Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 19

It was very late when Xue Jiayue woke up. She was hungry, so she decided to get up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.


At the kitchen, Xue Jiayue opened the refrigerator and found there were some vegetables inside. Considering that Xu Yanwen was still ill, she decided to cook some rice porridge and made some light dishes.


There were ingredients in the kitchen. Xue Jiayue quickly washed rice and put it into a pot to cook porridge. At the same time, she washed and cut vegetables. Finally, she made a dish of stir-fried pork with cabbage, a shredded potatoes and a sweet and sour diced lotus root. 

No sooner had Xue Jiayue finished serving the meal than Xu Yanwen came out of his study.  

‘It is really the right time to come out,’ Xue Jiayue thought, ‘and it saved me from calling him again. It seems he just came out after smelling the food.’


Xue Jiayue greeted him, "It’s time to eat."


Xu Yanwen glanced at her face, and then at the meal set on the table before her. Then he went over, pulled out a chair and sat down.  

Just then, Xue Jiayue's cell phone rang, and she quickly put down her tableware to answer it,




"Is that Xue Jiayue?" someone in the phone asked.


“Yes. This is Xue Jiayue speaking,” she replied quickly.


The voiuce from the phone then said, "I am the person in charge of the X.W Clothing Studio. I read your resume on the Internet. I think you are in line with our studio. I hope to invite you to join us."


“R…Really!?” Xue Jiayue was surprised.


“Of course. It's true,”  the voice said, "After reading your resume and your works, I wanted to hire you directly, but I think it would be better to have a talk with you first, so that we can have a deeper understanding. Thus I specially call to invite you to come to the studio for an interview . "


Xue Jiayue was flattered and quickly agreed, "Okay. I’ll go to the interview tomorrow on time."


The voice said, "That's good, I will then send the interview address, time and my phone number to your mobile phone. Please check and receive them."


“Okay. Thank you.”


Xue Jiayue hung up the phone happily. And in less than two minutes, she did receive the text message from the person.


Xu Yanwen asked her, "Is there a studio asking you to interview?"


"Yeah," Xue Jiayue was so happy that she had forgotten the awkward atmosphere between them two before and smiled brightly, "The man in the phone said that after reading my resume and works, he decided to hire me, but later he thought it would be better to have a talk with me first, so he told me to interview tomorrow."


Xu Yanwen said, "That means they appreciate you very well, and you’ll have a great chance of success this time?"


Xue Jiayue nodded and stretched her hand to pull Xu Yanwen's sleeve, "I think I will get it tomorrow. I'm so happy."


A glimmer of light flashed in Xu Yanwen’s deep eyes. He felt satisfied because Assistant Feng was efficient enough in his work.


"The location of this studio seems to be close to our home," Xue Jiayue looked at the address sent by the person on the phone and said, "Can we drive there in twenty minutes?"


She showed Xu Yanwen the text message on her mobile phone. Xu Yanwen glanced at the content of the text message, pretending to know nothing, and then he intentionally asked, "Is this studio newly established? Why haven't I heard of it? And the place where you’ll work seems to be in a new building that has just been open for business. Can the studio located here have good business? "


"Can you say something nice?" Xue Jiayue glared at him, showing clearly in her eyes, ‘Shut up. No one thinks you are dumb!’


Xu Yanwen kept up a considerate front to her. He said seriously, "I am thinking from the perspective of a businessman. Should the boss choose a place where business is booming to open a studio?  This is your first time looking for a job. What if you are cheated? "  

Xue Jiayue was stunned for a while. Though what Xu Yanwen said sounded unpleasant, it was not totally unreasonable. He was an outright businessman. He looked at problems in the way of a businessman. She was looking for a job. Of course, she was happy to have a job opportunity. However, as she was happy, she tended to ignore many things. Xu Yanwen was calmer than her and had more experience too, so he was able to find out the existing problems in it.


"Then, in your opinion, am I not going?" Xue Jiayue was not reconciled. It's not easy to have a studio willing to hire her. She really wanted to go out to work and accumulate some work experience. She would lose herself if she stayed at home doing nothing all day long. In the end, she would become a parasite only.  

