Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 44

At eleven o'clock in the night, Xue Jiayue was still sitting in the living room. Holding a mobile phone in her hand, she stared at the list of friends in the game interface. The avatar of "Killing the World" was still gray. It had not been illuminated all night.

She exited the game interface and clicked on WeChat to check the chatting record with Song Yikun. There were only two sentences in total.

The first sentence was sent by Xue Jiayue, asking would he play games at night. The last sentence was sent by Song Yikun after almost half an hour, and there was only one word "Yes".

Just looking at the word, she felt he seemed to be very busy, otherwise he would not reply the message after half an hour with only one word. He didn't say when he would start the game even. Afterwards, there had been no messages from him.

Xue Jiayue had been very happy to receive the message from Song Yikun. Thinking that he would play the game soon, she logged in and waited for him. She didn't even participate in the team that someone  invited her to start a side mission. She just wanted Song Yikun to come.

However, Xue Jiayue waited almost a night, but Song Yikun's "Killing the World" didn't pop up online. There were several times she had already quit the game. But, she thought maybe he would enter the game few minutes later, so she couldn't help logging back into the game again. She opened the list of friends to look at the "Killing the World" avatar blankly.

Xu Yanwen went home after work. After opening the door and walking into the house, he saw that Xue Jiayue was still sitting on the sofa. She, with head lowered, was staring at the mobile phone.

"Why are you still awake? It's so late." Xu Yanwen frowned slightly. He changed shoes at the door and then walked to Xue Jiayue. Rubbing her hair, he said to her, "I told you to go to bed earlier. Don't wait for me."

"..." Xue Jiayue's hand held the phone tightly. How could she told him that she was not waiting for him, but for another man...

Xu Yanwen thought that Xue Jiayue stayed up late to wait for him to go home. He couldn't help but recall the moment when he just got married. At that time, Xue Jiayue always did the same. He came back late after working overtime, and Xue Jiayue was always waiting for him in a cold room alone.

Once he worked overtime and came home early in the morning, after opening the door and entering the house, he saw a person lying on the sofa in the living room. It turned out that Xue Jiayue had fallen asleep on the sofa while waiting for him.

At that time, he walked lightly to the edge of the sofa. He squatted down halfway and looked at Xue Jiayue, who was sleeping heavily. Her small face was full of disappointment.

However, at that time, he did not understand her mind. He felt that she was cheating him. He thought that she married him because she was just creedy for his money, not because she really loved him.

He felt that she just had affected manners for doing that, thus trying to make him softhearted with a false affection. He thought that for him such a clever man, he certainly could understand her mind.

What's more, he also knew the real thoughts in her heart. It was impossible for him to be deceived by her. He refused to accept her kindness at all even if she did a lot of things. For many times, he made her disappointed.

Thinking about it now, he felt that he was really stupid at that time. He was so stupid that there was no cure. Jiayue grew up with him since childhood, didn't he know what character she had?

If Jiayue really didn't like him at all, how could she try to marry him? If she was really creedy for his money, after she married him, why didn't she ask for any money from him. She couldn't even compete with Zhou Chenguang's fiancee in the aspect of spending money!

In addition to the aspect of making friends, she had always been a good wife. Since she did not interact with Zhang Renyan, she had changed a lot. All the bad things that used to be bad had also been changed. Sometimes, he thought that she didn't seem to be the same as her before. However, the face was clearly the same one, so that he just thought that he didn't find her change just because he had ignored her for too long.

Now, when looking back calmly at all the things that happened between them before, Xu Yanwen found that he had really done too badly before. After being so wronged, Jiayue was still willing to treat him as before. He would not be able to do as good as Jiayue.

Xu Yanwen made a self-examination. Raising his hand and rubbing Jiayue's hair, he said to her softly, "Don’t wait for me so late. If I work overtime, you just go to bed early. Staying up late is bad for your health. Look, your eyes are bloodshot."


Xue Jiayue didn't even know what to say. Xu Yanwen was totally misunderstood. Since he had said so much, she was embarrassed to tell him that she was not waiting for him, and the reason her eyes was bloodshot was because of looking at the phone too much.

But if she told the truth, maybe Xu Yanwen would want to strangle her. Xue Jiayue, who had a strong desire to survive, finally chose not to tell the truth. She turned her eyes and said, "I am not waiting for you entirely. I am actually thinking about a question."

"What question?" Xu Yanwen listened to her. He also got a little interest after hering that. What question could make her keep thinking for a night? Maybe it was a big question. He wanted to use her own ability to help her answer the question.

Actually, Xue Jiayue had entangled the question indeed for one night. She didn't know who to talk about it. Now since Xu Yanwen had asked about that, she finally spoke out her own question after thinking for a while.

"Is there two people in this world that are exactly the same? The same looks, same experience, and even the same personality."

Since meeting Song Yikun at noon, Xue Jiayue had been thinking about such a question. Song Yikun and her brother looked alike. Their appearance and the experience were so similar. Meanwhile, their personalities were  also cheerful and cool. Even though these two man were two different people, but except that the names were different and the time and space were different, Xue Jiayue really felt that they were the same person. Therefore, she had such a question now.

"I think, in this world, there should be no two people who are exactly the same, even if the similar twins, they are still different in many aspects." Xu Yanwen answered Xue Jiayue after thinking for a while.

