Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 33

Something unexpected happened to the company. Xu Yanwen was very busy all day. He had a meeting for the whole morning and did not come out of the conference room until 12 at noon.


He went back to his office and just put down the documents on the desk when there was a knock at the door. He said “Come in,” and turned to read the mail on his computer.


The door opened and Linda came in with a beautiful gift box in her hand. She walked to Xu Yanwen's desk with a sweet smile on her face, "Mr. Xu, this is a gift my uncle asked me to bring to you."


Xu Yanwen looked up at her, wondering why Professor Han didn’t mention any gift when they met last night, but instead he let Linda bring it to him today.


"This gift is too expensive. How can I accept my teacher's gift? You’ll take it back," Xu Yanwen was suspicious about it and refused to accept it.


Linda insisted, "This is my uncle's task and I have to give it to you. If you ask me to take it back, how can I explain it to my uncle? Mr. Xu, don't put me on the spot like this. Just accept the gift.”


Of course, Xu Yanwen would not accept it. Especially after seeing Professor Han yesterday, he had some thoughts about him in his mind, so he replied, "Then I will call Professor Han and talk to him personally."


As he said, he picked up his mobile phone on his desk and prepared to call Professor Han.


When Linda heard this, she felt stunned. If Xu yanwen called her uncle, wouldn't she be caught in the act of buying gifts for Xu yanwen under her uncle's name?  She could not let her uncle know about it. Otherwise she would be criticized by her uncle.  

Thinking of these, Linda quickly tried to stop Xu Yanwen from calling, "Mr. Xu, you don't need to call my uncle. My uncle went abroad early this morning. He may still be on the plane at this time. You can't make a call."


Xu Yanwen stopped pressing the mobile phone number, looked up at her, and said, "When will Professor Han come back?"


Linda pursed her lips and then said, "I don't know, I didn't ask him."


"Or ..." Xu Yanwen paused for a while and went on, "Then, you just give me the gift. When he comes back, I will give it back to him."


Linda didn't think of this result. Xu Yanwen refused to accept the gift. He would only temporarily keep it. He intended to return it to her uncle in the future.


In this way, the way she wanted to give a gift to Xu Yanwen in the name of her uncle would not work, which was also not in line with what she had planned previously. In a word, she could not let her uncle know about it.


After hesitating for a while, Linda could only give up the plan cruelly and endured the loss in her heart. She replied, "I don't know when my uncle will come back, or I will take it back to him."


Xu Yanwen said, "Thank you. Please send my regards to Professor Han for his kindness."


“All right. I will,” answered Linda. Even if there was a bitter disappointment in her heart, she could not show it on her face.


Xu Yanwen nodded and picked up the documents on the desk and began to work. Linda knew it was not good to stay in the office. She could only leave with the gift box.


When work was over in the afternoon, Xu Yanwen received a call from Zhou Chenguang.


As soon as the phone was through, he said, "Brother Xu, today is Yichuan ’s birthday. We have an appointment to celebrate it in Tangcheng Xiaoyue Restaurant. I believe tonight you have to come. If you don’t come out to see us, I am afraid we will all feel sorry... "


"I’ll come ..." 



Zhou Chenguang couldn’t believe his ears and asked again, “Pardon? What did you say just now?”


"I said I'm coming," Xu Yanwen repeated it.


"You? Will you really come?" Zhou Chenguang was simply flattered. He had called Xu Yanwen so many times before, but he just replied that he would go home for supper. Anyway, Xu had excuses to refuse. Zhou Chenguang had tried to persuade him, and had prepared to insist on the war of keeping him. Unexpectedly, Xu agreed so easily today. It was so unbelievable.


Definitely, this time, Xu Yanwen would come and he even asked about the exact time, "What’s the time, and I will drive over to meet you there."


Zhou Chenguang immediately responded, "Seven thirty."


"All right!" Xu Yanwen said.


"Then we are waiting for you. I will hang up first," right after this, Zhou Chenguang hung up the phone, as if he was afraid that Xu Yanwen would change his mind.


Xu Yanwen stared at the blank mobile phone screen, moved his finger, and then tapped on it. When he recovered, he found it was Xue Jiayue's WeChat dialog box.


The dialog box had popped up, he hesitated whether to tell Xue Jiayue about his evening plan or not. In the end, he didn't move his finger, but exited WeChat and put the phone on the desk upside down, as if it was invisible .


At 7:30 in the evening, Xu Yanwen drove to Tangcheng Xiaoyue Restaurant. Zhou Chenguang, Tang Yichuan, Xiao Zhe, and Wu Dong were already waiting in the box of Tianzi No.1 Room.


Xu Yanwen pushed open the door and stepped in. Zhou Chenguang put down the bottle in his hand and quickly stood up to greet Xu Yanwen, "Brother Xu, at last! Come and sit here with me."


