Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 45

"So restless even in sleep," Xu Yanwen chuckled softly. He was very pleased with her "hurling herself completely at him", and especially the mere call “Brother”, which brought him so much pleasure both physically and mentally. He looked down at the person in his arms. It seemed that she was not completely waking up. He couldn't help but raised the corner of his mouth, saying, "If I didn't catch you, wouldn’t you fall to the floor?"


Hearing Xu Yanwen's voice, Xue Jiayue, who was still dreaming, suddenly opened her eyes, and met a pair of black and bright eyes. She realized it was Xu Yanwen standing there with a smile on his face. He was saying to her jokingly, "Look at you. You were so naughty even if you were sleeping. If I didn't come to see whether you kicked the quilt, would you just roll down form the bed?"


Xue Jiayue looked at his mouth, but couldn't say a word. She had thought she was dreaming. She had thought that the person standing by her bed was her brother, so she would call him that way. She had rushed into his arms, but the result turned out that the person standing there was but Xu Yanwen.


Needless to say, her disappointment and sadness were indescribable. Xue Jiayue flinched back, trying to break loose from Xu Yanwen's arms.


Xu Yanwen noticed her struggle and hugged her tighter to stop letting go of her. His voice was still gentle, whispering, "Be careful. Don't move. Have you waken up? What did you dream just now? Do you know you  almost rolled off the bed just now? "


What did Xue Jiayue dream just now? She dreamed of her brother, her dearest brother! However, she couldn't tell Xu Yanwen about it.


"You, let me go," Xue Jiayue tried hard to get out of Xu Yanwen's embrace.


Xu Yanwen didn't try to stop her this time. He followed her idea and put her back on the bed, staring down at her and went on asking, “What did you dream just now?”


Just now he did clearly hear her calling "Brother". Was he in her dream then? He was curious what he looked like in her dream. 


Her calling of "Brother" just now was so sweet, so soft and so delicate that it seemed she was whispering to him pettishly. He couldn't bear to release her arms and wanted to hold her in his hug longer a little.


Xue Jiayue refused to tell him what she had dreamed, let alone that, Xu Yanwen kept gazing at her that way. In fact, she was too guilty to dare to look at him back. She answered him in a low voice, "I didn't dream anything. I forget when I woke up."


Of course, only Xue Jiayue knew she really forgot about the dream or not. Xu Yanwen didn't go on with the question. With a mere glance across her face, he thought he knew everything.


Xu Yanwen believed she was shy and felt embarrassed to tell the truth. It was understandable that girls were  generally thin-skinned, so he didn't want to force her, and decided to let go of her.


"Okay, don't kick the quilt anymore when you sleep. Go to bed early," he said while rubbing her hair.


Xue Jiayue tried but she wasn’t able to  dodge his big hand, so she could just let him do as he liked on the top of her head.


Xu Yanwen suddenly felt that Xue Jiayue, though appearing a little dizzy, was actually very cute, even more cute than when she was awake.


However, what Xue Jiayue was really thinking in her mind at the same moment was that how she could let him go quickly. She didn’t want to stay with him in a room late at night, especially when she had just fallen into his embrace. Although it was just an accident, it's embarrassing.


"I'm going out. You should sleep well. Don't get out of bed," Xu Yanwen didn't wait for Xue Jiayue to chase him away. After another glance at obedient Xue Jiayue, he turned around and left.


After Xu Yanwen walked out, Xue Jiayue froze for a moment. She then seemed to think of something, jumped up from the bed suddenly, ran to the door, and locked it quickly.


She had forgotten to lock the door before sleep, and had given Xu Yanwen the chance to come in at midnight. She had been lost so much in her dream that she mistook Xu Yanwen standing in front of the bed as her brother, and even fell into his arms so foolishly.


What a shame! she would never make such a mistake again! Xue Jiayue threw herself into the bed and pulled over the quilt to cover herself. It seemed she could hide herself in this way, and that nothing had happened just now.


It was already night, and Xue Jiayue was still tossing in bed for a long time before falling asleep again.


Early in the morning, there was a rhythmic knock on the door, and Xu Yanwen's low, pleasant voice came in from outside the door.


"Jiayue, it's time to get up, or you'll be late for work if you don't get up now. I’ve made the sandwich you like and get up to eat it quickly."


His voice was so gentle as if he was coaxing a child. At first, Xue Jiayue wanted to be wrapped in a quilt, not to listen to him. However, she suddenly thought of her tasks. She should go to work, and most importantly, she had a very important plan to implement. She had to get up anyway. So she crept out from the quilt and told Xu Yanwen outside the door, “All right. I get up now.” Thus Xu Yanwen didn't call her again.


Hearing the sound of Xu Yanwen leaving outside the door, Xue Jiayue massaged her sore forehead. Today she would have a very important job to do. She was going to the studio to catch the villain who stole her design!


