Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 49

Xue Jiayue didn't care what Lu Xiaoyu was thinking at all. Anyway, she had laid out how to catch the thief. She began to focus on her own business while waiting patiently for the thief to expose herself.  

However, she was not able to calm herself down. In her heart, she was struggling with the troubles between Xu Yanwen and her until late in the afternoon.


It was about ten minutes before the work was over when Xu Yanwen called her.


He told her on the phone, "Jiayue, I'm waiting for you downstairs."


In the morning, they had appointed to go on talking about their issues in the evening. Xue Jiayue sat there staring at the black mobile phone screen, for quite some time. She then put the phone into her bag, turned off the computer on the desk and waited until the time came when she could leave the office.


She acted like a soldier preparing to go to the battlefield. She looked calm and brave.


Soon she came downstairs and saw Xu Yanwen wearing a gray and black suit leaning against his Bentley car. He looked tall and handsome, like a fashion magazine cover model.


If he were not Xu Yanwen, but a strange handsome man, and if she was not Xue Jiayue, but a woman passing by, maybe when she saw him, she might be shocked by his good look and could not help looking at him a few more times, or even flirting with him .


But the reality was not so. She was in an awkward relationship with him right now.


Seeing Xue Jiayue come out of the building, Xu Yanwen immediately stood up straight and thenran towards her.


"Jiayue," he reached out to hold her hand, and he was very gentle.


Xue Jiayue pretended to switch her bag to another hand and recoiled from his hand.


Xu Yanwen’s hand paused in the air, and he froze for a while. However, he soon recovered and took back his hand while speaking softly to Xue Jiayue, "Let's get in the car first." 


Xue Jiayue went straight to the door of the car, Xu Yanwen quickly went forward and opened the door for her, raising his hand in front of her head, lest it hit the car.


Attentively, he closed the door, and then he went around to the other side of the car, started the engine, and the black Bentley car slowly drove out.


Lu Xiaoyu was following behind Xue Jiayue under the building. She had witnessed the whole process of Xu Yanwen picking up Xue Jiayue, and then both of them leaving in their car together. Lu Xiaoyu clenched her hand holding the bag.


She felt it was incredible that after all these years, both of them were still together. Xue Jiayue used to hurt Xu Yanwen very much by saying those cynical words in public. From today’s behavior, Lu Xiaoyu found that though Xu Yanwen was very angry and disappointed at that time, he had forgiven Xue Jiayue and was treating her as well as ever,


Lu Xiaoyu was vexed why she could not meet such a good man? Why did she meet all the bastards instead? She believed she was no worse than Xue Jiayue, then why Xue Jiayue was always luckier than she? She felt very aggrieved




In the Bentley car, Xu Yanwen was smoothly driving, while Xue Jiayue sitting beside him, staring at the mobile phone on her hand. It seemed  she was busy checking the updates on the micro-blog, but paid no attention to Xu Yanwen.


Xu Yanwen glanced at her and said, "We're not going home first." "


Xue Jiayue asked, "Why? Don’t you want to talk? Let’s talk then!


Xu Yanwen replied, "I’ve reserved for dinner at the Rose Garden Club, and we are going there for dinner. "


Xue Jiayue pursed her lips. Xu Yanwen had arranged everything, so she felt there was no need to talk to him. Thus she bowed her head to go on with the micro-blogging.


Xu Yanwen noticed her reluctant  response and asked, "Don't you want to eat there? In that case, we can change the place. "


"Nope. Don’t change the place, " Xue Jiayue answered. She paused for a while, and then went on in an assuring tone, "It's been a long time since I last  had steak. I kind of want to."  

Xu Yanwen was relieved to hear this. Thus, he drove all the way to the Rose Garden Club.


Xu Yanwen had booked a room at the top floor. Sitting there, through the floor-to-ceiling windows by their sides, they could look out far away, and the whole scene of the city opened below them.


The waiter brought in their couple set meal and a big bunch of roses.  

Xue Jiayue looked at the roses in front of her and couldn't help sighing in her heart. These were all the things that the original had wished so much to get from Xu Yanwen. At that time, however, he  didn't think about them at all, let alone put them into action. Now she transmigrated here, and she didn't want such roses, but he gave them to her. She felt it very ridiculous.


"Don't beat about the bush. Please come to the point," Xue Jiayue asked outright. She didn't want to waste time. 


Xu Yanwen's deep eyes gazed at her face. Obviously he had plucked up enough courage and made a lot of preparation for this evening's arrangement.


"Jiayue, please give me one more chance: shall we start all over again?" Xu Yanwen said sincerely.


In order to make these arrangements tonight, he had consulted Zhou Chengguang and the other friends.  When they were asked to give advice in the group, Zhou Chenguang, Xiao Zhe and Wu Dong took the opportunity to make fun of him, but he tried to endure it for the sake of his love.

In the crowd, it was Zhou who suggested he prepare the candlelit dinner, and Xiao Zhe said he should send roses. Wu Tung's advice was to let him say something nice to Jiayue, because she was so soft-hearted that if Xu Yanwen begged her sincerely, perhaps she would nod her head.  

Xu Yanwen knew that as long as he had money, everything could be arranged, whether it was a candlelit dinner or a big bunch of roses. But to please someone was a real challenge to him. He had never asked anyone for favor before, but Xue Jiayue was different to him. She was the first and most important one.  

In fact, before coming to the scene, he had prepared a lot to say. He had searched the Internet for a lot of trendy lover's prattle, and rehearsed it many times in his heart. However, when he did face Xue Jiayue, he couldn't say a word. Finally, he only utter such a dry sentence, and looked forward to Xue's response, hoping that she would give him the answer he wanted.