Next to him was Tang Yichuan. Zhou Chenguang moved aside, leaving a place for Xu Yanwen to sit between them.


Xu Yanwen walked over and sat down beside Tang Yichuan. He took out a small gift box and said to him, "Happy Birthday".

Only a glance at the trademark on the gift box, Tang Yichuan knew that it was valuable. Though he didn't lack money, he cherished Xu Yanwen's compliment. He smiled heartedly, and reached for the gift, "Thank you, Brother Xu!"


Xu Yanwen patted him on the shoulder, "One more year older…"


He didn't finish talking, but Tang Yichuan understood what he meant and smilingly answered, "I know, Brother Xu, you don't have to remind me every time."


Xu Yanwen took a glance at the expression on his face, saying, "It’s good that you know it, but this is the third time you have said this to me, and I hope I won't hear it again."


Tang Yichuan clenched his hand and responded lightly "Um". He then picked up the wine glass on the table and said to Xu Yanwen, "Brother Xu, let’s drink. We haven't sat together for a long time and enjoyed ourselves."


Xu Yanwen picked up his wine glass and both of them clinked glasses for a toast, "Everything goes well! May all your wishes come true!"


Both of them laughed and drank happily.


Soon, Zhou Chengguang announced that Tang Yichuan’s birthday program began. And Sister Qin of the restaurant brought a group of beautiful girls into the box and introduced smilingly, "These are the best girls here. ... "


"Okay, okay, who do you suppose we are? This is not an ancient pleasure quarter," Zhou Chenguang waved his hand and interrupted Sister Qin's introduction.


"Yes, yes, you are right!” Sister Qin said with a smile.


Zhou Chenguang turned his head and asked Tang Yichuan next to him, "Which one do you think is better, or we just keep all of them?"


Tang Yichuan had been sitting on the sofa lazily, and when Zhou Chenguang asked him, he raised his eyelids and casually swept past the girls.


He had never wanted these girls to come. This was arranged by Zhou Chenguang as he thought he liked it. He didn't want to let Zhou Chenguang down, so he didn't refuse him to bring these women to him.  

But what he didn’t even expect was that when his gaze fell on the face of the girl at the end of the line, his whole person was in a trance. He seemed to see another person standing before him.


“What is your name?” he pointed to her and asked.


The girl in the corner didn't seem to know that he was asking her, so she stood there without any response. It was not until Sister Qin gave her a slight push that she knew it. She clutched a corner of her skirt and answered timidly, "Me, my name is Zhang Xiaojiao."


"Why are you here to work?" Tang Yichuan asked again.


Zhang Xiaojiao was even more nervous. Her face was red, and even her neck was red, too. She said in a whisper like a mosquito buzzing, "Me, my mother is sick, need, need money ..."


Zhou Chenguang chuckled, "There are still people selling their lives to save their mothers these days? Why are there tragic stories made up everywhere ..." 

"I decide. It's her," Tang Yichuan said.


Xu Yanwen turned his head to look at Tang Yichuan and frowned slightly, "I don't think she's good. Would you like to change another one?"


Tang Yichuan suddenly smiled, "It's okay. I think she's fine. Just her." He waved to Zhang Xiaojiao and oredered, "Come here."


"Go quickly," said Sister Qin with a smile on her face. She hurriedly pushed Zhang Xiaojiao forward. She then summoned the other girls very consciously, and soon they all left.


Zhang Xiaojiao was so nervous that she was sweating and her heart was jumping very fast. This was her first time to do such a job. She didn’t expect to be ordered on the first day. She kept in her mind what Sister Qin had told them outside, “The people in the box are all important guests. They must not be offended. They must be well served.” However, she didn't know what she should do.

"Are you a snail?" asked Tang Yichuan. There was a trace of impatience on his face. He was annoyed with Zhang Xiaojiao’s slow working pace, "If you don't want to do the work, you should not come. Since you are here, you should take it seriously."


Zhang Xiaojiao was stunned, feeling that he was a little scary, and her heart was beating faster, as if someone was beating a drum there. But she still remembered what Sister Qin had told them. She tried hard to overcome her fear and went up to Tang Yichuan.


She stood in front of him and tried to speak in a loud and polite voice, "Good evening, Sir! Can I take your order?"


She looked so silly and awkward that Tang Yichuan couldn’t help chuckling, only to feel too miserable to bully her.


Xu Yanwen couldn't stand it anymore and said to her, "I’d like two bottles of wine."


“O-Ok!” Zhang Xiaojiao quickly responded. She was happy because she would get a commission from this order of wine.


"Two bottles of Hennessy and put it on my account," Tang Yichuan was generous.


