Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 39

Linda was still hiding in the washroom compartment and listening to the comments of the two people outside. And only then did she realize that she had always been a joke in the eyes of others, just like a clown in a circus.  

All this made Linda ashamed and embarrassed. She was now gnashing her teeth with hate. 

She remembered when she was a child, her family was poor. She wore nothing better than anyone else outside, and her life was not as good as others, either. Relatives in the family preferred the rich uncle's family, so even if she was much better than her cousin, Han Yahui, the elders in the family praised Han more than she. She didn't understand why this happened. Later she was a little older, and she came to realize that it was all because of money. Because her family was poor, others did not like her, which made her hope from young that she could be rich and very rich one day in the future.

Later, she grew up. She went to  college. Even if she had no money, she pretended to be rich. She had to be frugal so that she was able to wear the designer clothes like others and carry the same high-quality brand bags. She had been afraid of being looked down upon by others until she graduated from college, and came to work in the Xu’s Group.


The salary here was quite good, and most of the colleagues came from well-to-do familis. Those who were comparatively poor deliberately kept enough distance from the rich ones. She realized this at the time she came and tried to pretend to be rich. She supposed this way could help her integrate with most of the colleagues.


As for this blue-and-white dress, when she saw Xue Jiayue try it on at the mall, she had already discovered that she looked really good in it, and she was confident that she herself would look good in it too, so she gritted her teeth and bought it, despite the high price.  

But this world was so cruel. There was no harm without comparison. Even if both of them were beauties, they could be graded as long as they met each other. This was the current embarrassing situation for her when facing  Xue Jiayue.


Linda gritted her teeth bitterly and hid in the compartment until Xiao Li and Xiao Liu had finished talking about it. However, she kept on leaning against the wall there and did not go out.


She felt resentful and could not reconcile herself to accept her present  situation. She remembered that night when she went to the Friendship Hotel with Xu yanwen for dinner. They met Xue jiayue at the gate of the hotel when Mr. He, the general manager  of the X.W Studio, reconized Xu Yanwen and hurriedly stepped forward to say "hello". He also introduced Xu Yanwen to all the people in the studio. Xue jiayue was standing among those people at that time. she clearly saw Xu yanwen but did not come forward to greet him. Xu yanwen also ignored her existence and only regarded her as a stranger. He just took a glance at her.

If Xu Yanwen really cared about her and treated her as his wife, how come he pretended not to see her?


Linda was still in the washroom  compartment trying hard to sort out the problem for herself. She finally came to the conclusion that the relationship between Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue was really bad. It's not a rumor, but it's a fact! Even if Xue Jiayue was beautiful and looked better than her in the same skirt, Xu Yanwen didn't love her. What if she looked like a fairy? She couldn't catch her husband's heart. She would be swept out of the house sooner or later!


After thinking so comfortingly, Linda seemed to be suddenly cheerful. In fact, that day when they were outside the Friendship Hotel, she had felt Xu Yanwen's reaction was a bit strange. Now she came to understand that it was because he encountered his wife there. At that moment, she just came out of Xu Yanwen's car with Xu Yanwen, and Xu Yanwen looked strange only after seeing Xue Jiayue. Was it because she was beside him? Was he worried that she was discovered by Xue Jiayue?


As if she had discovered some great secret, Linda’s heart was beating  faster and faster, as if there was a little white rabbit jumping inside. The rabbit  was so excited that it would almost jump out of her chest at any time.

Linda's face was lit up too. The depression on her face was swept away, and her courage fully revived. She quickly opened the compartment door and rushed out.




In the lounge, Xue Jiayue was drinking fresh orange juice and had two small biscuits imported from abroad. The delicious flavour lingered on the tip of her tongue, making her feel so happy.


She felt grateful to Assistant Feng, who arranged everything so well, and also prepared such delicious food for her. He was really very considerate.


At this moment, Assistant Feng came in from outside and walked to Xue Jiayue, "Mrs. Xu, President Xu is free now. Please go over there."


"All right."Xue Jiayue stood up and smiled to Assistant Feng, "Thank you for the cookies and orange juice."


"This is what Mr. Xu asked me to prepare. Mr. Xu told me that you like to eat cookies of this brand," Assistant Feng answered Xue Jiayue smilingly. Actually he was clear it was Xu Yanwen himself who had prepared everything for her and felt shy to let her know. He knew his boss was obsessed with his wife’s preferences. Thus, being an assistant, he needed to help his boss to please his wife.


Xue Jiayue heard the words and paused abruptly. She looked back at the small cookies on the table. Some memories of the original flashed in her mind, and she remembered it instantly. The cookies of that brand were really her favorite before. The original first ate them when Xu Yanwen brought it back from abroad. Ever since then, she fell in love with the snacks of that brand. It was out of her expectation that Xu Yanwen still remembered it.


