Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 37

Because of Zhao Anan’s affairs,Tang Yichuan became decadent and cynical, changing girlfriends faster than changing clothes. This childe of the Tang family turned out to be a true philanderer, but even so, countless women who wanted to marry into rich and powerful families rushed to his arms one after another.

The original of Xue Jiayue detested and cold-shouldered him. She used to mock him in his face, "Look, What a sight your are? I don't understand why those women like you?  Only because of your face? "


Actually, Tang Yichuan and the original loathed each other. He raised his eyebrows and asked her in reply, "Then what do you love about Brother Xu? Don't you like his money? If he didn't have money, would you marry him?"  

The original would never allow Tang Yichuan to slander her love. She yelled angrily, "I love Brother Xu. I'm not as dirty as you think! Do you think everyone is the same as your girlfriend? " 


This remark completely angered Tang Yichuan. He snapped at her with a sullen face, "Xue Jiayue, you just wait and see!"  

The original hurriedly hid behind Xu Yanwen, stretched her head out and made a face at Tang Yichuan, seemingly laughing at him, ‘Am I afraid of you? Do you have the ability to beat me?’


With Xu Yanwen present there to  protect the original, of course Tang Yichuan could do nothing to her. Ever since then, both of them became enemies. Whenever they met, their eyes blazed with hate. 


The original despised Tang Yichuan.  She thought he was really out of line to be so desperate for a woman. He was indeed less of a man.  

Of course, Xu Yanwen knew that Xue Jiayue looked down upon Tang Yichuan, but anyway, Tang Yichuan was the youngest among them several friends, who had grown up together with him. Thus, he couldn’t ignore it. Instead, he tried to help with the situation. These years, Tang Yichuan respected him and tried to listen to him. 


"Jiayue, don't be so mad about Yichuan. You see no one likes to   run into such a situation like that," Xu Yanwen advised Xue Jiayue, "And I will try to persuade him later."


Xue Jiayue grunted fiercely while clenching her fists, "If he dares to provoke Zhang Xiaojiao, I will teach him a lesson!"


Xu Yanwen took a look at her and made sure that she was not kidding. But he couldn't help laughing, because he thought her ferocious appearance was quite lovely.  

"Do not laugh!" Xue Jiayue glared at him, warning with a sullen face.


"Ok, I won't laugh," Xu Yanwen stopped laughing and got the car started again, "Let's go home."



In the apartment, Xue Jiayue was sitting on the sofa playing games. She had made an appointment with Cheng Wei to raid an instance together. Cheng Wei drove his warrior of "the world's first sword" and teamed up with two members. As soon as the new teammates came in, Xue Jiayue found she had an acquaintance there, a male warrior named "killing the world", who took her travel in and out of the instance last time.


Xue Jiayue quickly greeted "killing the world" in the team, "Hello! Nice to meet you!”


"Killing the world" also greeted her, "Hello!"


Xue Jiayue asked,"So you are friends with ‘the world's first sword’?”


"Killing the world" told her,"We got to know each other in the game. We have done several missions together."


Xue Jiayue suggested, "Then we can also add friends and do tasks together in the future."


"Killing the world" replied, "All right!"


Soon, "killing the world" sent her a friend invitation, and Xue Jiayue quickly passed the request, and a new friend was added in the game friends list.


Led by "killing the world", Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei had a very smooth trip in the instance. It took the team only  about 20 minutes to finish the task.


Though they didn’t get any valuable equipment in the end, Xue Jiayue was still very happy, because she had made new friends today.


"Killing the world" said that he had something to do, and soon quit the game. Cheng Wei also left after making an appointment for tomorrow’s fight.


Nothing to do by herself, Xue Jiayue stepped out of the game, too.


At this moment, Xu Yanwen came out of his room and saw Xue Jiayue sitting in a daze on the sofa. He asked her, "What’s the matter?"


Xue Jiayue put the phone aside and shook her head, "Nothing".


Xu Yanwen sat down on the sofa next to her and said, "Jiayue, let's have a talk."


Xue Jiayue took a look at him. She remembered that he had made this decision the other day, but it was delayed because something unexpected happened. She thought he had forgotten it. She did not foresee that he would really have a good conversation with her. So she had no reason to refuse him. In fact, it's better for them to talk about their marriage as early as possible. There was a saying that, ‘You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink’. It was true for their marriage because nothing forcibly done was going to be agreeable.  If she were to leave the marriage early, she would still be able to go out to enjoy herself for a few more years while she was young and pretty.  

"Okay. What do you want to talk about?" Xue Jiayue gave him a quick response and stared directly at him.


