Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 25

Around forty minutes later, Xu Yanwen raised his hand and looked at the time. He seemed to be waiting for something…


And here it was. A handsome delivery boy with a  package of chicken & mushroom congee knocked on the door of the ward.


Xu Yanwen quickly answered it and got the takeaway. He then took the package near the bed, placed it on the table and uncovered it. And the ward was instantly perfumed with the aroma of mushroom and chicken porridge.


He took a deep breath in a dramatic gesture, and then he exclaimed, "The porridge of the Tao of Taste is indeed delicious!"


Of course, Xue Jiayue noticed it and couldn't help salivating. She even felt hungry at this irresistible aroma.


"Do you want to try it?" Xu Yanwen asked, "If you don't like it, I'll finish it by myself."


Xue Jiayue hesitated whether she should compromise with him and followed his idea.


Xu Yanwen saw that she didn't move at all. He scooped a spoonful of porridge and then deliberately slurped it all, while exclaiming. "Wow, how  delicious it is!"

Xue Jiayue pursed her lips, and her hands hidden under the quilt touched her hungry stomach. She couldn't stand it anymore.


"If you don't get up, I will eat it up by myself," Xu Yanwen was still teasing her.


Xue Jiayue clenched her fists, trying to find a way out. At the moment, she was quite annoyed by Xu Yanwen. He knew how much she was attracted by  the chicken & mushroom congee from the Tao of Taste. And he was trying to lure her this way. No wonder, he was a businessman, cunning and cruel!


Anyway, Xue Jiayue gritted her teeth, rolled over and snarled at Xu Yanwen, "Can you be a bit human?"


Xu Yanwen raised his eyebrows disapprovingly, "Am I not human?"


"You are bullying me!" Xue Jiayue criticized rightfully, "I am a patient, but you still bully me and eat in my ward!"


Her blame made Xu Yanwen feel funny, and he looked at her grandly, "I bought it for you, and I called you, but you ignored me."


"I ..." Xue Jiayue was speechless. Just now, she was indeed in a fit of pique at his bossiness.


Xu Yanwen’s lips curved into a smile, "Am I wrong? It’s you who ignored me just now! "


‘Ha, he supposes he is in the right. He is obviously bullying!’ thought Xue Jiayue.


Her eyes widened. She stared at him and pointed out, "You did it on purpose."


Xu Yanwen glanced at her and gave her a silent response.


In the past, if Xue Jiayue turned her back on him, he would tease her with the things she liked to eat, and she would eventually come around. Though sometimes she had a foul temper, this method was a sure shot. Although she had grown up now, she was still the same as before, and couldn't help being teased!  

At the moment, Xue Jiayue was also able to see that Xu Yanwen did that deliberately. Her eyes rolled and she came up with an idea. She was sure she could fix him this time.


She pretended to be headache, holding her head in her hand. Suddenly she fell down on the bed, pitifully humming "Oh, it hurts so much ..."


Out of the corner of his eye, Xu Yanwen knew she was pretending to be in pain, and her acting skills were so poor. How could she deceive him?


But he still decided to cooperate with her properly.


“Does it hurt?” Xu Yanwen seemed to be concerned, and his voice was tender, full of pity, "Shall I call you a doctor?"


“No. Don't!" Xue Jiayue refused angrily. She was so annoyed in her heart by the thoughts why he couldn't say anything else and whether he had noticed that she was pretending.


"Then ..." Xu Yanwen's mouth curled and said with a smile, "the remaining mushroom and chicken porridge is for you?"


"No ..." Xue Jiayue just wanted to show her objection, when she suddenly realized what the possible result might be, she quickly changed, “Yes, it is.”


“No?” Xu Yanwen asked again. He pretended that he didn’t quite catch her meaning..


“Yes!” Xue Jiayue emphasized, "I said I want it! The porridge is for me!"


Such a little girl!


Xu Yanwen was relieved to see that she could bicker with him in high spirits. She was no longer as pitiful as the time when she first came to hospital. So he went over and brought her the porridge. He then said to her like coaxing a child, "Come, eat it. Don't be angry."  

"I'm not angry!" replied Xue Jiayue. She quickly sat up and ate porridge, but she did not forget to emphasize the facts that she was angry, and that she was not a child!


"No, you are not angry!" Xu Yanwen nodded in agreement.


"You provoked me!" reminded Xue Jiayue while staring at him.


Xu Yanwen, “…”


He decided that for the sake of her being a patient, whatever she said was the right choice!


The doctor advised that as Xue Jiayue had a concussion, it was best for her to rest in peace for a few more days. Xue Jiayue wanted to go home to rest. Xu Yanwen was not at ease and insisted that she be hospitalized. Xue Jiayue couldn't talk him round and had to stay in hospital for a few more days.


