Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 35

Xu Yanwen’s fingers on the steering wheel clicked uncontrollably. He stretched out his hand to loosen the tie under his neck. Suddenly, he could not help leaning over to Xue Jiayue. His face slowly, slowly, approached hers…  

Xue Jiayue was dreaming. At the moment, she was in a field of flowers blooming in the breeze, where it was full of birds and flowers, as beautiful as a fairyland. She happily played on the grass while collecting many fresh flowers.


Suddenly, a huge black shadow appeared in front of her. She looked up and saw it was Xu Yanwen with a serious face. She was startled and wanted to run back.


Unexpectedly, Xu Yanwen ran faster than her. He took a step forward and grabbed her by the arm. She struggled hard and couldn't get rid of him. Instead, she annoyed Xu Yanwen, who directly pressed her onto the flower field.


She lay on the grass, and Xu Yanwen pressed on top of her. She looked at his handsome face so close to hers in panic. And suddenly, she woke up.


As soon as she opened her eyes, she had a magnified handsome face in front of her. It was Xu Yanwen's face, which was very, very close to hers, just like the situation in the dream. She was startled and retreated back instinctively.


It was a pity that she moved too much and hit the window behind her with a bang. She was knocked so hard that she saw stars and tears rolled down her eyes.  

"Does it hurt?" Xu Yanwen felt painful for her seeing that she was hit like that. He reached out, touched her head, and asked helplessly, "Why are you so careless?"


Xue Jiayue's tears came out in pain, and she was fully awake. Just now, she was dreaming, but he suddenly came to her, and she was scared to wake up. She subconsciously tried to avoid him, but as a result, she hit the window heavily. So, how could it not hurt?  

"How come you suddenly got so close? It scared me," said Xue Jiayue after she finally managed to hold back her tears. She looked at him with grievance, and there was a reproach in her eyes.  

Xu Yanwen didn't expect she would react so much at that moment. He clearly saw that she slept so soundly and showed no signs of waking up. Therefore, he tried approaching her. How did he know that she would suddenly wake up? He wondered if  she had dreamt of something previously.  

"I just saw a fly on your nose. I wanted to help you get rid of it," Xu Yan answered expressionlessly.


He was afraid that if Xue Jiayue knew the truth, she might have to point at his nose and call him the nasty fly.


"It's true?” Xue Jiayue looked at him suspiciously. She felt that what he said sounded not credible.


Xu Yanwen replied calmly, "It’s up to you, believe it or not." Then he gave her another glance and quickly changed the subject, "We’re home now. Don't you get off?"


Xue Jiayue, however, continued to stare at him, as if trying to find the answer she wanted from his face.  

Xu Yanwen did not give her the opportunity to continue watching. He turned his head quickly, reached out to pull out the key of the car, opened the door with his left hand, and walked away with his long legs.


"If you are tired, go home and sleep. To sleep in the bed is more comfortable than in the car," Xu Yanwen left this line to Xue Jiayue as if nothing had happened.  

Xue Jiayue pouted her lips in displeasure. Of course she knew it was comfortable to sleep in bed. If it were not for the cold medicine, how could she sleep in the car?  

Back at home, she directly went to her bedroom. She still felt a little tired and dizzy, so she lied down in bed.


Soon, Xu Yanwen came and knocked on the door. She did not get up to answer it. Instead, she replied "I am sleeping."


Xu Yanwen's soft laughter came from outside the door, and then he said gently, "There is nothing to do in the company this afternoon. I am in the study next door. Call me if you need anything.


Xue Jiayue propped herself up from the bed and raised her voice, "I'm fine. You just do your own business."


Xu Yanwen looked at the closed door and knew she was still sulking! She was still the same as when she was a child!  

Xue Jiayue waited for a while, and heard nothing more from the door. She supposed that Xu Yanwen had left and she went back to bed.


At first she thought that she would not be able to fall asleep, but as soon as she lied down in bed, she fell asleep again. She didn’t wake up until there was another knock at the door.


“Who is it?” she asked, while sitting up from the bed and rubbing her sleepy eyes.