Facing her shining eyes, as pretty as a glittering jewel in the light, Xu Yanwen recalled her appearance when he first saw her. She was only six or seven years old then and she had just been taken to the Xu family by his grandfather. She looked a little awkward standing in the hall, wearing a pink skirt.  She widely opened her big bright eyes and looked at everything around her blankly and uneasily.  

He was reading upstairs when Grandpa asked the butler to call him downstairs and he had to come out of his study. As soon as he went down the stairs, he saw Xue Jiayue standing in the hall. His gaze met hers for that split second, and he saw panic like a bunny from her eyes, while she looked at him and ducked. At that time, he thought she was quite lovely, like a little animal that needed protection.  

Grandpa stood beside her, smiling very kindly while coaxing her, "Call him elder brother. This is your Brother Xu."


Little Xue Jiayue moved her lips and  seemingly tried to summon up her courage to call him Brother Xu.  

When Xu Yanwen first heard the term "Brother Xu", he was actually a bit annoyed by it. However, as he was facing such a little girl, and it was his  grandfather who told her to call him this way. Xu Yanwen, who was several years older than Xue Jiayue, just accepted it as well.


Since then, this little girl lived in their Xu family for more than ten years. During all these years, from that timid little girl to a beautiful young woman, she had followed him all the way from the junior high school to college. Keeping behind him, she always called him "Brother Xu, Brother Xu" just like his little tail.


Later, that incident happened, and then she set a trap for him, married him and became Mrs. Xu ...  

At this moment, Xu Yanwen looked at Xue Jiayue and said, "We knew each other from our childhood and seventeen years has passed since then. Remember?"


Of course, Xue Jiayue, the transmigrated counterfeit, was not clear how many years exactly they two had known each other. She looked at Xu Yanwen strangely. She wondered  why he suddenly mentioned this history. Did he want to start their talk from the past?


She quickly turned out the memory of her original body in her mind. She counted and found it had really been more than 17 years. Xue Jiayue nodded and answered him, "Yes, more than seventeen years now, and it will be eighteen years next month."


"Eighteen years," Xu Yanwen seemed a little emotional, with a smile on his face. He exclaimed, "When I first saw you, you were still a girl of six or seven years old then."


Xue Jiayue returned to him, "You were not that big at that time."


Xu Yanwen corrected her seriously, "I am several years older than you."


This was a fact, Xue Jiayue did not refute him.


Xu Yanwen again said, "Jiayue, I have treated you like a younger sister since you arrived at our Xu family. Do you understand?"


“Got it,” Xue Jiayue gave him a crisp answer. Of course she understood, and she had known it very well from the book she read before she transmigrated. Now that she was present, she knew it more clearly .


Xu Yanwen was stunned to hear Xue Jiayue answer in this manner. Because, in the past, Xue Jiayue didn't answer him like this, and her reaction at that time was also different.  

He found she had changed a lot, and her personality was quite different from before. She no longer allowed him to control her like the time when she was a child. She kept emphasizing that she had grown up and she needed freedom.


He didn’t know what made her have such a change. He just felt like she had suddenly changed to another person. If he were not seeing her everyday, he would think it was another person sitting beside him.


As for the change of Xue Jiayue, Xu Yanwen can't describe his inner feelings. Sometimes he felt she was strange, sometimes he found she was cute, but he firmly believed that no matter how she was, some things could never change. He needed to emphasize them again.  

Thus, Xu Yanwen told her seriously, "Jiayue, we are married now, and we are husband and wife."


Xue Jiayue blinked, thinking with excitement and nervousness. Here he came, and entered the topic. Would he talk about their divorce soon?


However, what Xu Yanwen said was,   "Although this is the result of Grandpa's request, we are married after all, and everyone around us knows our relationship, so I hope that in this marriage, we must respect each other.”


‘Respect each other?’ thought Xue Jiayue. She was a little dumbfounded. She wondered why he didn’t talk to her about divorce, and how come he talked this way? It seemed the direction of their talk was not what she had expected.


Xu Yanwen continued, "You said you’ve grown up and didn't want me to take care of you anymore. It’s true I used to treat you as my younger sister, taking you as a child. I'm very strict with you like your elder brother. I stop you from doing this and that making you very unhappy. You feel like you have no freedom, just because I am too strict.“

“So I’ve decided to let up on you in the future, give you the freedom you want, respect your ideas, and do whatever you want. I won’t be as harsh as before.” His words conveyed his real feeling.

There, Xue Jiayue was completely speechless. She didn't understand what was going on in front of her?

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