Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 41

Xue Jiayue stared at the red mark in the mirror and studied it for a long time,but she didn’t find any reason for it. It seemed to be caused by something biting 


She tried hard to rub away the mark with her hand but it kept staying clearly on her neck. She bit her lips in frustration. The position of the red mark was too embarrassing, expecially if she wore low-cut dresses. It was really too conspicuous. What would others think at seeing it? Maybe they would suppose she and Xu Yanwen had done something at night inappropriate for children!


In the end, Xue Jiayue had to apply a thick layer of foundation powder on the red mark to cover it until she couldn't see it herself. She was relieved at last.


As soon as she walked to the stairwell, she heard laughter from the living room. It was Xu Yanlin’s voice. He was talking to Grandpa Xu and making him very happy, who kept laughing out loud.


Xue Jiayue arrived and saw Xu Yanlin was telling Grandpa Xu about his trip to Hawaii. He was very excitedly describing the detail of his trip.


In fact, Xue Jiayue knew that this was not his first trip to Hawaii. He performed in such an excited and  exaggerated manner that she believed  his purpose was to make Grandpa Xu happy.

After talking cheerfully about his trip to Hawaii, Xu Yanlin heaved a sigh of relief and took up a big gulp of water from his glass. Looking back, he saw Xue Jiayue coming down the stairs, and his expression changed a little.


He put down the glass on the table and stood up. He remembered what Xu Yanwen had taught him, so he actively greeted Xue Jiayue, "Nice to meet you, Big Sister."


After being crucified last time by Xu Yanwen, Xu Yanlin changed to be very polite whenever he met Xue Jiayue. Although he was still not enthusiastic enough, he would neither deliberately find Xue Jiayue's faults nor would he quarrel with her as before.


"Is it fun to play in Hawaii?" Xue Jiayue asked him with a gentle smile.


"It's fun," answered Xu Yanlin. He then opened his bag, took out a bottle of perfume and handed it to Xue Jiayue. Shyly, he said to her, "This is a gift for you. I hope you will like it."  

Xue Jiayue was surprised to receive the gift, and especially it was from Xu Yanlin. She replied in an assuring tone, "Thank you so much for your gift. I like it very much."  

"Well," said Xu Yanlin, blushing slightly, "Nice! You like it!" and he added, "I'll go out to play." With that, he ran away shyly.  

Looking at Xu Yanlin's running back, Grandpa Xu, who was sitting there, laughed happily, "This child seems to have grown up at alst."


Xue Jiayue also felt that he had changed a lot. She really wanted to know what Xu Yanwen had said to him last time, which brought him such great progress.  

At the moment, Xu Yanlin ran out quickly and found Xu Yanwen in the garden.


Xu Yanwen just finished making a  phone call, so Xu Yanlin hurried forward and called out, "Big Brother."


Xu Yanwen put the phone in his suit pocket and looked down at him, saying, "Did you give the gift to your sister-in-law?"


"Yes, of course," Xu Yanlin replied.


“That's good,” Xu Yanwen reached out and touched him on the head smilingly.


Xu Yanlin hesitated for a while and boldly said, "But, Brother, I don't understand."


Xu Yanwen asked, "What is it then?"


"You obviously love my sister-in-law. Why don't you tell her by yourself then?" As a child, Xu Yanlin didn't understand what Xu Yanwen thought. He felt that if he liked someone, he should confess to her directly and let her know his mind.

Xu Yanwen paused for a while, and then sighed slightly, " You don't know about adults."


"But I have grown up," Xu Yanlin answered disapprovingly.


"When you get older, you will find the world is complicated," Xu Yanwen astutely noted.


Xu Yanlin thought about it for a moment. He felt it seemed to be so around him, but still he could not understand why the world of adults was so complicated.  

"What are you two hiding here for?" asked Xue Jiayue. She just came out of the house and saw them both standing in the corner of the garden whispering to each other.


Today, Xue Jiayue was wearing a light yellow skirt with a hem that reached to her ankle. She walked in the garden with flowers in full bloom. Her skirt was waving gently in the wind. She was so beautiful that people could not move their eyes away.  

"Just now Xiao Lin said you are beautiful today," Xu Yanwen calmly expressed his cheeky compliment by dint of Xu Yanlin.


Xu Yanlin's mouth moved. He just wanted to clarify the truth when he was pulled by Xu Yanwen beside him. Xu Yanlin was a smart kid and he understood Xu Yanwen's meaning instantly. He hurriedly cooperated with Xu Yanwen and said with a smile, "My sister-in-law is very beautiful today, just like a fairy."  

Xue Jiayue knew that Xu Yanlin's praise was not from his heart. She guessed that both of them must have hidden her from something. But she couldn't force them to tell her the truth, so she could only stare at them helplessly.  

Xu Yanwen was amused by her lovely expression and stepped forward to hold her by the hand. As Xu Yanlin was nearby, Xue Jiayue refrained from shaking off his hand to save his face as the eldest brother.  

"You are really beautiful today," Xu Yanwen praised her with a soft and nice voice.




Xue Jiayue's heart beat uncontrollably.


All the weekend, Xue Jiayue had a good time. On Saturday, they lived in the old house for a day, and on Sunday, they returned to Ningxuan Garden. Xu Yanwen also cooked a meal specially. He was a very good cook. Xue Jiayue was very satisfied with it. She felt it's really good to be taken care of!  