Thinking of this, Xue Jiayue regained her vitality, and she was full of enthusiasm. She got up and washed up briskly. After changing clothes, she went out for breakfast.


The breakfast was a sandwich made by Xu Yanwen, and a cup of hot milk was ready there, too. The taste was very good. Xue Jiayue was eating quickly.


Xu Yanwen watched her eating in such a hurry, and it seemed that she liked it very much. He felt satisfied. He smiled and reminded her, "Eat slowly."


Xue Jiayue didn't answer, but continued to focus on the food. She finished all the food in front of her, and looked up to ask Xu Yanwen, "Is there any more food?"


This made Xu Yanwen surprised. Normally this was enough for her. Sometimes she woke up in the morning and said that she was not hungry and didn’t want to eat. Today, she ate so much and felt it was not enough. It was strange.


Xue Jiayue also read Xu Yanwen's mind, so she quickly explained, "I want to eat more. There are important things to do today. You can work well if you are full."


"You don't have to work so hard," Xu Yanwen apparently misunderstood her meaning, thinking she was very busy and tired at work.


“No, it’s not what you think,” replied Xue Jiayue. She clenched her fists, and her eyes glistened. She looked very energetic. She announced, "I’ll have something very important to do today!"


"Well, what is it?" Xu Yanwen cared about it very much.


Xue Jiayue took a glance at him and hesitated for a moment, but in the end she decided not to tell him first. Before the truth came out, she was determined to handle it by herself, so she waved her hand saying, "Anyway, don't worry. I will handle the matter myself." Then she asked again, "Is there any more food? I should have enough to work! "


Xu Yanwen wanted so much to know  what was going on with her. Apparently, Xue Jiayue would not tell him, so he decided to ask President He later after he got to his office.


"You can have this," Xu Yanwen glanced at his own untouched share of breakfast on his plate and pushed it to her.


Looking at the three pieces of French fried bread on Xu Yanwen's plate, Xue Jiayue felt she couldn't eat so much as she had just eaten a sandwich, so she said with a smile, "Just give me a piece of bread."


Xu Yanwen looked up at her and met her bright smile. He thus silently picked up the fork, and then stabbed a piece of fried bread and put it on her plate, saying affectionately, “Here you are.”


“Okay. Thank you,” Xue Jiayue didn't hesitate to accept it, and she ate it up at once. It tasted very good.


Sitting opposite Xue Jiayue, Xu Yanwen began his breakfast. He stabbed a piece of bread with a fork, and focused on eating it bit by bit.


The morning light shone from the window into the dining room. This morning, the sun was exceptionally bright, and the golden sunshine was sprinkling on the two people sitting opposite enjoying their breakfast. The atmosphere was very nice, warm and beautiful, as if even the air was permeated with a creamy sweet fragrance.


After having breakfast, Xu Yanwen wiped his mouth with a tissue and said to Xue Jiayue, "Let me send you to the studio in a minute."


Xue Jiayue didn’t turn down his kind offer. She nodded and agreed.


Soon enough, Xue Jiayue followed Xu Yanwen out of their apartment and  boarded his car for work


There was not much traffic on the way, and Xu Yanwen drove steadily and skilfully. Soon they arrived at the outside of the studio building, Xu Yanwen found a place to park the car.


"I'll pick you up in the evening," Xu Yanwen said as Xue Jiayue was about to get off.


Xue Jiayue hesitated and then replied “Actually, I can take my colleague’s car back.“

Xu Yanwen frowned at hearing this answer. The first possible colleague of Xue Jiayue’s that came to his mind was Cheng Wei. Xue Yanwen was a little upset at the idea that Cheng would give Xua Jiayue a lift home.

“Well, I’ll pick you up. You’ll wait for me, and I’ll come early,” Xu Yanwen responded decisively.

His tone sounding a lttile unusual, Xue Jiayue turned to him, and indeed saw his straight face, and his lips pursed. He looked unhappy.

Xue Jiayue guessed that he might be unhappy because his rare kindness was rejected by her. She hesitated for a moment and agreed, "Well then, I'll wait for you."

Seeing that Xue Jiayue agreed, Xu Yanwen’s face lit up and he answered softly, “So, that’s it.” “

“Bye!” Xue Jiayue got out of the car and waved at him, watching him drive away.

Just then, Cheng Wei came out from his car by the side, and saw Xue Jiayue sending a black Bentley away. He went up to her and asked, “Is it President Xu?” “

“Ah,” Xue Jiayue nodded.

“He sent you to work? Are you and Xu all right?” Cheng Wei asked.

Xue Jiayue winked. She did not understand why he asked this way, but she answered, “All right.”

“So it means just so-so, doesn’t it?” Cheng Wei pressed.

“Well, no…” Xue Jiayue tried to explain…

“Jiayue,” Xu Yanwen drove back, opened the door and got down from the car, while walking toward Xue Jiayue.

The author’s note--   Xu Yanwen: Poaching my wife? A sheer day dream!

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