Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 50

Xu Yanwen was sitting in a chair in the corridor outside the ward when Xue Jiayue came back with a cup of hot water. Handing the cup to him, Xue Jiayue said to him, "Please drink some water. Don’t worry anymore. Grandpa has woken up, and now a doctor is taking care of him. He will get well soon."

Although it was said so, but when seeing the loved ones were ill, anyone would worry. Xu Yanwen was just an ordinary person too. No matter how strong and fearless he was when he was outside, he would still be vulnerable in front of his family.

Xu Yanwen raised his head and reached for the cup Xue Jiayue handed to him. His eyes were slightly red, and his voice was still low and hoarse, "Jiayue, grandpa is so sick now, we shouldn’t make him worry anymore. Let's try to cooperate to form a good relationship in front of him in the future. As we did just now, we need to coax him to be happy, and don’t show flaws to make him suspicious."

Xu Yanwen finally decided to say these words after some thought. He knew that the biggest worry for Xu Xu was Xue Jiayue. From the first day when Xue Jiayue entered to the Xu family, grandpa regarded Xue Jiayue as his own granddaughter. He treated Xue Jiayue better than Xu Yanwen. Similarly, Xue Jiayue was very filial to Grandpa Xu, and always treated Grandpa Xu as her own grandfather.

Xu Yanwen was very clear that Grandpa Xu wholeheartedly hoped that Xue Jiayue would have a safe and smooth life. Letting Xue Jiayue marry Xu Yanwen, marry into the Xu family, and be a daughter-in-law of the Xu's family is always Grandpa Xu's wish.

He couldn't understand Grandpa Xu's intentions before, but now he finally understood his good intentions. As for this matter, Grandpa Xu, as a clever man, had expected that Xu Yanwen would be loath to part with Xue Jiayue. In fact, Xue Yanwen always cared about her indeed.

If she really married someone else at the beginning, now even thinking about it, he would be so heartache that he couldn't breathe. He really couldn't let her go.

Xue Jiayue didn't know Xu Yanwen's inner fluctuations. She stood in front of him, looking down at him. Thinking for a while, she said, "Don't you want to use this incident to set me up again?"

Xu Yanwen quickly raised his hands to surrender, fearing that Xue Jiayue would misunderstand his intentions. Then he promised Xue Jiayue as sincere as possibly, "It's such a time, if I still do these things by the name of grandpa, can I still be man?"

Xue Jiayue thought about it, feeling that it was also true. Although in original text, Xu Yanwen was not good enough to the original character, but he never hurt her from beginning to end. In case of the most egregious case, he just ignored her feelings and pushed her far away, causing the original character to be affectedly unconventional. The original character was full of anger and resentment. Finally, Grandpa Xu was infuriated to death due to that. Otherwise, Xu Yanwen would not be resolute to throw her to the mental hospital. As for Xu Yanwen's moral quality, it was trustworthy. At this time, Grandpa Xu was so sick. Since he had a deep relationship with Grandpa Xu, he would not do such disgusting and nasty things.

"I believe what you said." Xue Jiayue really chose to believe him this time. Her words were not perfunctory.

Xu Yanwen glanced at her and put his heart at rest, as if a big stone fell to the ground finally. As long as Xue Jiayue agreed to stay here and was willing to cooperate with him to take care of Grandpa, then he still had a chance. As long as he kept trying, everything was possible.

In a little while, the chief physician of the hospital, Dr. Yang finished the whole body examination for Mr. Xu.

Xu Yanwen quickly got up from the chair to greet Dr. Yang who came out of the ward. He asked Dr. Yang with great concern about the condition of Grandpa Xu, "Dr. Yang, what happened to my grandfather?"

Dr. Yang said, "Acute myocardial infarction. Heart stent surgery shall be carried out as soon as possible."

"Okay." Xu Yanwen said, "Everything will depend on Dr. Yang. Please cure my grandpa."

Dr. Yang had known Xu Yanwen for many years and had a good relationship with the Xu's family. At this time, he nodded to Xu Yanwen and said, "You can rest assured, I will try my best."