At the end of the weekend, in a blink of an eye, Monday arrived, and Xue Jiayue could no longer enjoy the holiday. She got up early in the morning, and went to work at the W.X Studio at 9:00 in the morning.


When Xue Jiayue got to the office, she found that only Cheng Wei was there. Both Wang Dan and Lu Xiaoyu were on a business trip with Mr. He.


Cheng Wei raised his eyes and saw Xue Jiayue. He came up and asked with concern, "Jiayue, how's your cold?"  

"Completely recovered, Thank you," Xue Jiayue went to her desk, sat down, and then turned on her computer.  

"Let’s have lunch together at noon,” Cheng Wei suggested.


"Okay!" Xue Jiayue readily agreed.


"So that's the deal."


"Well, no problem."


The office computer on the table started up quickly. Xue Jiayue took the mouse to open "My Computer", found her work folder, and prepared to continue with her work that was not finished last week.


However, when she clicked on her design drawing document, she couldn't help but whisper, "Where are my pictures?"


"What happened?" Cheng Wei heard her exclamation and quickly looked over her side.


"I've lost half the designs I've drawn," Xue Jiayue said anxiously.

“Nah,” Cheng Wei was also taken aback. He reminded Xue Jiayue, "You look it up again to see if it is in another folder."


Xue Jiayue followed his idea and hurriedly checked out the other folders, but there was no document she used to put the design drawings.


"No, it's all gone," Xue Jiayue was very sad. Those designs were all her hard work, her inspiration.


"Don't worry, I know someone who is a computer expert. I will ask him to help you recover it and see if he can get the document back," Cheng Wei comforted her.


Xue Jiayue seemed to have caught a life-saving straw. She grabbed Cheng Wei's arm and her eyes were full of expectation, "Can you really find it back?"  

"Don't worry, I will call him right away and let him help you see the situation remotely," Cheng Wei said. He then made a phone call and got in touch with his friend right away.


On the other side of the phone, Song Yikun received the call and asked Cheng Wei what was going on. Cheng Wei told him about Xue Jiayue’s problem. Song Yikun said, "Send me a link, and I will help her to see."


“O-Ok!” Cheng Wei hung up the phone and began to link Xue Jiayue's computer with Song Yikun’s through remote assistance connection.


Song Yikun accepted the remote request and entered Xue Jiayue's computer. With great skill, he checked the past bit by bit, and finally found that someone had used Xue Jiayue's computer last Friday night and copied the designs on her computer. The original drawings on the computer had all been deleted.


"Someone used Jiayue's computer last Friday night?" Cheng Wei was very surprised. Everyone was off work on Friday night. At most, there were only a few security guards left in the studio building, and Xue Jiayue did not come to work last Friday. Who would use her computer and take away her design drawings?


Xue Jiayue frowned, and there was a guess in her heart, but she was not quite sure about it yet.


Cheng Wei found she was sad and asked Song Yikun, "Can the original pictures be restored?"


Song Yikun replied, "Let me try."


About half an hour later, with his superb computer technology, Song Yikun restored the deleted designs.


Looking at the lost and found designs, Xue Jiayue was very happy. Those were all her efforts. She was very grateful for Song Yikun's help and said to Cheng Wei, "Tell your friend, I’d like to invite him to dinner to thank him for helping me so much."


Cheng Wei saw that she had regained her bright smile, and her mood was relaxed, so he replied smilingly, "You used to offer to invite me to dinner last time, and this time you asked my friend to dine out, so you owe me several meals."


Finding back the lost designs, Xue Jiayue was very pleased, so she was quick to promise, "Let’s dine out at noon today. The place is up to you. Please call and tell your friend about it."


So Cheng Wei stopped prevaricating, and reserved a room directly in the New Imperial City. After that, he made an appointment with Song Yikun to meet him at noon, so that they could go together to have a big meal after work then.  

To dine out in such a high-class restaurant, Xue Jiayue said to Cheng Wei smilingly, "You really don't help me to save me money."


Cheng Wei smiled triumphantly, "It's rare for you to invite us. Of course we should make good use of the chance."


Xue Jiayue chuckled. She knew that he was only joking and tried to make her happy. She replied smilingly, "It doesn't matter. You can eat whatever you like. Anyway, I can satisfy your appetite." 


“Of course, you can!” Cheng Wei nodded. He knew that she was President Xu's wife, who was so rich. Needless to say, she had no shortage of money. He didn't notice this before. Now after careful observation, he found that nothing on Xue Jiayue was cheap.  

Xue Jiayue felt curious about Song Yikun, who was so gifted in the computer technology. She asked Cheng Wei, "What is your friend? How can he be so powerful with computers?"


Cheng Wei smiled inscrutablely, "You actually know him."


Xue Jiayue was surprised, "How can I know him?"


"He is 'killing the world' in the game," Cheng Wei replied.


"He is ‘killing the world’?" Xue Jiayue was taken aback, "Then I really want to see him."


The author’s note--   The suspected second leading man is about to debut.


Xu Yanwen: The leading man is me.


Xue Jiayue: I will kick you out soon!


Xu Yanwen said while pulling his tie: You just try it yourself!


Xue Jiayue dodged behind: Let go of me!

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