Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 29 part1

While she was humming a merry little tune, Xue Jiayue unpacked her bag, took out her pajamas, and danced into the bathroom.

After a perfect hot bath, she put on her comfortable silk pajamas and walked out. She then had her usual skin care before lying down in bed.


However, it was not clear whether it was because of the new bed, or because she was too excited, Xue Jiayue wasn’t able to fall asleep. 

Thus, she began her mind-wandering. She remembered that Xu Yanwen mentioned Tang Xintian used to be a star. She had acted in two or three TV plays before. Quickly, Xue Jiayue took out her mobile phone and searched for Tang Xintian's TV series online.


She chose "Emperor's Strategy" to begin with and watched it for more than ten minutes at a stretch.  Tang Xintian’s role in this play, who had just entered the palace, was really tender and fresh like a flower still on the branch. Her acting skills were also very good. She was very charming when smiling.


Xue Jiayue felt it so good that she suddenly wanted to share it with Xu Yanwen, so she sent a WeChat message to him.


As soon as Xu Yanwen came out of the bathroom, he heard the phone ringing and walked to the bed to pick it up. It was the message sent by Xue Jiayue.


Jiayue: Sister Tang's acting is really good. She looks really beautiful in the TV series. I like her so much. Thank you for your recommendation.


Xu Yanwen's face became sullen, and his deep eyes were fixed on the screen of the mobile phone, as if he was scolding the person on the phone.


He quickly tapped his fingers on the phone screen and returned a message to Xue Jiayue.


Xue Jiayue opened her WeChat and saw the single cold word.


Xu Yanwen: Sleep.


From this word, Xue Jiayue could see his cold tone, cold attitude, and a cold face that looked so unpleasant at the moment.


However, she suddenly felt funny, and she sneered at Xu Yanwen's WeChat profile picture.


It was late at night, and Xue Jiayue did not want to disturb Xu Yanwen again. She quit WeChat, and watched another TV series before going to sleep.


When she at last fell asleep, she began to dream.


In the dream, a man was on her bed, and his hands were on both sides of her body, while his black eyes were staring at her. His tall and straight body pressed against hers while doing whatever he desired to her.  

She wanted to scream, but she couldn't make a sound. She wanted to push him away, but she didn't have any strength on her hand. She couldn't push him at all. Instead, she was caught by his big hand and pressed directly on her own head, which made it more convenient for him to do everything he wanted to do to her.  

Xue Jiayue was groggy and sleepy. She didn't know how long the strange dream lasted. When she was almost exhausted, she seemed to hear a dull thud, and the tall figure pressed on her disappeared instantly. The feeling of suffocation disappeared all at once, and Xue Jiayue finally woke up.


The sky outside the window was still dark. Only the buildings in the distance were flashing with various lights, Xue Jiayue reached out for her phone and looked at the time. She found it was over one in the morning.


She had only slept for more than an hour and had such a weird spring dream. In the dream, she couldn't see clearly the person's face, but she remembered the black cold eyes that looked like Xu Yanwen's ...


Oops, what she was thinking about?! Why did she dream about him?


Xue Jiayue stopped herself thinking deeply. How dared she think about such things that linked with Xu Yanwen? He was the hero, while she was only the supporting role. She should not have unrealistic ideas about him. She should have self-knowledge.  

What she could do now was to sleep. Xue Jiayue quickly turned over and closed her eyes to continue to sleep.


However, she was not able to sleep well. She always felt that she was dreaming and all kinds of pictures appeared in her dream.  When she woke up in the morning, she felt more tired than not sleeping, but she could not remember what she had seen in her dream.  

When eating breakfast, Xu Yanwen noticed that she looked weary, and was not in a good spirit. With a frowning face, he asked, "What time did you sleep last night? Staying up again? "


"No, I didn’t. I went to bed early," Xue Jiayue answered back.


"Then why do you look weary?"


