Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 20

"Hello, who’s calling Mr. Xu, please? He is not here at the moment ... "


Listening to the affectedly sweet voice on the phone, Xue Jiayue thought to herself, ‘Who is the woman on the phone, and what does she look like? If she keeps speaking in such a cutesy tone, will Xu Yanwen feel tired of it?’


Anyway, if it were her, Xue Jiayue thought she should have chosen someone who was pretty, capable and pleasing, but never the one who spoke in such a cutesy manner, which might trigger people’s goosflesh all over..


But on the other hand, she supposed that men might have different ideas from women. They might like women in different ways. Maybe Xu Yanwen liked such a delicately pretty woman. In this way, he could protect her very well and showed his grace and charm as a man.


"Hey, are you still there?  Can I leave a message for you?" as Linda did not hear Xue Jiayue's voice, she asked softly.


Linda secretly guessed what kind of mood Xue Jiayue was at the moment hearing her voice. She had heard from some colleagues that Xue Jiayue was a willful and unruly woman who kept a  close eye on Xu Yanwen. As long as there was a woman near Xu Yanwen and made her feel threatened, she was sure to come to the company to have a check, or she would fight with Xu Yanwen, and force him to send the suspect away. 


Linda's real purpose of answering this call was to test Xue Jiayue. She just wanted to see how Xue Jiayue would react. She wanted to see Xue Jiayue in person very much. She wondered what the woman, who was not loved by Xu Yanwen, looked like. Linda believed that she must be more beautiful and excellent than Xue Jiayue.


Although Xue Jiayue had never been in love, she had watched a lot about the bullshit president or the 8 pm- gossip romance. Such scenes were very popular in those kinds of stories like the little lover beside the man provoking the lawfully wedded wife. The only difference only lay in the reaction of each authentic wife.


Some wives would go to their men to make a lot of noise and even had a big fight. The couple would be turned upside down. In the end, the wife might lose, and might even be beaten or scolded by her man.


Some wives might take helpers to find the little lover to settle the account. They might beat the lover hard, in exchange for the little lover to cry pitifully in front of the man.The man would be very distressed about his lover. As a natural result, the man might try his best to repay his lover by sending her very valuable gifts. As for the authentic wife, she did beat her husband’s lover, but she lost her man and money. 


In another case, the authentic wife had no feelings for the man. The couple had agreed to keep their legal marriage and let each other free. But the little lovers outside should not appear before the wife to be annoying. It was best for both parties to be safe.


Generally, in this case, the real wife had godly contempt for the little lover. She only needed to use her own powerful strength to brutally crush the other party. She could warn the man to take care of his little lover, and not to let the girl annoy her. At this time, the man would give his wife some face, and restrain the little lover. Otherwise, he would kick the little lover away if she was not obedient.


Xue Jiayue thought about these occations for the current couples, and found her relationship with Xu Yanwen seemed to be suitable to none of the above three situations.


One was that she didn't want to fight with Xu Yanwen as a shrew like the original. She didn't care if Xu Yanwen had a little lover outside. Second, she would never ask for help to fight with the possible lover. Xu Yanwen was not that important to her. As for the third, it seemed inappropriate if she asked Xu Yanwen to warn his little lover. In fact, she hoped that Xu Yanwen and his little lover would love each other so that she could divorce Xu Yanwen earlier and then take the money to enjoy her own life.


As for the difficult task of giving a good lesson to the little lover, it was better to leave it to the heroine, Han Mengxue!

But according to the plot in the original book, after Xu Yanwen and the hostess, Han Mengxue, were together, Xu Yanwen had only Han Mengxue in his eyes. He would ignore any other women, and naturally it would keep out all those women who had designs on him. Thus those so-called little lovers wouldn't even have the opportunity to reach Han Mengxue, and it was impossible for them to challenge the future hostess. 


Therefore, Xue Jiayue was certain of her view that people were incomparable. Xu Yanwen held different attitudes towards her and Han Mengxue!


She was clear what she was and what she could do.


Thus, she said to Linda on the phone: "It's all right."


Then she hung up.


Linda did not expect Xue Jiayue to hang up the phone in this way. She froze for a while, watching the name "Jiayue" on the screen of the mobile phone. She had asked her colleague about this name before, so she was quite sure she was Xu Yanwen's wife. What made her uneasy was that her voice didn't sound noisy or rude as the rumors mentioned. It was calm and, quite decent. She had to admit.


But ... Linda speculated why Xue Jiayue hung up the phone so quickly. Maybe she was brewing something to fix her? Or maybe she was on the way to the company? She told herself  that if she came to the company to find her trouble and beat her or scold her, she could also show her weakness, crying that she was just helping Mr. Xu answer the phone. She would tell her this was the task for a secretary. She hoped that Mr. Xu saw her being bullied and would comfort her showing pity on her ...