Speaking of which, Xu yanwen was actually very kind to her. He always treated her like a sister and gave her whatever she wanted and liked. But then again, what he did sometimes was really annoying. She didn't understand what he really thought.  

Xue Jiayue walked out of the lounge, carried her bag and went to Xu Yanwen's office. When she passed by  the secretariat, she happened to meet Linda coming out of the secretariat with a document in hand.


Linda shot a glance at Xue Jiayue's face, moved her lips and greeted Xue Jiayue actively, "Hello, Mrs. Xu!"


Xue Jiayue also recognized her. Xu Yanwen told her yesterday that she was his secretary and the niece of his university professor. Both of them went to have dinner together at the Friendship Hotel that day, invited by  Professor Han.


Despite knowing the facts, Xue Jiayue didn't feel very good about Linda. Especially at that time, Linda asked her to design clothes for her. She was so bad mannered that she immediately ridiculed her and then gave her a blunt refusal. Seeing Linda again at the moment, she still couldn't change her attitude to her but only nodded lightly at her. 


Linda, however, seemed to have forgotten that Xue Jiayue used to mock her, and ignored her indifference. Instead, she said politely, "I'm Mr. Xu's secretary. I am taking the document to get his signature."


Xue Jiayue glanced at her and felt a little funny in her heart. She was Xu Yanwen's secretary. In fact, she didn't need to report to her about her job. Almost all the employees in this building were subordinates of Xu Yanwen. Didn’t they have to report to her when they needed to go to Xu? 

Not wanting to talk to Linda more, Xue Jiayue went straight to Xu Yanwen's office and knocked at the door.  

Xu Yanwen's voice came from inside the office. Xue Jiayue pushed open the door and walked in, while Linda followed her with the document in her hand.


Xu Yanwen looked up and saw Xue Jiayue. He smiled slightly at her and then told her, "You stay in my office for a while. I will go to a meeting right away, and it will last for an hour. After that, we’ll go home together. Think of it  what we are going to eat at night?"


Xue Jiayue blinked and asked, "Is it possible to eat hot pot?"


Xu Yanwen smiled, "Yes."


Xue Jiayue yelled and asked again, "While you are at a meeting, can I play games online here?"


"Yes, you can," Xu Yanwen had no objection at all, and tried to meet her requirements as much as possible, "If you need anything, please go directly to Assistant Feng and he will arrange it for you."


Xue Jiayue replied with a smile, “Fine!”


Facing her bright smile and big bright eyes, Xu Yanwen was quite touched. He reached out to rub her hair. This time Xue Jiayue's reaction was a little slow, and she wasn’t able to avoid it. 


The natural behavior of the two people made Linda, who was standing next to them, feel so terrible that she could hardly hold the document in her hand well. Her face was burning as if she had been slapped hard.


Who told her that Mr. Xu had a bad relationship with his wife? Who said that President Xu hated his wife? But what she saw at this moment was clearly that he was unlimitedly spoiling his wife. Whatever his wife asked, he tried his best to satisfy her. Everyone knew that the company strictly prohibited playing games online to avoid the access of viruses and important data loss. But he allowed his wife to play games online in his office. In addition to showing that he really spoiled her, she really could not think of other remarks.


Linda ’s heart was shaking. The ideas she had insisted on were falling apart. But she still couldn’t all these about Xu Yanwen. For example, outside the Friendship Hotel that day, why did Xu Yanwen ignore his wife when he met her? Why on earth did he do that?


Xu Yanwen would never give her an answer even if she didn't understand it.


Xu Yanwen didn’t finish talking with Xue Jiayue until he noticed Linda's existence. The smile on his face instantly disappeared when he found that she was wearing the same skirt as Xue Jiayue was, He asked her coldly, “Yes, what’s the matter?”


Linda noticed a huge change in his attitude, and felt a pain in her heart. She paused for two seconds before she could respond. She quickly handed over the document to him and said, "Here, this document is for you."


Xu Yanwen glanced at the document in her hand and said, "You put the file here. I'm going to have a meeting soon, and I'll read it later."


Linda had to obey and put the document on the desk.


Xu Yanwen then said, “You get out.”


Linda hesitated and glanced at Xue Jiayue next to him. Xue Jiayue also looked at her. Their gaze met at that instant. Xue Jiayue's eyes seemed to have a triumphant smile. Linda understood that she was once again laughed at by Xue Jiayue. She was laughing at her incompetence and her stupidity.  

As if being humiliated, grievances immediately flooded her heart. Linda hurriedly closed her eyes. She dared not stare at Xue Jiayue. She quickly turned around and fled, leaving Xu Yanwen's office.