“Well, no, actually...,” Xu Yanwen analyzed the situation with Xue Jiayue, "I just think that this studio may be a newly established one, and its development prospects are unknown. So when you go to the interview, you must observe carefully and learn more. If there is something wrong, remember to call me. I can give some ideas for your reference. "


Xu Yanwen didn't know why he wanted to say such things to Xue Jiayue, while the studio was the very one he asked Assistant Feng to arrange for her.


Although details of the studio like the address, the name, and the staff arrangements were managed by Assistant Feng, it was he who checked and made the decision. After that, Assistant Feng arranged the person in charge of the studio to notify Xue Jiayue for the interview. It was true that this studio was originally built for Xue Jiayue.


But now he was teaching Xue Jiayue to discover what was wrong with the studio. Wasn’t he afraid of Xue Jiayue’s refusing to work in the studio? In that case, wouldn't he work in vain?


But Xue Jiayue knew nothing what he thought, and she appreciated his reminding, "I think you are right. This studio is newly established. It is surely not perfect. I should know what the internal situation is. So it ’s better to see more. ”


Xu Yanwen looked at her and asked, "Will you still go for the interview tomorrow?"


"Go! Why not?" Xue Jiayue's determination did not waver. She said, "It's better to have a look than not. If it's not good, I won't go there to work. And I won't lose much. If I find it is not bad, it will be a good chance to fulfill my desire and find a job I like. "


Xu Yanwen nodded, "That's fine."


"Do you think this is okay?"Xue Jiayue looked at him with big bright eyes.


Xu Yanwen responded, "H'm," thinking it was his studio and whatever. He knew even if she would go to see the studio, she couldn't find anything wrong. So he calmly told her, "You can go and see it anyway. If you feel anything wrong, call me and don't make a hasty decision."


Xue Jiayue hurriedly made an OK gesture and replied happily "No problem. I know what to do."


Seeing that she was so joyful and full of anticipation for tomorrow's interview, Xu Yanwen felt pleased. He felt that all he had done for her was worth it, as long as Xue Jiayue was happy.


Xue Jiayue saw him smile and pointed to his face, saying, "So you will laugh too!"  

Xu Yanwen was stunned, and the smile on his face froze, asking, "What do you mean?"


Xue Jiayue saw his smile that stiffened in an instant. She curled up her lips with disapproval, "I say, you are so handsome. Don't you always keep a straight face? A sullen face looks as terrible as the dean of the school! Smile a lot, it looks good! "  

The dean of the school? !


Was this his image in her mind?


Xu Yanwen was lost in contemplation. According to his memory, Xue Jiayue had never said such a thing before!


Xue Jiayue noticed that he stopped talking and peeped to see the expression on his face. She got nothing there. She thought it was over. She must have said something wrong just now. She really wanted to hit herself in the mouth. When she was excited, she was outspoken. If Xu Yanwen disputed with her thus, she would be miserable!


At the very moment, Xue Jiayue planned to slip away, so she smiled and said, "I, I’ll go ..."


“Where are you going?” before Xue Jiayue finished speaking, Xu Yanwen had already noticed what was in her mind.


"I ...


"I asked you what you are going to do?" Xu Yanwen repeated.


Xue Jiayue's eyes rolled and smiled shyly, "I, I just want to prepare some materials for tomorrow’s interview."


--"Go after dinner!" 


--"All right...."


"The food is getting cold, so you’d better eat first and then go to prepare your information," Xu Yanwen said pointing to the food on the table.


"Oh, good idea," Xue Jiayue quickly turned to the opposite chair and sat down, picking up the tableware and began to eat. She felt relieved because Xu Yanwen did not go on to bother her something like the dean of the school.


"You should eat more," Xu Yanwen helped put some food into her bowl.


Xue Jiayue showed him a grateful look and went on with her eating. In her mind, however, she was confirming herself Xu Yanwen did look like a dean in the school!




After eating, Xue Jiayue went to prepare her interview materials. She had just got her resume ready when there was knocking at the door. She stood up to open the door and found Xu Yanwen stood there.


