Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 22

Xue Jiayue fainted on the ground.  Zhang Renyan saw it and was statled. Then she pulled Su Ziqiao’s arm, “What are you doing?”

Su Ziqiao's expression was fierce, "Didn't you hear that? She knows everything, and if she tells Zhang Chao about us, what hope do we have? "

"But, wasn’t I trying to persuade her?" 

“Your persuasion dosen’t work!”, he scolded, "Don’t stand there. Come here to help me, and hurry up!"

"..."Zhang Renyan was stunned there.

"Hurry up, or do you want others to find us?" Su Ziqiao scared Zhang Renyan with a sullen face, "We have hit her. If people find that, do you think you can run away?" 

She panicked, and had no idea suddenly , "So, what should we do?" 

"Put her in our car. Be quick,” Su Ziqiao ordered.

"Oh, oh, ok,” Zhang Renyan quickly went to help him.

Su Ziqiao carried Xue Jiayue's two arms, and Zhang Renyan helped lift her two feet. They directly put Xue Jiayue who had fainted into the car.

"What shall we do now?" Zhang Renyan had no idea, and just listened to Su Ziqiao.

Su Ziqiao was making a plan with a poker face. He replied simply, "Get on the car first." 

Zhang Renyan had to follow him and got in the car sitting beside. She then nervously asked, "Where are we going?" 

"You'll know when you get there," he drove the car out of the parking space. Then he stepped on the accelerator and they rushed away.

In the office, Xu Yanwen had called Xue Jiayue several times, but no answer at all. He wondered if she was making small temper like before. So even though she did not answer his phone, she might be on the way to the company.

Thinking that she might be coming, his mood was a little subtle. He didn’t whether he liked her to come or not.

Xu Yanwen was lost in thought when  there was a knock at the door. He retracted his thoughts, and let the person come in.

It was Assistant Feng. He reported to Xu Yanwen, “The Gu Group's representative has come. Do you want to see him, Mr. Xu?" 

Xu Yanwen thought about it. He knew it was an important cooperation between the Gu’s and the Xu’s, so he told his assistant he would see the representative in person. 

Xu Yanwen was about to leave the office when he suddenly thought of something. He stopped and said to Assistant Feng, "If Jiayue comes over, you bring her here. Let her have a rest, and take some food and drinks to her. Don't make her mad." 

Assistant Feng had been working with Xu Yanwen for several years. He had witnessed the moments when Xue Jiayue came to company. She looked so beautiful, and mild. Maybe it was true that good-looking appearance could really confuse people, so that the women had the capital to be self-willed. Every time Xue Jiayue came here, it would would be easy to get along with if she was happy. If not, she would severely quarrel with Xu Yanwen in his office. The most serious one was that Xue Jiayue broke all things into pieces in Xu Yanwen’s office. She was like the typhoon. Xu Yanwen was pretty angry, but finally he endured that. He just showd a poker face and let Xue Jiayue leave. In the end, she left with tears. And since then, she hadn’t come to the company again.

No one expected that Xue Jiayue would come again this time. Assistant Feng got food and drinks ready in accordance with Xu Yanwen’ s order. He knew these food and drinks were the things she liked. 

Linda went to the drinking room to get water. She saw Assistant Feng was praparing snacks. She about these snacks. They were foreign imported ones, quite expensive. She was curious and asked, "Assistant Feng, is this your girlfriend's snack? This chocolate is very expensive. You are so generous and so kind to your girlfriend! "

Assiatant Feng put the food well on the fruit plate, turned to Linda and replied, "These are not snacks I bought for my girlfriend. It’s Mr. Xu who bought them for Mrs. Xu." 

Linda's face changed slightly, "For Mrs. Xu?" 


"Yes," Assistant Feng said, "Mr. Xu said that later Mrs. Xu will come, and let me prepare some food and drinks for her." 

Hearing this, Linda thought of the rumor that Mr. Xu and his wife were not harmonious. she had just answered the phone for Mr. Xu from Mrs. Xu, and now Mrs. Xu would come. Was it a check for her? So Mr. Xu wanted to escape from seeing his wife and let his assiatant to receive Mrs. Xu?

