Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 48

"Don't leave." Xu Yanwen hugged Xue Jiayue from behind around the waist. He begged her earnestly, "Let's have a heart-to-heart talk."

"Oh!" As soon as Mr. He opened the door of the office, he found he knew the two people hugging together in the corridor outside. The man was the handsome and rich boss Xu Yanwen, who could decide whether he could continue to act as the leader of this studio. The woman was the designer Xue Jiayue of his studio, who had come to work in his studio for less than a month.

According to what he learned, the relationship between Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue was a bit complicated. The two were obviously a couple and Xu Yanwen also cared about his wife in the heart. The studio was also opened by him to coax his wife to be happy. But he kept this secret from her and didn’t tell her about it. He also asked the person in charge of this studio to act a play with him, pretending not to know the relationship between them. Even Mr. He met them outside, he must pretend he didn't see them and didn't know their relationship. After the last incident at the Friendship Hotel, Assistant Feng called him specifically to emphasize this and told him if he made such a mistake again, he would be removed from the position of being in charge of this studio.

Now Mr. He accidentally saw Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue hugging at the door of his office. He was surprised. However, he remembered the words that Assistant Feng specially warned him soon. He needed to pretend that he didn't see and didn't know them.

Did not see and did not know!

Mr. He hurriedly covered his eyes with one hand, and then turned around in a hurry. He opened the door of the office and walked in. Like a mouse seeing a cat, he was still mumbling in his mouth, "You can continue. I have seen nothing."

Just kidding! Mr. He saw the big boss hugging his wife at the door of the office. Both of them looked a little serious, the air condensed like ice and the atmosphere was quite bad. If he stood there looking silly, maybe he needed not to work tomorrow but had to get out of here.

As the saying goes, to be in the king's company is tantamount to living with a tiger. He now felt that being with the big boss was similar to living a tiger too. Especially the wife of the big boss was still working in his studio. They met regularly or frequently. If he was not careful and offended the big boss' wife, it meant he just offended the big boss and his life would not be good.

From the moment he met Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue, he hurried back to the office. In just a few seconds, his brain quickly made up a lot of pictures.

Seeing Mr. He returning to the office with his eyes covered by hand, Xue Jiayue was really embarrassed. She wished to find a joint to get in. She struggled with a shame in Xu Yanwen's arms, "Let me go."

Xu Yanwen also felt that this time was indeed not a good occasion to talk. If the two of them were entangled again, someone else might come, and Xue Jiayue would be angrier in case of that. In order to appease Xue Jiayue's emotions, he had to loosen his hand and said to Xue Jiayue, "I'll pick you up after work in the afternoon. Shall we talk again in the evening?"

Xue Jiayue originally wanted to answer him with these words, "We have nothing to talk about", but soon she thought about it and felt it was good to talk to Xu Yanwen clearly, so as not to drag on like this, making everyone tired.

So she agreed with Xu Yanwen's proposal. She said to him, "I will talk again at night. Let me go back to the office first."

Looking at her, Xu Yanwen answered "OK". Xue Jiayue didn't look at him anymore. She turned around and walked to the elevator. She pressed the button to go downstairs, where her office was located.

Seeing Xue Jiayue walking into the elevator, Xu Yanwen was still standing still until the elevator door closed slowly.

After a while, Xu Yanwen turned around and walked to the entrance of Mr. He's office. He raised one hand to knock on the door.

"Mr. He." Xu Yanwen called at the door.

Hearing Xu Yanwen's voice at the door, Mr. He's heart almost jumped to his throat. He hurriedly agreed, "What's the matter?"

Xu Yanwen said, "Open the door, I have something to tell you."

Mr. He quickly stood up to open the door.

"President Xu, please come in." Mr. He asked Xu Yanwen to enter the office with a smile on his face. He glanced behind him, and didn't see Xue Jiayue anymore. Perhaps she had already returned to the office, Mr. He thought. He led Xu Yanwen into his office and let him sit down. After that, he personally went to make tea for Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen said lightly, "No need to do that. I will leave after a few words."

Mr. He said with a smile, looking like listening with respectful attention, "Please say."

Xu Yanwen glanced at Mr. He and then said to him, "Is the studio busy in recent days?"

Mr. He answered after thinking for a while, "No, the work in the studio has been quite idle recently. We just received an order. I have arranged Wang Dan to take charge."

Xu Yanwen frowned a bit. Remembering that Xue Jiayue said that she had important things to do, he asked Mr. He again, "Is the studio not busy? Is Jiayue doing her job well here?"

Mr. He just came back from the business trip, so he didn't know the matter that Xue Jiayue's design drawings were stolen. Therefore, he nodded and said, "Mrs. Xu is very good. Her work ability is quite good. The studio is fine."

