Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 30

Xue Jiayue took a look at his mobile phone, and felt surprised instantly. It turned out that the fact she and Tang Xintian rescued Liu Xiaojiao was caught on video and posted on the Internet. At this time, the matter had become a hotspot, and many people had recognized Tang Xintian.

"What happened?" Xu Yanwen asked.

"That's what it was on the video!" Xue Jiayue simply said the matter about Liu Xiaojiao.

Xu Yanwen listened calmly, and then said, "You mean that you didn't call the police from beginning to end?"

"The one ran away, so why should we call the police?" Xue Jiayue looked at him incredulously.

Xu Yanwen felt so speechless and calmly analyzed the matter for Xue Jiayue, "What if that girl lied to you?"

Xue Jiayue had a funny feeling in mind and said, "Who is so stupid and lets people beat her so miserably to lie to us? Was I cheated of a lot of money by her? I gave her money voluntarily!"

"It's not a matter of money or money at all, I just worry that you will be scammed again. Haven't you been cheated by Zhang Renyan before..."

"Shut up!" Xue Jiayue didn't want to listen to Xu Yanwen raking up the past, but only felt that he was so annoying. She just saved a girl, that’s all. What's wrong with saving others? She was scolded for doing good things, and felt very uncomfortable. Especially, he had been teaching her like a teaching director, which was unbearable. Xue Jiayue said, "I'm tired and want to sleep. Please leave my room!"

"Xue Jiayue!" Xu Yanwen raised his voice and said with a sullen face, "It’s for your own good. In recent days..."

"I know, I know." Xue Jiayue had no interest to listen to him, and was in a bad mood too. She said to him impatiently, "Can you go out now? I want to sleep!"


"I want to sleep!" Xue Jiayue raised her voice and repeated it again, "Please leave my room!"

Seeing that she seemed really unhappy to go on, he also felt disappointed with her and then left with a cold face.

A sound of shutting the door came from the behind, and he was separated outside the door.

Xu Yanwen stopped walking and slightly turned his head. His jaw tightened into a straight line, and his look was not very good. He walked back to his room with a cold face and closed the door heavily.

Hearing the sound of closing door from next room, Xue Jiayue twitched her mouth towards the next door, got into the bed, pulled the quilt over her head to sleep.

Xue Jiayue slept for several hours, and when she woke up, it was already dark. She lay on the bed for a while, and the stomatch was growling.

"A little hungry." Xue Jiayue touched her stomach with hands, got up from the bed, took her mobile phone, and intended to order take-out service.

Walking sound came from outside the door, Xue Jiayue did not pay attention to that. She found what she wanted to eat on the app, and then made an order.

While waiting for the food, Xue Jiayue received a call from Tang Xintian. Tang Xintian told her on the phone that she had something to do and had to go home with her husband first, so that she could not go out to play together tomorrow again, and when she would be free, she would make another appointment to travel together.

Xue Jiayue liked Tang Xintian very much, especially when she handled Liu Xiaojiao’s father, a human dreg today. She was so cool that Xue Jiayue really admired her. On the phone, she quickly agreed to Tang Xintian's invitation.

"Then we just made an appointment, see you later."

"Okay, bye bye."

Hung up the phone, Xue Jiayue looked at the call log, the two of them had been chatting for more than ten minutes just now. It’s really interesting to talk to those she liked.

Then Xue Jiayue waited for a while, and the food delivery was delivered.

When she opened the door for takeout, she happened to find Xu Yanwen passing by the door. Xu Yanwen also carried a bag in her hand. Through the bag, she could see the food in it, like a packed dinner.

Xu Yanwen walked past Xue Jiayue's door without looking sideways.

Xue Jiayue glanced at him, turned back and took the food delivery from the takeaway man, and said thanks with a smile. The takeaway man replied “No thanks” and requested Xue Jiayue to gave him a good comment. Xue Jiayue agreed. The takeaway man left after that. The whole process only took two or three minutes.

Xu Yanwen walked to the door of his room with the bag, opened the door with the room card and walked in. He closed the door and walked into the house without any expression. He put the dinner in his hand on the table and turned around, walked aside, sit down by the window, took out the cigarette from his pocket, and lit it with a lighter.

He hadn't smoked for a long time. He took the cigarette in pocked just for social intercourse. But today he was inexplicably upset and wanted to ease his mood by the smell of cigarette.