On the second day of Xue Jiayue's hospitalization, Mr. Yu, the lawyer entrusted by Xu yanwen, went to the public security bureau to deal with Xue jiayue's case of being kidnapped by Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao. After getting the whole information, Mr. Yu   came back to report the situation to Xu Yanwen,  

"Both of the suspects planned to cheat Zhang Chao out of his money. When they met Mrs. Xu on the way, Zhang Renyan quarreled with Mrs. Xu, during which Zhang let something slip in a moment of weakness. In order to prevent Mrs. Xu’s whistleblowing, Su Ziqiao asked Zhang Renyan to join him in kidnapping Mrs. Xu."  

After a full hearing of Mr. Yu’s report on the case, Xu Yanwen was very angry. The two scumbags dared to attack Xue Jiayue in order to defraud. They were simply seeking for death.  

"Mr. Yu, you are completely entrusted to deal with this matter. Thank you," announced Xu Yanwen. 


Mr. Yu took a look at Xu Yanwen. Although he didn't say anything specific, Mr. Yu understood what he meant, so he nodded and replied, "It's my duty as a lawyer. Thank you, Mr. Xu."  

Xu Yanwen responded and then wrinkled his brows in concentration.  

Mr. Yu then added, "Zhang Renyan was Mrs. Xu's bosom friend. she said that she wanted to meet Mrs. Xu because she has something to say to her."  

Xu Yanwen knew about both of them. Since young, Xue Jiayue and Zhang Renyan had been in good relationship. They often played together. Xue Jiayue was sincere and considerate to Zhang Renyan. Unexpectedly, Zhang Renyan was an ungrateful scum.  

Xu Yanwen paused for a while and replied, "I will ask for my wife’s opinion first and then make a decision about this matter."


Later, after Mr. Yu left, Xu Yanwen went back to the ward and told Xue Jiayue, "Zhang Renyan wanted to see you. Would you like to see her?"


Xue Jiayue refused without even thinking, " No way! This is my reply. I used to treat her so well, but she returned to me that way. I won't bother to see her. They should be thrown in jail!"


In fact, Xue Jiayue aired the grievance for the original. It was really unlucky for her to encounter such a black-hearted scum. Xue Jiayue could guess Zhang Renyan’s purpose to see her. Most probably, she wanted to ask for her forgiveness to avoid the punishment.


Zhang Renyan’s hope was but vain! Xue Jiayue herself was not a saint. She would not requite evil with good!


"It’s a good idea," agreed Xu Yanwen. He also didn't want her to see Zhang Renyan, lest she be sad because she was betrayed by her bosom friend.


Thus, Xue Jiayue kept resting quietly in the hospital. And all matters related to the case were handled by Mr. Yu at his sole discretion.  

During these days when Xue Jiayue was hospitalized, Xu Yanwen was guarding her all day long. At for work, he asked Assistant Feng to take the documents to the hospital for for him to process.  

That day, Assistant Feng returned to the company to get documents for Xu Yanwen, when he met Linda who was printing some papers there. She had noticed that in the past few days, both Xu Yanwen and the assistant were not working in the company, so she stopped Assistant Feng and asked smilingly, "Assistant Feng, why are you so busy these days?"


Assistant Feng sighed, "No way out, I must follow Mr. Xu’s order."


Linda pretended to ask Assistant Feng about the situation unintentionally, "I haven't seen Mr. Xu coming to work in the company in recent days. Are there any new projects in the company recently?"


"No new projects," Assistant Feng shook his head and said, "It's Mrs. Xu who is sick. President Xu will take care of her in the hospital."


"Mrs. Xu is sick? What's the matter? Is it serious? " Linda asked with concern. In her heart, however, she thought to herself, ‘Isn’t Mr. Xu in bad relationship with Mrs. Xu? At the moment, she is sick and makes Mr. Xu put down his job to take care of her in the hospital. That’s too hard on Mr. Xu. What a pity Mr. Xu has such a troublesome wife!’


"I am not sure as well," answered Assistant Feng, and Linda's train of thought was interrupted. Assistant Feng felt it inappropriate to discuss too much about their boss’ family matters. After all, Mrs. Xu was injured because she was kidnapped, which should not be known to outsiders, so he perfunctorily responded to Linda with a few words.