The price of two bottles of wine was dear. Zhang Xiaojiao was a little surprised and looked up at him slightly.


In the dim light, Tang Yichuan sat indifferently on the sofa. His long legs stretched forward slightly, with one hand on the thigh, and the other rested on the sofa arm. He had a pair of phoenix eyes, a prominent nose, cool lips and a determined chin ...


She was fascinated by his physiognomy...


Zhang Xiaojiao's heart panicked and quickly withdrew her eyesight, not daring to look at Tang Yichuan again.

Her little gesture didn't escape Tang Yichuan's eyes. He flicked his lips and shouted at Zhang Xiaojiao, "Why don't you go and get some wine?"


Of course, Zhang Xiaojiao dared not to say no. She quickly nodded, and went out for her task.


Tang Yichuan couldn't help sighing in his heart, 'This woman ran fast when she saw there’s money to earn. It seems that all women value money.’  

Xu Yanwen glanced at him lightly, and saw the mocking expression on his face. He knew that Tang was still still smarting from the event of that year.


Soon, Zhang Xiaojiao came back with two bottles of Hennessy. She had been very nervous and careful with such expensive wine in her arms. Once the bottle broke, she could not afford to pay for it.


Tang Yichuan said casually, “Open them both.”


Zhang Xiaojiao opened the bottles as ordered, and poured wine into the empty glasses.


Tang Yichuan still leaned lazily on the sofa while saying to Zhang Xiaojiao, "You have a drink with Brother Xu."


Zhang Xiaojiao had made up her mind before working here. She knew since she decided to work here, drinking with customers was inevitable. During the training course, Sister Qin had made it clear that they had to meet all the customers’ requirements as much as possible. To company the customers to drink was one of their jobs. If the customers were satisfied, they might sell more bottles of wine to make money. Therefore, since they chose to work here to make money, they should not treat themselves as mistresses. Earning money was the most important thing.  

Zhang Xiaojiao was ready to accompany drinking, so she reached out to serve the glass. However, she heard Xu Yanwen say to Tang Yichuan lightly, "What are you doing to the little girl? I can enjoy myself. If you like, you can drink with me."


With that, Xu Yanwen picked up a glass of wine and sent it directly to Tang Yichuan.


Tang Yichuan looked at the glass of wine in front of him held by Xu Yanwen, the boss of their group, he dared not to say no, but quickly got up. Respectfully, he received the wine and they clinked glasses.


Seeing this, Zhou Chenguang also hurriedly came over and invited all the group, "Come, come. Everyone drinks a toast to Lao Tang’s birthday."


"I am not that old. You're the old man!" Tang Yichuan squinted at him with a disapproval, "I am one year younger than you!"


Zhou Chenguang smiled, picked up his glass of wine and said, “Come on. Let’s drink.”


As a result, the atmosphere began to be lively. Several of them raised their glasses while playing the dice and finger-guessing games. They were all very happy.  

In the end, they finished three bottles of Hennessy. Xu Yanwen felt a little drunk even if he drank the least.


Tang Yichuan helped him to stand up and glanced at the obedient Zhang Xiaojiao. At first, he thought she was like the one he knew before, but now he noticed that only her nose, eyes, and mouth were a little similar to that person. Apart from those,  they were not the same at all, or at least, the temperament was completely different..


“Take this,” he pulled a stack of one-hundred-yuan bills from his wallet and stuffed them directly into Zhang Xiaojiao's hands.


Too much money! Zhang Xiaojiao was taken aback, and did not know where to place her hand holding the money. She was stupefied.


Tang Yichuan grinned and snorted, "Stupid! Aren't you short of money? You don't know how to get money? "


Zhou Chenguang was a little drunk, too. He laughed and lifted his chin to tell Zhang Xiaojiao, "This is a tip for you. Say thank you to the boss, Mr. Tang."


Zhang Xiaojiao woke up from her dream, and thanked Tang Yichuan very gratefully.


Tang Yichuan twisted his mouth, lifted his long legs and went outside.


Zhang Xiaojiao held the money in her hands and looked at the back of his departure. Suddenly she felt that he was not that scary but, nice and amiable.


At last, she had money to pay her mother's hospital bills. Zhang Xiaojiao was greatly touched.  She had thought her life was hard and miserable. However, her mind changed now. She felt she was lucky actually because she could meet those kind-hearted people when she was in the difficulty.


She sincerely hoped that every good person would have a good return!  



After saying goodbye to Tang Yichuan, Xu Yanwen got on the car and let the driver take him back to Ningxuan Garden.


Sitting in the car, Xu Yanwen felt a little dizzy and closed his eyes to refresh himself. He seemed to see Xue Jiayue frowning at him. He suddenly woke up.


