Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 31

Xu Yanwen said," Today is your first day at work. Let’s celebrate it."


Xue Jiayue looked up at him feeling a little surprised that he still remembered it. Ever since both of them quarreled the other day, he hadn’t said a word to her. Every day he was busy working. He left early and returned late. Neither of them could see each other. No one knew whether he was really busy at work or not. It seemed he was deliberately avoiding seeing her!  

However, he now said that he specially ordered takeout for this celebration, and the special take-out was also her favorite food.

She had no idea what to say for a moment.  

"How do you feel about going to work on the first day?" asked Xu Yanwen. Fortunately, he did not embarrass her. He kindly changed the topic and asked about her work on the first day.


"Not bad,” Xue Jiayue replied.


"Are the colleagues easy to get along with?" Xu Yanwen asked again.


Xue Jiayue wanted to answer Yes, but she suddenly thought of Lu Xiaoyu, so she couldn't help but frown.


Xu Yanwen noticed the change in her expression, so he asked with concern, "What happened?"


Xue Jiayue looked at Xu Yanwen, while the scene in the studio reappeared in her mind. The incident actually had something to do with Xu Yanwen. Thus, she hesitated, shook her head and replied, "It's okay. I only met three or four colleagues today. I am still new there and I need to get in touch with more people."


Definitely, it was impossible to recognize all the colleagues on the first working day. Only time could help people to know more about each other ’s personalities. Thus, Xu Yanwen didn’t think much about it. He just concluded, "If you feel uncomfortable at work, remember to come back home to tell me about it."


Xue Jiayue smiled, "I have grown up, but you still take me as a child. I can handle things at work."


Xu Yanwen said frankly, "You are so ingenuous that you may have been bullied without knowing it."  

Xue Jiayue pouted in disbelief, "Of course not!"


"You ..." Xu Yanwen just wanted to say ‘You are too easy to believe in others’, but he remembered what had happened that day between both of them. At that time, he was very worried that she would be deceived. His tone was a bit serious, and he did not consider her feelings after doing some good deeds. Instead, he criticized her and made her feel wronged. As a result, both of them quarreled for it.


Later he had that girl investigated, and today the news came that the girl was not a liar, but a very pitiful thing while her father was a real scumbag. Thus, he realized that he had worried too much.  

It was all because he didn't handle it well at that time. If his tone had not been so reproachful, but in another manner, there would have been no unpleasant quarrel between them.


"Yes, I?" Xue Jiayue couldn't help but ask what he really meant by that unfinished sentence.


Xu Yanwen glanced at her and said lightly, "Nothing. Let’s eat."


Xue Jiayue felt he had something to hide from her, but as he refused to go on with it, she couldn't help. So she picked up chopsticks and began to eat.




Linda went to her uncle's house by subway after work.


Her uncle was Professor Han of Heigh University, who used to be Xu Yanwen's professor when he was studying there.


After graduating from university, because of Professor Han’s help, she was able to get the present job in the Xu Group and work for Xu Yanwen as a secretary. 


On the way, Linda was lost in thinking. It's universally true that in this world people differred variously. The same rice raised different person, so even if they were biological brothers, their experiences were different, and their final development was different.  

More than 20 years ago, Linda's uncle, Professor Han, did well in school, and the whole family devoted themselves to supporting him in high school and college. Finally he was able to work at the university and became a lecturer. He was gradually upgraded to associate professor and later, professor. He even married the principal's daughter. Up till now, he had made greater and greater progress, breaking away from his status as a farmer and becoming a famous professor in Heigh University, receiving various subsidies. He was now living in a garden house enjoying a rich man's life.  

Linda ’s father, however, was unable to study when he was young. He went out to work early. He first entered the factory as an apprentice, and later married his master’s daughter. Although the couple were hardworking and had got the awards of excellent workers, they could not earn much money. Up to now, the monthly salary of them two was merely about 10,000 RMB, which was not enough to buy a high-quality brand bag for her uncle's daughter.