Xue Jiayue stared at the glass of water in front of her, saying nothing. It seemed she was thinking, or maybe she was thinking how to reject him…


Xu Yanwen was nervous. His hand on the table moved. He reached out and put it on Xue Jiayue's hand, while saying, "Jiayue, didn't you always want to travel to the Aegean Sea? I'll arrange my work these days, so that I can spare more than ten days for us to make the trip together."  

Xue Jiayue knew that once the original wanted to go on their honeymoon trip, but Xu Yanwen was busy. At that time, he went out early every day, and came home in the middle of the night. Thus their honeymoon trip was put off again and agian, until in the end they went nowhere.


At this moment, Xu Yanwen wanted to make up for his mistakes, and said that he would take her to travel, and did everything that Xue Jiayue had asked for, but he failed to accomplish. However, she was now tired. She didn't want to travel or do those things again.  

"I ...”

Suddenly familiar cell phone rings appeared, interrupting what Xue Jiayue was about to say.


Xu Yanwen hurriedly picked up his phone placed on the table, glanced at the name on the screen, and said to Xue Jiayue, "It's from Sister Zhen, and I'll receive the phone first. "


It was likely that Grandpa Xu had something to make Sister Zhen call, so Xue Jiayue nodded, and waited quietly aside.


As soon as the phone was through, Sister Zhen’s anxious voice passed over, "Grandpa Xu fell ill. Come, quick!" 


Xu Yanwen's face changed. He was always a calm person, but now he was a little alarmed, saying, "When did this happen? How is Grandpa now?"


"He had just passed out. I've called the hospital. The ambulance will be here soon. You hurry up,"  said Sister Zhen on the phone.  

"Okay, we'll be right there," Xu Yanwen replied.


"Grandpa fell ill, so we’ll rush to the hospital, " Xu Yanwen said to Xue Jiayue.


Hearing this bad news, Xue Jiayue Xue Jiayue felt her brain buzzing. She suddenly remembered her grandfather, who was also accidentally fell in the bathroom. The result was that he got a brain haemorrhage and was sent into the hospital. Their  whole family begged the doctors to do their best to save her grandpa’s life, but in the end, her grandpa died.


At present, Xue Jiayue knew she had no time to think too much. She hurriedly stood up, and followed Xu Yanwen to go outside, while praying for Grandpa Xu, hoping that he would  be all right.


Xu Yanwen reached for her hand. Xue Jiayue was surprised to find his hand trembling. She looked up at him. She found though he tried to stay calm, he could not conceal his inner panic and worry.


"Grandpa's going to be all right," Xue Jiayue comforted him. She did not draw back her hand held by Xu Yanwen, but went forward to him, trying to keep up with his pace.


Xu Yanwen responded, while gripping her hand. Together, they went all the way to take the elevator downstairs to the parking lot to pick up the car.


At the side of the car, Xu Yanwen took out the key for the car, but Xue Jiayue suddenly stopped him, "I’ll drive." 


Xu Yanwen: …


Before Xu Yanwen could answer, Xue Jiayue added, "Let me drive, and you’ll have a rest first." 


Needless to say, Xu Yanwen was now in an unstable mood, not suitable for driving, so Xue Jiayue volunteered to take over the job.


Xu Yanwen hesitated for a while and then handed her the key.


Xue Jiayue took the key, got to the driver's seat, and started the car, while Xu Yanwen sat next to her in the passenger’s position. He was silent and did not speak.


"Don't worry too much. Grandpa's going to be all right, and we'll be in the hospital soon," Xue Jiayue comforted him while driving.


Xu Yanwen looked out of the window and answered in a hoarse voice, "In fact, last time Dr. Yang had told me that Grandpa's heart is not very good. His health has long been worse that before. I don't want him to worry too much for me, so I have tried to do whatever he asked me to." 


At first, Xue Jiayue did not think too much about what Xu said. She supposed it was because Xu Yanwen was too sad about his grandpa that he made such an exclamation. Later, however, she learned that, Xu Yanwen was also explaining to her his reasons for his approach. At the very beginning, it might be true that he just tried to make his grandpa happy by doing everything as his grandpa ordered. However, he did not expect that he could not help himself but fall in love with her.


Soon they got to the hospital. Fortunately, Grandpa Xu had been rescued timely. When both of them arrived, Grandpa had woken up.

"Grandpa, how are you feeling?" together, they asked with concern as soon as they saw Grandpa Xu.


Grandpa Xu was very pleased to see them both. He took Xue Jiayue's hand and said smilingly, "I am fine upon seeing you two together." 


The doctor came over and said that he would do a comprehensive examination for Grandpa Xu and let them go out first.


Xue Jiayue coaxed the grandpa like a child, "Grandpa, you’ll have an examination there, and we'll wait for you outside. I'll come back to accompany you." "


Grandpa Xu nodded with a smile, "All right. You stay with Yan Wen."


"Ah," Xue Jiayue shook hands with  Grandpa Xu again, and then went out with Xu Yanwen, hand in hand.


Outside at the corridor, Xu Yanwen stood and watched inside the ward for a long time. Then he moved, turned his head to Xue Jiayue and asked expectantly, "Jiayue, can we, in the days to come, you and I, be with grandpa?" 


Grandpa Xu had always been kind to her, just like her biological grandfather. Xue Jiayue used to experience the loss of her grandfather. She knew  very well that kind of grief, so, of course, she was willing to do everything for Gandpa Xu.


"Alright!" Xue Jiayue answered.


Xu Yanwen was moved. He went forward, reached out to hold Xue Jiayue into his arms, buried in her neck side and said in a hoarse voice, "Thank you!"


The author’s note--   

Xu Yanwen: Honey, I'm sad.

Xue Jiayue: Come, let me hug you. Don't cry.

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