Thus, of course, Linda was not clear about the situation in the hospital, but she assumed that Feng was too embarrassed to mention the truth. She remembered that day when she received Mrs. Xu ’s phone call for Xu Yanwen in the office. Xu Yanwen’s face was very unsightly. Later, she heard Assistant Feng say Mrs. Xu would come to the company, and that Mr. Xu pushed Feng to deal with Mrs. Xu. In the end Mrs. Xu did not come.


Assistant Feng had left, but Linda was still there making her assumptions: when Mr. Xu returned home from work, the couple quarreled over the office call matter; thus the fight started; Mrs. Xu was so unruly and stupid that Mr. Xu could no longer stand it and subdued her; that’s why Mrs. Xu had to stay in hospital; that’s why Assistant Feng's response was so hesitant and perfunctory; it's obvious that something serious had happened between Mr. and Mrs. Xu!


Linda was there hugging herself over her dream that Mr. Xu was about to divorce.


At the thought of Mr. Xu’s divorce, his handsome face and his outstanding temperament in a fine suit, Linda could not help but get excited, as if a stone was falling into the lake and rippling in circles.




Xue Jiayue had stayed in hospital for five days. During this period, Xu Yanwen had been taking care of her attentively.


On the morning of the fifth day, when the doctor came to examine Xue Jiayue, she seized the opportunity to request for her discharge from the hospital,


"Doctor, I am well. Can I leave? If I continue to stay, it is a waste of medical resources. "


It was true that she had rested well for a few days. She was no longer dizzy. She could walk on the ground quite freely. The problem was that she really didn’t like to stay in the hospital. Even if it was a high-end ward and there was no the usual smell of the hospital, she hated it. She was bored. She felt like being controlled. She was homesick.


Thus, every day when the doctor came, Xue Jiayue would ask if she could be discharged. The doctor understood and felt pity for her. At last, the doctor nodded in agreement, “Congratulations, you can go home today. Remember to take a good rest at home. If you feel uncomfortable on your head, come to hospital for further treatment. "


Xue Jiayue was very excited at such good news. She was just like the bird that finally flew out of the cage, and she smiled with great joy. She thanked the doctor, but in her heart she told herself that she would never come to the hospital again.


The doctor went on with his usual advice on some dos and don'ts for the patient at home. Then he left with a smile.


Instantly, Xue Jiayue urged Xu Yanwen to go through the discharge procedure.


Xu Yanwen, however, just returned her a glance, then lowered his eyes and continued to work on his documents, as if he didn't hear what Xue Jiayue said, but sat there without any intention to move.


Xue Jiayue saw this and realized that she had to alter course. She knew well these days he was looking after her attentively. He really cared for her. She must try to move him but not force him  to help her out of the hospital. Thus, she stepped forward to take away the documents in front of him quickly and smiled pleadingly, "It's time to leave the hospital, and the doctor has agreed to it."


The document being taken away, Xu Yanwen paused and sighed silently in his heart. Expressionlessly, he looked up at her.


He appeared a little serious!


Was he angry at his documents being  snatched?


Xue Jiayue speculated about his present attitude, and finally decided not to challenge his patience and authority. So she put her hands together and smiled a pleasant smile. Her voice was soft and sweet, "Brother Xu…"


Her eyes were bright and innocent, her face showed a flattering smile and her voice was delicate and soft. All these were like feathers sweping over one’s ears, causing the pleasure of a limp and numb. They made Xu Yanwen feel soft and unable to refuse her request at all.  

But Xu Yanwen didn’t show it. He only looked at Xue Jiayue calmly, stood up from the chair, and then said to her, "Hurry up and collect things if you want to go home."


"Hooray!" Xue Jiayue jumped up with joy, and she hurriedly packed up and prepared to leave. She really didn't want to stay in the hospital for an extra second.


"Be careful!" Xu Yanwen was on his nerves again at seeing Xue Jiayue  become delirious with joy. He warned, "You still have injuries on your foot, so you don't have to be discharged if you fall."


Xue Jiayue glared at him, "What improper remarks you’ve made! can't you say something nice?"


Xu Yanwen said, "Get ready to go home."


Xue Jiayue, "..."


Well, she loved to listen to the last sentence, so she turned to pack up her luggage.


Soon enough, everything was ready and Xu Jiayue followed Xu Yanwen home.


On the way, Xue Jiayue could not restrain her excitement. She kept on looking out of the window. Outside there on the street, trees were green, people were walking and cars were driving. Everything was so beautiful.  

Xu Yanwen put down the file in his hand and glanced at her. He found how joyous she was. She had really stayed in hospital for too long. She was now like a happy bird.


Soon they were back to Ningxuan Garden. The car parked under the apartment building, Xue Jiayue opened the door to get off and  rushed forward.


But suddenly her face slightly changed when she saw the person there before her.

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