There was such a big gap between the two brothers. One was good at studying and acquired success and fame in his career, while the other was only a poor worker for a lifetime.


Linda's heart was very restless. Especially when she saw Han Yahui, Professor Han's daughter, the huge sense of loss made her inner imbalance reach the extreme.  

She often asked herself why life was this way. Being a professor's daughter, Han Yahui was stupid as a student, and her grades were not as good as hers. What’s more, she looked much worse than her!


But the problem was that Han Yahui had a father who was a professor. She could afford famous brand bags, going abroad to study, having rich boyfriends and buying wherever she wanted. In a word, she was living a rich life that she, Linda herself, yearned for every day!


As for she, Linda herself? From an early age, she could only chase her cousin with her envious eyes. She could only stand there envying her beautiful skirts, her famous brand bags, her rich boyfriends, and her wealthy life.


No, she would never be left there  jealous!


She had to make herself live the life she wanted and chased her dreams.


Finally she got to the garden house of Professor Han, and she rang the doorbell at the door. Soon, the maid Xiaomei came to greet her


Linda glanced at her and asked, "Is Uncle at home?"


Xiaomei pointed at the study on the second floor and answered,"Professor Han is in the study."


Linda said, "Then I’ll go to the study first."


"Linda is coming?" as soon as Linda entered the house, Aunt Jiang Bihua came down from the upstairs and greeted her.


There was a look of disdain in her eyes, though she was ostensibly well disguised. She never liked Linda. Her family were poor and would only come to ask for money.  

Linda also knew well Jiang Bihua's thoughts, but there was no expression on her face. She just called her politely, “Hello, Aunt,” and went past her while saying, "I'll go upstairs to see my uncle."


Jiang Bihua glanced at Linda's figure upstairs with disgust in her eyes. She curled her lips and said to herself, ‘Come to ask for Lao Han’s help again! This girl is as annoying as a fly. Why can't she be thrown away?! ‘  

Linda did come to ask Professor Han for help. Her probation period was coming to an end. Whether she could continue to stay in the Xu's Group and work with Xu Yanwen remained to be unknown. She believed she had done a good job, but she knew it was not a sure card. She didn't want to sit around waiting. She wanted to ask Professor Han for help. Professor Han was Xu Yanwen's university teacher. As long as he was willing to ask Xu Yanwen for help, Xu Yanwen would not refuse him. Actually it was her uncle who had helped her to get the job in the Xu's Group at the beginning.  

In the study, as soon as Linda met Professor Han, she said pitifully to him, "Uncle, my probation period is about to end. You also know that the Xu's formal assessment is very strict and the competition among its employees is fierce. The people who have joined in the company all have their relations. I’ve worked hard and I am better than many others. Still, I'm afraid I will be squeezed out by them. Can you tell President Xu and ask him to keep me in the company?"


Professor Han had always been grateful for his brother's help. At that time, he had no money at home. It was his brother, Linda's father, who went to work to earn money for his tuition. He favoured Linda, his niece, who was a hardworking and amenable child. In his mind, she was better than his daughter Han Yahui. So if Linda needed help, he was willing to try his best to offer his support.  

Now Linda begged him to persuade Xu Yanwen to make an exception for her so that she could continue working in the Xu's Group.  

Professor Han paused for a moment. He thought that this matter depended entirely on Xu Yanwen's attitude. As long as he valued his teacher, he would settle the matter with a nod.  

"I can talk with him about it," Professor Han agreed.


Linda was very happy, "Thank you, Uncle."


Professor Han glanced at her and said, "But there is one thing I want to emphasize. Even if I'm going to ask Mr. Xu for help, it's the most important thing for you to work hard and be able to work well in it. As long as you are capable in your job, no one will ignore your achievements.”


Linda nodded understandably, "I know Uncle. I will try my best and work hard. Thank you!"


Professor Han said, "Then I'll make an appointment in these two days and ask him to come out for a meal. I’ll talk to him about this matter in person," after a pause, he told Linda, "You will come together at that time."