"That’s because..." Xue Jiayue suddenly remembered the spring dream she had made. Her face turned red involuntarily, and she quickly lowered her head for breakfast. She was embarrassed to look at Xu Yanwen again.


Xu Yanwen knew nothing about all these. He stared at her intently and pumped her about the question, "What is your reason?"


Stared by his sharp eyes, Xue Jiayue was almost crazy, but how could she say about her shameful dream?


It's a pity that even if she lowered her head and avoided Xu Yanwen's gaze as much as possible, but as both of them sat face to face, it was inevitable that Xu Yanwen saw blushes on her face. He asked her directly,  "Why does your face turn red then?"


Judging from her evasive eyesight, Xu Yanwen felt even more suspicious of her behavior. The more he observed, the more he felt that she had a guilty conscience, so he was more sure that what she said was not true.


"I, I'm hot," Xue Jiayue rolled her eyes and answered, pointing to the hot milk in front of her, "The milk is too hot, and so of course I feel hot after drinking it."


Xu Yanwen fixed his deep eyes on her, took a sip of the hot milk in front of him slowly. He found its temperature was moderate, neither too cold nor too hot, very pleasing. Needless to say, Xue Jiayue had lied about the reason for her red face..


Xue Jiayue kept her head down and dared not look directly at Xu Yanwen's eyes. However, she still knew exactly what Xu Yanwen did and thought.


When Xu Yanwen picked up his glass to drink milk, she secretly told herself that she had found a wrong reason to fool him, and her fingers hidden under the table were clenched tightly.


At the moment Xu Yanwen finished drinking milk and put down the glass, Xue Jiayue grabbed her bag nearby, raised her head and quickly said to Xu Yanwen, "I have an appointment with Sister Tang, so I will go first."


Without waiting for Xu Yanwen to respond, Xue Jiayue ran away from the dining room without even looking back. Her manner of rushing away was like being chased by a monster behind.


Xu Yanwen kept watching Xue Jiayue’s retreating back expressionlessly. He reached for the milk on the table and took another sip. The milk was already cold, and the taste did not seem as good as before.


There was not much milk left in the glass. Xu Yanwen took a glance at the glass, picked it up and finished all the milk.


He placed the empty glass on the table and raised his right wrist to look at the time on the diamond watch. It was less than 9:40 am. He clearly remembered that Xue Jiayue and Tang Xin's appointment was at 10:30.


Xu Yanwen's look was cold and penetrating. He stood up from the chair, lifted his long legs and walked outside the dining room.


Out of the dining room, Xue Jiayue kept running for a while before stopping. She patted her chest, and took a deep breath. Her inner tension gradually calmed down.


After calming down, Xue Jiayue could think normally. She could not help but spurn herself. Why should she be afraid of Xu Yanwen? Why should she run like this? She had done nothing wrong. She had just made a spring dream at night. In fact, she had no lousy taste in him. And if she kept silent about the dream, he would never know about it!


But she blushed and ran away with such a guilty conviction. Obviously it was something that was hidden. Xu Yanwen was so shrewd, and he would definitely doubt her once he sensed her unease. What if he found out that she was not Xue Jiayue? Would she be regarded as a monster then?


Alas! These ideas terrified Xue Jiayue. She began to worry about it. She couldn’t help but pray silently in her heart that Xu Yanwen would not find out anything.


Xue Jiayue kept feeling uneasy until Tang Xintian called her and they both met at the appointed place. She then temporarily put Xu Yanwen aside and accompanied Tang Xintian to visit around.


At the moment, they had just visited a branded clothing store facing the street, and came out with the clothes they bought. They saw a man in his early forties, pulling a young, thin girl. They were seemingly arguing about something. Suddenly the man showed a brutal face and slapped the girl hard pushing her down to the ground. Still the man wasn’t relieved after these and stepped forward to kick her again and again, while cursing.

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Xu Yanwen is too pushy, always interrogating her. I don't like him.
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that is not the true.....he is just overconscious for is means that his feelings is developing for her........please think it carefully and you will find out the truth
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