Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 38

My God, what the hell was this? Xue Jiayue was completely stunned. The conversation she wanted was actually quite different from the conversation Xu Yanwen wanted! Didn’t he plan a good divorce? How could it become respecting her ideas in the future? Was it written like this in the original text? How could the the plot change so much?

"Of course." Xu Yanwen emphasized again before Xue Jiayue making an explanation, "Although I will not be as harsh on you as before and I will respect your ideas and give you the freedom you want, as Mrs. Xu, I also hope that you won’t do things that may offend your identity as Mrs. Xu. When dealing with people outside, you have to be more mindful. Furthermore, please keep a certain distance for friends of the opposite sex."

His last sentence was talking about Cheng Wei. Xue Jiayue had always been naive in mind, and  was aleays sincere in making friends. She didn’t guard against her friends. Now she and Cheng Wei had a good relationship. Maybe she had no idea about Cheng Wei, but men were always very accurate in judging each other. As a man, since Xu Yanwen saw Cheng Wei for the first time and later saw him again in the hospital, he had became more and more certain that Cheng Wei’s thoughts on Xue Jiayue were not that simple, especially Cheng Wei’s hostility towards him, which made him a little uncomfortable with Cheng Wei.

Xue Jiayue finally understood Xu Yanwen's meaning. He didn't want to divorce her, at least not he didn’t want to divorce now. This was probably because of Grandpa Xu’s prestige. He said that he would not control her like before, and would give her freedom and relax the requirements imposed on her. That meant that the previous house rules could no longer be executed. However, he proposed another rule that she must perform the duty as Mrs. Xu, and couldnot discredit her identity as Mrs. Xu. Especially when dealing with friends of the opposite sex, she should keep a distance.

Did... did he think that marital infidelity could occur on him?

Go to hell!— She didn't have this kind of boring thought. She was not like some people who had white moonlight in the heart!

"You can rest assured. I am not interested in such things as marital infidelity, and I am not above doing that." Xue Jiayue said straightly.

Xu Yanwen choked at once. He was still worried that the sentence requiring Xue Jiayue to keep away from the opposite sex may hurt Xue Jiayue's self-esteem, so he said it very tactfully. He did not expect Xue Jiayue to understand it all at once, and even to say directly that she will not do that boring thing.

Xue Jiayue didn't care so much. She said again, "If I really like someone else, I will tell you directly."

After saying that, she looked at Xu Yanwen with a meaningful look.

Xu Yanwen was stunned by her gaze. This situation was not normal! Quickly, he said to her, "I don't have that kind of interest either. I believe that you are very clear about my character."

After hearing that, Xue Jiayue couldn't help sneering.

Xu Yanwen looked at her strangely, feeling that her smile was problematic. The smile looked like mocking. Was this a suspicion of his attitude?

"Please speak directly." Xu Yanwen looked at her deeply.

"It's nothing." Xue Jiayue waved his hand, with an indifferent look.

"Jiayue, I hope we can be honest with each other. Please don't conceal each other if there is something in the heart." Xu Yanwen said.

Xue Jiayue looked at him with her head tilted to his side. Staring at his charming handsome face, she hooked her lips and said, "Do you really want me to say it out?"

Xu Yanwen felt her tone was abnormal. After hearing that, he said while frowning involuntarily, "Please say."

"Well, sake of you." Xue Jiayue simply did not hesitate to speak out. Anyway, when it had come to this part, it was better to say it clearly.

"That day outside the Friendship Hotel, I saw you with a beautiful woman."

Xu Yanwen knew that she was talking about Linda. He couldn't help but laughed, "That was my secretary."

Secretary? Xue Jiayue was stunned for a moment.

Xu Yanwen looked at her stunned face, with a bigger smile on his face. No wonder he felt that she had been weird in the past few days. He could not understand what happened to her recently. It turned out that the crux was due to this. He thought that she had changed to not care anything anymore. In fact, it seemed that she was still a small jar of vinegar as before.

"She is the new secretary of the company, and is professor Han’s nephew. She was just recruited to the company after graduating from university. She went to the Friendship Hotel to have dinner that day. Professor Han asked me to discuss things, and she took a free ride." Xu Yanwen briefly explained what happened that day.

It turned out that she misunderstood him. Xue Jiayue's face suddenly turned red.

"It's very late. I'm going to bed. The doctor told me to rest early." Xue Jiayue was embarrassed to stay with Xu Yanwen. Hurriedly, she found a shoddy reason and hurried back to the room.

Watching her figure of running back to the room, Xu Yanwen couldn't help laughing lightly.

The next day, Xue Jiayue had a rest at home. In the afternoon, she received a call from Xu Yanwen.

"Jiayue, could you bring the document I put on the desk to me? I’m in the company"

Xue Jiayue originally wanted to say no. However, before she spoke out, she heard Xu Yanwen saying on the phone, "I'm going to have a meeting soon. That’s a very important meeting. That document is really important, and it's related to a billion-amount investment. Can you send the document to me?"

Since the matter had been so serious, Xue Jiayue had to agree. She had no choice but to say, "I will send it to you later."

Xue Jiayue changed her clothes soon. After picking up the bag and putting the documents in the bag, she went out.