Linda wished it were so. She hurriedly answered, “All right, Uncle.”


After everything settled, Linda got up to say goodbye, and Professor Han kept her, "Will you stay for supper?"


Linda sreplied, "No, thank you, Uncle. I have an appointment with a colleague. See you next time."


Professor Han got up and sent her out.


When Linda went downstairs, she met Aunt Jiang Bihua and her cousin, Han Yahui.

Seeing Professor Han was also present, Jiang Bihua invited Linda with a smile, "Pleaser stay with us for supper."


Linda reiterated what she had said to Professor Han, "No, Aunt, thank you. I have an appointment with my colleague, so I will go first."


Jiang Bihua did not try to detain her, but watched Professor Han send her out.


Han Yahui pulled Jiang Bihua's sleeves, and disgustingly asked, "What is she doing at our house again?"


Jiang Bihua looked out of the door and replied, "I don’t know, but you can ask your dad about it later."


Han Yahui understood, "I will ask my dad in a minute!"


"Good girl!"Jiang Bihua patted Han Yahui on the head lovingly.


As soon as Linda came out of Professor Han's house, she began  to recall the details she had met there. She thought of the new style dress of Xiang Jia that Han Yahui was wearing. She was also fed up with Jiang Bihua’s hypocritical enthusiasm. In a word, her heart was interwoven with admiration, jealousy and injustice at the moment.


She clenched her hands on her sides, expecting eagerly that, one day, she would make Jiang Bihua and Han Yahui come to beg her and please her!




The next day, Xu Yanwen received a call from Professor Han while working in the company.


Professor Han first asked Xu yanwen with concern on the phone, "Have you been busy recently?"  

Xu Yanwen put the signed documents aside and replied him politely, "Fine, not so busy."


Professor Han continued to chat with him for a while. He then went on to the subject of his call, "Are you free tonight? I'd like to invite you to dinner."  

"What is the matter, Professor Han?"  Xu Yanwen asked. He had a good relationship with Professor Han, and the research group led by the professor had some connection with his company business.  Last time, it was Professor Han who invited Xu Yanwen to go back to school to give a lecture. At the moment, Professor Han wanted to invite Xu Yanwen to dinner. The first thing that came to his mind was about Professor Han's research.


Professor Han did not answer directly on the phone, but just said, "It's a long story, and it's difficult to tell clearly on the phone. It's better to talk to you tomorrow. Will you be free then?"


In fact, Xu Yanwen and Professor Han were not only a student and a teacher, but they also had a cooperative relationship. Now that the professor had asked to have dinner together, it was impossible for Xu Yanwen not to agree to it.


Xu Yanwen looked at his itinerary and found he was free tonight, so they made an appointment.


"Then we will meet at the Friendship Hotel tonight," Professor Han hung up the phone after saying goodbye.


Xu Yanwen thought for a while and then sent a WeChat message to Xue Jiayue: I don't go home to dinner at night.




In the X.W studio, Xue Jiayue was collating the information. President He called Wang Dan to the office. Wang Dan then quickly handed over the information collation to Xue Jiayue before going out.


She returned after half an hour and called the three people in her office together, "Mr. He said we will gather together tonight for a dinner."


"Sister Wang, is there any good news?" Cheng Wei leaned against the desk and asked.


Wang Dan pointed to Xue Jiayue and said, "Isn't this a newcomer? Mr. He always said we’ll celebrate for this. "


Cheng Wei then whispered, "When we came, Mr. He didn't say anything about celebration. As soon as Jiayue came, he liked to celebrate it. We are all human beings. Why do we have different treatment?  

Wang Dan glanced at him and answered back, "You can talk to President He in person about it!"


Cheng Wei quickly touched his nose and replied, "All right. Just forget it. I have said nothing."


Wang Dan gave him a meaningless  grin.


Sitting nearby, Lu Xiaoyu had been silent all the time when Cheng Wei was arguing there. She suddenly turned her head and said, "Sister Wang, I have something to do at home today, so I will not go to the dinner."   