It was entirely possible!

Linda was lost in her rich imagination about the possible results of the situation.


She excitedly and feverishly thought that maybe she could see the rumored Mrs. Xu. She was told that Mrs. Xu was very rude and stupid. She could not wait to see such a scene. She believed that Mrs. Xu would not help quarrelling with Mr. Xu in the office. If they quarrelled, Linda wonder, as a secretary, should she go inside to persuade them?

She thought it would be better to persuade them. Well, she made up her mind!

With her determination, Linda sat in her office, looking at the door from time to time, hoping that Xue Jiayue could appear as soon as possible.


In the conference room, Xu Yanwen and the Gu Group's representative had a pleasing communication on the cooperation project. Representative Lin sincerely expressed that he would report to Gu Tingshen in person  about their cooperation when he got back. And he would make efforts to promote the process of the cooperation plan.

" Please stay for a meal, Representative Lin," Xu Yanwen invited. This was the Chinese   culture to treat their honor guests. 

However, Representative Lin smiled and refused, "No, I have to go back to report to Mr. Gu. We can meet next time. We have so many opportunities in the future."

Representative Lin was in a hurry to go,  so Xu Yanwen accompanied and sent the guest out. He then quickly turned back to the office.

Xu Yanwen supposed he would see Xue Jiayue impatiently waiting in the office, but he didn't, he saw only Assistant Feng.

"Didn't Jiayue come?" 

Assistant Feng shook his head, "Mrs. Xu has not come." 


Xu Yanwen took a look at the time. It had  been more than an hour since her last call. According to Xue Jiayue's usual character, she should have come, but now she did not come, nor did she call him again.

It was so freaky. it's not exactly what she should have reacted to!

Suddenly, Xu Yanwen's right eyelid kept jumping up, and a strong sense of uneasiness appeared inside him.


Xu Yanwen subconsciously dialed Xue Jiayue's phone. This time, it was the cold mechanical voice from the phone reminding him her phone had powered off.

"How is it off?" Xu Yanwen was very confused and worried. There was a deep bad presentiment in his heart. He Knew Xue Jiayue well. This was not her usual behavior. She used to fight with him in person with great anger, rather than deliberately shutting off her phone and then disappeared.

Xu Yanwen frowned and picked up his phone to call the head of the X.W. Studio.

The head of the X.W. Studio, Mr. He, was the one who interviewed Xue Jiayue this morning. When Xu Yanwen called him, he was working in his office. After hearing the ringtone, he looked at the mobile phone screen. He quickly answered.

"Mr. Xu?" 


"Where's Xue Jiayue?" 

He was puzzled at first. And then he remembered that Xue Jiayue was the one Xu Yanwen asked him to hire. So he quickly answered: "I have enrolled her in accordance with your orders. She ..."


"I'm not talking about that,” Xu Yanwen did not wait for him to finish his remarks, interrupting him, "Is she still there?" 

Mr. He’s face was filled with confusion. He did not understand why Xu Yanwen came to him to find Xue Jiayue. But he still honestly replied, "She left early." 


"How long?" 

"More than an hour!" 

"More than an hour?" Xu Yanwen asked in a serious voice.

"Yes, yes," He felt Xu Yanwen's voice was very cold. He could not help feeling nervous, and he sweated. 

But Xu Yanwen had hang up the phone without waited for him to understand what happened.


"What's going on there?" Mr. He looked at the hanging phone, wondering.

Xu Yanwen then dialed Xue Jiayue's phone once again. Her phone still prompted him a message that her phone was shut down”.

That's not right, That's not good! Xu Yanwen looked very gloomy, and he felt a chill around him.

Assiatant Feng stood next to Xu Yanwen, looking at his gloomy face. Obviously, the temperature around was cold too.

Mr. Xu looked a little scary now! Assiatant Feng silently waited aside. He had followed Xu Yanwen for so many years, Xu Yanwen had always been calm and equanimous. It was the first time for him to see Xu Yanwen to show such a terrible expression.