"Thank you Dr. Yang." Xu Yanwen said.

Then Dr. Yang took other medical staff to the office to discuss the surgical plan.

Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen went back to the ward together. Grandpa Xu was lying on the hospital bed with oxygen hose in his nose. An electrocardiogram monitor was placed on the bedside.

"Grandpa, how are you feeling?" Xue Jiayue approached the bed and called Grandpa Xu softly, reaching out to hold his hand.

Senior Xu smiled at Xue Jiayue and then got up steam, "I'm fine, and the doctor said my condition is well. You and Yanwen can go back and don't need to guard me here."

"I want to accompany you here." Xue Jiayue said. She could never leave at this time.

Senior Xu said, "I'm fine, I'm very good, just letting Mrs. Zhen stay in the hospital to take care of me is OK."

Mrs. Zhen referred to Sister Zhen.

Xue Jiayue said, "I should stay here to accompany you. You are my grandfather, and at this time, you don't want to drive me away."

Grandpa Xu looked at her and found that she was almost crying. He quickly soothed her, "OK, don't leave any longer, stay with me."

Xue Jiayue immediately showed a smile on her face. She put her face on his hand, and coaxed Grandpa Xu to say, "Grandpa, you are the best man. I know that Grandpa is the one that likes me the most. Now that you are sick, let me take care of you."

Such heart-warming words made Grandpa Xu very gratified. He didn't want Xue Jiayue to leave. Touching her face, he thought in the mind that this granddaughter-in-law was actually more intimate than her granddaughter.

When they were talking, Xu Yanlin rushed into the ward. He rushed to the bed as soon as he entered the door, anxiously asked Mr. Xu if he had better, how did he feel? He was only a ten-year-old child. When suddenly hearing that his grandfather, who had always loved him, was ill and was hospitalized, he was also very worried. He rushed over from the school in a hurry.

Grandpa Xu was a little unhappy when he saw that Xu Yanlin was alone. His second son and second daughter-in-law were often not at home. They flew here and there to play all day long, and they seemed had already forgotten their old father. It did really make Grandpa Xu angry. An unfilial son!

He asked Xu Yanlin with a sullen face, "Where are your parents?"

Xu Yanlin froze for a moment. Seeing Mr. Xu's unhappy expression, he made an ambiguous statement, "They have gone to Ju City and haven't returned yet."

Grandpa Xu snorted lightly. His face was full of dissatisfaction with the second son and second daughter-in-law.

"I will call my uncle immediately. I asked my uncle to go to Ju City to investigate a project." Xu Yanwen quickly helped his uncle to mediate a dispute.

However, his words could not hide anything from Grandpa Xu at all. Grandpa Xu snorted displeasurely while saying, “Don’t think of saying good things to him. Don’t I know what a kind of person he is? He is just a famous shareholder in Xu’s Group, playing all day long. It's impossible to expect him to do something serious."

"Grandpa." Xue Jiayue coaxed Grandpa Xu, "Don't be angry. My uncle is an adult man, and he also has his own career."

"Which one of his careers succeeded?" Mr. Xu felt angry when mentioning his second.

After his eldest son and eldest daughter-in-law encountered a car accident, he had only one son, Uncle Xu. Grandpa Xu had cultivated him hard, but Uncle Xu did not struggle, and could do nothing well. He was not as good as Xu Yanwen, who was just about 20-years old at that time. In case of several problems with the project, Xu Yanwen finally helped him cope with the aftermath of a disaster.

In this way, Grandpa Xu dared not to hand Xu Group to Uncle Xu. After a long period of consideration and evaluation, he finally determined Xu Yanwen to be his successor and handed Xu's Group to Xu Yanwen finally. This naturally aroused Uncle Xu's dissatisfaction. Since then, the father and son had a deep suspicion.