"Why are you not going?" Cheng Wei happened to be standing next to her and leaned over to ask.


Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes at him and said indifferently, "I’ve made it clear. I have something to do at home."


Cheng Wei grunted, "What will you do at home? Mr. He seldom invites us out for dinner. Of course, we should go together this time! "


Lu Xiaoyu laughed, "Why should I tell you what I’ll do at home? It’s only a meal, and can I get any extra profit after eating this meal?"


What she said sounded unpleasant, and her voice was ear-piercing. Wang Dan frowned. He felt bored and turned to talk to Xue Jiayue,  

"Jiayue, what do you like to eat?"


Xue Jiayue smiled and answered, "I am not picky about food. Since Mr. He treats us, of course, he’ll make the decision!"


"Bang" the cup next to Lu Xiaoyu knocked on the table and made a loud noise. Both Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei couldn't help but look at her. Lu Xiaoyu stared back uncomfortably while shouting, "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen it was an accident because of my slippery hand? "


Cheng Wei, who usually looked amiable and easy-going, was not completely unaffected. As had been mocked twice by Lu Xiaoyu today, he lost his temper, "If you didn’t look at us, how could you know we were looking at you? You have the face?”  

"You…" Lu Xiaoyu was silenced.


"It's just that when you came, Mr. He didn't arrange a dinner for you. Who do you think you are? Should Mr. He keep you in his mind every day?


You are only a designer. Do you really think you are somebody?


This is a studio, not your home. Should everyone here humour you?


Who do you think you are?


Don't you think you are a princess here? We won't wait on you!"


Cheng Wei reviled so unmercifully that Lu Xiaoyu was completely struck dumb, and her face flushed scarlet. Even Xue Jiayue was stunned.


"You, you are bullying!" at last Lu Xiaoyu answered back. She couldn't take it anymore. She left the documents on the table and rushed out while crying with grievance.


Wang Dan glared at Cheng Wei and criticized, "She is a girl anyway. You should respect her. It's really too hurtful for you to talk like that."


Cheng Wei replied in disapproval, "Sister Wang, how come I didn't respect her? How many times have I humored her? But she liked to boss me around so often. I'm not her dad. Should I keep on to let go of her that way?"


Without waiting for Wang Dan to speak, Cheng Wei went on, "I can't be to blame for this matter today. Everyone is happy to go to dinner. She said no, and acted unpleasingly. I talked to Jiayue and it didn't hinder her. She broke the glass and resented us by insinuation. What’s her manner? It's a miracle for this kind of person to have grown up in the society! "


Wang Dan was speechless.


"All right. Just forget it, and I’ll go out to see her," said Wang Dan while  waving her hand to try to keep Cheng Wei quieter. She then turned around to find Lu Xiaoyu.


After Wang Dan left, Cheng Wei raised an eyebrow at Xue Jiayue proudly. Xue Jiayue gave him the thumbs up, "You are cool!"


Cheng Wei smiled.


Just then, Xue Jiayue received a WeChat message from Xu Yanwen: I don't go home to dinner at night.


Xue Jiayue also returned a message: Okay. I don’t go home for dinner in the evening either.


Xu Yanwen did not return this message. Xue Jiayue thought he might be busy, so she didn't think much of it.


After work, Xu Yanwen came out of the office. When passing the secretariat, he met Linda who just came out of the office with a bag. When she saw Xu Yanwen, she quickly stopped him, "Mr. Xu."


Xu Yanwen stopped and looked at her inquiringly, "Yes?"


Linda's face immediately showed a beautiful smile and sweetly said, "Can you give me a lift? My uncle suggested  me to go with you."


Xu Yanwen was stunned. Professor Han said that he had something to talk to him and invited him to dinner at night. Did he call Linda?


However, Linda was Professor Han’s niece. Now that he also told her to follow him to dinner, perhaps there were other things.


At this moment, Xu Yanwen felt it inappropriate to refuse Linda from taking the ride, so he nodded and said, "Then, let's go."