In the next room, Xue Jiayue was eating her dinner happily. She ordered teriyaki chicken rice, and a cup of grass jelly, which was delicious.

Xue Jiayue happily ate up her meal and took out her mobile phone to play games feverishly.

In the game, a male warrior named "killing the world", wearing a big red armor, carrying an extremely sharp sword, took her travel in and out of the instance. At the last time he killed the boss, an excellent ring came out, which could sold for a lot of money, making her envious.

"Kill the world" had a lot of superb blessing equipment, and the ring that was not forged yet was directly thrown by him to Xue Jiayue, "Give it to you."

Xue Jiayue's ring was about to be changed. Taking this excellent ring and forging it again, her attack power could be improved a lot. It couldn't be better.

She did not stand on ceremony with "Kill the world", picked up the ring, and entered a "thank you" in diaglog book.

"Kill the world" responded with “no thanks”, and then left carrying his big knife dashingly.

Xue Jiayue quit the game contentedly, and found it’s very, so she quickly went to bed after washing her face and rinsing her mouth.

The next day, Xu Yanwen went out to do something, and only sent a WeChat message to Xue Jiayue, without saying additional words.

Xue Jiayue had enough play in these days, and she did not go out that day. She continued to play games in the hotel room, watch TV, and spend time on Weibo.

That day she had never spoken with Xu Yanwen, nor did she know when Xu Yanwen came out and when he came back.

Until the third day when they went back to Jing City, Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen had little communication.

After they returned to Jing City, Xu Yanwen went to the company, and then started his early-leaving and late-returning life, as if he had delayed many works due to going to the neighbor city for a few days.

Every day when Xue Jiayue got up, Xu Yanwen had been left for a long time, and when Xue Jiayue had fallen asleep at night, sometimes Xu Yanwen did not come back. The two of them couldn't meet all day long. Naturally, they didn't talk, and there was no communication between them at all.

A few days later, it was time for Xue Jiayue to go to X.W Studio.

This morning, Xue Jiayue got up half an hour earlier than before, and only saw Xu Yanwen, who got up earlier than her, and hurriedly went out with the documents. The two did not even say a word to each other.

Xue Jiayue went to the studio. Mr. He enthusiastically cared about her injuries. He smiled gently and said, "If the injuries are not cured, you can rest for a few days before coming to work. The studio is not busy now."

"It's okay, thank you Mr. He, I can work now." Xue Jiayue had been delayed to come for more than a week, if she continued to delay, she would be embarrassed herself.

Hearing that, Mr. He said, "Then I will ask Wang Dan to take you to your department first. You can get to know the colleges first and then Wang Dan will arrange works for you."

"Okay, thank you Mr. He."

Mr. He picked up the phone and notified Wang Dan to the office.

Wang Dan is a woman in her early thirties. She was in a gray OL suit with an oval face and always smiled before speaking. She looked very amiable, like an elder sister who made you want to get close.

Mr. He introduced Wang Dan and Xue Jiayue. After Wang Dan and Xue Jiayue greeted each other, Mr. He explained to Wang Dan, "Miss Xue came to our studio for the first time. You take her to your department to get familiar with it, and you can introduce her details about the work."

"Okay, Mr. He." Wang Dan agreed and turned around and said to Xue Jiayue with smile, "Miss Xue, let's go to the design department."

"Thank you, Sister Wang." Xue Jiayue followed Wang Dan and left Mr. He’s office. They walked through the corridor, and went to the office of the design department.

The design department was at the end of the corridor. Xue Jiayue followed Wang Dan into the design department's office, and saw a man and a woman standing with their backs toward them at the desk, as if discussing something.

Wang Dan stepped forward and said: "Xiaoyu, Cheng, our department has a newcomer. Let's get to know each other."

The two people standing back to them quickly turned around after hearing that.

"A newcomer in our department?" Cheng Wei glanced at Xue Jiayue standing next to Wang Dan, and immediately smiled and said, "And it turns out to be a pretty lady."

Lu Xiaoyu, who was standing next to Cheng Wei, was not as excited as him. Her gaze falling on Xue Jiayue was not as friendly as Cheng Wei too. Instead, she was a little provocative, "It turns out to be you!"

Cheng Wei didn't learnt the strangeness in Lu Xiaoyu's voice, but turned his head to look at her, and said curiously, "Do you know the new beautiful lady?"