Uncle Xu didn’t think that his ability was a problem, but he felt that Grandpa Xu was partial to Xu Yanwen. Grandpa Xu also had ever talked with Uncle Xu, but Uncle Xu couldn’t listen to him at all. He only felt that Grandpa Xu was bias. Later, he was futher intensified and didn't return home throughout the year. Grandpa Xu also felt very disappointed against him, but had to ignore him.

At this time, Grandpa Xu thought that Uncle Xu would not come to see him. Although he said that he didn't like Uncle Xu, he still felt sad in the heart. He closed his eyes tiredly while waving his hand, "I don't want to talk about him anymore. I'm tired and I want to rest."

"Grandpa, you sleep for a while please, and I will accompany you." Xue Jiayue comforted Grandpa Xu and pulled him over the quilt.

Seeing Grandpa Xu having closed his eyes, Xu Yanwen reached out to pull Xu Yanlin out of the ward. He asked Xu Yanlin to call Uncle Xu and asked them to come back immediately.

Xue Jiayue was accompanying Grandpa Xu in the ward. Looking at the gray-haired old man, her nose was sore. She remembered her grandfather, who was also sleeping on the bed in the same way, and she was always accompanying him at that time.

Grandpa Xu was lying on the hospital bed and soon fell asleep. Xue Jiayue was sitting by the hospital bed, thinking of many things, including the plots of her book.

In the original plat, at that time, Grandpa Xu was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack. Her original role went to the hospital, making a big noise. She complained to Grandpa Xu and said that Xu Yanwen didn't like her at all and didn't treat her as a wife at all. She said that they had no sex until now, and she couldn't stand it anymore. She wanted to divorce Xu Yanwen.

Dragging a sick body, Grandpa Xu persuaded her to consider it calmly, and not to make a decision in such a hurry. However, her original role said that if Grandpa Xu didn’t give her hope before, how could she be obsessed with Xu Yanwen? It was simply a mistake and she should go to look for her own happiness after all. Anyway, Xu Yanwen didn’t love her anymore, and she didn’t love him at this time. She already fell in love with others, and it was a fact that she had an affair. She also embarrassed Xu’s family. It was meaningless for her to drag on. She just wanted to obtain a lot of money and then leave.

Originally, Grandpa Xu was so angry because of her infidelity scandal. At that time, she still talked like that. After all, Grandpa Xu liked her so much at first. Hearing the thorny words, Grandpa Xu was very sad. He couldn't breathe after hearing that due to anger, and was fainted soon. The doctor rushed over immediately but failed to rescue him.

After Grandpa Xu's death, Xu Yanwen was hopping mad and even wished to kill her. However, she was still obsessive and still quarreled with Xu Yanwen. Xu Yanwen was almost driven to madness by her. He arranged someone to send her to the mental hospital, where she finally died.

Pulling back her thoughts, Xue Jiayue looked at Grandpa Xu who was asleep in the hospital bed. She reached out to hold his hand, and said quietly, "Grandpa, you must get well soon."

She was very clear in her heart that due to Grandpa Xu was ill at this time, she could not divorce Xu Yanwen at all. In case she made Grandpa Xu angry and deteriorated, it would be very bad. The relationship between Xu Yanwen and Grandpa Xu was so deep that he would never allow Grandpa Xu to suffer any risk at all. From this point, she could not be affectedly unconventional at this time. Since Xu Yanwen asked her to cooperate with him, she would have to cooperate with him. It would be better to comfort Grandpa Xu first. As for the rest, she would plan slowly later.

At this time, the phone rang up. Xue Jiayue released Grandpa Xu's hand and picked up the phone. It's a WeChat message Song Yikun sent to her.

Seeing the WeChat message sent by Song Yikun, Xue Jiayue was immediately delighted. The previous depression and haze in her mind were swept away immediately. She quickly opened the phone and opened WeChat.

Song Yikun: I had too much alcohol with the customer last night, and came home very late, so I didn’t have time to play the game. Sorry for that. I’m free now. Do you have time? Load the game and let me take you to do some extension tasks.

Xue Jiayue was very happy. She quickly replied to him with a word "OK" in the WeChat.

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