Xu Yanwen could not sit still. He arranged somethings to Assiatant Feng, and then walked out of the office quickly. After that, he directly drove back to Ningxuan Garden.

But in the apartment, he found that Xue Jiayue was not at home. The house was the same as in the morning, but Xue Jiayue was not there.

Where the hell did Xue Jiayue go?

Xu Yanwen looked gloomy and took out another mobile phone, dialed a phone number he had not called for a long time.

Soon a male voice came from phone, "Brother Xu?" 

"Help me find a person," Xu Yanwen said in a deep voice.

"Who are you looking for?" Ye Ming asked.


“Xue Jiayue."

Ye Ming, "???"

He remembered correctly that Xue Jiayue was Mr. Xu’ s adopted younger sister, and she was also his wife. Did Brother Xu specifically call him to find his wife? It looked a little complicated!

Xu Yanwen did not care what Ye Ming thought, and quickly said, "Her phone can not get through, and I do not know where she is. So I want you to find her for me in a shortest time." 

‘Well, there is no contact for a year and a half. But he actually contacts me now to let me help him find a person only!

And he lets me look for such an important person!’ thought Ye Ming. 

He used to work with Xu Yanwen before. He knew Xu Yanwen's character. Xu Yanwen let him find someone, and he dared to say no.

"I'll find her for you!" Ye Ming said.

"Be quick! I can't wait!" Xu Yanwen stressed almost in a command.


Ye Ming also heard his attention, and  did not dare to delay. He immediately promised, "I’ll work with my people to look for her, and soon, you will get her news." 

Xu Yanwen had no patience to sit at home to wait. He went out quickly, driving to the place where Xue Jiayue often went to look for her.

He had found many places, but he did not get any results, until half an hour later, Ye Ming called him.

"I found her,” Ye Ming said on the phone.

"Where is she?" Xu Yanwen asked eagerly.

Ye Ming paused for a while, then told an address, "Brother Xu, you can come here and see by yourself." 

Xu Yanwen hung up the phone right away, turned the head of the car, driving to the place mentioned by Ye Ming. His car seemed to be flying.

The community was located at the rural-urban continuum. These houses were dilapidated. The environment here was very bad, and the streets were full of garbage. A few young people dyed with rainbow hair gathered in the corner of the alley, smoking and cynically looking at passers-by. Until they saw a black car near, a few young peope’s eyes lit up.

Wow, a luxury car!

It was indeed a million-dollar luxury car with shiny body that could reflect the shadow of people coming near. Whenever people saw it, his eyes would be lighted.


A yellow-haired young man immediately stood up straight. He staired at the Bentley driving near without any blink. He was wondering why such a luxury car came to their poor and broken community.

The black Bentley drove to the front of an old building. Xu Yanwen stopped the car and got out of the car. He looked up at the seven-story building in front of him.

Xu Yanwen even did not look at the group of young men there when passing by. The young men subconsciously stood up straight. The momentum exuded from Xu Yanwen made them could not help shuddering.

Xu Yanwen looked not ordinary just from his appearance, wearing a hand-made black suit and pants. His body was full of strong cold momentum and his handsome face had no any expression. He walked through these young people, bringinng an invisible chill. His momentum was very powerful.

These young people often roamed on the streets. They suddenly realized that a great man came to their broken and old community, and there must be some big events happening.

"I have come here,’’ Xu Yanwen took out his mobile phone to call Ye Ming. The phone rang a few times and then it was through. His voice sounded calm.

Ye Ming said on the phone, "We are in the innermost building of the second unit 7-1, you can come in directly." 


"How’s Jiayue? Is she okay?" Now Xu Yanwen was most concerned about the situation of Xue Jiayue. He never thought that Xue Jiayue would be kidnapped.

Ye Ming obviously paused for a moment on his phone, and took a look at Xue Jiayue next to him. It was not suitable to tell Xu Yanwen the condition about Xue Jiayue directly. So he just said, "You have come here. Then you just come in to see by youself and you will know." 


Of course Xu Yanwen had to see her. He hung up the phone expressionlessly, and went straight to the last old building.

The author’ s note— This story is not tormenting. No, no, no. The important things should be said three times.

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