Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 28

What Xu Yanwen sent was a motion picture of a big hand touching a kitten's head. The kitten opened its mouth and soared, and there was a word "cute" next to it.

Xue Jiayue thought the kitten was so cute and laughed aloud unconsciously.

Tang Xintian next to her heard the laughter, turned her head to look at Jiayue, and asked curiously, "What are you laughing at so happily?"

Xue Jiayue was half ashamed to tell Tang Xintian about the WeChat content she and Xu Yanwen sent, so she quickly put away the smile on her face, and said without changing her look, "It was a message from my brother at home, a funny picture."

While talking, Xue Jiayue was still thinking silently, “I'm sorry Master, now I'm wronging you a little to be my nominal brother for the time being.”

In her mind, Xue Jiayue also made up a secene of Xu Yanwen showing an strange expression when he knew she said he was her younger brother, that is, showing probably a sullen face, and the black eyes behind the rimless glasses shot out cold light, and those cold eyes seemed to have real substance, inserting into her body like a sharp sword, and at the same time, she would only tremble on her knees like those cannon fodder in the anime, crying for forgiveness!

Tang Xintian didn't pry into Xue Jiayue's thoughts, didn't know what she was thinking, and thought she was really sending a message to her brother, so she said with a smile, "You and your brother have a good relationship, right?"

"It's okay." Xue Jiayue remembered of Xu Yanlin, a wild kid in her memory. Before, she had a bad relationship with him, but after the last event, she didn't know what happened to Xu Yanwen, but felt Xu Yanwen always behaved like a gentleman when seeing her, and always called her "sister", and didn’t bother her anymore, in a word, he really became very different from before.

The car drove smoothly all the way, and soon reached the Xiangguo Ancient City. Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian got out of the car and walked along the paved road to the city.

Both sides of the street were quaint shops, with signboards hanging in front of the door, spreading in the wind, as if attracting customers.

Walked all the way, there were shops selling pastries, cloth, calligraphy and painting, as well as tea houses, restaurants and so on.

When they walked to the big theater in the center, there was still a crew filming inside. The theater was guarded by a cordon. There were allso special staff responsible for maintaining order. The passing tourists wanted to go in but can’t see the inside, only making a glance at the door.

"It looks very interesting." Xue Jiayue glanced at the door a few times and said, "I wonder who the hero and the heroine are? Are they the latest popular stars?"

Tang Xintian was wearing a big sunglasses with a sunhat on her head. The brim was pressed down very low, covering half of her face. She pulled Xue Jiayue and said, "Let's go somewhere else."

"Okay." Xue Jiayue had no opinion and followed Tang Xintian to another place.

The Xiangguo Ancient City is not big. It only took about 40 minutes to go around the community. Xue Jiayue found that it was really like what Xu Yanwen said, the online publicity was very good, but actually after coming, it is not so fantastic.

"Let's vist somewhere else?" Tang Xintian asked Xue Jiayue for advice.

Xue Jiayue said yes, and then two of them got into the car again and went to the Drum Tower. When they arrived, the Drum Tower was similar to what Xu Yanwen said, and was just a lonely building, for which 30 minutes were enough to go around it for several times.

"I feel cheated." Xue Jiayue was a little disappointed.

Tang Xintian smiled sweetly, "There are only these several places for playing. Next time we can make an appointment to go to Hainan or Yunnan and Tibet to play."

"I haven't been to Tibet yet." Xue Jiayue was immediately interested, "When will we go together?"

"Okay, make an appointment." Tang Xintian was affable. The two agreed so and planned to go to Tibet when they were free.

After visiting two or three attractions, there was nothing fun. Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian were also tired of travelling, so they entered a coffee shop for afternoon tea, and after that, strolled around the nearby shopping malls happily.

When the two of them finished shopping, it was late, and at that time, Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen called.

Xu Yanwen asked where Xue Jiayue was on the phone, and she told him the address. About 20 minutes later, Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen drove over.

They four met outside the mall. Gu Tingshen was going to attend a wine party at night, so he took Tang Xintian away and left.

After seeing Gu Tingshen and Tang Xintian's car leave, Xu Yanwen turned to look at Xue Jiayue beside him, who was still carrying several bags in his hand, obviously she had a quite rich harvest.

"Did you have fun today?"

Xue Jiayue shook her head, "Not fun."

Not fun? Why did you buy so many things since you were not fun?

Xu Yanwen reached out his hand to her.

"What, what are you doing?" Xue Jiayue looked puzzledly at the hand he reached over. What does he mean?

Seeing Xue Jiayue's face looked dumb and unmoved, Xu Yanwen stretched her finger and poked her forehead, "What are you thinking?"

Xue Jiayue covered her forehead with one hand.

"Don't you want to give me the things yet?" Xu Yanwen simply reached out and helped her take the bags.

However, his big palm stretched out, and inevitably touched Xue Jiayue's hand. Xue Jiayue, like a frightened little rabbit, subconsciously shrank her hands backward.

Xu Yanwen was stunned, a flash of strangeness flashed quickly on the face, and then he said, "Can you take them alone? You have bought so many things."


"Let me help you."

Xue Jiayue wanted to say that she could bring them herself, no need to trouble Xu Yanwen, but before she could speak out, Xu Yanwen had already picked up several bags.

"Let’s go." Xu Yanwen carried the things and walked forward with his long legs. Xue Jiayue looked at his long back, paused for a while, pursed her lips, and then quickly followed up.

The driver drove the car over, Xu Yanwen opened the trunk, and put the things Xue Jiayue bought into the trunk one by one.

