Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 42

Cheng Wei said while rubbing his hands, "Then let's go there after work. We can also ask him to download a copy for us."

"Have you ever seen him before?" Xue Jiayue wondered what "Killing the World" in the game looked like in reality, "Is he a student? Or has he already jointed work? Is he older or younger than us?"

"He has jointed work. He seems to be doing game work now. He is about seven or eight years older than us." Cheng Wei briefly talked about Song Yikun, and then he said with a smile, "You can asked him after meeting. I don't know much about him either."

Xue Jiayue answered "yes", feeling more curious about Song Yikun in her mind. She was looking forward to meeting him at noon after hearing that.

Working hours in the morning passed quickly. At noon, Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei drove to the New Imperial City.

Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei arrived there a few minutes earlier. They sat in the compartment for a while before the waiter led Song Yikun into the compartment.

When Xue Jiayue saw the tall and straight man in casual clothes who walked in behind the waiter, she was stunned.


Looking at Song Yikun who came in from the outside, Xue Jiayue seemed to see her brother in the green military uniform approaching her. She almost couldn't help crying.

With the same square face, sword eyebrows, high nose bridge, light thin lips and strong jaw, he looked like her older brother in any way.

Xue Jiayue held the word "brother" which almost blurted out and stared at Song Yikun who was approaching. There was a voice in her heart that kept saying it was too similar, really too similar, not only he looked very similar, even his walking posture was very similar!

For a moment, Xue Jiayue really felt that he was her older brother. But for being aware of she was in the world of a book which was different from her previous world and her brother could not come to the world in this book, she must think that her brother also transmigrated.

But that was impossible. Xue Jiayue quickly denied this guess. Her brother was an excellent soldier. He had been serving as a soldier in X City. In the year before she transmigrated, her brother was ordered to perform a very important task. However, an accident occurred on the way back from the completion of the task. The plane he took was crashed and all people in the place were missing. No one on the plane was found so far.

"Come on, let me introduce to you. This is Song Yikun, who is the 'Killing the World' in the game." When Song Yikun approached, Cheng Wei got up from the chair and introduced him to Xue Jiayue, and then he also introduced Xue Jiayue to Song Yikun, "Brother Kun, this is Jiayue, the 'Jiajia' in the game. Thank you for helping her get back the design draft today."

"Hello Brother Kun." Xue Jiayue withdrew her thoughts and extended a hand to Song Yikun with a smile after stabilizing her emotions.

"Hello, Jiajia." Song Yikun also said to Xue Jiayue well, reaching out and shaking hands with Xue Jiayue.

The two people talked to each other well. After that, they knew each other.

"Thank you Brother Kun for helping me get back the design drawings today." Those drawings were Xue Jiayue's efforts. She really felt happy and grateful to Song Yikun for getting them back.

Song Yikun's handsome face showed a smile. His character was very bold. He said to her, "It's just lifting a finger. Don't be so polite."

Cheng Wei told Xue Jiayue, "Brother Kun has always been so kind."

Xue Jiayue smiled. She always had a strange feeling in her heart that she just thought Song Yikun was like her brother. She couldn't help but asked, "Did Brother Kun have ever been a soldier before?"

People who have been soldiers always walked in different postures than ordinary people. At first glance, soldiers were imposing. They could show temperaments brought by being trained over the years. Meanwhile, they had the spirit that ordinary people did not have.

Song Yikun smiled when he heard the words, "How do you find that? I did serve as a soldier before."

"I judged that from your walking posture. Your temperament is different from others." Mainly, it was because he was very similar to her brother and the two people's movements were so consistent. Only those who had been specially trained would act like that. Therefore, Xue Jiayue wondered whether he had served as a soldier like her brother.

"Where were you serving as a soldier?" Xue Jiayue asked again. There was a kind of expectation in her heart that she could not tell the truth. Her hand holding the tea cup was slightly tight.

Song Yikun didn't know what she was thinking, but directly said, "I was serving as a soldier in X City."

Hearing that, the tea cup that Xue Jiayue carried fell on the dining table suddenly. The water was poured out of the tea cup.

Both Song Yikun and Cheng Wei looked at her when they heard the sound. Xue Jiayue raised her eyes and met Song Yikun's curious gaze. She hurriedly said, "Sorry, sorry, I just slipped my hand."

While talking, she took a paper towel to wipe the water on the table. Cheng Wei also quickly helped her. He took the paper towel to wipe the table too. Only Song Yikun sat there and didn't do anything, as if thinking of something.

Fortunately, there was not much water poured out of the tea cup. Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei wiped it off with a few tissues.

Xue Jiayuefu raised her head again and looked at Song Yikun sitting next to her. She hesitated for a while, and then found other topics to talk to Song Yikun. Hoping to know more about him, she said, "How many years has Kun been a soldier for in X City?"