Linda quickly followed Xu Yanwen's footsteps and happily got into his car heading for the Friendship Hotel.


As for Xue Jiayue, she followed her team to drive to the Friendship Hotel for dinner after work.


It was only a ten-minute drive. Soon, Xue Jiayue and the others got off at the gate of the Friendship Hotel.


When they were about to walk into the hotel, a black Bentley car also stopped behind them. Xue Jiayue felt that the car was a bit familiar, and looked closely at it. She was surprised to see Xu Yanwen and Linda coming out one after another as the door opened.


Witnessing this fine combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman present, people around could not help but stop to appreciate them.


Xue Jiayue was also there watching them. Although there was no expression on Xu Yanwen’s face, she guessed that he should be happy because he had such a beauty as his company at the moment.


As for the beautiful woman next to him, it went without saying from the bright smile on her face that she was very pleased.


Xue Jiayue groaned in her heart, ‘This is the reason why Xu Yanwen specially sent me WeChat message that he would not come back to dinner at night. It turns out that he will come out to eat with a beautiful woman. This is to date his little lover. Of course, he does not have to go home to eat. Being accompanied by a beauty, how enjoyable he is.’


Suddenly, Xu Yanwen also saw Xue Jiayue. He didn't expect to meet her here. Seeing that Xue Jiayue was standing with the people from the X.W Studio, he could not help frowning slightly.


Unfortunately, Xu Yanwen's frown did not escape Xue Jiayue's eyes.


Xue Jiayue couldn't help laughing at him by his twisted brows. She supposed he felt guilty to have  bumped into her while dating another woman.  So she wanted to see what he would do next? Anyway, it was he who secretly went out to date someone, and he was the one who did the wrong thing!


But surprisingly, Xu Yanwen had no other reaction or movement except frowning after seeing her. Instead, the beautiful woman beside him was very attentive and enthusiastic while talking with a smile.


What a spicy scene!


Xue Jiayue pursed her mouth and turned to leave.


However, their leader, Mr. He, the person in charge of the studio, suddenly walked towards Xu Yanwen upon seeing him. He respectfully greeted, "Mr. Xu, I didn't expect to meet you here. You come to dinner too, ha ha ha."


Mr. He laughed so unpleasantly, just like the duck. Xu Yanwen's brows were twisted again. He had tried to keep his relationship with Mr. He from Xue Jiayue. He didn't want Xue Jiayue to know what he was doing behind her.


But in front of him, Mr. He was just like a careless man and didn’t even try to walk away to avoid meeting him. Instead, he ran over to say hello to him, and his voice was so loud while laughing so exaggeratedly, for fear that others would not know about him.


Xu Yanwen wanted Mr. He to leave quickly with Xue Jiayue. He didn’t  hope Xue Jiayue to discover their relationship. However, he couldn’t tell him clearly. He just responded coldly to slip past. At the same time he tipped him a wink to signal him to hurry away. 


But Mr. He was slow in understanding no matter how hard Xu Yanwen was trying. 


Mr. He was there, so stupid to understand what his boss really meant!


Xu Yanwen's heart was like being scratched by a cat, anxious and angry, but he couldn't show it on the face. Were it not for Mr. He’s talent in design, he would have never arranged this  unresponsive person to be in charge of the X.W studio. Xu Yanwen was speechless!

When going back to the company, the first thing he would do was to tell Assistant Feng to warn Mr. He that next time when he met him again, he had to keep away from Xu Yanwen, as far as possible.


At the moment, Xu Yanwen felt very headache. Mr. He was such a fool that he was going to make Xu Yanwen give the game away.


The author’s note--   Xue Jiayue: Hahaha, I’m just waiting for you to give the game away.


Xue Jiayue’s deed of saving the girl was not deceiving. However, she was scolded for doing such good a deed. She felt very uncomfortable.Xu Yanwen didn't handle their conflict  well. He spoke too harshly. If he had told her in another tone, things would be different between them. In fact, in our daily life, sometimes in front of our family, we are all spoiled like children.

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