It was Grandpa Xu's voice that came from the door outside, "It's me, Grandpa."


Xue Jiayue was shocked and she immediately woke up. She threw back the covers and scrambled out of bed. She put on her slippers, went to the dressing-table and smoothed her hair with a comb. Then she checked her appearance again to make sure everything was ok. She then turned around and went to the door to open it.  

"Grandpa, why are you here?" Xue Jiayue opened the door and saw Grandpa Xu standing there leaning on a crutch. She reached out to hold him by the arm.


Grandpa Xu looked at her and found that though she looked a little pale, she was in good spirits, so he was relieved and said, "I just heard you have got a cold, so I come and see you. You haven't been to our old house for many days and you haven’t made a phone call, either."


Xue Jiayue took a quick glance at Xu Yanwen. Xu Yanwen returned her a helpless look while throwing wide his hands. He meant that he didn’t tell Grandpa about her cold. Grandpa had heard from others and asked the driver to send him here.  

"Grandpa, don’t worry about me. It’s just a cold. I only need some medicine and rest for two days!" Xue Jiayue coaxed Grandpa Xu with a smile.


Grandpa Xu patted her on the head lovingly and replied, "Why do I feel you look thinner? Did Yan Wen fail to take care of you? How about letting Sister Zhen come here to help every day? I wouldn’t be relieved if no one takes care of you."


Thinking about Sister Zhen, Xue Jiayue felt quite nervous. Last time, she and Xu Yanwen had suffered it enough. She didn’t like Sister Zhen to involve in her and Xu Yanwen's life. It would be very complicated then.


Xue Jiayue quickly responded smilingly, "Grandpa, I'm not thin. I'm still fat. I weighed it yesterday. I’ve gained two pounds recently. If I continue this way, I should grow into a fat girl. I think my life has been quite good recently. I have regular work schedules. We don’t need to trouble Sister Zhen to help us here. I’ve grown up and I should exercise myself. "


As Grandpa Xu still held fast to his own views, Xue Jiayue began to play the coquetry, making use of her trump card. She tried every means she could, praising and coaxing Grandpa into agreeing not to let Sister Zhen come for help, but he came up with another request that every weekend, both she and Xu Yanwen must go back to the old house, and stay there for one night to accompany him. If there were special circumstances, they could make other temporary arrangements.

The past experience told Xue Jiayue living in the old house was also a headache for her. It meant she had to live in the same room with Xu Yanwen. It would really be inconvenient even if it was only for one night every week. 


She had tried every means to stop Sister Zhen from coming to them. What else could she do now to change Grandpa Xu’s mind? She had to lay her hope on Xu Yanwen, so she looked appealingly in his direction and blinked at him desperately, trying to make him hurry to find a way.


When Xu Yanwen saw her winking at him, he couldn't help thinking of that day at the gate of Friendship Hotel. In order to prevent Xue Jiayue from knowing the truth of the studio, he also tried hard to make eyes at Mr. He, but He was so stupid that he didn't understand what he meant, which made him act like a clown.  

At the moment, seeing Xue Jiayue was just like him at that time, looking so funny , he couldn't help but want to laugh.


Of course, Xu Yanwen understood Xue Jiayue's meaning. He was not as stupid as Mr. He was. However, their present situation was a bit embarrassing. Grandpa now proposed to let them return to their old house for one day every week, which was his minimum requirement actually. If they bargained again and again, Grandpa might be unhappy. They had taken so much effort to move out of the old house. Now if they continued to refuse Grandpa, he might even force them to move back from the apartment completely. Their previous efforts would be completely in vain in that case.

After thinking it over, Xu Yanwen decided to follow his grandpa's arrangement. They would go back to live in the old house one day a week. As for how to settle the specific problem when they lived there, they could try to find a way at that time. In short, disobedience at present was not a good way to escape from Grandpa.  

"Grandpa, we'll follow your idea. From this weekend, we will go back to live one day a week," Xu Yanwen answered obediently.


Grandpa Xu was very glad to hear that. He said with a huge grin on his face, "Well, well, that's settled."