Looking at Linda's back, Xue Jiayue frowned slightly. She then turned to Xu Yanwen, observing the expression on his face.


Xu Yanwen met her gaze, and suddenly felt something strange. He asked, "What happened?"


Xue Jiayue smiled lightly, waved her hand and said, "Nothing".


Xu Yanwen grabbed her hand and looked at her seriously, "We just made everything clear yesterday. We should be honest to each other. You can't hide yourself.Tell me if you have anything to say."


Facing Xu Yanwen determined eyes in front of her, Xue Jiayue pursed her lips and then answered, "I don't like your secretary very much."


After speaking this out, Xue Jiayue was a little nervous. In the past, the original liked to interfere with his work. She didn't like too many female employees working around him, especially the beautiful ones. She even quarreled with Xu Yanwen about it. Although Xu Yanwen finally got them away from him, they had grown more  apart from each other since then. Now she complained that she didn't like Linda. Would Xu Yanwen misunderstand her meaning?  

But this time Xu Yanwen behaved differently from before. He reached out and pinched Xue Jiayue's cheek, while answering with a smile, “All right. I know it.”


Xue Jiayue blinked, wondering what it meant?


However, it was time for Xu Yanwen to hold a meeting. He took the file and went to the meeting room without explaining much to her.


Xue Jiayue stayed in Xu Yanwen's office, played a game for a while, tweeted Weibo for another while, and the time thus passed quickly.


It took more than an hour for Xu Yanwen to come back after the meeting. He put the documents of the meeting in the drawer, turned off the computer on the table, picked up the mobile phone and the key for his car. He then said to Xue Jiayue, “Let’s go home.”


"Okay!" Xue Jiayue quickly picked up her bag and followed Xu Yanwen out.


While they were walking out of the office, naturally, Xu Yanwen took Xue Jiayue by the hand.


Xue Jiayue looked down at their hands, trying to pull hers back. Xu Yanwen instantly discovered her intention, but instead of letting go of her hand, he held her hand more firmly.


Xue Jiayue had no other choice but to let Xu Yanwen go on holding her. They took the elevator all the way downstairs, and picked up their car in the parking lot.


It wasn't until Xu Yanwen's car drove away that Linda, who was hiding in the back corner, came out and looked at the direction of the car's departure.


Linda didn’t know how she got back to her rental house. The first thing she got home was to take off the dress that was exactly like Xue Jiayue’s. How happy she was to buy this dress at the moment. What a resentment now, however. she vented all her annoyance and anger on the dress, so that she threw it on the ground and stepped on it as if she were stepping on Xue Jiayue. She then picked up the dress angrily and dumped it into the dustbin!


Xue Jiayue was sitting in Xu Yanwen's car, and soothing songs were playing in the car stereo. Xue Jiayue looked down at her hand, which had just been taken by Xu Yanwen and seemed to retain his body temperature.


"Jiayue," Xu Yanwen suddenly called her.


Xue Jiayue was stunned for a while, only to say "Hmm", indicating that she was listening.


Xu Yanwen said, "I'm going to Japan for a business trip in two days. Do you want to go with me?"


Xue Jiayue turned her head to see him and asked, "What am I going to do there?"


"Go to play," Xu Yanwen replied as a matter of course.  

Xue Jiayue laughed, "But I'm going to work. How can I go there?"


“Ask for leave,” Xu Yanwen didn't think there was any trouble in doing that.


Xue Jiayue shook her head, "I have just been at work for a few days, and I have already taken a lot of leave. No one is going to work like me. If I take another leave to go out to play, Mr. He will fire me. "


Xu Yanwen said in his heart that Mr. He did not dare to do so. But he controlled himself not to speak it out. Instead, he replied pitifully, "Then you can only go again next time."


Actually, Xue Jiayue was eager to go travelling, but it was really bad to ask for leave so often. No way out, she nodded, "Well then, next time."


Xu Yanwen didn't say anything, but he felt disappointed, too.




The next day, Linda received a notice from Assistant Feng.


Assistant Feng said to her solemnly, "Linda, your probation period assessment ranks last but one among the new recruits. Mr. Xu said that you are not suitable to work in the headquarters. You will be transferred to the branch of Heigh City as an administrative secretary. You will hand over your work here today.


It took quite a moment for Linda to respond to what Assistant Assistant Feng said. The branch in Heigh City  was thousands of miles away from Jing City. If she went there, she might never see Xu Yanwen again. She shouted out of control, "No, I don't believe it. I want to see President Xu."


And Indeed, she was going to rush outside the office. Assistant Feng stopped her and said, "Mr. Xu has already boarded a plane to Japan. He notified me via email that the letter of appointment was issued. The personnel department has already completed the relevant procedures. You only need to hand over the work you are responsible for."


