Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 21

Xue Jiayue came out of the X.W Studio after the interview. She wanted to share her joy of success with Xu Yanwen. However, when she called him, it was not Xu Yanwen but a woman with a cutesy voice instead. The affectation tone gave her gooseflesh, and she didn't want to tangle with the woman, so she politely hung up the phone.  

According to her plan, she wanted to invite Xu Yanwen to have a big meal together to celebrate it. Now that she couldn't get in touch with him, she changed her mind and decided to go to have a big meal to celebrate it by herself.


Xue Jiayue came out of the building where the X. W Studio was located. This was a new building, and there were still two residential buildings under construction next to it. Right in front of it was a newly-built commercial street. Shops facing the street were mostly open, but there were few customers. There were several newly-opened online popular restaurants on the second and third floors, most of which were still waiting to be opened or just lay idle there.  

This was the first time for Xue Jiayue to come here today. It was a novelty for her to see these newly opened shops facing the street. She went around the shopping street, and then she visited the clothing and skin care shops on the first floor. At last, she took the elevator upstairs, intending to find an online popular restaurant for a meal.  

When the elevator reached the third floor, Xue Jiayue came out and saw a restaurant called "Spicy Girl Legend". The store was newly furnished, with high-end decoration. It was a very distinctive store. A big red pepper on the signboard at the door attracted people's attention at once.  

This shop looked good.


Xue Jiayue walked into it. The waitress was very enthusiastic. She came up to greet her with a smile on her face. "Welcome, Lady! How many of you please?"


"One," Xue Jiayue said.


"Then please come this way," the waitress led Xue Jiayue to a seat by the window and took out the menu for her.


Xue Jiayue flipped through the menu. She found there were many dishes, each with its own characteristics.


"What is the best dish in your restaurant?" Xue Jiayue found  everything in the menu looked delicious. She was at a loss how to choose.


The waitress recommended Xue Jiayue to the dry fried fish. Xue Jiayue thought the name sounded good and nodded,


"Ok, this one."


"Okay, wait a moment,"


Said the waitress. She took the menu to the kitchen to arrange the dishes. Xue Jiayue sat at the window and waited.


She didn't wait long before the dry fried fish that she ordered was delivered.


Xue Jiayue picked up the chopsticks and tasted it. It was hot and spicy. It tasted like fire in her mouth, but she praised,


“It tastes good.”


Xue Jiayue enjoyed the food very much. She almost finished all the fish by herself, and finally her lips were red, and her face was also stained with red glow. Even her tears were spicy.


“I had a very good meal. Thank you.” Xue Jiayue told the boss when she checked out.


The boss gave her a voucher and smiled happily, "Welcome to come again next time."


Xue Jiayue of course agreed. She would come to work here in the future and she could come to eat often.


Out of the "Spicy Girl Legend", Xue Jiayue did not plan to go shopping anymore and was ready to go home directly.


As soon as she walked to the elevator door, it opened, and a couple came out hand in hand.


Xue Jiayue raised her eyes and saw that they were Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao.


Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao did not expect to encounter Xue Jiayue here. Both of them were stunned at seeing her this way.


Three of them stood at the door of the elevator.


With a faint sneer on the lips, Xue Jiayue glanced coldly at these two people who were still joining their hands, and prepared to leave.


The contempt in her eyes was so obvious, that it drove Zhang Renyan mad. She suddenly took a step to the side, blocking Xue Jiayue's way.  She lifted her chin and stared at Xue Jiayue, saying: "What do you  mean?"


Xue Jiayue answered quietly, "Nothing."


"What do you mean by nothing? You tell me clearly! " Zhang Renyan approached one step closer, her fingers almost poked onto Xue Jiayue's face.


Xue Jiayue frowned. She didn't want to get entangled with Zhang Renyan, but Zhang Renyan was too aggressive.


"Zhang Renyan," Xue Jiayue darted  her a  glance and then turned to Su Ziqiao next to her, after which she sneered at Zhang Renyan, "Does your second-generation wealthy boyfriend know your relationship with Su Ziqiao?"


Xue Jiayue was very clear about the story. At the time when Zhang Renyan and the original had been bosom friends, Zhang, due to the priviledge of the Xu family, had made friends with many rich people in the receptions and banquets. Her wealthy boyfriend had also been met at a reception. Although compared with Xu Yanwen, that guy was not quite rich, looked so-so, and just a manager of a department in the family business, he was very attentive to Zhang Renyan. However, Zhang Renyan did not cherish him at all and was still looking for a better man.


Hearing her rich second-generation boyfriend being mentioned, Zhang Renyan's face changed all of a sudden. She warned Xue Jiayue, "Nonsense! Su Ziqiao and I are good friends."


Xue Jiayue stared at both her and Su Ziqiao and uttered, "Oh!" with an expression of dawning comprehension.  

Su Ziqiao felt like a fish out of water in front of Xue Jiayue. He was at a loss  and did not know how to respond. Then he heard Xue Jiayue said sarcastically, "Men and women can also be good friends? Ha ha, ho ho!” She chortled there.