However, Xue Jiayue was shocked by Xu Yanwen's choice. She suddenly looked up at Xu Yanwen on the opposite side. Her eyes widely opened. She really couldn't understand why Xu Yanwen agreed to it. She was annoyed why he didn’t  cooperate with her and refused Grandpa Xu’s unreasonable request!


Xu Yanwen was amused by her appearance. Clearly, he knew she wanted him to say no to his grandpa, but he chose to agree. And he knew that she would have such an expression.


"I'll get some water to drink," Xu Yanwen stood up and picked up the glass to get water in the kitchen.


Seeing this, Xue Jiayue quickly stood up saying, "I am thirsty too, and I have to drink water," she followed Xu Yanwen and entered the kitchen.


Seeing both of the young people entering the kitchen one after the other, Grandpa Xu laughed happily. He thought the relationship between them both seemed to have really improved!


In the kichen, after making sure that Grandpa Xu in the living room didn't pay attention to them, Xue Jiayue lowered her voice and asked Xu Yanwen, "why did you agree to Grandpa? Didn't I wink at you to say no? "  

Xu Yanwen instantly showed an astounded expression, and asked Xue Jiayue in surprise, "I thought you winked to make me agree to  Grandpa's request, didn't you?"


"No, of course not!" Xue Jiayue was almost stomping her feet, but she never thought that Xu Yanwen, who always looked smart would make such an outrageous howler. She wanted to scold Xu Yanwen, but Grandpa Xu was still in the living room. She dared to speak loudly. She could only suppress her voice and snorted, "You are so stupid. I didn't mean that at all."


Xu Yanwen shrugged helplessly, "Then I can't help it anymore. I’ve  agreed to it. Who told you not to say it earlier?"


"I’ve reminded you clearly," Xue Jiayue raised her voice.


"You just winked, but you didn’t say it aloud. How could I know it clearly?" Xu Yanwen sounded innocent.


Xue Jiayue was furious and shouted, "You, You are ... um ..."


Xu Yanwen quickly covered her mouth, and didn't let her finish talking. Then he smiled at the person standing behind her and greeted gently, "Grandpa."

Grandpa Xu looked at them strangely and then he asked, "What are you doing?"


Xu Yanwen’s hand was still on Xue Jiayue's mouth to prevent her from saying what she shouldn't say. He pretended to be very serious and answered, "Jiayue and I are discussing the matter of preparing dinner. She said that Grandpa seldom comes here and she wanted to do the cooking. I said that she hasn't recovered yet, and cannot be tired, so I suggested to go out to eat. But she argued that the food outside is not as good as the homemade…”


When he heard Xu Yanwen's nonsense, Grandpa Xu didn't notice there was any problem with what he said. Probably he knew there was something strange between the two people, but he didn't want to expose them. Anyway, he said with a smile, "Then just follow Jiayue’s idea-- eat at home. Jiayue has got a cold and needs a rest. You can cook, and we'll have a taste of your cuisine."  

“Ok, Grandpa,” Xu Yanwen quickly obeyed.


Grandpa Xu responded and turned around to leave the kitchen.


Suddenly, Xue Jiayue whined, struggling to get rid of Xu Yanwen’s hand covering her mouth. Xu Yanwen tried hard to keep her under control,  so he quickly pressed her head into his arms, while holding her shoulder with the other hand, which looked as if he was hugging her lovingly. In this way, she could neither speak nor get free from him.

Grandpa Xu was very pleased to see two young people hugging happily like this. He was satisfied seeing their  relationship being improved so much. Before, they had never touched each other. So Grandpa was convinced again that love could be cultivated.


Grandpa Xu didn't want to continue to disturb them, so he walked to the living room with the support of a crutch.


As soon as Grandpa Xu left, Xue Jiayue, who was controlled by Xu Yanwen in his arms, struggled even harder, and Xu Yanwen had to let go of her.


Xue Jiayue raised his head, glared at him angrily, and snorted, "What did you just do? Why didn’t you allow me to speak?"


"I'm afraid you would say something wrong," said Xu Yanwen glancing at her exasperated little face, and he felt she looked very lovely.


