover who couldn't see the light.

However, she thought it was good to her. Maybe in this way, she could divorce Xu Yanwen earlier, and then took a large sum of money to go to a place where no one knew her, far away from the hero, Xu Yanwen, and the heroine, Han Mengxue, to live a leisurely life.

Of course, it would be even better if she could travel through time back to herself. Then she wouldn't have to worry about what would happen later in the following story.

Xu Yanwen didn't come out again after the phone call. Xue Jiayue put the bag on the cabinet at the door and walked into her bedroom on the left according to her original’s memory.

Yes, there was also a closed bedroom opposite hers . That was Xu Yanwen's room. After they married, they had been sleeping separately.

In Xue Jiayue's room, there was a big bed against the wall on the left and a cloakroom next to it. Opposite to the bed was a dressing table, on which there were cosmetics in various bottles and cans of all famous luxury brands. In addition, there was a bracelet from the T shop and a necklace from the C shop on the dressing table , too. They looked valuable.

Before the time travel, Xue Jiayue was only a daughter from an ordinary worker's family of poor conditions. After graduating from college, she worked and earned 10,000 yuan a month. And every month, she needed to take out 3,000 yuan to send home to her sick parents to buy medicine and to improve their life. So, at present, these expensive cosmetics, skin care products, jewelry necklaces and so on were just things she had seen but could not afford to buy.

Xue Jiayue had to admit in her heart that she was really a little moved by looking at those things. But she knew that those things didn't really belong to her. She was here at the moment, but she would have to continue her ordinary life once she travelled back through time one day. Therefore, she behaved calmly and didn't float away because of her sudden wealth.

It's getting late, Xue Jiayue opened the cabinet and took out her pajamas to take a bath in the bathroom.

She had a habit of thinking about things when taking a bath.

So at the time while taking a bath, she sorted out her current situation, again.

According to the original’s story, she and Xu Yanwen were still a nominal couple. Although Xu Yanwen didn't love her, he was kind to her. As long as she was not so unruly and grieved Grandpa Xu to death, who loved her so much, Xu Yanwen would not send her to a mental hospital. Therefore, at the present context, she only needed to wait until Xu Yanwen met Han Mengxue, the heroine. Once both Xu Yanwen and Han Mengxue fell in love, she could peacefully divorce Xu Yanwen and then took the money to leave!

However, at the time being, Han Mengxue did not appear yet. She and Xu Yanwen had to continue to be husband and wife for a period of time.

Fortunately, both of them had been sleeping in separate rooms, and they were only a couple in name. As long as she didn't try to seduce Xu Yanwen from time to time as the original did, she should not offend him, so that they two could coexist peacefully.

While fully considering what to do in the future, Xue Jiayue also took a good bath. At last she came out of the bathroom.

Then following the memory of the original, Xue Jiayue did the skin care as she normally did. After that, she still didn't feel sleepy, but her stomach was growling with hunger.

She realized she had only drunk wine and hadn't eaten anything that night. It was too uncomfortable to be hungry, so she went to the kitchen to find food.

The result of the kitchen search was satisfying. She found a handful of noodles, several eggs and a handful of asparagus lettuce tips, which could be used to make a good bowl of egg noodles.

These things were bought by the original. Two days ago, the original had a sudden impulse- to please Xu Yanwen and to become a good wife of his.

The original had come to know if she wanted to enchain a man's heart, she needed to whet his appetite first. So, she decided to start from cooking.  She told Sister Zhen from the old house not to come for help. She also said to her with confidence that she could manage it.

However, Xu Yanwen was not able to enjoy the meal the original cooked for the first time, because he had worked late into the night and then went to Ju City on a business trip the next morning. 

These were the things in the refrigerator bought by the original, and now Xue Jiayue had come after traveling through time before the original had chance to cook a second meal for Xu Yanwen.

Xue Jiayue skillfully cooked a bowl of noodles for herself and laid an egg on top of them. A delicious snack was completed.

Holding the bowl of egg noodles sitting down in the restaurant, Xue Jiayue picked up a pair of chopsticks and prepared to enjoy herself. Suddenly the study door opened and Xu Yanwen came out with a glass in his hand.

He went straight to get water. When he passed by the restaurant, he saw the bowl of egg noodles before Xue jiayue.

White noodles, golden eggs and tender green asparagus lettuce all exuded a delicious aroma at first sight. They looked like magic, attractive and making people swallow saliva.

Xue Jiayue noticed Xu Yanwen was staring at her and her noodles. She felt embarrassed. With a friendly smile on her face, she asked, "Do you want to eat?"

Xu Yanwen didn't actually have the habit of eating late-night snack. He was always self-disciplined, but at this moment, he suddenly felt that his stomach was calling for food


"Do you have more noodles?" Xu Yanwen walked towards her, placed the glass on the dining table, pulled out a dining chair and sat down, seemingly waiting for Xue Jiayue to feed him.

"Of course." Xue Jiayue smiled at him. ‘There have to be more noodles.’ She told herself. She needed to get along with him amicably. Of course, she couldn't offend him for such trifles.

"This bowl of noodles is untouched. You can eat them first, and I'll cook more for myself," she said. She gave him her egg noodles and went to the kitchen to cook another bowl of noodles.

By the time Xue Jiayue got back to the restaurant with a bowl of newly cooked noodles, Xu Yanwen had almost eaten up all his.

"Do you like more noodles?" asked Xue Jiayue. She sat down opposite to him thinking that he might be really hungry, for he had almost eaten up the food in his bowl.

"No, thank you," Xu Yanwen replied. He seldom had late-night sncak. It was rare for him to eat such a big bowl of noodles tonight.

"Then I'll eat now." Xue Jiayue got a pair of chopsticks and began eating.

Xu Yanwen finished eating the last bite and put down the bowl. He then said to Xue Jiayue, "Thank you for your noodles."

He was good-mannered.

"You are welcome." replied Xue Jiayue.

Then Xu Yanwen went on," Leave your bowl here after eating. Let me wash them."

It was so good that he volunteered to ask to wash the dishes.

Xue Jiayue was moved. She did leave her bowl there for Xu Yanwen to wash.

It was late at night, and Xue Jiayue didn't have anything to talk to Xu Yanwen. After eating, she returned to her room.

After washing up and lying down in bed, Xue Jiayue lost in thought again. She had travelled through time, but she wondered how her parents were in the other world. They must be sad if they knew that she had that traffic accident.

At the thought of these, she couldn't help but feel sad. She turned to look out of the window and prayed in her heart, hoping that her parents would live a good life and be in good health.

She supposed she would not be able to sleep that night. But she was probably too tired, so that she went to sleep while thinking about all these.

She didn't know when Xu Yanwen went to bed.

She felt as if someone had covered a quilt for her when she fell asleep in the middle of the night, and she also dreamed of her dear mother. So she thought it was her mother who had helped cover the quilt for her at midnight.

Author's note--   Xue Jiayue: Ws it my mum who covered a quilt for me?

Xue Yanwen: I...


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