Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 29 part2

"Since I gave birth to you, you have to make money for me. If you can’t, I’ll beat you to death!” The man was rude and cruel, as if the girl was not a person, but a tool to make money.


"But you, you just took money from me a few days ago ..."


The girl tried to argue, but before she could finish speaking, the man flashed another slap forcing the girl's face to turn aside. "Your money is not enough for me to play cards once. Tonight, you must go to sell wine in Brother Dong’s KTV, otherwise, I’ll kill you!" shouted the man.


"He, he is not selling liquor. He's cheating ..."


"Just shut the fuck up," the man kicked again, scolding fiercely in his mouth, "You’re fucking shit with me. Tell you to go! Just like your mother, it's a waste! You can't make any money!”


"I, I will not do anything illegal!" although the girl was beaten pitifully, the corners of her mouth were broken, five fingers were printed on her face, and her eyes were red, she tried to keep her tears back and persevered in her idea, "You and Brother Dong are deceiving. You ask me to sell wine, but actually it is a shill of wine..."


"You won't go, will you? Then I will kill you ..." shouted the man with his eyes glared in a fierce manner. He raised his hand to hit the girl...


“Stop it!” Tang Xintian stepped forward and grabbed the man by the arm.


“What are you doing?” the man turned his head, facing Tang Xintian still in a violent manner, and cursing fiercely in his mouth, "Go away with your noisy things! It's none of your business for me to beat my daughter! "


Tang Xintian raised her eyebrows and replied coldly, "This is my business! "


"If you dare to start again, I will call the police!" Xue Jiayue also stepped forward and threatened the man holding a mobile phone in her hand, and was about to make a phone call.


"You crazy bitches, I’ve told you to mind your own business. Believe it or not, I’ll beat you two!"


the man shouted and stared at them with a black face, thinking that they were just two nosy women. They were thin and weak, and their thighs were not as big as his arms. He could deal with them easily.


Tang Xintian sneered and said contemptuously, “Then you just try it out.”


The man was instantly irritated by Tang Xintian’s contemptuous tone. Before, no one dared to point fingers at him even when he beat his wife or his daughter. These two nosy women suddenly appeared and dared to take care of his business. He must let them both taste the consequences of minding other’s business affairs!


"I ..." yelled the man while trying to pull his arm back from Tang Xintian's hand. However, he could not move at all. Tang Xintian's arm was like a pair of iron pliers. The man was controlled firmly there.


Tang Xintian stared at him calmly.


The man felt a little confused in his heart, but he believed that he was strong and that he lost just because he had looked down upon his opponent. So he mustered up his strength and tried hard again.  

However, it was far beyond the man's expectations. He obviously exhausted his strength, but he couldn't pull his arm back from Tang Xintian's hands.


"Won’t you let go of me?" asked the man. He was angry and blushed.


On the contrary, Tang Xintian remained calm, as if she did not take his brute force into her eyes. She sneered, " Trash! Scum! "


"Fuck you!" despised and beat by a woman, the angry man was more exasperated. He raised another hand that was not controlled by Tang Xintian and was about to fight back.


"Back to you!" Tang Xintian suddenly put a light pressure on the man who was half a head taller than her. As a result of that, she pushed away the man like a garbage dump.


"Ahhhh…" screamed the man. Like a rag doll, he was thrown lightly three meters away by Tang Xintia. He fell on the ground with a loud bang. He was black and blue all over. His whole body seemed to be falling apart. He couldn't get up but lay on the ground and screamed.


"Hooray! Well done!" people around cheered Tang Xintian. After all, the man was too vicious and violent when he hit his daughter.They hated the man’s behavior but they dared not to stop him. At last, someone shot to help the girl, and the man was packed. They also felt very relieved!


The man saw that no one came to his help. He screamed even worse on the ground, "Ouch, oh, someone almost killed me. I'm going to the police, I'm going to the police!"


"Okay, just call the police!" Xue Jiayue held the phone, glaring at him and said, "Anyway, I have called the police, and the police will come right away. I want to see how you can tell them that you are abusing your daughter and forcing her to be a wine shill. It is also possible for the police to follow the clues provided by you and wipe out all those who are cheating! "


The man realized the serious situation for him all of a sudden. If he was really caught by the police and he would be asked about the situation. Then all the shameful things he had done in the dark had to be investigated. It would be all over for him in that case. He would end up in prison.  


Thinking of these, the man couldn't care about arguing with Xue Jiayue anymore, and he couldn't care about the pain all over his body, either. He jumped from the ground like a monkey and then ran away as quickly as possible.


"Don't run! Don't run!" the crowd of onlookers wanted to catch him, but they failed, watching him cross the road, drill into the alley opposite and soon disappeared.


Xue Jiayue didn't chase the man, either. She turned to see the beaten girl. Tang Xintian had pulled her off the ground, and took out a handkerchief to wipe the blood from her mouth.


“What is your name?” Xue Jiayue asked with concern, "Is the person who hit you really your father?"


The girl cried and replied, "My name is Zhang Xiaojiao. He is my father."


Both Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian felt sympathy for Zhang Xiaojiao.


Xue Jiayue asked again, "What about your mother?"


"After my mother divorced my father, she returned to her hometown in Beijing," said Zhang Xiaojiao. She thought of her mother, and began crying more sadly, "I miss her so much. I haven't seen her for years."


To be born in such a family was really unfortunate. Xue Jiayue comforted Zhang Xiaojiao, " Your mother must have had no choice but to divorce your father, and she must have been reluctant to part with you."


Tang Xintian also sympathized with Zhang Xiaojiao's experience. She asked, "Do you want to find your mother?"


Zhang Xiaojiao froze for a while, then she nodded and said, "Yes, but I have no money, and all the money I earn is taken by my dad."


Xue Jiayue heard this and immediately took out her wallet. She then pulled out several big notes from it and put them into Zhang Xiaojiao's hands, "Take this money to find your mother."


"No, I can't ask for your money," said Zhang Xiaojiao while hurriedly pushing the money back, "You have helped me a lot. How can I ask for your money again."


"Take them," Xue Jiayue refused to withdraw the money and said indifferently, "The money is nothing to me, but you can take it to your mother and live a good life in the future. Don't follow your father again."


Tears rolled down from Zhang Xiaojiao's eyes all at once, drop by drop, like a broken bead. She was grateful, "Thank you, all of you! You are really kind-hearted. I will do my best and repay you later."


Xue Jiayue smiled, reaching to touch her hair while telling her, " It's just a piece of cake for us to help you. You don't need to repay it."


Tang Xintian also said, "Take care of yourself and live a good life. Then we are repaid."


Under the gentle gaze of them two, Zhang Xiaojiao held the money in her hand and nodded vigorously, "I know, I will."


Then, Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian sent Zhang Xiaojiao to the bus to the next city.


After seeing Zhang Xiaojiao off, both of them did not have the mood to continue shopping. After saying goodbye to each other, they returned to their respective hotels.


Xue Jiayue just returned to her hotel room and left her bag on the bed, when there was a rapid knock at the door. She walked to answer it and saw that Xu Yanwen was standing outside.

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