"You have just said something wrong," Xue Jiayue argued, "If you need a reason to make Grandpa happy, can I not follow you? I ’m not as stupid as you. Obviously, you could say that you were not able to go back to the old house, but you were so stupid that you misunderstood my meaning and did the opposite. With this understanding ability, how can you be a good  president to make the right decision for the company? "

Xue Jiayue was so angry that she didn't hold herself back. She took this good chance to give vent to her sentiment.  

Xu Yanwen smiled and didn't care about it at all. On the contrary,  he felt  she looked funny, and he tried to coax her by saying, "It was a mistake just now, and we haven't encountered it before. We will cooperate more in the future, and there will be no such mistakes when there is a tacit understanding between us. As for the Xu Group's affairs, that is a great task. Actually we have a decision-making team. Thus, to have the implementation of a decision, we must first have a plan. Then various departments have to discuss about it, and finally there is a meeting to make a decision. Generally, there will be no mistakes about decision making in the company.  And I am not that stupid. You can rest assured of this. "


Xue Jiayue darted him a glance and sneered. She told him in her heart, ‘Who cares about your business? I am too lazy to know whether you will make mistakes or not in your company’s decision-making, and it’s all Greek to me.’


From her glance and the expression on her face, Xu Yanwen knew what she was thinking. He said smilingly, "It doesn't matter if you don't understand. I will tell you slowly in the future. You will understand it all after listening to it for a few more times."


Xue Jiayue resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She answered back, "I didn't say I want to listen to it."


Xu Yanwen chuckled, "But I want to talk about it myself."


Xue Jiayue pursed her mouth and turned a deaf ear to him. She warned him, "Grandpa asked you to prepare  dinner. You should start quickly. Be careful of Grandpa's walking stick!"


With this, Xue Jiayue turned to leave  the kitchen.


But Xu Yanwen dragged her, "You want to go away?"


Xue Jiayue looked back at him, asking, "Why not?"


"Stay here to help." Xu Yanwen stared at her.


Xue Jiayue laughed and then refused directly, "Who just told Grandpa that I have a cold and it is inconvenient to cook? Since you have spoken that, you will be responsible for this dinner. "

Then she glanced at Xu Yanwen and told him, "It's time to let go of me, otherwise I'll tell Grandpa."


Xu Yanwen had to let go of her hand.


“Hang in there! I'm going to play chess with Grandpa, " Xue Jiayue patted him  on the shoulder and turned away.


Xu Yanwen was left there speechless.


In the living room, Xue Jiayue and Grandpa Xu were playing chess while Xu Yanwen was working in the kitchen.  In fact, to prepare a dinner was a piece of cake for him. Besides, there were quite some meat and vegetables stored in the refrigerator.  Skilfully, he took out some of them for washing and cutting. Soon enough, he made a sautéed shredded beef, a tomato egg soup, and a shredded potato with vinegar. Thus, the dinner was ready.  

All the dishes were served on the table, and they look excellent in color, aroma and taste. Grandpa Xu was very pleased and gave Xu Yanwen a thumbs up while praising,


"They look good, but I don't know how it tastes?"


"Grandpa, you’ll know it when you have a try," said Xu Yanwen. He picked up a pair chopsticks and helped grandpa Xu with some shredded beef. 


Grandpa Xu tasted it and nodded in satisfaction, "The beef is tender, and tastes good."


Xu Yanwen was relieved and felt very happy.


Dinner was over, but Grandpa Xu was still thinking about it. When he left, he said to Xu Yanwen, "This weekend when you go back to the old house, you can cook for us again."  

Of course, Xu Yanwen would not refuse his grandpa’s request. He replied, "Okay, what do you want to eat? I'll go back and make it for you."


Grandpa Xu replied, "Okay, when I decide, I’ll tell you about it."


Xu Yanwen nodded obediently and watched Grandpa Xu leave.


Happily, Grandpa Xu left.


Xue Jiayue looked at Xu Yanwen and chuckled.


Xu Yanwen glanced at her, "Why are you laughing?"


Xue Jiayue raised her eyebrows, "I won't tell you." She then turned back to her bedroom.


