Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 23

Following the address Ye Ming sent  to him, Xu Yanwen found Room 7-1 of the last building in the area. The old rusty anti-theft door was open. At a glance, he could see clearly the decoration in the house. Xu Yanwen lifted his foot and walked straight in.


Ye Ming was sitting on the sofa in the living room, with a cigarette between his index and middle fingers, but it was not lit. He saw Xu Yanwen enter the door and quickly stood up while greeting, “Brother Xu.”


Xu Yanwen took in everything in the room at a glance. In the living room, apart from the dilapidated sofa that Ye Ming sat on, there was a decolorized table at the corner, with two stools on its both sides. On the table were leftover food and unwashed dishes giving out an unpleasant smell. There was a broken window on the opposite wall, with some wind coming in from outside while at the same time swaying the yellow checkered curtain on a white background.


The room was really shabby and in a mess!


Xu Yanwen knitted his brows and walked over to ask, "Where is Jiayue?"


Ye Ming pointed to the next room, "Inside..."


Hardly had he finished speaking, he felt a gust of wind blowing in front of him. And Xu Yanwen's figure flashed into the next room in two steps.


In the room, Xue Jiayue was leaning against the bed with her eyes closed. She was dizzy and her head hurt. She even felt sick and wanted to vomit. She could feel a little better when she closed her eyes. She could not move either. Once she moved, a surge of pain in her ankle caused her to give an involuntary shudder. Thus she had to lie still or fall asleep.


"Jiayue," witnessing Xue Jiayue's miserable appearance, Xu Yanwen suddenly felt a mist before his eyes and a burning sensation around his heart.


Xue Jiayue’s appearance was very scary. A big, black and blue lump was seen obviously on her forehead, with bloodstains still left around. She was dirty all over her body. She seemed to have experienced rolling on the dusty ground and being severely beaten.


At hearing some sounds, Xue Jiayue opened her eyes slightly. When she realized it was Xu Yanwen, the grievances in her heart suddenly came out uncontrollably.


She had not cried in front of Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao, nor had she lost herself before Ye Ming. At the moment, however, in front of Xu Yanwen, the tears began to spill out of her eyes.  

"Why are you here so late?" Xue Jiayue wept bitterly.


Originally Xue Jiayue didn't want to be so delicate and pitiful, but the moment she saw Xu Yanwen, her inner fear and grief surged up in an instant. These feelings included her own emotions, as well as the original’s dependence on Xu Yanwen, longing for his care and protection. Those feelings were not something that she could control. She had no choice but to have a good cry.

“I am sorry. I'm late,” Xu Yanwen strode up to her, trying to reach out and touch her head, where he suddenly noticed the big lump. Thus, his hand paused in the air because he was afraid of hurting her. His eyes were fixed on the lump and his heart was filled with pain and pity. He asked her tenderly, “Does it hurt?”  

How could it be not hurting?


Xue Jiayue's tears kept running out, and she looked at Xu Yanwen pitifully.  She sniffed back a tear and replied,  "It hurts. It really hurts. I am dizzy and I want to vomit."


When Xu Yanwen heard that she was dizzy and vomiting, he realized that she was likely to have a concussion. She was obviously hurt badly with such a big lump on her forehead.


"I will take you to hospital," Xu Yanwen replied.


"My foot was also sprained," Xue Jiayue pointed at her right ankle in tears. She frowned and sobbed as she moved, "I can't move at all, or my foot will throb."


Xu Yanwen followed the direction her finger was pointing at, he noticed her  injured right ankle, around which there was an obviouse diffuse swelling. It looked serious.  

"How did it get hurt?" Xu Yanwen frowned and asked. He wanted to touch it, but he was afraid to hurt her. He was worried whether the bone in her ankle was hurt.


"Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao knocked me out. Then they brought me here while I was unconscious. When I woke up, I tried to escape when they were not looking. But I was found out by Su Ziqiao. He chased me with a stick. I slipped and tumbled down the stairs."  

Hearing that she was rolling down the stairs, Xu Yanwen's heart grew tense. No wonder she had a lump on her head, a sprain in her right ankle and so much dust on her clothes. It all resulted from her falling down the stairs in confusion.  

"I will take you to hospital," said Xu Yanwen seriously. He stooped down to pick up Xue Jiayue.


Xue Jiayue was thin and light, so Xu Yanwen didn’t feel difficult at all holding her. Although Xu Yanwen looked very thin, he had a muscular body making her feel safe in his arms.


