Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 36

Xu Yanwen said to Xue Jiayue after thinking about it for a while, "Tell your friend to keep a distance from Tang Yichuan, and get away from him once meeting him."

"What do you mean? How could Tang Yichuan know her?" Xue Jiayue looked at Xu Yanwen strangely. She knew that he had a friend named Tang Yichuan, who was the cynical rich second generation and always changed girlfriend at random.

She remembered that Zhang Xiaojiao had just been in Jing City for a few days. She didn’t know that Zhang Xiaojiao had actually known Tang Yichuan or that Tang Yichuan actually knew Zhang Xiaojiao. Regarding to them, one was a cynical childe of a rich family, and the other was just a little girl who was so hard up and always kept juggling for life. Xue Jiayue didn't think there was a possibility for these two people to have intersection.

Xu Yanwen also understood Xue Jiayue's words. In consideration of the identity of Tang Yichuan and Zhang Xiaojiao, there really was no possibility for them to have intersection. However, sometimes things were just so coincident.

"Your friend looks like Tang Yichuan's first girlfriend." Xu Yanwen recalled the appearance of Tang Yichuan's first girlfriend. It must be said that Zhang Xiaojiao really looked like Zhao Anan. At first glance, Zhao Xiaojiao's brows, eyes, nose and face were almost similar to Zhao Anan. Especially, her submissive expression was very like the Zhao Anan's look when he saw her for the first time. At that time, Zhao Anan was still a naive and lovely girl, who had no the scheming thinkings she had later, and obviously had no the events happened later.

Xue Jiayue was taken aback. She couldn't believe what she heard, "You mean Zhang Xiaojiao looks like Tang Yichuan's first girlfriend? Is that possible?"

"It's true." Xu Yanwen turned to Xue Jiayue after parking the car on the side of the road, "They are really a little similar. Tang Yichuan has already seen her."

"Who are you talking about?" Xue Jiayue still couldn't accept the fact she heard just now, "You mean that Tang Yichuan has seen Zhang Xiaojiao already? What did he do to her? Does he want to treat Zhang Xiaojiao like the other women? Zhang Xiaojiao is such a honest girl and her life experience is already pitiful enough. He shouldn't catch for her like that. You need to tell him not to hurt Zhang Xiaojiao!"

Seeing Xue Jiayue being so excited, Xu Yanwen quickly appeased her, "Tang Yichuan has only seen Zhang Xiaojiao for once and hasn't done anything to Zhang Xiaojiao yet. I just remembered of these things, so let you remind her to stay away from Tang Yichuan, in order not to cause unnecessary troubles. As for Tang Yichuan, I will remind him later."

The reason why Xu Yanwen said this was because that on one hand, he cared Xue Jiayue, and since Zhang Xiaojiao was her friend, he did not want Tang Yichuan to do anything wrong to Zhang Xiaojiao, so as to avoid a bad ending; on the other hand, he was also actually considering for Zhang Xiaojiao. He wanted Zhang Xiaojiao to keep a distance from Tang Yichuan because that for Tang Yichuan, even he sometimes couldn't understand what he was thinking. He used to be a good man, but since the event related to Zhao Anan, Tang Yichaun changed greatly. At this time, even if he wanted to remind and persuade him, there were always situations beyond his grasp. After all, sometimes for the private affairs, it's not good for him to interfere from time to time.

Xue Jiayue said while looking at Xu Yanwen, "How did Tang Yichuan meet Zhang Xiaojiao and how did you know that? Even if Zhang Xiaojiao looks like his first girlfriend, she is a different girl after all. He can't blame another girl for what he suffered from his first girlfriend."

Xu Yanwen sighed lightly and then told Xue Jiayue about the scene they met Zhang Xiaojiao in Tangcheng Xiaoyue Restaurant when celebrating Tang Yichuan's birthday.

"You met Zhang Xiaojiao in Tangyue Xiaoyue at that time?" Xue Jiayue asked.

Xu Yanwen answered, "Yes," and then he added, "At that time, Tang Yichuan asked Zhang Xiaojiao why she came to Tangcheng Xiaoyue as a princess, and she said that her mother was sick and needed money."

"No wonder she told me that she found a job, and her income was good enough for her and her mother to live. This is the case." Xue Jiayue then knew what the job was that Zhang Xiaojiao said to her before.

"If you are convenient, you may tell her that Tangcheng Xiaoyue is a place where good and evil people are mixed up. She'd better leave there. If there's another chance, she can change her job." Xu Yanwen said.

Hearing that, Xue Jiayue couldn't help but laugh at him, "Are you afraid that Tang Yichuan will harass Zhang Xiaojiao? As for Tang Yichuan, can he control himself like a man?"

It couldn't completely blame Xue Jiayue for speaking bad. As rich second generation, Tang Yichuan's eight-grade-disease period came later than normal people but lasted longer than them.

When Tang Yichuan met Zhao Anan at the university, he concealed his identity of the second youngest childe of the Tang's family. At that time, he insisted on being self-reliance and self-improvement, and also went out for work-study program. Zhao Anan also thought he was really a poor college student. Tang Yichuan didn't tell her the truth, instead, he said that he believed in true love. They really had a hard time at that time.

Later, Zhao Anan participated in a showcases event, and stood out from thousands of people. She successfully entered the entertainment circle after that. After seeing the flashy and glorious life of the entertainment circle, Zhao Anan began to change greatly, gradually began to abandon Tang Yichuan, and disgusted that Tang Yichuan couldn't help her, couldn't give her the resources she wanted and couldn't make her famous and become a star of much attention.