"Yes?" Xue Jiayue did not know why he came over to find her.


Xu Yanwen said, "Show me your resume."


Xue Jiayue blinked, not understanding why he should read her resume.

Xu Yanwen told her, "I will help you see it, lest others be dissatisfied and refuse you."


‘My god! Can't this person say something good? What good will he get if I am refused? Too bad!’ 

Xue Jiayue grumbled in her heart, but she didn't show it. She turned to the table and showed her prepared resume to Xu Yanwen.


Xu Yanwen reviewed Xue Jiayue's resume from the view of a chief executive. Then he pointed out several places that needed to be revised, and finally gave a good evaluation, "The resume is clear, and in this way your interviewer can get their required information at a glance so that they will deepen their impression on you. "


Needless to say,  the vision of the chief executive was indeed more unique than that of ordinary people. Xue jiayue modified her resume according to what he said. The next day, she went to the interview with her resume. The head of the X. W Studio commented that she did a good job and appreciated her very much.  

The surname of the person in charge of the X.W Studio was He. After reading Xue Jiayue ’s resume, he said with a smile, "Actually, after reading your information on the Internet, I feel that you are very suitable for our studio. I called you for an interview today because I”d like to see you in person and learn more about your specific situation. Miss Xue’s conditions are in line with our requirements. Now, on behalf of the X.W Studio, I inform you. You are welcome to join us. "


"Thank you, Mr. He," Xue Jiayue was very excited. Although she knew that the interview had a great chance of success because of her well prepared resume, she couldn't help but feel very joyful. She felt that the sky was clearer and her mood was as beautiful as the bright sunshine outside.


Mr. He asked her, "But I don't know what Miss Xue’s requirements for salary."


Xue Jiayue thought for a while and answered, "I am a newcomer, mainly studying and accumulating work experience, so I do not have high requirements for wages and treatment. Anything will do to me in accordance with the regulations of the studio."


Anyway, she thought she didn’t lack money at the moment. Money only used to be her problem before. What she lacked now was to learn and practice in the studio.


Mr. He then answered, "How about a salary of 15,000 a month, plus other subsidies, such as accommodation, meal allowance, phone bills, etc. What do you think of it?"


Xue Jiayue was taken aback. Wasn't the X.W Studio just a newly established studio? The salary for a new assistant designer would be more than 15,000? She had worked for more than a year before her time travel. At that time, she was also an assistant designer. She got only 10,000 yuan a month. It was still a high salary among her classmates then, and many of her classmates earned only six or seven thousand.


Mr. He noticed she was hesitantl and supposed that she was dissatisfied with her salary. He quickly smiled and added, "Miss Xue can also tell us if you have other requirements. Although our studio is a newly established one, there is no shortage of resources, and the conditions and treatment here are gradually improving. I believe that it will develop better than other studios in the near future. "


Wasn't he telling her that although the studio was new, it had a good background, good resources and good future and that she would be sorry not to choose it?


In fact, Xue Jiayue saw it clear as soon as she walked into this studio. The decoration design of this studio was luxurious, and it clearly told that it was rich and it would be good..


And although there were not many staff members in the studio, they had been orderly. The receptionist at the entrance of the studio was well-trained, considerate and properly behaved.


This indicated that the company was really well paid, otherwise it should be another scene.


Xue Jiayue determined that she would come to work here, and said to Mr. He with a smile, "I am very satisfied with Mr. He's salary. There are no other requirements."


"That's good then. That's good." Mr. He was obviously relieved, feeling like he had completed a great task. In fact, he was really afraid that Xue Jiayue had a different opinion and refused to work here. In that case, he would not know how to respond to his boss.


"Mr. He, when can I start to work?" Xue Jiayue asked.


Mr. He replied very politely, "Today is already Wednesday. How about you go home and prepare yourself to work from next Monday?"


Xue Jiayue was very pleased about this arrangement, so she agreed.


The interview was over, and Xue Jiayue walked out of the X.W Studio. She excitedly called Xu Yanwen to share her joy of success.


Surprisingly, it was not Xu Yanwen's voice that came over the phone. It was Linda's sweet voice ...

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