Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 26 part2

The call was made by Grandpa Xu.

Xu Yanwen glanced in the direction of the bathroom. Xue Jiayue didn't seem to come out so quickly, so he picked up the phone to answer the call.


Hearing Xu Yanwen's voice, Grandpa Xu asked, "Where is Yueyue?"

Xu Yanwen said lightly, "She went to take a bath."

Grandpa Xu asked again, "Why didn't you return to the old house this week again?"

Xu Yanwen paused for a moment, and said, without changing his face, "Jiayue and I were not in the city."

"So where are you now?" Grandpa Xu was not happy, in his mind, there was anything more important than returning to the old house to see Grandpa Xu?

Xu Yanwen continued to lie calmly, "Well, I and Jiayue came out to travel together. We are in the neighbor city now and will be back after two days."

Grandpa Xu at the opposite end of the phone apparently paused, and then he had fun, and there was joy in his voice, "Are you going out with Jiayue?"

"Yes, grandpa."

"Is it fun?" Grandpa Xu asked.

"Well, it’s fine." Xu Yanwen said.

"Then you can play for a few more days, go to a few more fun places, and have fun." Grandpa Xu was happy. Since the relationship between the two children could finally improve, he could feel ease.

Xu Yanwen said, "OK".

Grandpa Xu said again, "Away from home, you must take good care of Jiayue, have you heard that?"

Xu Yanwen knew the idea of ​​Grandpa Xu. His handsome face remained unchanged. He just wanted to comfort Grandpa Xu and make him happier, so he said conformably, "I know, Grandpa, please rest assured."

"Okay, that's good, I won't disturb you anymore." Grandpa Xu hung up the phone when he finished speaking, and the joy in his heart was strong, he always hoped that the relationship between Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue could develop rapidly.

Sister Zhen, seeing Grandpa Xu hung up on the phone, looked very happy, knew he was in a good mood, and she smiled and asked, "Is Grandpa happy?"

"Of course there is a happy event." Grandpa Xu said happily, "The relationship between Yanwen and Yueyue has improved. Last time Yueyue found a job and Yanwen celebrated for her specially. This weekend, the two did not return to the old house. It turned out that they went to the neighbor city to travel. Since the last time, the relationship between the two people is stiff. Although they performed well in front of me, but the relationship is not good, I feel that obviously. People with clear eyes can see it at a glance. Now they can get along with each other and go out to play together, doesn’t this mean that Yanwen is slowly accepting Yueyue? Maybe it won’t take long for them to go together."

Sister Zhen had been taking care of Grandpa Xu for many years, and Grandpa Xu often talked with her about anything. At this moment, she heard Mr. Xu saying that his wish would soon be completed, Sister Zhen was also very happy. Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen were growing up under her notification, so she also hoped they can be good.

"It seems that it will not take long for you to have a great-grandson. It is really a happy event."

Grandpa Xu smiled, stroked the walking stick in his hand, and walked out towards the sunny courtyard, "So I can have an explanation with Mr. Xue."

In the apartment, Xue Jiayue came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, glanced over, and saw Xu Yanwen holding her mobile phone in her hand, as if he had just finished the call, and the screen of the mobile phone was still on.

"Have you answered my phone?" Xue Jiayue walked over, her face was full of displeasure, and thought that he answered her phone without telling her, it was excessive!

"Who's calling?"

Xu Yanwen raised her eyelids and glanced at her. The indifferent expression on her face seemed to say that he had done anything wrong.

He said calmly, "It's Grandpa. He wants to call us to go back to the old house. The bump on your forehead hasn't been healed. If we go back now, he will be able to see it. You must be asked by him for what is going on. Do you want to tell him about you being kidnapped by Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao? If he knew that, he would have to worry about it again. "

The fact was just like what Xu Yanwen said. Xue Jiayue didn't want to worry about Grandpa Xu. She hadn't talked to Grandpa Xu about she was kidnapped by Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao until now. She didn’t plan to tell him after all.

Perhaps because of her character, after she grew up and went to high school and college in other city, she forced herself to stand up, and gradually understood the hardships and difficulties of the elders, so that she only wanted to repay them. Even if she had entered the world of the book and she was no longer in the original world, she also hoped that her parents could live happily and her feelilng for Grandpa Xu was the same as that for her grandfather.

"So how did you tell grandpa?" Xue Jiayue asked.

Xu Yanwen said frankly, "I told him that we went to the neighbor city to travel, so we won't go back to the old house this week."

Xue Jiayue's eyes widened, and she looked around the apartment room, and then pointed at his nose, "You lied to Grandpa? We are clearly in the apartment, but you told Grandpa that we went to the neighbor city!"

She really didn’t expect that Xu Yanwen usually looked like a gentleman and a serious man, and he was also a decent person in front of Grandpa Xu, but it turned out that when he was not in front of Grandpa Xu, he would tell a lie too. Sure enough, he was a businessman, and the businessman was cunning, with different appearances, and with two faces.

"What are you thinking about me?" Xu Yanwen glanced at Xue Jiayue with a sharp eye. Even though she disguised well, with only one glance, he almost guessed her thoughts.


Xue Jiayue dared not to tell him what she was thinking. He was the male masters, and if he was not happy, he could treat her, a female support role at will. She quickly waved her hand and said, "No, no, I think you are saying this very well and powerful!"

Xu Yanwen's eyes fell, "Whom am I doing this for?"

"For me." Xue Jiayue promised to be fast, at this point she was very self-aware.

Xu Yanwen snorted, "That’s right."

Hearing that, how could it mean to warn her? Well, it is indeed warning her!

Xue Jiayue immediately became obedient and looked at Xu Yanwen with a smile, "Then we will stay in the apartment like this? Nowhere to go?"

Xu Yanwen glanced at her and said, "Speak directly."

"I mean," Xue Jiayue pursed her lips, her heart beat like a big rabbit, "if we go out these days, we may be seen by acquaintances who will inform grandpa. It ’s not easy to explain then, so it’s better for us not to go out these days. It’s better to stay at home honestly to avoid this happening. Is that right? ”

After speaking, Xue Jiayue also blinked, looking forward to waiting for Xu Yanwen to echo.

Xu Yanwen had lived with Xue Jiayue for so many years. Although she had changed a little recently, she was still exactly the same as that when she was a child, that is, she always had some small thoughts. For example, now, she actually wanted to go out to play, but she was afraid of meeting an acquaintance. In that case, the lies would be revealed. So she deliberately talked back, but how could’t he hear it?

"I think you are right, we need to stay at home honestly for a few days, don't go anywhere." Xu Yanwen said intentionally.

Really unfortunate…

Xue Jiayue felt blue, this case was quite different from what she thought, quite different!

She thought that Xu Yanwen could understand her meaning, but he really agreed, which was too abominable!

She became angry!

Xue Jiayue narrowed her mouth and turned away.

Watching Xue Jiayue turned away, Xu Yanwen wanted to say something, and when he wanted to catch up her, the cell phone on the table rang up.

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