His phone rang suddenly, and he quickly pulled his phone out of his suit pocket. It was just a notification text message, not what he had expected.


A little disappointed, Xu Yanwen didn't even open the text message, but directly put the phone back in the pocket.


Back at Ningxuan Garden, Xu Yanwen didn't let the driver send him upstairs. He took the elevator by himself.


At the door of his apartment, Xu Yanwen suddenly felt a little timid and didn't open the door. He was afraid that after opening the door he might be met by a dark and lonely world.


It was already deep and quiet at night, and he could only hear his heartbeat. He took out a cigarette case from his suit pocket, pulled out a cigarette, lit it, took a drag on it, and slowly exhaled the smoke.  

After finishing smoking, he opened the code door and entered the house.


As soon as he entered, he saw Xue Jiayue's shoes neatly placed on the shoe rack, and her bag was also on the nearby shelf. He realized that Xue Jiayue had already come home.  

As if a big stone fell to the ground from his heart, Xu Yanwen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.


He quickly changed his shoes, walked to the door of Xue Jiayue's bedroom, reached for the doorknob, and turned it gently.


It's a pity that it had been locked inside.


Xu Yanwen kept his hand on the doorknob and his eyes were fixed at it too. At last he couldn't help laughing at himself, ‘What am I doing?’  

It's true that when people drank alcohol, they were easily impulsive, and their brains were not clear enough!  

Xu Yanwen silently withdrew his hand and turned back to his room.




In the bedroom, Xue Jiayue was sleeping soundly. She also dreamed of her mom and dad. It was a sunny summer. Her dad took her to swim in the river and caught a lot of fish, shrimp and crabs. Her mom said smilingly that they would take them back to be braised in soy sauce. Xue Jiayue was very happy, clapping her hands and applauding. The whole family had a great time, and their laughter echoed in the air.


Xue Jiayue woke up with a smile still on her face. She sneezed twice and she was fully awake. She felt a cold shiver through her body. She guessed she caught cold when sleeping.


She also felt dizzy, but she took out her cell phone and looked at the time. It was almost seven in the morning. It was time for her to get up and go to work.  

She touched her forehead and found that she didn't have a fever. She believed it was just a little cold.


Thus, she got up to wash and drink a cup of hot water.


Xu Yanwen heard her sneezing and walked out of his room. When he saw she was drinking hot water there, he asked with concern, "Do you catch cold?"


He then reached over to touch her  forehead to see if there was a fever. Xue Jiayue was dizzy and her head turned to the side subconsciously, avoiding his hand.  

Xu Yanwen's hand stopped in the air, his eyes staring at her blankly.  

Xue Jiayue felt a little embarrassed. She held the cup of hot water and was ready to go away.  

She had not gone far, when Xu Yanwen's voice came from behind, "Don't go to work if you catch a cold, and get a good rest at home."  

"How can I do that?" said Xue Jiayue, shaking her head. "I've just worked for a few days. Not long ago, I already took a leave and delayed going to work. If I take another leave today, my leaders and colleagues will have a bad impression on me."


Xu Yanwen really wanted to tell her that he was the boss of the X.W Studio and he allowed her to take a vacation.


But this was definitely not going to work. If Xue Jiayue knew that he was the owner of the X.W Studio, she wouldn't go to work in the studio again.


Thus, he stopped the words on his lips, but said, "Are you really going to work like this?"


Xue Jiayue felt better after drinking some hot water, so she said, "It's nothing. I just feel a little bit cold. I'll drink more hot water later, and I’ll be all right."


In this way, Xu Yanwen felt it not good to force her any more. He nodded and told her, "Then you should take good care of yourself when you are at work. If you feel uncomfortable, you must remember to ask for leave and don't struggle against it."  

Xue Jiayue was amused because he still regarded her as a child.  She replied, "Don't worry. I'm not a child anymore. I know how to take care of myself."  

Xue Jiayue's response reminded Xu Yanwen of the past. That night, Xue Jiayue also told him that she had grown up, not a child any more, and asked him not to mind her affairs. He was quite angry at the time.  

But now, the same thing happened. He suddenly felt that he should look squarely at what she had said. Maybe as she said, she really grew up, and she had her own ideas, her own friends and her own circles. She was no longer the little girl who would chase after him and called him Brother Xu.


"Jiayue, I want to have a talk with you," Xu Yanwen said seriously.


Xue Jiayue’s heart jolted. She wondered what Xu Yanwen was going to talk to her about? Would it be about divorce? If it's about divorce, what would she ask? Should she also defend her rights?


The author’s note--   Xu Yanwen: Let's talk.


Xue Jiayue: What are you talking about?


Xu Yanwen: If there’s harmony between a man and a woman, they’ll be both physically and mentally healthy.

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