"Eight years." Song Yikun recalled the time he spent in the army as a soldier. It was a very wonderful memory. Even if he was no longer in the army, he still couldn't help but miss those days. He said to Xue Jiayue with a smile, "I jointed the troops when I was in sophomore year."

Sophomore year?!

Xue Jiayue was taken aback, but couldn't help looking at Song Yikun again. His brother also jointed the troops when he was in sophomore year. He also liked the life in the troops. He went to the army for realize her childhood dream. However, he didn't come back and would never come back in the future.

"It turns out that Brother Kun is still a college soldier. It's really great." Cheng Wei said. He used to want to be a soldier before, but his elders at home didn't agree, furthermore, his vision didn't meet standard. In the end, he didn't go to the army, but he always admired those wearing military uniforms.

Song Yikun was very modest. "It's not that great. It's just that the troops needed my major at university at that time. Therefore I went there."

"That's very great too. I used to want to be a soldier but couldn't realize." Cheng Wei commended him. He quickly picked up the tea cup and said with a smile, "Even if the dishes are not ready, I want to use this tea to propose a toast to Brother Kun. You are my role model."

Men always had their courage and pursuit. It was always a pleasure to be praised. Song Yikun also picked up the tea cup. The two men clinked the cup and drank the tea as wine.

Xue Jiayue was sitting on the side. She was tumbling like a sea in her heart. The more she chatted with Song Yikun and the more she knew about Song Yikun's situation, the more she felt that he was very similar to her brother. The experiences of the two men were exactly the same. If it's not in the world of the book where Song Yikun was surnamed Song not surnamed Xue and Song Yikun was only an original passerby in the book, she really thought that her brother really trasmigrated too.

During the meal, Xue Jiayue couldn't calm down. Facing the delicious food on the table, she didn't have appetite for food. What she thought was that would Song Yikun be her brother? Was Song Yikun also transmigrated like her? This world was the world of the book. In the era when time travel was already common, since she had transmigrated into the book, her brother would be probably not dead, but have transmigrated. If he didn't die...

Xue Jiayue's eyes were slightly moist. She couldn't help looking at Song Yikun who was sitting next to her. She wanted to make sure again and look for some clues from him that were similar to her brother, so as to judge whether Song Yikun was her brother.

Song Yikun was very keen. When he saw Xue Jiayue's gaze, he smiled slightly at her.

Facing Song Yikun's calm gaze, Xue Jiayue panicked, fearing that her thoughts was found. She quickly found something to say, "How do you like the taste of these dishes? I don't know what you like, so I just ordered a few dishes casually."

"The food tastes good. I used to be a soldier in the army. When I was on a mission outside, I just ate dried food, compressed biscuits and so on. These dishes are much better." Song Yikun was not so particular about what he eats. For him, filling the belly is enough.

When Cheng Wei heard of him talking about dried food, he remembered his experience of eating military food one time. He said excitingly, "Isn't there any kind of instant rice now? You just open the bag, there is a package of rice, some dishes, and some water in the bag. It can heat itself up. You can heat up the rice and vegetables before eating it. I tried it last time and it tastes good."

Song Yikun nodded his head, "There is that kind of food, but it's just normal after eating more. The food prepared by the chef is better."

"That's for sure." Cheng Wei also agreed, "After all, the convenience food could not be as delicious as these dishes made by the chef of the New Imperial City. For example, this eight-treasure delicious duck could not be packed into the convenience food."

While eating and chatting casually, their relationship became closer. At the end, Xue Jiayue thanked Song Yikun for his help again.

"If it weren't because of you, I wouldn't be able to find the design drawings. Those are my hard work." Xue Jiayue still felt terrified for that. If the design drawings were lost, she didn't know how long she would be upset.

Thinking about that for a while, Song Yikun then kindly reminded her, "I think you'd better check your computer. Someone actually operated your computer. This time she can delete your design, and next time, she may do something else again. You should be careful."

When Xue Jiayue just learned that someone had deleted her design drawings, she still had some doubts. Now Song Yikun reminded her this way, she paid more attention to this matter, "Thank you, Brother Kun. I will go back and check that." She wouldn't let go of those who intentionally harmed her!

"If there is a need for my help, you can come to me from time to time." Song Yikun was very versed in computers. Since he encountered this matter, he was willing to help.

Xue Jiayue thanked him for his kindness and then said, "If necessary, I won't be polite to you." After saying, she gave Song Yikun a toast with the tea instead of wine.

At the end of the lunch, Song Yikun said goodbye to Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei in advance due to he had something to handle. Before leaving, they agreed to play the game together. A threesome team was set up in this way. Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei sent him to the car before leaving.

After returning to the X.W studio in the afternoon, Xue Jiayue had been unwilling to do works. Song Yikun always appeared in her mind. She really wanted to know whether Song Yikun was her brother?

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