Mr. Xu was such an excellent person. Linda believed he should not tolerate his shrew-like wife. Linda hled the phone in her hand tightly, and told herself that this time things must be under her control.


Xu Yanwen walked into the office with some documents from outside. When he looked up, he saw Linda standing beside his desk, holding his mobile phone in her hand. Not knowing what she was doing, he immediately asked seriously, "What are you doing with my phone?"


Linda saw that his face clouded, and quickly put the phone back to the original place, pretending to be calm and innocent while explaining, "Mr. Xu, your phone has been ringing just now. I was worried about something urgent, so I answered it for you. Fortunately, the person on the phone said it was all right."


The black eyes behind the rimless glasses glanced coldly at her. Xu Yanwen strode over, got the phone, turned on the call log, and looked serious after seeing the last call from Xue Jiayue.


Linda had been anxiously paying attention to the expression changes on Xu Yanwen's face. After seeing Xu Yanwen's face sinking, she had a mixed emotion of both nervousness and excitement. What made her nervous was not knowing what Xu Yanwen would do next. What made her excited was that she had proved Xu Yanwen didn’t love his wife from his sullen face after he knew it was his wife’s call. She noticed several times that his face didn't look good when he got a call from his wife. Sure enough, the relationship between them two was very bad, just as the rumors said!


Just as Linda was expecting and waiting for Xu Yanwen to express something to her, she saw Xu Yanwen suddenly raise his expressionless face. His eyes were so cold that it seemed to freeze the surrounding temperature. Linda felt a cold shiver of fear run through her.  

"Without my permission, you will not be allowed to answer my phone casually!" Xu Yanwen's icy voice denied and warned her, "This is the most basic etiquette."


Linda's heart sank suddenly, and Xu Yanwen's words were very clear. This was to say that she didn't even understand the most basic etiquette and courtesy, and was simply not worthy of being a secretary.


"Mr. Xu, I, I just heard your phone ringing all the time and thought there was something important, so, so I helped you answer ..." Linda tried to argue.


"How long have you been with the Xu Group?" Xu Yanwen asked shortly.


Linda wanted to explain for herself, but Xu Yanwen did not give her this opportunity.


"One and a half months," replied Linda.


Xu Yanwen said seriously, "I remember you took the leave a few days ago?"


"Yes. I took three days off. I got a cold,"


Linda clenched her hands on her side. She didn’t understand the meaning of Xu Yanwen ’s question. After attending the reception with Xu Yanwen and the vice president Wang that day, she was refused by Xu Yanwen to send him home. Her plan for that day was completely ruined. Still, she sent a greeting text message to him that night.


But Xu Yanwen didn’t give her any responce. She was not sure whether Xu Yanwen didn’t read the message or  he didn't want to answer her. Anyway, she had waited for his reply the whole night. In the end, she got nothing and felt regret.


She was afraid to meet Xu Yanwen the next day, so she pretended to be ill and and asked the team leader of the secretariat for three days off.


She was surprised that Xu Yanwen also knew about her asking for leave.


Linda became more nervous. She had a squint at Xu Yanwen's expression. She couldn't understand it. If Xu Yanwen didn't care about her, how would he know about her asking for leave? If Xu Yanwen cared about her, then why was he so cruel to her sometimes?


Xu Yanwen didn't know anything about Linda's thoughts at the moment. He said blankly, "The Xu's probation period is two months. After the two months period has passed, a comprehensive assessment will be carried out on the qualifications of the new employees. Since you have entered the Xu's, you should work hard and put your mind on your work.  Don't let Professor Han down. "


Professor Han was Linda ’s uncle and Xu Yanwen’s university professor. When Xu Yanwen returned to the school to give a lecture, he was entrusted by Professor Han to help Linda. That was why she was able to work with Xu.


At this moment, when Linda thought of  the two-month comprehensive assessment and Professor Han, she was completely frozen. She was well aware how she came to work here and how strict the assessment was. If she failed the assessment ... No, no, she couldn’t imagine it. She had to pass the assessment, no matter what method was used!


It was obvious that what Xu Yanwen had done so far for Linda was entirely for the sake of Professor Han. Linda was now still in the office. Xu Yanwen waved at her and said coldly, "You go out."  

Linda pursed her lips and turned around out of grievance and sadness.


After Linda left, Xu Yanwen slipped the unlock button of the phone and clicked on the call log. The first record was Xue Jiayue's call, and he called directly.


But no one answered even if the phone rang for a long time.

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