“Why?” Linda's tears rolled down in an instant. She couldn't accept the result and murmured in her mouth, "He has promised my uncle ..."


Assistant Feng said blankly, "This is a job position finalized according to the ranking results of the company's strict assessment. Both you and the last one, Xiao He, are assigned to work in the branches in Heigh City. This is always the rule of our company."


Someone beside him also added, "That is, our company has always had this requirement that those with poor grades will go to the branch. If you really think that the branch is not good, you can actually resign."

"Yes, you can resign,but you should know, after resigning, you can no longer apply for any job with the Xu’s. "


These words were even more heart-breaking. Linda looked at Assistant Feng in tears and opened her mouth, but she couldn't say a word.


Later, Linda, who refused to go through the transfer procedures, was asked to leave by the security guards. In the end, she could not see Xu Yanwen again.




Xu Yanwen’s Japan business trip lasted for a total of three days, after which, he rushed back on Friday evening.


He at last got home at ten o'clock in the evening. Xue Jiayue was drawing a design in the living room. Hearing the movement of the door, she turned and saw him coming back. She looked a little surprised and asked, “Why did you come back so early?”.


"Why? Aren’t you happy to see me back?" Xu Yanwen changed his shoes at the door and walked over, pretending to ask unpleasantly.


Even though Xue Jiayue didn’t hope  him to come back so soon, she did not dare to speak in person now. She  shook her head and responded  knowingly, "Of course I am happy. I just thought you were going to stay Japan for a long time. I didn't expect you to come back so soon."


Xu Yanwen glanced at her and read her mind briefly. He then replied drily, "Since everything there is settled, I just came back."  

Xue Jiayue replied with a casual air,  "Well," but in her heart, she was a little disappointed. She wondered why he  finished his job there so quickly. If only he could stay there for a few more days.


Xu Yanwen approached her and said: "Tomorrow we will go back to the old house, which is stipulated by Grandpa, so I hurried back."


"Yes, we have to go there,"Xue Jiayue remembered it all at once. Grandpa Xu had emphasized this matter before.


The next day, Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue drove back to the old house to accompany Grandpa Xu as required.


It was a drive of about forty minutes from Ningxuan Garden to the Xu’s old house. There was no traffic jam on the road at that time. Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue soon returned to the old house.


Grandpa Xu was very pleased to see them, and he had asked Sister Zhen to prepare a large table of dishes. Fortunately, this time, there was no chicken soup, or Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen had to be cautious about eating.


After dinner, both of them accompanied Grandpa Xu to have a chat until it was quite late at night. Grandpa Xu then asked them to go back to their room to rest.


After returning to the room and looking at the only double bed there, Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen once again fell into the problem of how to sleep.


Standing there, Xue Jiayue’s eyes were fixed on the only bed. The couch in the room had been moved away, leaving only this bed to sleep. She looked up at Xu Yanwen. Her lips moved after hesitation, "How do we sleep?"


Xu Yanwen took a look at the bed, and he didn't seem to regard it as a problem. He replied easily, "Just sleep on it?"


“Yes?” Xue Jiayue was stunned.


Xu Yanwen walked to the bed with his long legs, raised his hand and pulled the tie under his neck. He looked calm. Then he said seriously, "The bed is big enough. You sleep on that half of the bed, and I sleep on this half."


Xue Jiayue, "..."


Xue Jiayue hesitated. Did they have to  share a bed? 


Without asking for Xue Jiayue's opinion, Xu Yanwen took off his tie and unbuttoned his suit revealing a white shirt inside, as if he was in a slow-motion, handsome and attractive.


Facing all these, Xue Jiayue could not help herself but grunted, “You…What are you doing?”


"Go to take a bath and then sleep," Xu Yanwen answered frankly:


This, well ...


Xue Jiayue was even more nervous, and her hands were sweaty. She turned around quickly, restrained herself from turning back to see him, "You, you wash first."


Xu Yanwen glanced behind her, his lips curling up slightly while his dark eyes glistening. He responded her softly, and then he stepped forward to her.  

Xue Jiayue felt everything went black before her eyes suddenly, and then a tall, erect figure stood before her. Xu Yanwen had already taken off his outer suit, and the white shirt buttons inside had come unbuttoned to the third one, revealing his wheat-colored skin inside, and his strong chest was looming.


Xue Jiayue couldn't help but smell a faint mint like fragrance from Xu Yanwen, which made her heart palpitate. She quickly stepped back and looked at the tall and straight man in front of her. She was almost stuttering with nervousness, "What… What are you doing?"  

The author’s note--   Xue Jiayue: You, what are you doing?


Xu Yanwen: Do ~ love ~

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