However, since Xue Jiayue came to work in the studio, she had not been seriously working for a few days until now. She was either injured or sick. The vacation time was more than the working time. Fortunately, this was Xu Yanwen’s studio. Otherwise, Xue Jiayue had been already dismissed.

Xu Yanwen couldn't discover anything. He thought that Mr. He probably didn't know about Xue Jiayue too, so he stopped asking, but only told Mr. He, "Take care of my wife please."

"OK." Mr. He quickly agreed, "No problem, please rest assured."

"If there is anything in the studio or my wife has any trouble, remember to notify me as soon as possible." Xu Yanwe said to Mr. He. After saying those words, he got up from the sofa, and walked away.

Mr. He quickly followed him and sent him out of the house. After Xu Yanwen got into the elevator, he raised his hand and wiped the sweats. Thinking of that Xu Yanwen just said several words to him, he wondered why he felt so nervous. He was so scared that cold sweats couldn't help coming out.

After Xue Jiayue parted from Xu Yanwen, she took the elevator back to the office. After sitting at the desk in a daze for a while, she stared at the open computer for a while. Her mind was blank, as if there were many things she needed to sort out. However, she did not know where to start. She kept sitting on the seat like a puppet.

Finally, Cheng Wei sorted out her emotions first. He came over to break the silence. Leaning on Xue Jiayue's desk, he said to her while looking at the document opened on her computer, "Jiayue, you said that you drew a very creative drawing yesterday. Please open the blueprint. I'd like to see it."

Heard what he said, Xue Jiayue quickly came back to earth. This was a line she and Cheng Wei designed early in the morning. The purpose was to frame the person who stole her design drawings, so as to lure the thief to steal her drawings again.

"Yes, I drew it yesterday, but I haven't finished it yet. I won't show it to you today. You can see it when I finish it." Xue Jiayue said according to the lines they set before.

"Unfortunately, you're too stingy. You agreed that you'll show it to me, but you don't want to do that now. I thought your creativity was good at that time. Are you afraid that I would copy it from you? Therefore you want to hide it on purpose?" Cheng Wei said intentionally.

Xue Jiayue said with a smile, "Nothing like of the kind. I just don't really finish it and I still feel a little imperfect. I'll show you when I finish it."

"Then you agree. You must show it to me when you finish." Cheng Wei emphasized repeatedly.

"OK, no problem." Xue Jiayue nodded and promised, "I'll show it to you."

Cheng Wei said again, "I saw the news that 'Huaxia Cup' International Fashion Design Contest is about to sign up. Would you like to participate? I think that if you take your work to participate in, you will absolutely get the gold award."

Xue Jiayue burst into laughter, "Thank you for your lucky words!"

"I'm not just praising you. I'm telling the truth. From the perspective of my participation in many competitions, you really have the strength to win." Cheng Wei was very sure.

"Since you have said so, I must participate." Xue Jiayue smiled.

Cheng Wei gave her thumbs up, "Come on."

"Come on." Xue Jiayue also clenched her fists, looking very confident.

They did not avoid the others when saying that. Their voice was large enough for the people nearby to hear.

Originally, Wang Dan and Lu Xiaoyu were talking to two colleagues of another department. Hearing that Xue Jiayue was going to participate in the competition, Wang Dan also became interested. She asked, "Is it the 'Huaxia Cup' competition? Cheng Wei, please send the competition information to me later."

Cheng Wei made an OK gesture to her, "No problem, I will send it to you later."

Lu Xiaoyu also said to him, "I want to participate too. You send me a copy later."

Her commanding tone made Cheng Wei uncomfortable, so he ignored her directly.

Seeing this, Wang Dan had to say, "I will send it to you in a moment."

"Thank you, Sister Wang." Lu Xiaoyu smiled quickly at Wang Dan, and then she turned back to Cheng Wei, curling her lip towards him, as if she was very proud.

Wang Dan could not settle the trouble between Lu Xiaoyu and Cheng Wei too. She shook her head reluctantly. After that, she turned around to care about Xue Jiayue, "You really have a good design drawing?"

"Not yet!" Xue Jiayue said with a smile, "Just an inspiration. I have just made a sketch."

"Can you show me?" Wang Dan asked.

Xue Jiayue quickly covered her keyboard and mouse, showing a very unwilling look, "I'm not ready. I can show you after I finish drawing."

Wang Dan was actually just teasing her. Seeing that she cared so much, she said while patting her shoulder, "Okay, okay, I don't see it now. Just hide it and draw the picture. I will see the design after it is finished."

"OK." Xue Jiayue nodded again and again. Her eyes were shining with confidence.

Seeing that, Lu Xiaoyu next to her squeezed the drawing in her hand tightly. She was also going to participate in the competition. She decided to win the prize and defeat Xue Jiayue!

Author's Note: Wish everyone have a happy reading time.

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