"Xue Jiayue!" Zhang Renyan snapped. Resentfully she shouted at Xue Jiayue, "In which way are you better than me? You married with Xu Yanwen, but wasn’t it a marriage depending on your scheming? Xu Yanwen doesn't love you at all, and Grandpa Xu's health is not good. How long can that grandpa protect you? When Grandpa Xu dies one day, you will wait for Xu Yanwen to get you out of the house! "


Xue Jiayue coldly stared at Zhang Renyan's disgusting face, and suddenly some ideas dawned into her mind, ‘Is that so?’


No wonder in the original plot, Zhang Renyan would arrange Su Ziqiao to get close to the original and let him take pictures of their sexual and other unsightly scenes. Later, on Grandpa Xu's birthday party, they let out these nude pictures. Grandpa Xu was so furious that he was pulled down by a sudden illness and sent to hospital. Zhang Renyan’s very purpose was to drive the original out of the Xu family!


Zhang Renyan had known for a long time the facts that Grandpa Xu's health was not good, and that Xu Yanwen did not love the original. She knew clearly that the original would have nothing without Grandpa Xu's support. So she set such a trap for the original!


Xue Jiayue at last understood the truth of the matter. She sneered at Zhang Renyan, turned around with her bag and left.


Just at this time, the elevator door opened, and Xue Jiayue went straight in.


"Xue Jiayue ..." Zhang Renyan still wanted to chase her, but she was stopped by Su Ziqiao, "Forget it, what are you fighting with her for?"


"I fight with her? Did I fight with her? " Zhang Renyan was irritated. The accumulated grievances that had long been deep inside her broke out at the moment, "When I just got to know her, she has contented herself by assuming an air of superiority, and always bullied me. She is the adopted daughter of the Xu family, but she always supposes she is a real lady. In which way is she better than me? She threatened me just now, and even planned to tell my boyfriend about our relationship. How can I let her go ...


"Wait!" being suddenly alert by the last sentence, Su Ziqiao took Zhang Renyan by the hand and asked, "Do you mean she is going to inform your boyfriend about us?"


Zhang Renyan paused for a moment, recalling how Xue Jiayue looked when she left, realizing, "Yes, yes, she should mean that!"


"Then, we can't let her go!" Su Ziqiao hastened to press the elevator button and was going to chase Xue Jiayue.


Zhang Renyan grabbed him and asked, "What happened?"


"What happened? What's wrong with you? " Su Ziqiao reminded her angrily, "You forgot our plan?"


Zhang Renyan reacted all at once, "I was completely confused by her. We'll catch up with her quickly, and we can't let her blow the whistle. Otherwise, our plan will be ruined."


"We made Zhang Chao agree to invest, but the money hasn't come over yet. When we get his money, we can go far away, so we can't lose our chance at this time!" said Zhang Renyan. Zhang Chao was none other than her rich second-generation boyfriend. Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao had been scheming against him. Under the pretext of investing in projects, they deceived Zhang Chao to invest. They had planned to emigrate abroad once the money arrived.


Su Ziqiao gave Zhang Renyan an affectionate look and praised, "It’s good you remember these."


The elevator finally came. Su Ziqiao pushed Zhang Renyan inside and he quickly followed behind. Then he desperately pressed the close button, on the door. He wanted to shorten the time, so as to catch Xue Jiayue as soon as possible.


After Xue Jiayue came out from the elevator downstairs, she went straight to the parking lot to get her car.


The parking lot was quiet, and there was no one at all. Xue Jiayue just found her car and heard rapid running sounds behind her.


She turned back subconsciously, but  to see Su Ziqiao and Zhang Renyan there running towards her.


"Xue Jiayue, I have something to tell you," Su Ziqiao ran closer, stopping Xue Jiayue from going into her car.


Xue Jiayue raised her eyebrows and didn't think she had anything to say to Su Ziqiao. Especially she knew Su Ziqiao was evil and crafty. The original was tempted by him to sexual liaisons. Worse still, he took those pictures. In this kind of evil person’s eyes, money was everything.


"Jiayue, listen to me..." said Zhang Renyan running up from behind. She reached out to pull Xue Jiayue, but Xue Jiayue dodged in time and avoided her touch.


"If you have anything to say, don't push!" Xue Jiayue frowned.


Zhang Renyan had to withdraw her hand, showing a pitiful expression on her face, pretending to be grieved, "Jiayue, I didn’t mean to say it, but as you see me and Zi Qiao together now, then I’ll tell you the truth. Though Zhang Chao is still my boyfriend, he is not true to me. Zi Qiao and I are good friends. Today, he just came to accompany and comfort me. I feel better now and I will soon break up with Zhang Chao. So please help me and don’t let others know you saw us today, OK? I’ll just beg you for the last time. "


Xue Jiayue sneered, "Don’t you think other people know nothing about both of you? Zhang Chao is really unlucky to have such a girlfriend like you ... "


With a bang, Xue Jiayue was stuck by something heavy on the head. With a heavy stuff in hand, Su Ziqiao had walked around to Xue Jiayue's side when she was unaware.


Xue Jiayue only felt a sudden pain in her head followed by an unexpected faint, and then her legs gave out. She collapsed onto the ground.

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