Xu Yanwen stared at the closed door and wondered if there was something wrong.


That’s all for the night. Originally, they had planned to have a good talk, but as a result, they talked about nothing.  



The next day, Xue Jiayue did not completely recover, and she needed to go to the hospital for infusion. Xu Yanwen drove her there and accompanied her all the time.


It was not until two hours later that Xue Jiayue came out of the hospital gate. Xu Yanwen told her, "I'll take you home. Wait for me here. I’ll go to drive my car out."  

While she was waiting there, she saw Zhang Xiaojiao.


Zhang Xiaojiao also recognized her at a glance and shouted excitedly, "Sister Jiayue, why are you here?"


Xue Jiayue took her by the hand and answered, "I got a cold and came over for infusion."


"Oh, is it better now?" Zhang Xiaojiao asked with concern, "You should take care of yourself. It's not easy to get over a cold."  

Xue Jiayue replied smilingly, "It's much better now. Don’t worry."


Zhang Xiaojiao nodded, "That's good."


Xue Jiayue asked again, "What are you doing here?"


"I am coming to get some medicine for my mother," said Zhang Xiaojiao.


"You’ve already found your mother? Is she in poor health? " Xue Jiayue asked quickly.


Zhang Xiaojiao was very grateful to Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian for their help. She told her, "I've found my mother. I'm living with her now. She hasn't been in good health recently, but after taking medicine, she is much better."


Xue Jiayue hurriedly took some money out from her bag and gave it to Zhang Xiaojiao, "Take this money to buy some tonics for your mother."

"No, I can't accept your money," Zhang Xiaojiao quickly refused. She said, "Sister Jiayue, you have helped me a lot before, and I can live with my mother now, thanks to the great help from you and Sister Tang. I can't ask for your money anymore, and now I have found a job and the salary is quite enough to support my mother and me. Thank you just the same."




"You quickly take back the money. Or I will be ashamed to see you again," insisted Zhang Xiaojiao.


Seeing Zhang Xiaojiao so persistent, Xue Jiayue had to keep back her money. She asked, "Then where do you live now? Can I see you when I have time?"


"Jiayue," Xu Yanwen drove over and saw Xue Jiayue talking to a girl. When the car got close, he recognized Zhang Xiaojiao. It was she who served for them on Tang Yichuan’s birthday in Tangcheng Xiaoyue Restaurant. That night, she not only made a commission on three bottles of Hennessy, but also got a large tip in the end.  

"She is your friend?" asked Xu Yanwen. He opened the door and walked out of the car.


Xue Jiayue glanced at him and remembered that they both used to quarrel about saving Zhang Xiaojiao. She answered shortly, "She was the girl I saved last time."


Xu Yanwen remembered it all at once. Last time, he had asked someone to check it out, knowing that the girl was not a liar, but she really had a scumbag father. 


"Hello," Xu Yanwen nodded to her.


Zhang Xiaojiao hurriedly returned her regards to him, but she found he looked familiar and that she seemed to have seen him once.


Xu Yanwen turned to Xue Jiayue and told her, “Let’s go home.”


Xue Jiayue said goodbye to Zhang Xiaojiao, and exchanged their phone numbers so that they would keep contact with each other.


Zhang Xiaojiao stood there, waved goodbye and watched her get into the car and leave.


After the car drove far away, Xu Yanwen suddenly said, "Jiayue, I think of something very important to tell you."


Xue Jiayue was still on WeChat talking with Zhang Xiaojiao. Hearing this, she asked, "What is it?"


The author’s note--   President  Xu's tactics were even more powerful, and his pleasantries were again set in the way of Xue Jiayue’s. 

I’ll continue to send red envelopes to those who leave a messgae of more than 15 words ~


President Xu took the original as his younger sister. Though they were married afterwards, he didn’t love her from the bottom of his heart. Of course, President Xu was really a direct headstrong man. He had only Jiayue in his eyes. Except for Jiayue there was no anyone else in the scope of his consideration. He really loved Jiayue. He was working hard for Jiayue. He was making progress at the present. We should give him time and chance.

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