"Yes!" Lu Xiaoyu said and thought in her mind, she knew Xue Jiayue absolutely, and even if Xue Jiayue turned to ashes, she could recognize her at a glance.

Wang Dan didn't expect Lu Xiaoyu to know Xue Jiayue. She and Cheng Wei didn't know that Lu Xiaoyu and Xue Jiayue bore grudges against each other. When Lu Xiaoyu said that, Wang Dan smiled and asked, "Are you classmates?"

"Yeah, classmates, we were college classmates for several years."

"That's good. Since you are college classmates and will be colleagues working together in the future, Miss Xue just came today and is not familiar with the studio, so please be responsible for showing her our working environment, is that OK, Xiaoyu? " Wang Dan said and made that arrangement.

"Okay." Lu Xiaoyu bent his lips and promised, while looking at Xue Jiayue, and then said with a faxy smile, "Xue Jiayue, we haven't seen for such a long time."

Xue Jiayue did not expect to meet Lu Xiaoyu here. She thought that Lu Xiaoyu had gone abroad long ago. It was less than three years that she had come back and was recruited to work in X.W studio.

These plots were not in the original text at all. Did she change it? She fluttered the butterfly wings a little, and even the original plot changed accordingly?

This was the only explanation. Xue Jiayue comforted herself in the mind.

"Long time no see, Lu Xiaoyu." Xue Jiayue also replied lightly.

Originally Xue Jiayue and Lu Xiaoyu were college classmates and roommates. They lived in the neighbor beds in the college, and always had a meal together after class. Their relationship was so good that they always stood on the same side. However, something happened later, and since then, good friends had changed to be cold strangers, and the two did not say a word until Lu Xiaoyu went abroad.

Today, when they met again, Xue Jiayue and Lu Xiaoyu maintained superficial harmony, making other people impossible to find that the two had a bad relationshio. Wang Dan and Cheng Wei, who did not know the truth, only thought they were old classmates and did not think of anyting else.

Wang Dan arranged Xue Jiayue to Lu Xiaoyu and explained some things before leaving. Cheng Wei was busy with other things. Only Xue Jiayue and Lu Xiaoyu were left in the office.

Lu Xiaoyu turned her chair to look at Xue Jiayue next to her, and said with a curled corner, "I remember you previously learnt design course badly, how could you be recruited for X.W studio? Did you rely on Xu Yanwen again?"

Xue Jiayue frowned, turned to look at her, and said without any weakness, "Then how could you be recruited?"

She knew Lu Xiaoyu liked to play tricks in behind!

Lu Xiaoyu laughed at her after hearing that, "Of course I rely on my own strength and ability!"

Xue Jiayue smiled too, "Is the strength and ability of playing tricks behind?"

"Xue Jiayue!" Lu Xiaoyu suddenly raised her voice and yelled angrily, "I didn't care about what you did in the past, because I’m generous but not because I'm afraid of you!"

Xue Jiayue glanced at her scornfully, chuckled and said contemptuously, "Can’t you remember who was crying and begged me to forgive at that time? Do you still remember who went to make a secret report after I refused to forgive her? After so many years, you are still naive!

Lu Xiaoyu was choked by Xue Jiayue's words and paused for a while before reacting. She raised her chin and said, "I made a secret report? Didn’t you do that thing? Didn’t you say that words?"

Xue Jiayue raised her eyebrows mockingly, “About the truth, we both know that. You will be retaliated one day for doing such a bad thing! If you are really conscientious, why did you rush to go abroad? ? Why didn’t you continue to stay at home? Why were you frightened?"

"I, I'm not what you said, I had already planned to go abroad at that time!" Lu Xiaoyu loudly emphasized that she didn’t go abroad for running away, and Xue Jiayue was just talking nonsense.

Unfortunately, even though she loudly emphasized, Xue Jiayue, who had seen the original text, knew what was going on. At that time, Lu Xiaoyu was afraid that what she had done was exposed, so she hurriedly went abroad on the pretext of going to study abroad.

Xue Jiayue rebuked at the Lu Xiaoyu again, spoke out a sentence mockingly, "What is done by night appears by day", and then she turned around and walked out of the office.

Lu Xiaoyu stared at the back of her going out bitterly, felt so angry to be choked in her throat, almost suffocated herself.