In order to become famous, seek for popularity and resources, and achieve her so-called goals and wishes, Zhao Anan hooked up a rich man behind Tang Yichuan. The rich man invested in a drama at that time. After Zhao Anan hooked up him, she obtained the female leading role in that drama.

However, the investor had a fair round belly and a swelled head, and also was baldness. He was even five years older than Zhao Anan's father. How could Zhao Anan hook up him and live with the investor behind Tang Yichuan's back?

At first, Zhao Anan concealed Tang Yichuan. However, one time, accidentally Tang Yichuan knew about it, and took his bodyguards to catch the investor and Zhao Anan on the bed.

When seeing his beloved girlfriend hugging with an old man who was not worthy of licking his shoes, Tang Yichuan was so angry. He scolded her while pointing at Zhao Anan's nose, "If you want the fucking money, I can give you. If you need resources, the heroine role or anything else, I can invest for you. But you fucking roll in bed with a damn old man. He is older than your dad. How could you kiss this kind of stuff? Aren't you afraid of becoming oily?"

Zhao Anan had never known the true identity of Tang Yichuan, but the investor knew him clearly. He recognized Tang Yichuan as soon as seeing him. He was the second youngest childe of the Tang's family. Even if the investor had much money and could invest in a few dramas in the entertainment circle and had played a few female stars, he was still a gnat in front of the Tang's family. The Tang's family could kill him easily just by acting a minor behavior.

The investor realized that he had made a mistake and slept with the wrong person. Being aware that he had offended the Tang's family, the investor pushed all the mistakes to Zhao Anan instantly. Pointing to Zhao Anan, he kept saying, "She seduces me. She said she wanted to be the female leading role and asked me to come out. You know I have a wife. My wife is much prettier than her. How could I like her..."

Tang Yichuan looked at the investors contemptuously. Daring to act but daring not to bear responsibility, the investor was just a waste!

He clenched his fists and punched the investor’s face continuously. He stared at the investor with a gloomy face, as if he were looking at a dead person, "You don't like her? Why you sleep with her since you don't like her? Don't you remember to investigate the background? Does the sperm occupy your brain? Why are you looking for death!"

"Yes, yes, I am looking for death!" The investor knelt on the ground. Half of his face was swollen due to the beating. He kept saying good things to Tang Yichuan for mercy.

"Childe Tang, it's all my fault. I will never dare to do that again. Please forgive me, forgive me..."

But how could Tang Yichuan easily spare him? He asked his bodyguards to drag the investor into the bathroom and give him a good beating.

Witnessed all the process, Zhao Anan wrapped herself in a quilt, shaking in the corder. Looking at Tang Yichuan who was approaching step by step, she was crying as if pear blossom being bathed in the rain. Lying at Tang Yichuan's feet, she kept begging for mercy and forgive.

"Yichuan, I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I won't dare to do that again in the future. I was just fascinated and deceived by him. Please forgive me. Please forgive me."

Tang Yichuan watched her crying coldy until she finished the performance. When she couldn’t cry anymore couldn’t act anymore, he squatted down in front of her and then stretched her hand to raise her chin, while asking her anathematically, “Am I kind being kind to you?"

Zhao Anan nodded while weeping, "Yes, you are very nice to me. No one is as nice to me as you are."

"Bah." Tang Yichuan sneered, patting her face that made him love and hate, "Unfortunately, even though I am so nice to you, you still betray me."

"Yichuan..." Zhao Anan looked at Tang Yichuan with fear, feeling that Tang Yichuan in front of her was so terrible.

"All the trouble is caused by this face!" Tang Yichuan chuckled, "It was also this face that puzzled me before."

"What are you going to do?" Zhao Anan looked at Tang Yichuan in horror. She was shaking all over her body. She wanted to get up and run away, but Tang Yichuan reached out and held her shoulder, making her completely unable to move.

"If it wasn't because of this face, how would I meet you and be infatuated with you? If it wasn't because of this face, how could you get into the entertainment industry? You betrayed me for such a little resource. What do you take me for?"

"I... I'm wrong, please forgive. Let me go." The even had irretrievably happened, and Zhao Anan's only solution was to ask Tang Yichuan to let her go.

However, even though thinking with her toes, she would know that it's impossible for Tang Yichuan to let off a woman who had made him a cuckold. Finally, Zhao Anan's ending was obvious.

Afterwards, Zhao Anan could no longer stay in the entertainment circle. She lost her wealth and reputation. Until later she disappeared from Jing City completely and could only move to another place with her family.

And the investor didn’t get much better. He started his career relying on his wife. However, due to the event, his wife didn’t want to offend the Tang's family, so she divorced him directly, and then swept him out of the family. Since that, he became a poor wretch again, and had to go back to his hometown in disgrace.

Although the event had passed for several years, its impact on Tang Yichuan was still great. Since then, Tang Yichuan had changed greatly. Whatever true love was, he didn't care anymore.

As for the idea he believed before that he could start a career relying on himself, he abandoned it completely due to the ruthless impact of reality. Even he himself felt that it was very naive and silly for him to start a career by himself. He didn't have anyone who needed him to protect. As the second childe of the Tang's family, even if he didn't do anything in his life and only kept eating and drinking, he could live his whole life very well. He felt that it was also good to sit around and wait to die.

Author's note: Tang Yichuan and Zhang Xiaojiao are CP, who will play a very important role. They are assists.

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