Sneaking a glance at one side of Xu Yanwen's face, Xue Jiayue found his jaw was tight and his lips pressed together. Obviously, He was trying to suppress his anger.


At this very moment, Xue Jiayue reminded herself not to provoke him. Instead, she tried to be obedient and stay quietly in his arms.


Ye Ming saw Xu Yanwen coming out, and was about to leave immediately. He quickly stepped forward and inquired, "Brother Xu, what about the two evil guys in the next door?"


"You deal with it all. You can send them where they need to go," Xu Yanwen's voice was as cold as snow in the severe winter. His footsteps did not stop, and he walked straight to the door with Xue Jiayue in his arms.  

Ye Ming looked at Xu Yanwen's back, and felt that he had changed to a different person. At the moment,  the aura exuded from his body was also very special. It was now a mixture of  tenderness and toughness, so that Ye Ming couldn’t tell which aura really belonged to Xu Yanwen.  

Ye Ming moved his lips and made a sound. He was wondering why people said Brother Xu did not love his wife. According to what he saw today, he clearly cared very much about his wife. If he heard anyone dared to say so again, he would brain him!


A man in a black suit came and asked Ye Ming, "How to settle the man and the woman in the next room?"


He meant Su Ziqiao and Zhang Renyan.


Ye Ming squinted at the next room with his mouth twitched, muttering and swearing, ‘A couple of sightless fools! They dared to beard the lion in his den! They are seeking their death by kidnaping Brother Xu’s wife!’


He then ordered, "Leave it to you. Teach them a good lesson and then send them to the police"


"Yes,” the man responded.


"But be careful not to let anyone see the injury," Ye Ming reminded him.


The man quickly replied, " Brother Ye, you can rest assured. I'll make it. "


Ye Ming glanced at him and lifted his chin, "Go for it then."


The man quickly hurried to the next room, and soon there was a voice of crying for mercy from it.


Xu Yanwen came out of Room 7-1 with Xue jiayue in his arms. He ran downstairs, and met the previous young men downstairs. Witnessing all this in front of them, they instantly understood what was going on.  

They had seen that woman when she was brought back by the toy boy Su Ziqiao upstairs. At that time, the woman was reluctant and struggled very hard. It seemed that she was coerced by Su Ziqiao. And this man, standing before them with such excellent temperament, must be a big man, judging at the first glance. He must have rushed over to save her as soon as he heard the news.


And just at this moment, they heard horrible wails from upstairs.These young people subconsciously looked up at Room 7-1 upstairs. The cries were very penetrating and sounded particularly horrible. They felt like watching ghost movies in the middle of the night. They couldn't help shivering, and looking at each other. From each other's eyes they read this message, ‘Don't mess with those casually who shouldn't be offended.  

Xu Yanwen took Xue Jiayue into the car and placed her on the passenger's seat. Xue Jiayue felt dizzy again, frowning deeply with her eyes closed, and grunted uncomfortably.


"Are you feeling bad?" seeing her so uncomfortable, Xu Yanwen wanted to smooth her frowning brows with her hands.


"I feel dizzy, uncomfortable, painful ..." Xue Jiayue hummed with her eyes closed. Her little face crumpled up looking rather pale. The big lump on her forehead looked startling. She was like a fragile porcelain doll, which would break when touched.  

"Hold on, and we’ll soon get to the hospital," encouraged Xu Yanwen while driving hurriedly. How he wished his car could fly.


Xue Jiayue leaned on the back of the chair, closing her eyes and suffering. She felt very headache and everything around her was spinning. Her eyes were brimming with tears.  

Suddenly, she seemed to see a tall man in the green military uniform. He strode up to her with a straight posture, extended his hands to her with a smile, and his voice was gentle like a spring breeze, "Yueyue, come to me."


Xue Jiayue looked at him excitedly, with tears still in her eyes. She wanted him to pamper her, to appease her, and to hug her like before, so she  whispered, "It hurts, Brother ..."


Xu Yanwen turned his head and saw tears coming from the corners of Xue Jia's eyes. These glistening tears slid down her cheeks, but they seemed to be falling from his heart.  

He stretched out his hand to grab hers tightly while answering softly, "Jiayue, here I am."


The author’s note--   

Xue Jiayue, "Brother, it hurts ..."

Xu Yanwen, “ Jiayue, heare I am.”

Well, well…a big misunderstanding … Hahahaha!

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