"Then if it's in two different universes, will there be exactly the same two people?" Xue Jiayue asked quickly again.

"That is impossible." Xu Yanwen explained, "Since it is not the same space and time, it means that everything has changed. Even if there are two people who look the same, their thoughts, experiences and living environment are also changed. Therefore, the two people are different people. It is impossible for them to be the same."

Xue Jiayue couldn't help but feel a trace of regret. Did this mean Song Yikun was not her brother?

Although she understood Xu Yanwen was right, Xue Jiayue was still a little unwilling. She couldn't help asking, "If there is a person, as written in the novel, the whole person travels from a universe to another, then is he still him?"

Xu Yanwen raised his hand to lightly relax the tie under his neck. He thought to himself that the question discussed by Xue Jiayue and him today seemed to be detached from reality, but it was quite interesting to see her in such a serious manner.

In order to solve Xue Jiayue's doubts, Xu Yanwen analyzed the question for her, "People transmigrating you said can just happen in a novel. It is not true in itself. Furthermore, if one person travels from one universe to another, he has changed physically, therefore, he is definitely not the original one."

"But if he has the original memory and experiences?" Xue Jiayue asked again.

"I still think that he is the original one." Xu Yanwen made an analogy to Xue Jiayue, "It's as if there won't be two same leaves in the world, people are the same. Even if he transmigrates with original memory and experience, but time and space have changed and everything around him has changed too, so he will change accordingly. Strictly speaking, a person today will be different from him yesterday, not to mention the large change of universe travel. It will be even more different."

Hearing the answer, Xue Jiayue really felt upset. She originally wanted to deceive herself to tell herself that Song Yikun may be her brother, and after she entered the world of the book, he also entered into this world. She thought originally that she changed her body after transmigrating, but her brother didn't change his body.

But Xu Yanwen's explanation said that they were not the original ones at all, not to mention that they were not transmigrated with the whole body. Even if Song Yikun also transmigrated like her, he was just a soul crossing, and not the original one.

Furthermore, Song Yikun might not be what she thought at all. Maybe, he was really just a real native character in this world.

Thinking of this, Xue Jiayue's mood was inevitably even upset.

Xu Yanwen found her mood change, but he did not know why she suddenly asked such questions, and why after listening to his comment, she suddenly became sad. He asked her with concern, "Why do you ask this today?"

Xue Jiayue felt embarrassed to tell him what she had experienced. She could only prevaricate, "I just remembered this question, so I asked."

"Are you thinking about a new design?" Xu Yanwen didn't know what Xue Jiayue was thinking. Instead, he took the initiative to find an explanation for her.

Xue Jiayue felt a little apologetic for concealing the truth. She dared not look into his eyes but turn her head to one side while saying, "Yes, I have been thinking for a long time. Thank you for your answer."

"Well, if you have any questions in the future, you can ask me. As long as I know, I will tell you." Xu Yanwen didn't think so much. He volunteered to solve problems for Xue Jiayue in the future.

His words made Xue Jiayue even more embarrassed. She quickly said, "It's too late. I'm going to bed."

"Okay, good night." Xu Yanwen whispered behind her as watching Xue Jiayue leaving quickly.

"Good night." When she walked to the door of the room, Xue Jiayue said to Xu Yanwen while pushing the door.

Xu Yanwen had been standing on the spot, watching her close the door gently.

After entering the room, Xue Jiayue leaned against the door. Remembering her older brother, she could not help feeling sad. If he was alive, how fine it would be.

She really hoped that Song Yikun is her brother.

Sliding off the phone screen, Xue Jiayue logged into the game again. "Killing the World" was still not online. Looking at the gray avatar, Xue Jiayue quit the game in disappointment. She opened WeChat later, and found that there was still no message from Song Yikun.

It was so late. Xue Jiayue comforted herself. Maybe Song Yikun was really busy, and was not free at the moment, so he did not send her a message or play the game.

After turning off the phone, Xue Jiayue went to the bathroom to wash. After a while, she lay down to bed.

Until falling asleep, Xue Jiayue was still thinking, did Song Yikun come to play the game?

Being bewildered, Xue Jiayue seemed to hear someone calling her. The voice was so nice and gentle. After passing into the ear, the voice made people feel that the ear was about to become pregnant.

"Jiayue, Jiayue, it's almost the time to play the game."

The fully magnetic sound finally woke up Xue Jiayue. She opened her sleepy eyes, and saw a person standing beside the bed. A smile was on his handsome face.

Seeing that familiar face, Xue Jiayue felt a moment of trance. She seemed to see her brother or Song Yikun. This difference made her stunned for a moment, making her dare not speak. The words were blocked in the throat. She was afraid to recognize the wrong people again.

"Guess who I am?" As if discovering her hesitation, the man standing by the bed asked temptingly.

In the dream, Xue Jiayue opened her mouth. She clearly wanted to call brother, but her voice was stuck in the throat. She couldn't yell out. She was too anxious, feeling very uncomfortable. Sweats on her forehead came out soon. Her eyes were glaring. Her both hands kept catching forward, trying to pounce into the man's arms.


She exhausted all her strength and finally screamed out. The whole body rushed forward therewith. At this time, a pair of powerful arms caught her and firmly hugged her into a warm embrace.

Author's Note: The story of secondary CP will not appear in the text.

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