On the first day of work, Xue Jiayue had a relative good life. In addition to the accidental meet with Lu Xiaoyu, Mr. He, Wang Dan and Cheng Wei were all very kind to her. Although Lu Xiaoyu was a little vexed and had an ulterior motice, Xue Jiayue thought she was able to defeat Lu Xiaoyu in all aspects. Although Lu Xiaoyu's fierce appearance was terrible, in fact, she was just a paper tiger. Xue Jiayue didn’t need to be afraid of her at all, but just ignored her existence at work.

After returning home from work in the afternoon, Xue Jiayue just opened the door and walked into the house. When she raised her eyes, she unexpectedly saw Xu Yanwen was at home.

Why could he come back so early today? Didn’t he need to work overtime? Xue Jiayue thought doubtfully.

Xu Yanwen was in a white shirt and black suit pants, and was standing tall by the window, holding a mobile phone and talking on the phone.

His authentic London cockney was full of magnetic sound, coming in the ears, was so fascinating, almost making people's ears pregnant.

Xue Jiayue walked into the house, changed then shoes, and glanced at Xu Yanwen, who was still talking on the phone in front of the window. She didn't bother him and went directly to her own room.

After a while, Xue Jiayue changed into a home uniform, took a cup out of the room, planned to get some water to drink, and happened to meet Xu Yanwen who had finished the phone call.

Xu Yanwen's deep eyes glanced at her, and the corner of his mouth moved a bit, as if there was something to say, but Xue Jiayue didn't notice that, and walked over directly holding the cup.

Being ignored, Xu Yanwen stood at the door, or finally pushed the door and walked into his room.

Xue Jiayue took the cup and got some water back. Seeing that Xu Yanwen was no longer in the living room, she thought he had already returned to his room. She glanced towards Xu Yanwen's bedroom for a while.

And at this time, Xu Yanwen just opened the door, and suddenly, the eyes of the two met unexpectedly.

Perhaps it was like someone was found doing bad things. After Xue Jiayue's gaze met Xu Yanwen's gaze, she panicked suddenly and subconsciously wanted to escape, and some words came out unconsciously, "I'm going to my room."

After speaking that, Xue Jiayue regretted it. She could go back to the room directly, why did she say that? Didn’t it indicate that she was guilty conscience? What a shame! Xue Jiayue blushed uncontrollably, hurriedly opened the door of her bedroom, and fled into.

Xu Yanwen was sure that he had just seen Xue Jiayue blushing and ran away like a rabbit, making him laughable.

Was he a tiger? Why did she run away after seeing him?

Meanwhile, in the room, Xue Jiayue felt embarrassed to go out. It was really shameful just now.

After almost half an hour, Xue Jiayue was hungry, and she planned to go out to find some food. At this time, there was a knock at the door.

"Jiayue!" Xu Yanwen called her outside the door.

Xue Jiayue quickened her pulse, her mouth opened, and finally a voice came out, "What… what's the matter?"

"It's time for meal." Xu Yanwen said loudly, "There are Kung Pao chicken and boiled fish fillets you like!"

Xue Jiayue's stomach was groaning, and she couldn't help swallowing when she heard the two dishes.

It had to say that the temptation of food was huge, and being hungry was unbearable. As for those embarrassing things, they were no longer within the scope of her consideration. She just wanted to eat now.

"Coming." Xue Jiayue quickly agreed and got up and walked to the door.

When Xue Jiayue opened the door and went out, Xu Yanwen had already put the Kung Pao chicken and boiled fish fillets on the table, and there was also a bowl of small cabbage egg soup.

Xue Jiayue walked over. Xu Yanwen put the tableware on the able and said to her, "Please."

"OK, thanks." Xue Jiayue quickly pulled away the chair and sat down, picking up the chopsticks beside the bowl.

Xu Yanwen sat across from her, took a piece of boiled fish fillet with chopsticks and ate it, and felt the taste was very fine. He looked up and said to Xue Jiayue, "I originally planned to cook the meal myself today, but I have too much work to do. The takeaway is ordered on the gourmet app. This boiled fish is made by Jiangzhong Yufu, you liked before."

Xue Jiayue was taken aback, wondered he ordered this specially for her?

Author’s Note: Xu Yanwen: Make my wife happy and require for reconciliation.

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