Xue Jiayue got into the car, and Xu Yanwen also followed him up. Xue Jiayue's cell phone rang up at this time. At first glance, it turned out to be Tang Xintian.

She didn't know what Tang Xintian called her for at this time, so she quickly answered the phone, "Hello, Sister Tang."

Tang Xintian's voice came from the phone, "Jiayue, I just seemed to have lost a pair of shoes. Have you seen them? That are the white high-heeled shoes I just bought."

Xue Jiayue recalled and remembered that after Tang Xintian bought the shoes, Xintian couldn't bring so many things, so she helped her to bring them, and Tang Xintian just hurried away and forgot to take them, the shoes were still here in act.

"Yes, they are here."

"OK, then I will take them tomorrow." Tang Xintian said, "How about coming out to play tomorrow?"

"Okay." Xue Jiayue quickly agreed and asked again: "When will we meet tomorrow?"

Tang Xintian said, "Tomorrow morning at ten thirty, I want to sleep for a while."

"Well, see you tomorrow."

After arranging the time and place for meeting tomorrow, Xue Jiayue hung up the phone.

"Sister Tang asked me to play together tomorrow." Xue Jiayue said to Xu Yanwen with pleasure. She liked a friend like Tang Xintian very much, and was very happy with her.

Xu Yanwen said lightly: "It's nice that you can make a friend with Mrs. Gu. Mrs. Gu will be a good friend for you."

Xue Jiayue blinked her eyes. Although Xu Yanwen didn't speak directly, she still understood what he wanted to say was that she shouldn't make friends with people like Zhang Renyan before, and she should make friends with kind people.

But his sentence made Xue Jiayue a little wronged. Making friends with Zhang Renyan was a sequelae of her original body, and it shouldn’t blame her!

"I've already broken with her." Xue Jiayue said very seriously, "I won't meet her again in the future." Zhang Renyan had to stay in prison for a long time, and was already a little frog in a big pond.

Xu Yanwen glanced at her and knew that she had accepted the advice, so he felt relieved and said, "Mrs. Gu was a star before."

"When did it happen?" Xue Jiayue didn't know anything about that before she transmigrated.

Xu Yanwen raised his eyebrows in surprise, "Don't you remember?"

Of course Xue Jiayue couldn’t remember it, but she had to smile and say, "You know I don't care about those things."

Hearing that, Xu Yanwen remembered that Xue Jiayue seemed to have never chased the star, but always chased him whe she was just a little girl.

"She was a celebrity seven or eight years ago. She has played two or three plays before, and it's quite a hit." Xu Yanwen briefly said about the situation at that time.

Xue Jiayue was interested after hearing that, "Then I will look for the movies and TV shows she played after going back, I wonder what she looked like when she was acting? I can't think of it."

Soon the car arrived at the hotel where Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen lived.

Xue Jiayue followed Xu Yanwen into the hotel and went to the hotel reception to register.

The front desk staff asked, "Do you rent one room?"

"Yes." Xu Yanwen said.

"Two rooms." Xue Jiayue said quickly.

Xu Yanwen turned his head to look at Xue Jiayue. When looking at Xu Yanwen’s eyes, Xue Jiayue was a little nervous. She swallowed saliva, raised her chin and said, "I want two rooms."

She didn't want to share a room with him. She always wore pajamas after taking a shower at night, and they would inevitably met. She didn't want to appear in front of him in pajamas again. The situation last time was so embarrassing that she felt shameful until now.

Without waiting for Xu Yanwen to speak, Xue Jiayue hurriedly said, "I always talk in sleep at night, that will affect you. It is better to have two rooms."

She had determined to live in separate rooms.

Xue Jiayue used to find an excuse to live with him, but now she tried to find an excuse to live separately.

Xu Yanwen's black eyes flashed slightly.

Xue Jiayue didn't wait for his consent, turned around and quickly said to the front desk staff, "We have decided, two rooms please."

The front desk staff glanced at Xu Yanwen, who didn't speak, and saw that he didn't stop it. Thinking that the two had discussed it, she registered two rooms according to Xue Jiayue’s order.

"This is your room cards." The front desk staff took out the room cards and gave them to Xue Jiayue.

"Thank you." Xue Jiayue held the room cards in her hand, looked at them, and gave one to Xu Yanwen, "This is your room."

Xu Yanwen glanced at her, took the room card expressionlessly, and walked towards the elevator with the things Xue Jiayue bought.

Xue Jiayue didn't think so much, but kept up with him.

They took the elevator to go upstairs and reached the door of the room. Xue Jiayue turned to look at Xu Yanwen next to her, reached out her hand, and asked him to give the things on his hand to her, saying, "I'm here, thank you.”

Her look is so cute, but what she said is so hateful!

Xu Yanwen's hand holding the things was tightened. Under the gaze of Xue Jiayue's eyes, he slowly raised his hand and gave her the bags in his hand.

"Good night, have a good dream!" Xue Jiayue carried the bags in her hand and swiped the door card to open the door. When she turned and entered the door, she also waved to Xu Yanwen with a smile.

Xue Jiayue happily entered her room and left Xu Yanwen alone outside the door.

Staring at the closed door with his deep eyes, Xu Yanwen stood alone in the corridor, as if he could heard Xue Jiayue singing happily in the room.

"Today is a good day, everything I can do is done, la la la la la... I am a girl, a beautiful girl... I love bathing, skin is good, I love bathing, a lot of bubbles, oooo..."

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