Ningxuan Yayuan was not far from Xu's group, so that she didn't drive the car but took the subway for two stations. It was faster than driving.

Xue Jiayue called Xu Yanwen downstairs, "I'm here."

Xu Yanwen said on the phone, "You take the elevator directly. I'm just a little busy now."

"Okay." Xue Jiayue had to hang up the phone and walked into the hall of the Xu’s Group, intending to take the elevator.

The staff at the front desk recognized Xue Jiayue. Seeing her walking in from outside, the staff greeted her with a smile, "Hellow, Mrs. Xu."

This was the first time Xue Jiayue had come to the Xu Group after transmigrating. When she saw that the staff at the front desk was so nice, she nodded to them with a smile.

The two front desk staff were slightly surprised when they saw Xue Jiayue's smiling face. After all, when Xue Jiayue came here before, she was very arrogant and would never look at them at all, letting alone smile at them. However, today, they felt Xue Jiayue had changed a lot and had become more friendly to people.

After Xue Jiayue got on the elevator and went upstairs, the two reception staff discussed secretly.

"Did you see that? She actually smiled at us just now."

"I have seen. It's a little strange."

"I also feel a little strange."

"She actually has such a good attitude?"

"Maybe, a good attitude is just an appearance, and there will be a stronger earthquake in the future! I really worry for Mr. Xu."

"Oh, let's say in the Wechat group quickly, so as to make everyone pay attention and not hit the gun."

"Right, that’s fine."

While saying, the two quickly sent a message in the private group.

[Emergency Notice: Mrs. Xu is coming, Mrs. Xu is coming. Please pay attention, everyone.]

[What? Mrs. Xu is coming? Where is she now?]

[She is taking the elevator to Xu General Office.]

[Does she look unhappy? Wouldn't he come to quarrel with Mr. Xu again? Last time she left while crying.]

[She looks good, and even smiled at us just now.]

[Mrs. Xu smiled at you, is that true?!]



Xue Jiayue didn't know anything about the people talking about her in a private group. She took the elevator upstairs. Assistant Feng was waiting for her at the elevator exit. When she came out of the elevator, Assistant Feng hurried stepped forward, "President Xu is talking with people in the office. Mrs. Xu, please go to the lounge for rest."

Xue Jiayue opened the bag and took out the document, "This is an important document he wants."

Assistant Feng reached out to pick up the document, "I will take it to President Xu later. This way please, Mrs. Xu."

"Thank you, Assistant Feng." Xue Jiayue nodded and followed Assistant Feng to the lounge.

At this time, Linda, who just sent the document downstairs, just saw Assistant Feng talking and laughing to Xue Jiayue, with a very respectful attitude.

She wondered, how could Assistant Feng treat her so well?

Then she heard Assistant Feng said to Xue Jiayue, "Mrs. Xu, it may take more than ten minutes for Mr. Xu to finish the meeting..."

After Linda heard what Assistant Feng said to Xue Jiayue, she felt not good. Is that person Mrs. Xu? Is she really Mr. Xu's wife?

She still remembered clearly that when she first came to the company, the colleagues in the company were talking about Mrs. Xu’s wife in private, saying that Mrs. Xu was ugly, fierce and evil, and simply not worthy of Mr. Xu, and Mr. Xu had no feelings for her. She always thought that Mr. Xu's wife was really an ugly and strange person.

But who was that she saw just now? It was the beautiful woman who wore a blue and white long dress in the mall. She was surprised by her at the first glance. It was the beauty she met in the Friendship Hotel who was wearing a bracelet being worth hundreds of thousands yuan. It was the beauty who completely disdained her and made her envious and unenviable!

Looking at Xue Jiayue who was wearing a blue and white dress and Assistant Feng who spoke respectfully next to her, she then glanced at the blue and white dress she was wearing, and suddenly realized what was awkard. Her face turned white and then she ran into the washroom next door and dared not to come out again. She stayed in the compartment for a long time before daring to come out.

At this time, two female colleagues walked into the washroom while talking and laughing.

"Did you just see Mrs. Xu?" Xiao Li asked.

"I saw her." Xiao Liu said, "She used to always make a heavy makeup every time she came to the company, which looked very ugly. Today, she only had a light makeup and looked pretty good."

"I don't mean her makeup. I mean the blue and white dress she wears. Don't you think it's familiar?" Xiao Li said.

Xiao Liu thought for a moment and said, "It seems to be really familiar, like the skirt that Linda is wearing."

Xiao Li pouted and said with a smile, "It's not similar. It’s all the same. But the effect was just quite different. Mrs. Xu looks like a fairy in the dress, but some people wearing it looks like a sick suit."

"Sick suit?" Xiao Liu imagined how Linda was wearing the skirt. She couldn't help but laughed then.

"Is it very similar?" Xiao Li said to Xiao Liu while raising the eyebrows, "And I heard that she bought the skirt by credit card."

Xiao Liu nodded again, "It is indeed very much like a sick suit. Furthermore, she borrow money to buy a sick suit, hahaha. That’s so funny..."

Author’s note: Xu Yanwen: My wife is the most beautiful.

Xue Jiayue: I see.

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